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the generosity of the English upon these (the commencement of which was read at the tory of this University, and divided in its ac

former meeting of this Society,) in which a view tual place. This account was prefaced by a Among the more important works an- was taken of ihe route proposed to be adopted notice of the methods of engine dividing or de. nounced as forthcoming early in the ensuing by Captain Back, in his search for Captain rivative gradation ; and of the modes of original year, are the several treatises written in con

Ross. Captain Back proposes leaving tliis dividing, employed by Bird, Grahami and Ramsformity with the will of the late Earl of country in February next, and to proceed via den, previous to the one which has now super

New York to Montreal, from whence he will seded them, and which is the invention of Mr.
Bridgewater, by Dr. Chalmers, Dr. Kidd, the
Rev. William Whewell, Sir Charles Bell, Dr.

ascend the Ottawa to the Lakes. On arriving Troughton. The explanation was illustrated Roget, the Rev. William Buckland, the Rev.

at Fort William, on Lake Superior, the party by the exhibition of models, and of some of the

will obtain a fresh supply of provisions, and apparatus and calculations which have been acWilliam Kirby, and Dr. Prout. They will be

canoes which are better adapted for crossing tually employed for the Observatory circle.published separately, and the first, by Dr. the various portages lying in the way. From Cumó. Chron. Chalmers, will be on the Adaptation of thence they will proceed by the usual route to External Nature to the Moral and Intellec- | Cumberland House, where two boats will be tual Condition of Man.'

supplied them, in which the whole party will We hear, that the new edition of Sotheby's embark with their provisions, and will penetrate

Ilustrations of Modern Sculpture. No. II. Lontranslation of the Iliad, and the forthcoming to the shores of the Arctic Sea, in a N. E. direc

don: Relfe & Unwin. one of the Odyssey, are to be illustrated with tion, and commence their search for Captain Tuis is the second number of this most classical the admirable designs of Flaxman.

Ross. Captain Back's paper was interspersed and beautiful work, and it will justify all we said The novels of Miss Edgeworth, translated relating to the country through which lie would with numerous quotations from various authors,

in our early announcement of it. The subjects into French, are about to be published in

are chosen with fine taste, and engraved to adpass. Paris in very small and cheap volumes. The

miration; and we are happy to see that West

A paper was also read, respecting the juncversion is from the skilful hand of Louise

macott and Baily have, in letters to Mr. Hervey, tion of the Gambia and CASSAMANZA rivers, on S. Belloc, and the work will be illustrated the coast of Africa. The paper detailed the

borne honourable testimony to its high merit.

Chantrey too, it is announced, las expressed his with vignettes, by Johannot.

researches of the late Captain Boteler, on the approbation of the undertaking and the style of We are also happy to find that, with the subject; and also an attempt to settle the ques- its execution; we only wish, as it might bave commencement of the new year, that cheap tion by Lieut. George Rendall.

been more serviceable, that his feelings had and entertaining publication, called “Roscoe's In the course of the evening a letter was read,

overflowed upon paper, like that of the other Novelists' Library,' which, we believe, ori- being one from Sir Thomas Button, the cele

academician sculptors. It is the duty of all who ginated in a hint thrown out in this paper, brated navigator, in reply to Lord Dorchester, profess a love for art, to assist in diffusing a will be resumed

in 1629; stating his opinion by desire of King knowledge of it, without which patronage is a It was announced, some time since, in this

Charles the First, respecting the probability of mere mischievous foily—and we know of no work

a N.W. passage. This curious document, apPaper, that a Conversazione was about to be

so likely to purify and refine the taste of the established at the Natiorial Gallery in Ade- pearing at the present moment, when the expe- public, and win them from their admiration of

of laide Street, in order to promote intercourse

the glare and glitter of that artificial style, which that direction, excited much interest. between the cultivators of Science and those

the Annuals have brought into fashion, as the

• Illustrations of Modern Sculpture.' The premore immediately devoted to its Practical

sent number contains Chantrey's fine monuApplication; we are most happy now to Nov. 11.- The Secretary, Mr. Aikin, deliver

mental figure of 'Resignation,' Baily's Materadd, that His Royal Highness the Duke of ed a lecture on the solid substances used for nal Love,' and Thorwaldsen's Hebe.' - Of Sussex has, in the kindest manner, consented artificial light. He gave a detailed account of Chantrey, Mr. Hervey well observes, “ His into patronize the meetings, and expressed a the modes of obtaining and preparing the vari- spiration has in it nothing of a foreign air ;hope, that "his leisure may occasionally ous substances from which candles are manu

and his genius has been content to clothe itself allow him to witness, in person, the advan- factured, viz. tallow, spermaceti, wax, composi

the costume of the country which produced tages of so desirable a union.”

tion, stearine, and the solid part of the cocoa- it. The cathedrals, the churches, the libraries, According to report, we are next season to

nut oil ; he explained the different processes of and the sculpture-galleries of Britain, furnish a have two companies of German singers. Herr

manufacture, and exhibited lighted specimens noble and imperishable record, at once, of the

of all the candles in general use, for the purpose sculptor's 'life and times ;'—and, while they Roekel, it is said, left London for Germany on

of comparing their relative advantages. Among Sunday, authorized by Laporte to make the

secure for himself a distinguished place in that these was a candle with a plaited double wick, striking assemblage of great men, whose menecessary engagements.

This looks very the ends of which being curved outwards, pro- mories they perpetuate, they identify him promuch like overstocking the market, and will ject beyond the flame, and are gradually con- minently, and for all time, with the history of have the effect of dividing a musical audience, sumed; by this means the wick is kept of a

art, as applied to our own island.”_ Resignanot more than sufficient for the support of constant length, and the candle gives a regular tion' is the principal part of a monument erected one company. Malibran is already announced and equal flame, without requiring to be snuffed.

in Worcester Cathedral to Mrs. Digby, and an to appear at Drury Lane at the latter end of Mr. Aikin also showed that the same result is admirable specimen of the sculptor's genius, and this season, in addition to Madame Devrient, obtained by placing a common candle at an well illustrates the above criticism. Maternal Messrs. Haitzinger, and Dobler; whilst, at angle of about 45° instead of in the usual verti

Love' yet, unhappily, remains as a model in the Italian Opera, Pasta, at present, is the

cal position, and he exhibited a night lantern, the sculptor's studio. It was exhibited in 1823, only known star.

in which the candle thus placed gave, so long but no patron, won by the bold and beautiful as it burnt, an equally bright and steady flame design, lias bid it live in marble.-The ' Hebe' without snuffing.

is in the possession of Mr. Samuel Boddington, SCIENTIFIC AND LITERARY

who purchased it from the artist. Thorwaldsen

is little known, except by name, in this counMONDAY.

Phrenological Society ... Eight, P.M. try, although the fact that his first patron was Dec. 13.-John William Lubbock, Esq., Vice

Medical Society

Eight, P.M.

an Englishman, (the late Mr. Hope) gives, as President and Treasurer, in the chair. The

TUESDAY. Linnæan Society

Eight, P.m.

Mr. Hervey observes, “to England an almost three following papers were read, viz.—On

Geological Society

. p. 8, P.M.

Royal Society of Literature .. Three, P.M. paternal interest in his genius and bis glory." the Extensive Atmosphere of Mars,' by Sir

Society of Arts

.} p. 7, P.M. -As we cannot convey to our readers any speJames South, Knt. F.R.S. "On the Law which

p. 8, P.M. connects the various Magneto-Electric Pheno

cimen of the exquisite beauty of the work, and Thursday { Royal Society

Society of Antiquaries... Eight, P.M. prose admiration is but a cold commentary, we mena,' lately discovered by Dr. Faraday, by SATURDAY. Westminster Medical Society Eight, P.M.

shall transfer here the beautiful lines on the last
the Rev. William Ritchie, LL.D. F.R.S. &c.
And an account of an extraordinary Meteor
seen at Malvern, November the 12th, 1832, A meeting was held on Monday evening, the

by W. Addison, Esq., communicated by Wil- Rev. Professor Sedgwick, President, being in
liam G. Maton, M.D. V.P.R.S. Charles Pur- the chair.- Mr. Whewell read a continuation of

Νέκταρ εωνοχόει.-Homer. .
ton Cooper, Esq. was admitted a Fellow of the of his notes on the architecture of Picardy and

Beautiful spirit!-lady, who dost play
Normandy. After the business of the meeting

With the young rainbows, by life's early springs,

Why-with the rainbow-fade so soon away,
Mr. Sims gave an account of the method of Passing on viewless and on soundless wings !
graduation of astronomical instruments, by

Born-like that painted vision-of the hours
Dec. 3.-G.W. Hamilton, Esq., V.P., in the which he has divided the mural circle of eight

When very tears are lighted by the sun;

But fading-not like her because the shadows chair.-An interesting paper was concluded, | feet diameter, recently placed in the Observa- Are kissed away, and beautifully gone ;



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Thou, too, dost fling thy colourg-o'er the mind- there is some morality of a very questionable | a French-woman, and a Pig-faced Lady, to To float away,-but leave the tears behind !

The screen scene reminds people too answer the advertisement, and to disgust him Why dost thou fly?-alas! thou fliest not,

closely of the “little French milliner” of the with the notion of marriage. She also assames The wings that take us from thee are our own! We are like men, who journey in a boat,

*School for Scandal,' and only differs from that the characters of a Buckinghamshire clod, who Through some bright valley,-gliding on and on, by reason of its increased improbability. Mr. comes to speak on behalf of his sister-and an Without the sense of motion,-while the trees Macready did his best with a part in which

Irish officer, who attends upon him to revenge Steal by as they were walking in the breeze,


he did not seem to feel comfortable. Goes sailing from us up the perfumed stream,

the insult offered by the rejection of his sister, And all things pass us by ;- yet, all are still,

Phillips was easy and natural in the only the Pig-faced Lady. All these are well acted Save we, who wander at the river's will!

character in the piece about which it was by Mrs. Orger, but the Scotch-woman and the Or like the men of old, who dreamt the sun,

possible to feel any interest. Mr. Dowton had | Buckinghamshire lad are admirable. The sides The everlasting sun, removed his light, When the small spot of earth they stood upon

a poor part, in which he laboured, amongst of the audience-nay, almost the sides of the Had travelled from his beauty into night!

other things, under a large old-fashioned trian- theatre shook with laughter, and prolonged Thou art not winged--thy bright eye varkens not, gular cocked hat. Mr. Harley, as a would-be applause at the conclusion manifested the satisThe pinions and the dimness are our own ;Oh ! for the sunny hills and shady grot,

dandy, was dressed by mistake for the Christ- faction which the exertions of this admirable For ever singing to thy sweet, glail tone!

mas pantomime. Having nothing, in short, actress had diffused. Mr. Webster was very Why have we known their sunshine, but to see which we can greatly praise, we should be glad pleasant and very droll, and assisted by his The mists of time around thy region curled,And dwelt, so many a pleasant hour, with thee,

to be allowed to escape putting forth any vehe- tart-eating apprentice (Mr. Collyer), he kept To wander forth the pilgrims of the world !

ment censure, but it is impossible to pass over up the ball capitally during Mrs. Orger's ab. Immortal spirit! lady of the bowl

a character intended to be a l'renchman, which sences, for her changes. We are much mis. Which all taste once, and none may taste again,- was mis-represented by Mr. Balls. We have taken, if we cannot trace, in the writing of this Oh! for thy lost Nepenthe,- from the soul

seldom seen a Frenchman performed with much lively little piece, a pen that has been wont to To chase all sorrow and to charm all pain ! The early Lethe--ere it flows o'er graves,

fidelity on our stage-never one to perfection- set the" 'Town“in a roar.”-It is assuredly That drowns of memory only memory's smart,

but assuredly the Monsieur Salmi of Mr. Balls part of a “ Bachelor's Revelries," whom we The Jordan that has healing in its waves

is the very worst that ever was attempted, be it could name-for it is, like them, "funny and To wash away the plague-spots of the heart! in town or country. Albeit, that we critics are free."- If we are right in our conjecture

, we Immortal spirit !--may we never more

unused to the blushing mood, it made our beg to express our delight at finding James, Behold the valley nor the silver spring Where haunt the Graces, as in days of yore,

national blood tingle, lest any Frenchman not " Horace, in London," and to assure him, And thou, as then, sitt'st brightly ministering? should be present to witness so childish an ex- that such " Addresses" as these will never be But once-but only once !-'twas fabled well hibition. This offence must not be charged “Rejected.” That, for the gods alone, 'twas thine to pour The unwusting nectar froin its golden cell ;

upon the author, but we should recommend him We quaff but once, to thirst for evermore;

to take the character out altogether, for it is The Drury Lane Bills continue to assert that For the dark Lethe of the grave to pine,

not at all necessary. There was a trifling op- Mr. Kean and Mr. Macready will shortly “al. Because we never more may drink of thine,- position manifested early which continued Nor cleanse away the spirit's every sore

ternate” the characters of Othello and lago. If In youth's far-distant Jordan-evermore!

more or less to the end, when it became some- this be true, it is well enough that it should what violent. There was, however, a good remain, but if the management has any reason

deal of laughter and also of applause. Men to know that such a change never will take THEATRICALS

of Pleasure' is very inferior to the author's place, the announcement of it ought to be withprevious production, called “The Exquisites.' drawn. It is quite certain, that in consequence We fear it is too lame to run.

of some difference which arose out of Mr. On Thursday the long-talked of comedy,

Kean's objection to give up Othello and play called 'Men of Pleasure,' by Don Telesforo de

Iago, that gentleman a short time since srute Trueba, was acted at this theatre. It would Mr. Sheridan Knowles appeared on Monday to M. Laporte, offering himself to be engaged give us much pleasure to be able to report well in Virginius. It cannot be otherwise than gra- at Covent Garden; that he was answered by of it, not only for the sake of the public and tifying to see an author of Mr. Knowles's great M. Laporte, that he should be most happy to drama generally, but for the sake of its writer, abilities in an important character of his own treat with him if he were perfectly free, but who has on previous occasions contributed in writing; and this is a gratification which must that it was not his practice to entice actors various ways to the amusement of the public. be increased rather than diminished, by having away from other theatres—(we don't pretend to This pleasure is denied us. The piece is con- seen it performed by others. Still, however, to give the exact words, we only state the subsumptive, and if we were even inclined to dis- | become permanently attractive in an arduous stance). Subsequently to this, Nr. Kean was regard truth and to puff it as much as the play

character even of his own writing, a man must induced to remain at Drury Lane, and we have bills do, we could not blow the breath of life be an actor as well as an author, an artist as some reason to believe that it was not he who into it. Men of Pleasure' is a comedy in five

well as an actor. If he fails in either respect, gave way. If then it was, as we suspect, that acts without plot. It is a series of detached the gratification amounts to litile more than the management gave way, the announcement scenes, some of which bear too close a resem- that of curiosity; and we fear that we should in question ought, as we said before, to be withiblance to those of existing pieces on our own exceed the truth, if we were to assert, that Mr. drawn. We have heard, moreover, that Mr. stage, while the two serious scenes, which are

Knowles does not. We are happy to find that | Macrcady receives a sum of money, distinct certainly the best, can lay claim to no higher many people differ from us, and we hope that from his salary, as a sort of compensation for merit than that of being neatly translated from many more will. Our veneration for Shaks- playing second fiddle every time he acts logo to the French. From the great outcry that is peare is not diminished by our belief, that he Mr. Kean's Othello. If so, it is a somewhat generally made about translations, we are in

could not have played Othello as well as curious and novel state of theatrical affairs, duced to suppose that we (that is, the theatrical Mr. Kean does; nor is our admiration of Mr. when a gentleman engaged for the first line in we of this paper, for other and far higher autho- Knowles affected by the fact of his representa- tragedy, receives so much a week for playing rities of the same differ from us,) are less strict tion of Virginius being inferior in our estima- Othello, and so much more a night for not playupon that subject than we ought to be; but still tion to that of Mr. Macready. The performance | ing it. we cannot uphold any one in taking to himself of Monday was loudly and generally applauded the merit of originality, for that which is clearly by the audience.

MISCELLANEA the offspring of another's brain. Some of the

Sir Walter Scott.—Meetings are being held very papers, which are most in the habit of attacking other writers upon the score of trans- The visitors of this house have had, for some

in all the principal towns of America, to take

into consideration the best mode of testifying lation, trumpeted this comedy long before it days past, to lament the absence of Mr. Liston, was produced as an original production; and who lias been confined to his house by indispo: tryman ; and the American papers observe that,

respect for the memory of our illustrious counit is surely unfair, that an undeserved prefer- sition. They will be glad to learn, that he will ence should be given to this, because they either shortly meet them face to face. In the mean

on the very day he died, a ship called after his don't know or won't know that it possesses the time a new burletta has been produced, in which

name was launched at Amesbury, Massachuvery detect which they charge upo: others. Mrs. Orger has made a decided hit. This piece

The comedy was strongly cast. In short, the is called “P. Q.; or, Bachelors' Wives.' The Dr. Spurzheim died at Boston, on Saturday management had evidently intended that it plot is, of course, slight, being only a sort of evening, the 10th of November. should succeed if possible, and had consequent- excuse for Mrs. Orger's personation of various English and French Acting. The following ly, as a body may say, cast it for life ; but by the characters. Sir Carraway Comfit, citizen and introduces an admirable criticism on “Jane unbiassed part of the audiences it was cast for pastrycook (Mr. Webster), advertises, under Shore,' in the Journal des Debats. The whole death. There is a great deal of immorality the above initials, for a wife. -- His niece, Kitty article would be worth translating, but that the about the characters, which is not adequately Chameleon (Mrs. Orger), obtains some masque- English public have long ceased to take any punished, so that we have the exhibition of vice rade dresses, and visits him successively, and interest, either in the play or its author. Rowe without the useful lesson of its correction. And successfully, as a Scotch Blue-Stocking Lady, I and his dramatic contemporaries are deservedly




Sale by Auction.

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BOOKS OF PRINTS, ETC. By Messrs. SOUTHGATE, GRIMSTON and WELIS, at their Rooms, No. 22, Fleet-streel, on TUESDAY, 18th of December, 1832, and Four following Days, at Half-past Twelve o'clock precisely,


HERALDY, &c.-Also, in Folio: Fowler's Mosaic Pavements and Stained Glas, 2 vols-Galerie de Versailles et Luxembourg-Voyage littoresque en Sicile, 100 plates, 2 rols-Houbraken and Vertie's Heads, fine impressions, large paper-Metz's Twitations of Drawing -Solvyn's Hindoo Costanies, &c., coloured, 4 vols-Catesby's Natural History of Carolina, &c. 2 vols-Ed. mondson's Heraldry, 2 vols Wilier's Plants, 300 coloured plates, 2 vols-Tauses's Notitia Monastica.-In Quarto: Hollinshed's Chronicles, 6 vols-Cooke's Views on the Thanap-Turner and Cooke's Southern Coast-British Gallery of 150 Portraits, 2 vols -Antographs of Royal and Eminent Personages, by Nicholls, i parts, complete--Butler's Hudibras, 3 vols. Rickaby-Illustrations in dito, ludia proola-Wonoth's Castles, ? vols. India prooss - Encyclopaedia Metropolitana, parts 1 to 26--Strype's Ecclesiastical Memorials, 7 vols. large paper--White's Selborne, large paper-Sir W. Jones's Works, 8 yols-And in Oclavo: Monthly Review, 160 vols-Lapin and Tindal'. England, 21 vol.Oratores Aluci Græcre, 16 vols. large paper-Stw Monthly Magazine, complete to 1832, 45 vols--Dibdin's Decameron, 3 vols. UncutEncyclopedia Perthensis, 23 vols-Chalmers' English Poets, 21 vol-Ancient and Modell British Drama, & vols-Johnson's Works, Pickering, 11 vols. larze paper- Dallantyne's Novelist's Library, 10 vols-Owen’s Works, by Russell, 28 vols--Beauties of England and Wales, 26 vols-Works of Robertson, Gibbon, Mitford, Hooke, Rollin, Hume and Smollet, Buffon, Shakspeare, Ben Jolinson, &c. Hindoo and Chinese Drawings, very minutely finished and heightened with gold ; Autographs of Distinguished Person", 4 vois, folio, morocco--Lodge's l'ortraits, India proois,

May be viewed, and Catalogues (price 18.) had at the Rooms.


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forgotten, and we are somewhat surprised, that | in a species of choral melody, which falls upon
the English company, at Paris, should have the ear, in the distance, with the sweetness,
opened their campaign with such a wearysome almost of an Æolian harp. But when a person
lamentation.-"The English company pro- | is near, it more resembles the quick, sharp ciang
duced a strong sensation at Paris, a few years of a carriage, traversing hardly frozen snow on
since. Their dramatic art bears no resemblance a sledge." According to the writer's account, the
to ours; its action is slower, more characteristic, chorus is not unlike the collected barmony of
and more forcible; its declaration more accen- the Russian horn-band; “ for each bird einits
tuated and less musical. The English actor seems but a single note, and a response is given by each
to forget the audience; all his faculties are cen- of his clan. The fisherman considers the swan's
tered in the part he is playing, which destroys song as prognosticating a storm.”
all trace and all recollection of stage-machinery; Crocodiles' Eggs.—“Walking along the banks
of the lights, the chandelier, the prompter, and of the river, I saw on the sand the recent track
all that wretched, though necessary apparatus, of a very large crocodile ; and thinking that
which for some years past has, in France, con-
stituted the whole of the dramatic art. The Pa possibly it might have been a female come ashore

to lay her eggs, I followed up the track about
risian public willingly yielded to these new and

twenty paces along the water-side, where the unexpected impressions, and as a striking proof ground, appearing to have been much trodden, of our social change, we hastened to introduce and recently disturbed, I dug, and found ninetyinto our own theatres several customs resem

nine eggs. The Arabs are in the habit of saying bling those on the English stage. French actors

that ninety-nine is always the number of the of talent felt how much they should gain by crocodile's eggs; but I have found them of getting rid of the stiffness and constraint of various numbers between sixty and ninety-nine. their own school; and they no longer feared to My people, and those of the place, immediately turn their backs to the public. The strictly made a fricassee, which I tasted, but found very geometrical circle formed by the speakers in

nauseous, having a flavour between rancid oil
our dramas has become somewhat less regular and musk. Each egg had considerably more
in form. The laisser-aller, and the sans-façon white than yolk."--Linant's Voyage on the White
of Kean and_Macready, have found imitators

among us. The appearance of the English
at Paris has, therefore, made us advance a step
in the dramatic art; and this newly acquired METEOROLOGICAL JOURNAL
ease in our theatrical customs is one of the

Days of ! Thermom. Barometer.
W. Mon. Max. Min. Noon.

most notable improvements which the French


stage has made within the last ten years.”


N.W. to N. Ditto,
*Dermod Mac Murrogh; or, The Conquest Sat.




Ditto. of Ireland,' a poem by the Hon. J. Q. Adams,

Mop. 10 50

S.W. Ditto. in ottava rima, has been just published in New

Tues. 11

S.W. Clear, A.M.

Wed. 12 50

30.25 N.W. Cloudy.
A Pendant.-- We cannot forego the opportu. Clouds.-Cirrostratus, Cumulostratus.
nity of indulging the gentle reader with a com- Nights and mornings fair throughout the week.
panion to the touch at the sublime, which we

Mean temperature of the week, 42.5°; greatest vari

ation, 15°.
presented him in a late No. There is obviously

Day decreased on Wednesday, 8h. 36m.
an idiom in the imagination, as well as the dialect,
of our Teutonic brethren, which is un-english-

able. “The binding" (says a parent's announce-
ment of the decease of his son in a Berlin paper The Byron Portraits, in numbers of three prints each.
of the 8th inst.) of that beautiful and promising A Memoir of the Life and Medical Opinions of Dr.
work, Oscar Maeder, student of theology, was

Armstrong, by Dr. Boott.

Oxford Academical Abuses Disclosed, by some of the
returned to its mother-earth, after he had returned,

a few weeks before, from the baths of Salzbrun- Maternal Advice : chiefly to Daughters on Leaving
nen to his parent's roof. The work, newly re-

vised and improved by its Great Author, will re- Just published. - Atkinson on the Marketable
appear in a splendid day. This is the only Tithes, 8vo. 11. 45.-Shelford on the Law of Lunatics,
comfort of his mourning parents and an only Svo. Il. 89:--Outlines of Pathology, 8vo. 105. Gd.-Out-

lines of Physiology and Pathology, 8vo. 11. 1s.- Tur.

ner's Annual Tour of Views on the Loire, 21 plates, Antipathies.—What an unaccountable medley royal 8vo. 21. 2s.---Records of Travels in Turkey and

Greece, &c., in the Years 1829-30-31, 2 Vols. Svo. of strength and weakness is man! Lord Bacon, Il. IIs. 60.- East India Register and Directory, for it is said, fell back inanimate at the occurrence 1833, 105,--Christmas Carols, Ancient and Modern, 8vo. of an eclipse. The astute and erudite Erasmus 125.-Coventry on the Stamp Laws, 8vo. 15.5.--Lodge's

Genealogy of British Peerages, post 8vo. 165.-Lodge's was alarmed at the sight of an apple. Bayle,

New Peerage, for 1833, post 8vo. 165.-Mainwaring's the great lexicographer, swooned at the noise

Instructive Gleanings from Writers on Painting, &c. made by some water as it escaped, drop by

8vo. 65.- Vale of Light and Vale of Death, 18mo.

1.8. 60,-Tales of the Manse, 12mo. 65.--Lights and drop, from a cock. Henry of France, the third

Shadows of German Life, 2 vols. post 8vo. 11. 1s.- Rev. of that name, though he had driven his enemies

R. Hall's Works, Vol. 6, 165.- Harmony of the Four before him at Jarnac, trembled, from head to Gospels, 8vo. 125.- Historical, Geographical, and Picfoot, at the sight of a cat. When a hare crossed torial Chart of the Gospel, 31. 135.- Pigott's Johannice, the celebrated Duke d'Epernon's path, his

Svo. 6s.- Fifty-one Original Fables and Morals, with

Eighty-five Designs by R. Cruikshank, 8vo. 125.- Mrs.
blood stagnated in his veins. The masculine- Child's Mother's Story-Book, 3s.
minded Mary of Medecis fainted away when.
ever a nosegay was in sight. A shudder over-

came the learned Scaliger on perceiving cresses.

Thanks to Londinensis-Silvus-B. A. N. H.-A. B.
Ivan the Second, Czar of Muscovy, would faint

–P. 8.–H. B.-L. Y. H.Y.-Edgar.– E. J. H.-A.-
away on seeing a woman; and Albert, a brave We cannot avail ourselves of the offer of C. M.-
Field-Marshal of France, fell insensible to the

F. Z. S.-"A Constant Reader," and all persons forground, on discovering a sucking pig served up

warding information, must, in confidence, favour us

with their names. at his own table !

• Cheskian Anthology' was reviewed months ago. Habits of Animals.-One of the last numbers

We presume the very liberal use made of the Atheof the Sundine, a Stralsund periodical, contains but we seriously submit to the proprietors of the Nero


established for the Association of those who feel an la. terest in the Advancement of the Arts and Sciences,

They who have cultivated abstract Science with the greatest success, are, nevertheless, in this country, a distinct class from those who have been more successful in its practical application. It is scarcely necessary to point out the advantages which may be expected to result froin bringing these two classes of individuals into personal communication. These considerations have led to the following Proposition :-That there be established a Conversaizone, to be held Weekly

during the Season, to be supported by an Annual Subscrip

tion of Two Guineas each member. Persons desirons to become Members are requested to communicate their wishes to RALPH WATHON, Esv. F.R.S. F.S.A, as early as convenient, aldressed to him at the National Gallery of Practical Science, Adelaide-street, West Strand.


SCIENCE and WORKS of ART, ADELAIDE-STREET, near St. Martin's Church, WEST STRAND. Open daily from 10 till dusk.-Admission, 1s. Catalogue, 18.

NOW EXHIBITING. PERKINS' newly-discovered System of generating Steam, exemplified by a STEAM GUN,discharging, with one-fourth greater power than that of Gunpowder, a Volley of Seventy Balle, against a Target, in four seconds, hourly during the day.

Steam-boat Models upon water, propelled by the paddle-wheel in common use, and by that of Perkins' late invention.

Holdsworth's newly inventel Revolving Rudder.

An Apparatus by Perkins, showing a brilliant combustion of the hardest steel, effected by its being brought in contact with a soft iron plate, revolving with an intense rapidity.

Specimens of Perkins' System of Printing with hardened Steel Plates and Rollers, and of the transfer of Engravings on Steel.

A Magnet, by Saxton, capable of igniting gunpowder.

Unrivalled Collections of Ante diluvian Fossil Organic Remains, and Minerals, highly interesting to the antiquarian and the geologist.

An Apparatus, by Perkins, compressing, with a power of 30,000 pounds to the suare inch, aëriform fluids, liquids, or solids. Exhibited every das al 9 and 4 o'clock,

Exemplification of Watson's Plan for preventing Ships foundering at Sea.

Sectional and Working Models of Steam Engines.
Model of the proposed London and Birmingham Railway.

Models of new Framing or ships, various improved Anchors, Rudders, Gun Carriages, Top-mast Fid, Cathcad Stopper, Liferafts, Lise preservers, and numerous other apparatus.

A Mouse'in a Diving-Dell, immersed in water-illustrating the principle and application of the Bell.

A Selection of valuable Paintings by the Old Masters, among which will be found some splendid productions of Murillo.

The Royal Seraphine and Harmonica, new Musical Instrements; performed on at intervals.

Nuinerous other Models and Objects of interest and amusement are now exhibited, and additions to the Gallery are made daily.

Just published, in demy svo. price 155. bound in cloth,

MORTAFTER DE: randiothenSTATE of the

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SOUL AFTER DEATH; conformable to Divine Revelalion, as interpreted by the ablest Comineulators, and consistent with the Discoveries of Science.

By a PROTESTANT LAYMAN. Ju this solume it will be found that more information can fairly be deduced from the Inspired Writings, when read by the light of our knowledge of the universe, that has ever yet been cone in any other work, and a clear distinction proved to exist Letween a middle or disembodied state, and the illusion of porgatory. The belief and opinions of several hundred of the most celebrated writers of all ages are given on the great Questions relative to Immortality, while the most orthodox doctrines on each point are laid down according to the soundest interpretations of Holy Writ.

na um by our Transatlantic friends,is a high compliment: a paper on the swan's song, by an eminent natura- York Evening Post, how far it is equitable or even list in Pomerania, which he closes by observing,

honest to reprint verbatim one half of Cunningham's that " in a state of nature, the Anas Cygnus, as

Memoir of Sir Walter Scott, and promise the remainder

the next day, without one word of reference to the evening approaches, joins with its companions paper whence taken.

Smith, Elder, and Co. 65, Cornus, London,


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....0 10


2 2

£. s.

£. s.
T. Pemberton, esq. K.C. 21 0 Archdeacon Bayley,
Granville John Penn. esq 1 1 R. Butterworth Bayley,esq 1.1
Richard Richards, esq ..

1 1
Mrs. Bayley

108. 6d. Henry Randell, es

Lady Bernard

10 J. W. Spurrier

John Capel, esq. M.P. .. 50 Joseph Hinton, esq

1 1

Edmund Currie, esa C. T. Swantoll, exq 2 2 Mrs, Currie

010 James Stewart, esg

Mr. Grierson

10 Walter Skirrow, esq.

2 2 Christopher Hodson 010 G. J. Turner, €59

Mrs. Hoghi's

1 0 J. G. Teri, esa

Josiah Maberley

0 10 E. Willbraham, esq 22 Mrs. Maberley

0 10 Robert Wray, esq

Thomas A. Maberley 05 William right, esq 5 0 Joseph Janes Maberley.. 0 5

At Messrs. 'Twining's. Samuel E. Maberley 0 5 Rev. John Humfrey .... S 0 Mr. Neild

O 10 Rev. Dr. Hughes 50 Mrs. Neild

0 10 John Hughes, enq. of UI- Misy Touchet

103. 6d. fington

20 0 At News, Teres & Co.'s. Richard Twining, esq 10 Mary Banbury

5 0 Miss Twininy 10 Henry Petrie, esq.

50 By John Hughes, esq. of Messrs. Whittaker, TreaUffington. cber & Arnott

26 5 Mr. Allwood

05 Subscriptions received at all the Bankers in London, and the principal Bankers throughout the country.

N. B. The lists of Subscriptious commenced by Local Committees, at York, Leeds, Cheltenham, Shrewsbury, Brighton, Oxford, and other places, will be published as they proceed. R. A. DUNDAS, Serretary, Royal Society oi Literature,

St. Martin's Place, Dec. 7, 1832.


SCOTT, in 1826, lo his booksellers, involved him in the ruin which fell upon their establishment, to an extent alike unexpected and unprepared for, but which ultimately proved not less ihan 120,0001. 'Ruinous as this demand must have been, it is yet obvious, that after er rendering to its payment the whole of his properly, he might have secured to himself and his family the fruit of his subsequent exertions, and realised from his later works not less than 70.0001. The whole of this sum, with whatever more a lengthened lise might have enabled him to obtain, he, with manly and conscientious feeliny, appropriated to the benefit of his creditors. In thus devoting his talents to the acquittal of obligations not originally, though legally his own, he laboured with a degree of assiduity, and an intenseness of anxiety, which shortened lns existence by overstrained intellectual exertion. He lived rot indeed to complete the lask ; but what he had recured, when added to the property and copyrights previously destined for the support of his family, enabled theni, by incurring deep personal responsibility, to satisiy nearly the whole amount of these debts, for which their father had been rendered liable. This has been done, and the sacritice is complele, but Abbotstord can no longer be the home of his children, Such were the stainless and irreproachable principles of that mind, whose intellectual power was only equalled by its moral worth ; and from this plain statement, those who have long and justly appreciat d the writings of SCOTT, may learn to love and venerate his virtues. Il is thought that no piemorial can be so appropriate to his name, as the permaneut maintenance of the house which his residence has rendered classical, and the preservation of a library and collection of national antiquities, which his admirable taste selected, and which his genius made avail to works, that are in every hand, and have carried the glory of English literature through every civilised region of the rarth. Is it then too much to expect, from a nation so justly proud of his fame, that in requital for so many hours of pleasure derived from his writings, they will be eager to subscribe to a tribute of gratitude alike benourable to the river and the receives; to show, that in a country like this, literature has also her triumphs, and genius its Blen. heims, bestowed by a great and cultivated people on the children of him whose life was shortened by his integrity, and whose name is immortalised by his works!

Subscriptions already published....2,0641. 95.


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On the Ist of January (to be continued on the ist of every mouth)

price Sixpence, with Wood Engravings, HE ZOOLOGICAL MAGAZINE; or, Journal of Natural History,

Intended as a cheap, atene, and instructive Companion to the Study of Zoology and Natural History.

Published by Whittaker, Treacher, and Co. Ave Maria-lace. To be had of all Booksellers.

PETER PARLEY'S TALES ABOUT ANIMALS. Most beautifully printed, and embellished with 280 Eagravings

on wood, price only ss. in cloth binding,

about ANIMALS; comprising Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, and Insects,


Author of Tales abont Eorope,' &c. Chiswick : Printed for T. T. Tege, Cheapside ; N. Plea, Piccadilly; Bowdery and Kerby, Oxfúrd.street; R. Griffin and Co. Glasgow : Sellies, &c. Edinburgh; also J. Cansing, and W. F. Wakeman, Dublin. HE GIRL'S OWN BOOK.


Author of The Mother's Book, 5th edition, with 110 beautiful Cuts, price 45, 6d. in brands; or 5s.6d. bound in cloth, gilt edges, Printed at the Chiswich Presta

Also, a new and beautiful edilion of The Child's Own Book, with 300 Cuts, price 78.6d. in boards ; or $s. 6d. bound in cloth, silt edges.

London : Printed for T. T. and J. Terr, Cheapside; N. Halles, Piccadilly; Bowdery and Kerby, Oxford-strect; Grifin and Co. Glasgow : Stillies and Brothers, Edinburgh; J. Cumma, and W.F. Wakeman, Dublin.

In one volume, 6vo. price 25s. boards,

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to the OLD TESTAMENT, including the Biblical Chalde. Edited, with Inprovements from the German Works of Gesual,

by JOSIAH W. GIBBS, A.M. of the Theologtcal Seminary, Andover, U.S.

Printed for James Duncan, 37, Paternoster-row; and Whit taker, Treacher aod Arnot, Ave Maria-lane.

On the 21st of January will be published, in a hand-me thick

gro, volume, with a Portrait, to be completed in a rols,



OPINIONS of JOHN ARMSTRONG, M.D., formerly Physician to the Fever Institution of London. Author of the * Practical Illustrations of Typhus and Scarlet Ferer,'&c. ke. To which is added, Ao loquiry into the Facts connected the home Forms of Fever attributed to Malaria and Mardin,

Secretary to the Linnaan Society, Honorary Member of the

Medical Society of Massachusetts.
London: Baldwin and Cradock, Palergoster-10%.

.... 10 0

The Very Rev. Dr. S.

Rr. Hon. Lord Dover.... 100 Butler 10 0 Lady Davy

50 0 John Capel, esq

5 0

Rev.Dr.E.C.Dowdeswell 10 0 G. Clint, esq. A.R.A.... 10

P. Haddow, esq

5 0 T. Crofton Croker, esq. 2 2 Miss How

5 5 The Earlos Carnarvon.. 25 0 John Arthur Lloyd, esq

10 0 Al Messrs. Coutts & Co.'s. Miss M. P. Lloyd ...... 50 Ld. Chief Commis, Adam 10 0 Mis Jane E. Lloyd...... 5 0 W. Boyd Alexander, esq5 0 Miss Elizabeth Lloyd... 5 0 E. Moulton Archdall, esa


Lieut.-Gen. Macauley 10 0 Rev. William Antrobus..

Sir James Scarlet...

3 5 W, W. Antrobus, esq....

1 1 Rev. R. Sheepshanks.. W. Hunter Baillie, esq.. 10 O Miss Sheepshanks

5 0 Sir Theodore Broadbead 10 0 Rev. Richard Ward .... 5 0 Walter Boyd, esq ...... 50 o Thomas Wood, esq Mrs. Baillie .... Mrs. Agnes Baillie .... 100

Wm. Fraser, esq

5 3 Mrs. Joanoa Baillie .... 10 0 Mrs. S. E. Fielding .... 0 10 Lady Noel Byron ...... 10 0 Lord Viscount Coderich 250 The Earl of Carlisle ... 20 0 Ld. Bishop of Gloucester 10 0 Lord Carrington ...... 100 0 Ai Sir R.C.Glyn, Bi. & Co.'s. Sir Alexander Creichton 2 2 E. Greenaway, esq...... 11 William Chisholme, esq

5 5 J. Greenaway, eso General Geo. Constabie 5 J.D.Dan). Kingsland,esq10s.6d. F. Chantrey, esq. R.A... 25 0 C. Mills, esq

10 0 C.W. Dilke, esq. ...... 100 At Messrs. Gosling & Sharp's. Alam Duff, esq ........ 2 2 Earl Brownlow

10 0 Darid Dundas, esq ....

2 2 Jokiss Beames, esq Mrs. Anne Ellis

John Dawkins, esq

5 0 William Empson, esq .. 2 0 W. E. Gosling, esq

50 Lady Emily Foley .....:

5 0
Mr. Baron Gurney

10 10 - Forbes, esq. of Sleaford 1 0 E. S. Hardisty, esq

10 Charles Hatchell, 1'59.. 5 0 L. R. Hoyes, es

2 2 The Earl of Haddington 250 Rev. c. Heathcole Hopkinson, esq. of

Samuel Carter Hall, esg 2 2 Statuford 1 0 Mrs.S.C. Hall

1 1 Sir William Knighton .. 100 At Messrs. Hammersley's. W.W.Knighton, esq....

5 0 Robert Maitland, esq 11 Charles Klanert, esq....

1 0
- Rennell, esq

2 0 Hugh Lindsay, esq

5 0 Ai Messrs. Herries & Co.'s. S. Marjoribanks, esq 10 0 Lord De Dunstanville 20 0 John Murray, esq ...... 25 0 Rev. A. Edwards Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Peel 50 0 Al Messrs. Hoare & Co.'s. La le

1 0 Captain J. Colville Thomas Serjeant........

H. 'Merrik Hoare, esq 20 0 Lady Louisa Stuart ..., 25 0 The Misaes Elizabeth and Lord Skelmersdale 200

Jane Kenyon

20 0 Lord Viscount Strang

The Marchioness Dowager ford, G.C.B. 10 10 of Lotbian

5 0 Hon. G. Sydney Smythe 2 2

Abel Mosey, esq

5 0 Hon. L. Sydney Sinythe 1 1 Mrs. Mosty

20 Hon. P. Sydney Smythe 11 The Duke of NorthumberSeth S. Ward, esq ...... 010 laud, K.G.

100 0 Mrs. Ward

0 10 At Messrs. Lloyd & Co.'s. Thompson Ward, esq .. 05 A. B. C.

1 0 Charles Ward, esq...... o 5 Joseph Gawin, esq

5 0 Miss Catherine Ward .. 05 Miss Fanny Ward

Thomas Moore, esq

3 0 Francis Worship, eg 0 10 Mrs. Moore

2 0 Thomas Watsoli, M.D. 5 0 James Moyes, esq

2 2 Hon. J. Stuart Wortley 50 Tyrone Power, es

1 1 At Messrs. Child & Co.'s. Sír Peter Parker, Bart. 10 Ralpli Addison, esq .... 2 0 Lord Viscount Porchester 300 Charles Bouchier, en

5 0 At Messrs. Praeds & Co. T. P. Brown, es 5 5 John Howard, esq

11 Rt, Hon. Sir S. Shepherd 25 0 At Messrs. Robarts & Co.'s. William Scroope, exq

10 0 George Hibbert, eng. 20 0 Rev. Dr. Woodcock .... 2 0 E. Stantield, exq. A.R.A. 20 Mrs. Woodcock

2 0

By John Stuart, yq. Miss Woolcock i o H. Barber, esq

1 1 Mrs. Wheable....


Neal Buckland, esq John Wormald, esq

2 0 T. Chandless, esq ......11 James Wood, es 10 Thomas Clarke, es

3 3 10 Mrs. Clarke

11 Mrs. Woolt

Al Messss, Call & Co.'s. Miss Clarke Thos. Lister Parker, exq

50 S, Pepe Cockerell, esq 2 2 Joseph Donglas, esq... 5 5 s. Duckwell, esq

2 2

1 Lady de Gray

30 0 Edmund R. Daniel, esq Cus. Edward Dodd, es 2 2 | Nathaniel Ellison, esq 2 2 At Messrs. Drummond's. George Haldame, es

1 Rev. Charles F. Annesley 50 W.C. Keene, esq

1 1 Ri, Hon. Sturges Bourné 10 0 Samuel Lorail, esq

1 5 0 Edward J. Lloyd, esq. 1 Hon. A. Barrington .... Earl Bathurst ........ 20 0 William Lotus Lowndes 2

2 John Backhouse, esq.... 5 5 John D. Norton, esq......2 2 Dowager Countess of

K. J. Palk, esq Clare

10 Thomas Purvis, esq

FRENCH and ENGLISH. Dulau and Co.37, Sono-square; Longihan and Co. Paternoster. row; Whittaker avd Co. Ave Maria-lane; Borsey and Son, Old Broad-street; Simpkiu and Co. Stationers' Hall.court; Booker, New Bond-street; Baldwin and Cradock, and Hamilton and Co. Paternoster-row, J. Souter, St. Paul's Churchyard ; aud W. Darton and Son, Holboru-hill. ELEGANT CHRISTMAS PRESENTS.

Just published, "LOWERS OF FABLE, culled from the

best English and other Writers. The whole expressly selected for the instruction of Youth, and carefully pruned of all objectionable Matter. Embellished with 150 engravings on wood, Price ss.

Vizetelly, Branston & Co. Fleet-street;

Who have just published New Editions of Inich possesses the hitherto unattempted novelty of con

YOUNG LADY'S BOOK:centrating, in one volume, all that is interesting, either as an exercise, a recreation, or a pursuit, and forms a complete reper. toriuni of all those accomplisharents which grace the sex, and constitute the perfection of the female character.

Price One Guinea, richly bound in embroidered crimson silk, and embellished with uwarils of 700 engravings.

"Twenty years ago, says the Literary Gazelle, "all the talents in England could not have produced such a work." THE BOY'S OWN BOOK:

the most acceptable present ever devised for youth, embracing the sports and exercises of outdoor enjoyment, -the pastimes of a winter's tre side,--and the recreations of science, --copiously detailed in nearly 500 closely printed pages, embellished with upwards of 300 engravings. Price $1.6din ornamiental boards; and 108. 6. handsomely bound in arabesque etbossed morocco, with gilt edges.

Conduit-street, Hayover-square. THE PERUSAL OF NEW PUBLICATIONS.

the recommencement of the Publishing Gentry, that all NEW BOOKS may be obtained ior PERUSAL, in Town or Country, immediately on publication, and in any quantity, at the BRITISH and FOREIGN PUB! IBRARY, CONDUIT-STREET, HANOVER-SQUARE.

Terms of Subscription, and Catalogues of the English, French, Italian, and German looks contained in this extensive Library, may be had on application to Messrs. Saunders and Otley, Conduit-streel, llanorer square. PORTRAIT OF DR. CROMBIE.

Just published,

A PORTRAIT.04s the Rev. Dr. CROMBIE,

DESIRABLE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. London: Printed for Baldwin and Cradock, Paternoster-.

The new and beautilally illustrated edition of TISS EDGEWORTH'S POPULAR

TALES, la 2 cols. bandsomely bound and letired price 10s.

Moral Tales, by Miss Edgeworth, illustrated and printed in the same attractive form. In 2 vols, price fel

Castle Rackrent, and Irish Bulls, by the same, and in the same style of excellence, price 58. Parent's Assistant, by the same, in 3 vols

. beautifully illustrated, price 10s. 61. half-bound.

Ilarry and Lucy, concluded, by the same, in 4 vols. 12010. price 178. hall-bound.

Frank, by the same, in 3 vols. 18mo. price 9s. hall-bount; and ROSAMOND, in 2 rols. 55. half bound.

*.* The new and superb Edition of Miss EDGEWORTA'S TALES and NOVELS, in Monthly Volunies, unitorm in passa! illustration with Byron's Life and Poetus, and the Waverly Novels, las procerded to the il volume. "To be completed ta 16 olunes, price Sa. each. The following Popular Works are very agreeable to the taste of

Young People, done up iu fancy binding, and are exceedingly useful books of instruction:

Tales from Shakspeare, by Charles Lamb. A new and elegant edition, with 22 fine Cots, (too Designs by Harvey, and neatly printed by Whittingbam, in 1 voi lausch price 7s, 64.

Austin Hall; or, After-Dinner Conversations between a father and his Children, op Subjects of Amesement and lustruction. 12mo. illustrated with fige Engravings, por su

A Discourse of the Objects, Advantages, and Pleasures of Science. A new edition, in foolscap Evo. illustrated with fine engravings, price 5s.

*** This fascinatiog little work, but without the fine illets tive Engravings given in this edition, forms the fire bunur of the Library of Useful Knowledge.'

Stories of Old Daniel. 12mo. The 10th edition, much improved, price 6s.

Ellen Cameron, a Tale for Young Ladies. Fine Plate, from a Drawing by Harvey, 13mo, price ss.

Keeper's Travels, with Engravings, after Drawings by Harrey, 14th edition, 12mo. price 68.

Guy's Pocket Cyclopædia; or, Epitome of Universal knowledge. The oth edition, extensively improved, with numerous appropriate Cuis, 12mo. price los. Gal.

Stories from the History of Italy. Manning. With fine Frontispiece and Vignetle by Harvey. 1994 price 7s. 6d.

Swiss Family Robinson; or, Adventures of a Father and Mother and Four Sons in a Desert Island. The oth edition, ornamented with 12 engravings. 12o. price 75. lib.

The Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, with a Blographical Account of Daniel Defoe, written expressly for this edition. A new edition, complete la one volume, 12mo. beautifully printed by Whittingham, and et namented with

49 very superior Wood-cuts, Crom Drawings by W. Harrey, Price 88.

LL.D. F.R.S. M.R.S.L. Author - The Gymnasium, &c. Painted by W. Booth, Esq. and drawn on Siope by Hichard J. Lane, Esg. A.R.A. Proof inipressions, 218.; plain ditto, 12s., printed on India paper.

Smith and Elder, Cornhill: Hunter, St. Paul's Churchyard ; and Morrison, Fenchurch-street. On December 31st will be published, price One Shilling, to be

continued Monthly, with Illustrations, THE FIELD NATURALIST'S MAGA.


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By Anne

Structure of the Earth, and Appearances of the Sky.

Edited by Professor RENNTE, King's College, London, Author of Insect Architecture,' ' Alphabet of Insects, &c.

This publication has been projected for the purpose of communicating simple facts in Natural History, unclogged by the too often fanciful theories of Systematists, and unsullied by that spirit of controversy and abuse which has of late years been too frequently introduced into similar works. In prosecution of this plan, we earnestly call upon those of our countrymen who are favourable to the spread of plain knowledge in this most interesting branch of science, to assist us by the communication of such facts as fall within their observation.

Communications for the Editor, and Books for Review, to be left with the Publisher, William Orr, 14, Paternoster-row; Mr. Chambers, Hanover-street, Edinburgh ; or Messrs. Carry and Co. Dublin. of whom may be had, in one rol. 1&mo. with upwards of 100

Illustrations, price 28. 6d. bound, The Alphabet of Botany, for the Use of Beginners; being Vol. 2 of Professor Rennie's Scientific Alphabels.'

In a few days will be published, in 2 vols. Svo. with Plates,



LIFE and TIMES of Sir WILLIAM PENN, Knight, Admiral and General of the Fleet; during the Interregnum, Admiral and Commissioner of the Admiralty and Navy after the Restoration. From 1644 to 1670.


Also, edited by the sanie Author, The Character of a Trimmer. His Opinions or, 1, The Laws and Government-2, Protestant Religion-3, The Papists--4, Foreign Atiairs. By the Hon. Sir Williain Coventry, Knight. DR. LARDNER'S CABINET CYCLOPÆDIA,

In monthly volumes, small 880. 6s. in cloth. On Jan. 1, being Vol. 38 of the above, the concluding Vol. of HISTORY of SPAIN and PORTUGAL,

Published Dec. 1, History of England, by Sir J. Mackintosh.

Volumes to be published successively, Naval History of England, by R. Southey, Vol.l.

Treatise on Astronomy, by Sir John Herschel.

Treatise on Heat, and its Applications, by Dr. Lardner. History of Ireland, by Thos. Moore. Vol. I.

London: Longman and Co.; and John Taylor.

On the 1st of January, 1833, uniform with Lodge's and the So

ciety's Galleries of Portraits,' Part I. to be continued every fortnight, until completed in 24 Parts, each containing three fine Portraits, price only 2$. Gd. HE PORTRAIT GALLERY

OF DISTINGUISHED FEMALES. Incloding BEAUTIES OF THE COURTS OF GEORGE IV. AND WILLIAM IV., with Memoirs of JOHN BURKF, Esq. Author of 'The Peerage and Baronetage. These engraved Portraits will be produced under the immediate care and super. intendence of Mr. COCHRAX, the envinent Engraver, from Pics tures by Lawrence, Jackson, Shee, Pickersgill, Chalon, &c. &c. They will represent various Members of almost every Nole Family in the Kingdom, and the Royal Families of England and France.

Orders received by every Bookseller and Printseller in the United Kingdom.

Published by Edward Bull, 26, Holles-street, Cavendish-square. NEW WORKS of Biography and Fiction, just published by Edward Bull, 26, Holles-strict, Cavendish-square, Londou.

In 3 vols.
By the Author of • Chartley the Fatalist,' &c.


Including Stories of Napoleon's Wars in Germany. 2 vols.

3, THE LIVES OF BANDITTI, And Robbers in all parts of the World. By Charles Macfarlane, Esq. Author of 'Constant hople in 1828. 2nd edition. lu 2 vots. embellisbed with 16 beauuful Engravings.

4. O U R IS LA ND; Comprising FORGERY, a Tale; and THE LUNATIC, a Tale.

In 3 vols.

5. RECORDS OF MY LIFE. By the late John Taylor, Est. Author of Monsieur Tonson.'

In 2 vols, sro. with Portrait.
Just published, price 5s, uniform with Byron, &c.


By EBENEZER ELLIOTT. "This work contains more bold and correct versification than could be distilled from all the volumes of all the prodigius that ever were brought out."- Atheneum.

B. Steill, 20, Paternoster-row. In 12mo, with several Engravings, price 3s. 6d. in cloth lettered, OME FOR THE HOLIDAYS.

CONTENTS: Al Home-Hudson'. Bav-The Heron-Show of Animals-Ride to Seven Oaks-The Thames Tannel-Shipping and the Compass -The Tempest - Alfred the Great-Dr. Franklin-Rail Roads and Carriages--Flying-Swimming-Heathen Mythology-Tron, Stone, and Chain Bridges-- Burial of Poor Carlo-Birus in Winter-The Holidays over--Taking leave, &C. NO.

Whittaker, Treacher and Co. Ave Maria-lane.

New Edition.
This day is publislied, in 2 rols. Bro, price 28s. boards,

On the 1st of January will be published, to be continued Monthly,

BRITISH LIBRARY, comprising the CLASSIC AUTHORS of GREAT IRITAIN, elegantly printed in foolscap 8vo. price Three Shillings.

THE PLAN OF THE WORK IS1. To publish the Works of the principal authors of Great Britain in Monthly Volumes, each containing from 3:20 to 400 pages, with Illustrations on Wood, where necessary, at the lowest possible price.

II. A leading object will be to free the British Library from the numerous errors which abound in even the best editions of our popular writers.

n. There various readings occur, they will be introduced, and in cases wbere the late of time may have produced obscurity, or the progress or discovery has extended our knowledge, notes will be added,--the text being always preserved pure, and without abridgment.

IV. Tire whole will constitute a Series connected and arranged by Iudices, or the writings of each author may be purchased separately, perfect in themselves, accompanied with a Biographical Memoir of the Author, either selected, or written expressly for the British Library.

V. The Series will embrace all our great classic writers in DIVINITY, History, PHILOSOPHY, NATURAL HISTORY, POLITE LITERATURE, and FICTION.-Lists of the forthcoming works will be appended in each volume.

It bardly admits of a doubt that this undertaking, embracing moderate price, beautiful typography, careful collation, and convenient shape, must extensive patronage. Those who regard money less than time, will be led insensibly to renew profitable study, the young will commence their reading with the best examples of scholarship, while the humble and poor may beconie possessed of those genuine sources of moral and inteilectual eminence. The First Volume will contain WHITE'S NATURAL HISTORY OF SELBORNE, And Observations on Nature, with Illustrations by Bonner, and Notes by Captain Thomas Brown, F.L.S. President of the Royal Physical Society.

London : Published for the Proprietors, by William Orr, Pater. noster.row; James Chambers, Edinburghi; and sold by all Booksellers in Town and Country.




ELEGANT CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Publishing monthly, in small sro, beautifully printed and illus

trated, uniformly with the Waverley Novels, and comprising

nearly double the quantity of matter, price 6s. each volume. STANDARD NOVELS and ROMANCES;

comprising the best Productions of modern times. " This series lays claim to a very high merit, viz. that it does not, and we are sured will not, contain any work which a father way unt safely present to liis family. It must ensure prodixious success, for it is wonderfully convenient, and wonderfully cheap. We have seenuo periodical design more attractive in every way." Lil. G.

" This series must become popular, since it will embrace the essence of our British Novelists.-Allas.

" When classical and highly-priced standard works are thus plured within the reach of humble means, assuredly, before the lapse of many years, there will not be a house which gives the occupier a right to vote, that has not also its little library."Spectator

(see also equally favourable opinions in almost every Literary Journal in the bingdoll.)

*** The work now comprises the most celebrated productions of Cooper, the American Novelist-Godwin-Miss Porter--the Misse's LeMrs. Brunton-Mrs. Shelley, &c. Each volume may be liad separately, price 6$.

tit The current volume contains the whole of

FLEETWOOD, BY GODWIN. Published by Richard Bentley, (Successor to Mr. Colburn,) New Burlington-street, and sold by all respectable Booksellers.



SLATE. Price 5s. "Complete in all its parts, and obvious for its utility in guiding the hand, and preparing it for more efficient practice. This elegant little article cannot fail of finding a place on the table of every family, where early instruction, united with amusement, is carried on."-Literary Gazelle, Dec. Ist.

London: Published by A. Essex, 35, Northampton-street, Clerkenwell. Sold retail by Stationers, Toymen, &c.



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For the Size of Years of Age.


few Doors from Finsbury-square, respectfully submits for the inspection of the Public bis Charges for Young Gentlemen's Clothes, viz,

13 Saxony Superfine Spencer Suit £2 18 0

2 15 0
10 Do.


2 10 0 8 Do.


2 50

2 2 0

Coburg Dress 1 14 0

Opera Do. I 180
5 Do.

Tunick Do. 1 16 0 Let it be borne in mind that, in addition to their being made of SUPERFINE WEST OF ENGLAND CLOTHS, they will be got up in the most FASHIONABLE and ELEGANT STYLE, and niade to fit in the niosl graceful manner, not to be surpassed by any Establishment in London ; in short, if after any Suit is nade the most ENTIRE SATISFACTION is not given, ihe purchaser has the right of returning them.

+++ No Clothes kept ready made, but a Suit made in a few hours, if required.

N.B. Gentlemen and Ladies addressing a line per post, can be waited upon with Patterns, is within six miler,

Terms, Casli upon delivery.



cluding MALWA and adjoining Provinces; with the History and Copious Illustrations of the Past and Present Con. dition of that country. By Major-General Sir JOHN MALCOLM, G.C.B. K.L.S. F.R.S.

&c. &c. &c. 3rd edition, illustrated with an Original Map, Tables of Revenue,

Population, te. London : Printed for parbury, Allen, and Co. Leadenhallstreet.


BEALER HOTS, at 21.8, the best that can

PERSONS (pubiished at 255. per Part.) A Subscriber's Copy of Paris I to 37, will be SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs. SOUTHGATE, GRAVSTON, and WELLS, at their Rooms, 2, Fleet-streel, on Saturday next, December 22, 1832.

This day is published, in 3 vols, post $80. THE SECOND SERIES of TRAITS and

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the Author of the First Series.

" It possesses all the merits by which the former volumes were distinguished, and is sullied by none of their defects.... The work before us contains more information respecting the character, habits, and feelings of the Irisla peasantry, than any that has for a Jong time cone before the Britislip blic"-atheneum, No.165.

Dublin: W. F. Hakemau. London: Simpkin and Narstiail; anu R. Grootbridge.

DE FOE'S HISTORY OF THE PLAGOE. This day was published, in 24mo. price 45. a new and beautiful

edition of

Mr. Bentley (Successor to Mr. Colburn) has just published the


In 2 vols. Sro.

Author of Memoirs of George Frederick Cooke.'
Including Anecdotes of English Performers in the United States,

from 1752 to the Present Time.


By Theodore Hook, E.. 2 vols. 8vo. with Portrait.
"A work which must rank with the best biographies extant."
United Serice Journal, Dec.


(DUCHESS of ABRANTES.) Written by Hersell. " Nowhere do we get a nearer or more intelligible view of Napoleon as a man."-Spectator.



1665, with an Introductory Preface by the Rev. H. Stenbing, Author of Lives of the lialian Poets.'

London : Printed for Renshaw and Kuyh, 356, Strand, Publishers of the Weekly Medical Journal; and James Gilbert, 51, Paternoster-low.


be made. SHORT MOLE FUR NAPS, in 100 different Shapes, to suit contour. The universal patronage bestowed upon my 'TIATS has caused a set of unprincipled pretenders to copy my ladvertisments and doorway: it is therefore necessary to caution the public against such shameful infringements. To prove my ability as a liat-maker, I have been in tlie business eighteen years, during which period I have introduced many important improvements in the manufacture of Beaver Hats, and was the first person who ever introduced the well-known Light Beaver Hars, weighing four ounces. Since then copyists have sprung up like mushrooms. This has not been confined to London: it has extended to India, Spain, and Portugal, where hals have been sent with my name forged in them. Please to observe my Address-JOHN PERRING, CECIL HOUSE, 85, STRAND, corner of Cecil street-the only house where my Hats can be purchased, as follows: the very best Beaver Hats in London, 215.; Second Qualities, 16$.; best Livery Hats, 16s. ; best Silk Hars, 12$. ; Shooting and Fishing Hats, ios. 6d. Summer Caps, three ounces weighi, 6s. 6d.; Travelling and Fancy Caps in every variety.

Youths' Hats and Caps various.-Observe, Cecil House, 85, Strand, corner of Cecil street. The tirst TOOTH-POWDER extant, both as to Cleanliness in

using, and realizing beautiful TEETH, OWLAND'S ODONTO; or, PEARL


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AND GERMANY. 2 vols.


R.N., K.C.B., K.M.T.
By Lady Harriet Hoste. 2 vols. 8vo. with Portrait, (just ready).


By Colonel Mackinnon.
2 vols. 8vo. with numerous Embellishments (just ready).

In 3 vols, post byo,

By the Author of 'Sketches of Irisli Character,' &c.
"A work of very high merit, and will take rank with some of
the best tictions of its class in our language."- Allas.


By the Author of Derwentwater.' 3 vols.


By Thordas Roscoe, Esq.
Complete in gols. landsomely bound in cloth, 278.
"The tales are all remarkable, many admirable.

work will prove a valuable addition to our literature."-NO

Also, just ready, in 3 vols.

Edited by Lady Dacre.


By a Captain in the Royal Navy.

DENTIFRICE. Much of the enjoyment of life depends on : good set of Teeth, for which purpose' this Powder is truly valuable. It has obtained a high and important character from some of the most eminent of the Faculty and many Distinguished Personages, as the mildest and most efficacious Dentifrice ever discovered,'forming an efficient VEGETABLE WHITE POWDER, composed of ingredients the most pure and rare, wnich completely eradicates the tartar from the Teeth, secures the file enamel from sustaining injury, and prevents premature wecay; tirnly 6xing the Teeth in their sockets, and ultimately realizing

A beautiful Set of Pearly Teeth ! Operates on the Goms as an Anti-Scorbutic, totally eradicating the Scurvy, strengthenin, braces, and renders them of a healthy red; in short, a never failing remedy for every disease the Teeth and Gums are liable to, and, by coniinually using, renders them sound and beautiful to the latest period of life; imparts fragrance to the breath, cleanses Artificial Teeth, and prevents their changing colour. Each Genuine Box has the Name and Address on the Govern.

ment Stamp, A. ROWLAND and SON, 20, Hatton.garden. Sold by them, aud by most respectabie Perfumers, Chemists, &c.

of Sir WALTER SCOTT, addressed to the Rev. Richard Polwbeli, Davies Gilbere, Esq. Francis Douce, Esq. and others. Accompanied by an orí ginal Autobiography of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Hussey Vivian, Bart, K.C.B.

“ Contributions to that vast store which will lor in the basis of a lasting biography of Scott."-- Atheneun.

This volume, ihough slighi, is pleasing as far as it goes. It will ever be a pleasant companion to the publications of the immortal man to whom it clieily relates."'-- Literary Gazette.

Published by J, B. Nichols and Son, 25, Parliament-street; and sold by Simpkin and Marsball, Stationers?-hali-court, Ludgate#reet, London,

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