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you hear?

Which way I should make my door, by Necromancy,
And where my shelves; and which should be for boxes,
And which for pots. I would be glad to thrive, sir.
And I was wish'd to your worship by a gentleman,
One captain Face, that says you know mens planets,
And their good angels, and their bad.

Sub. I do,
If I do fee 'em-

Fac. What ! my honest Abel?
Thou art well met here.

Dru. Troth, sir, I was speaking,
Just as your worship came here, of your worship.
pray you speak for me to master doctor.

Fac. He shall do any thing. Doctor, do
This is my friend, Abel, an honest fellow;
He lets me have good tobacco, and he does not
Sophisticate it with fack-lees or oil,
Nor washes it in muscadel and grains,
Nor buries it in gravel, under ground,
Wrapp'd up in greasy leather, or piss’d clouts :
But keeps it in fine lilly pots, that open'd,
Smell like conserve of roses, or French beans.
He has his maple block, his silver tongsió,
Winchester pipes, and fire of juniper,
A neat, spruce, honest fellow, and no goldsmith.

Sub. H’is a fortunate fellow, that I am sure on
Fac. Already, fir, ha' you found it ? Lo'thee Abel!
Sub. And in right way to’ard riches-
Fac. Sir.

Sub. This summer
He will be of the clothing of his company,

16 He has his maple block, bis silver tongs,

Winchester pipes, and fire of juniper.) Naturalists tell us that a coal of juniper, if covered over with its own ashes, will retain its fire a whole year : Fuerunt qui exiftimaverint truncum ligni juniperi accenfum, & proprio cinere contelum ignem annuum fervare.

Cardan. de subiil. 1. 8. Abel kept this coal of juniper for his customers to light their pipes with.


And next spring callid to the scarlet ; spend what he can:

Fac. What, and so little beard?

Sub. Sir, you must think, He may have a receipt to make hair come : But he'll be wise, preserve his youth, and fine for't ; His fortune looks for him another

way. Fac. 'Slid, doctor, how canst thou know this so soon? I am amus'd at that!

Sub. By a rule, captain,
In metaposcopy, which I do work by ;
A certain star i' the forehead, which you see not.
Your chestnut, or your olive-colour'd face
Do's never fail : and your long ear doth promise.
* I knew't, by certain spots too, in his teeth,
And on the nail of his mercurial finger.

Fac. Which finger's that?

Sub. His little finger. Look. Yo'were born upon a Wednesday ?

Dru. Yes indeed, sir.

Sub. The thumb, in chiromanty, we give Venus ; The fore-finger, to Jove; the midst, to Saturn; The ring to Sol; the least, to Mercury : Who was the lord, sir, of his horoscope, His house of life being Libra; which fore-shew'd, He thould be a merchant, and should trade with ballance.

Fac. Why, this is strange! Is’t not, honest Nab?

Sub. There is a ship now, coming from Ormus,
That shall yield him such a commodity
Of drugs - This is the west, and this the south?

Dru. Yes, fir.
Sub. And those are your two sides?
Dru. I, sir.
* I knew't, by certain spots too, in bis TEETH,

And on the nail of his mercurial finger.] Our poet's authority is Cardan : Sunt etiam in nobis veftigia quædam futurorum eventuum in unguibus, atque etiam in dentibus -- sed pro manus natura, 6 digicrum in quibus fiunt, & colorum & mutatione eorum.

De subtil. 1. 18.

Sub. Make me your door, then, south; you rbroad And on the east-side of your shop, aloft, (side, west : Write, Mathlai, Tarmiel, and Baraborat; Upon the north-part, Rael, Velel, Thiel. They are the names of those mercurial spirits, That do fright flies from boxes.

Dru. Yes, fir.

Sub. And
Beneath your threshold, bury me a load-stone
To draw in gallants, that wear spurs: the rest,
They'll seem to follow'7.

Fac. That's a secret, Nab!

Sub. And, on your stall, a puppet, with a vice's And a court-fucus to call city-dames. You shall deal much with minerals.

Dru. Sir, I have
At home, already

Sub. I, I know you have arsnike,
Vitriol, fal-tartre, argaile, alkaly,
Cinoper: I know all. This fellow, captain,
Will come, in time, to be a great distiller'',

And 17

They'll seem to follow.) The construction is, as to the rest, quod attinet ad cæteros. Shakespear uses this construction very frequent, which his editors never considered, and hence have frequently altered his words. They'll seem -- they'll think it convenient, suitable, &c. Mr. Upton.

To confirm the observation of this phraseology ocuring in Shake{pear, I must take leave to mention an instance in Romeo and Juliet :

Now afore God, this holy reverend friar,

“ All our whole city is much bound to him.” Mr. Warburton, not considering this construction, has altered the last word to hymn ; i. e. celebrate or praise : but if it is taken in the manner mentioned above, he will judge, I believe, his correction, however ingenious, not absolutely necessary.

18 And, on your fall, a puppet, with a vice.] The droll antick character, so often mentioned in our old plays.

19 Will come, in time, to be a great distiller.] i.e. Chemist. He said above, “You Tall dealmuch with minerals." In the dispute subfilting at this time between Dr. Anthony, and his antagonills, they


The ref

And give a say (I will not say directly,
But very fair) at the philosophers stone.

Fac. Why, how now, Abel! is this true ?

Dru. Good captain, What must I give?

Fac. Nay, I'll not counsel thee. Thou hear'st what wealth (he says, spend what thou

canft) Th’art like to come to.

Dru. I would gi' him a crown.

Fac. A crown! and toward such a fortune? heart, Thou shalt rather gi' him thy shop. No gold about

thee? Dru. Yes, I have a Portague, I ha' kept this half year.

Fac. Out on thee, Nab. 'Slight there was such an offer-'Shalt keep't no longer, I'll gi' it him for thee: Doctor, Nab prays your worship to drink this, and

swears He will appear more grateful, as your skill Do's raise him in the world.

Dru. I would entreat Another favour of his worship.

Fac. What is't, Nab?

Dru. But, to look over, sir, my almanack,
And cross out my ill-days, that I may neither
Bargain, nor trust upon them.

Fac. That he shall, Nab.
Leave it, it shall be done, 'gainst afternoon.

Sub. And a direction for his shelves.

Fac. Now, Nab?
Art thou well pleas'd, Nab?

Dru. 'Thank, fir, both your worships.

Fac. Away.
Why, now you smoky persecutor of nature !
Now do


see, that some thing's to be done, insisted, that the virtues of metals, as to physical uses, were very un certain ; and in his defence he undertakes to fhew, that there are really great virtues, both for preserving health, and curing dieales, in the mineral kingdom,


Beside your beech-coal, and your cor'sive waters,
Your crosslets, crucibles, and cucurbites ?
You must have stuff, brought home to you, to work on?
And yet you think, I am at no expence,
In searching out these veins, then following 'em,
Then trying 'em out. 'Fore God, my intelligence
Costs me more mony,


share oft comes too In these rare works.

Sub. You are pleasant, sir. How now?


Face, Dol, Subtle.
What says my dainty Dolkin?

Dol. Yonder fish-wife
Will not away. And there's your giantess,
The bawd of Lambeth.

Sub. Heart, I cannot speak with 'em.

Dol. Not afore night, I have told 'em, in a voice, Thorough the trunk, like one of your familiars. But I have spied fir Epicure Mammon

Sub. Where?

Dol. Coming along, at far end of the lane,
Slow of his feet, but earnest of his tongue,
To one that's with him.

Sub. Face, go you, and shift.
Dol, you must presently make ready, too

Dol. Why, what's the matter?

Sub. O, I did look for him
With the sun's rising : 'marvel, he could feep!
This is the day I am to perfect for him
The magisterium, our great work, the stone:
And yield it, made, into his hands : of which
He has, this month, talk'd as he were possess’d,
And now he's dealing pieces on't away,
Methinks I see him entring ordinaries,
Dispensing for the pox, and plaguy houses,


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