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ment. When she had thus gone round with her inquiries, she began to speak of her own case. She told them of her supports, of the goodness of God, and the blessedness of religion. She admonished them, in the most affectionate terms, not to neglect religion, nor to be inattentive to the instructions of Paternus, to whose zeal, humility, and benevolence, she bore witness. She encouraged them to seek the kingdom of God, by referring them to that composure which they now saw in her, who knew not whether she had a day to live. 6. Thus peaceful," said she, “ will you be in the last hour, if you make it the main business of life to know and serve God. We may not all meet together again here ; but be followers of Christ, and we shall meet around his throne in heaven."

To this tender address none of them were able to make any reply. With respectful and affectionate silence, some of them approached to kiss her hand. Others were obliged to quit the room immediately in order to give vent to their feelings. And all gave proof of having heard her with the deepest impression. Of the scene which followed, no description shall be attempted; it being impossible for me to represent it justly : this was her giving a parting charge to her children.

The anguish endured on this occasion was unquestionably great : yet let it be remembered, that although the survivors of Theodosia suffered much, in being obliged to separate from her, the supports of Christianity were felt. They knew, that there was a possibility of their meeting again; and they derived comfort from what they had been taught, namely, that a far more happy interview awaited them, if they followed her, 6 who through faith and patience inherited the promises."

These are the felicities of married life, where Christian piety is combined with natural attachment. In such instances we see something of Eden restored. How great and how lovely the contrast to the wretched family of an irreligious pair, is that, where the members live together in peace and love, delighting in God, and in the society of each other; worshiping his name, regarding his word, attending regularly to his ordinances, discharging their several duties, bearing each other's burdens; and when death makes a separation, quitting each other in the hope of being reunited in a better world, never to know a parting there.

Such was the family of Evander and Theodosia. Like them, may you rule your house in the fear of God! and you will be “ lovely and pleasant in your lives, and in your deaths not divided."* You have entered into a state designed by Him who instituted it (among other things) for your happiness. It is admirably calculated to answer such an end; but if it be perverted, you derive no advantage from it; be it recollected, however, that the blame in this case falls not on the institution, but on

* 2 Sam. i. 23.

yourselves. I have suggested a number of rules, because the end proposed requires the observance of rules. It is in this state, as in others, happiness is the reward of diligence. " In all labour there is profit,*** said the wisest of men. Let what has been recommended to you, therefore, not only obtain your approbation, or merely excite a wish that it may have its intended effect; but make a business of the duties to which you have been exhorted. It is now that rules are to be adopted : now, before the evils which they are designed to prevent, have made their appearance. There is no difficulty in attending to them, now that your hearts are sincerely and warmly united. After a disgust taken, the rule may still seem good; but it may be felt to be impracticable..

Give yourselves to God, and to one another. Pray for grace to fulfil your mutual vows. Attend to the examples which the Holy Scriptures have assigned to each of you: and the more you study and apply them to the several occurrences of your lives, the more you will find, that they enjoin every thing which has been recommended in the former part of this address, in order to preserve your first affections, and to cultivate goodness of temper. Thus, shall you be happy in yourselves, comforts to each other, patterns to your neighbours, and witnesses of the excellency of that holy estate, in which the hands of the first human pair were joined by the benign Creator. Bean.

* Prov. xiv. 23.


The wife of a Vaudois leader, in one of the attacks made on the Protesta at hamlets, received a mortal wound, and died in her husband's arms, exhorting him to courage and endurance.

"Clasp me a little longer, on the brink

of fate! while I can feel thy dear caress : And when this heart hath ceased to beat-0! think,

And let it mitigate thy wo's excess, That thou hast been to me all tenderness,

And friend to more than human friendsh O! by that retrospect of happiness,

And by the hopes of an immortal trust, God shall assuage thy pangs—when I au laid in dust."

Gertrude of Wyoming.

The voice is in mine ear, beloved !

Thy look is in my heart,
Thy bosom is my resting-place,

And yet I must depart.
Earth on my soul is strong—too strong-

Too precious is its chain,
All woven of thy love, dear friend!

Yet vain-though mighty-vain!
Thou seest mine eye grow dim, beloved ! ,

Thou seest my life blood flow,-
Bow to the Chastener silently,

And calmly let me go!
A little while between our hearts

The shadowy gulf must lie,
Yet have we for their communing

Still, still eternity!

Alas! thy tears are on my cheek,

My spirit they detain,
I know that from thine agony

Is wrung that burning rain.

Best-kindest-weep not! make the pang,

The bitter conflict less-
O! sad it is, and yet a joy.

To feel thy love's excess!

But calm thee! let the thought of death

A solemn calm restore !
The voice that must be silent soon,

Would speak to thee once more;
That thou mayst bear its blessing on

Through years of after-life, A token of consoling love,

E'en from this hour of strife.

after-lisessing on

of consol

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I bless thee for the noble heart,

The tender and the true,
Where mine hath found the happiest rest

That e'er fond woman's knew;
I bless thee, faithful friend and guide,

For my own, my treasured share,
In the mournful secrets of thy soul,

In thy sorrow, in thy prayer.

I bless thee for kind looks and words,

Shower'd on my path like dew, For all the love in those deep eyes,

A gladness ever new! For the voice which ne'er to mine replied

But in kindly tones of cheer, For every spring of happiness

My soul hath tasted here!

I bless thee for the last rich boon

Won from affection tried,
The right to gaze on death with thee,

To perish by thy side!
And yet more for the glorious hope

E'en to these moments given
Did not thy spirit ever lift

The trust of mine to heaven!

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