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the Greek, Roman, and British Poets; and Notes, Critical

and Explanatory. By the Rev. Alexander James Howell,

B.A.-Illustrations of the Tragedies of Æschylus and So-



XI. Expedition to Borneo of H.M.S. “ Dido,” for the suppression

of Piracy; with Extracts from the Journal of James Brooke,

Esq., of Sarāwak (now Agent to the British Government in

Borneo). By Captain the Hon. Henry Keppel, R.N.-An

Address, with a Proposal for the Foundation of a Church,

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Mission-house, and School at Sarāwak, on the North-west

Coast of Borneo, under the Protection of James Brooke, Esq.,

Founder of the Settlement at Sarāwak. By the Rev. C. D.

Brereton, M.A.


XII. The Position of Political Parties.


Postscript:-Dr. Wolff's Mission to Bokhara.


XIII. Adventures in the Pacific. By John Coulter, M.D.


XIV. Glendearg Cottage: a Tale concerning Church Principles.

By Miss Christmas. With a Preface, by the Rev. Henry

Christmas, M.A., F.R.S., F.S.A.

XV. An Introduction to the Critical Study and Knowledge of the

Holy Scriptures. By Thomas Hartwell Horne, B.D. 230

XVI. The Worship of Genius, and the Distinctive Character or Es-

sence of Christianity. By Professor C. Ullman. Translated

from the German by Lucy Sanford.


XVII. The History of Egypt, from the Earliest Times till the Con-

quest by the Arabs, A.D. 640. By Samuel Sharpe.


XVIII. Life of Lorenzo de' Medici, called the Magnificent. By Wil-

liam Roscoe.


XIX. Euclid's Elements of Geometry, chiefly from the Text of Dr.

Simson, with Explanatory Notes ; together with a Selection

of Geometrical Exercises from the Senate House and College

Examination-Papers. To which is prefixed an Introduction,

containing a brief Outline of the History of Geometry, de-

signed for the Use of the Higher Forms in Public Schools,

and Students in the Universities. By Robert Potts, A.M. 235

XX. Memoirs of the Court of Charles the Second, by Count Gram-

mont; with numerous Additions and Illustrations, as edited

by Sir Walter Scott. Also the Personal History of Charles,

including the King's own Account of his Escape and Preser-

vation after the Battle of Worcester, as dictated to Pepys,

and the Boscobel Tracts, or Contemporary Narratives of His

Majesty's Adventures, from the Murder of his father to

the Restoration.


XXI. The Folly of going to Rome for a Religion. In Two Letters

to a Friend. By the Rev. A. G. H. Hollingsworth, A.M. ib.

XXII. The Theologian


XXIII. A Peep into Toorkisthān. By Captain Rollo Burslem.


XXIV. The Works of Walter Savage Landor.


XXV. The Life of Herodotus, drawn from his own Book. By Pro-

fessor Dahlman, of Bonn. Translated by G. V. Cox, M.A. 255

XXVI. A Course of Lectures on Dramatic Art and Literature. By

Augustus William Schlegel. Translated by John Black,

Esq., late Editor of the “Morning Chronicle."


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ART. I. Die Ruckkehr Von Verfasser der Briefe eines Verstorbenen.

The Return. By the Author of the “ Letters of a Deceased,"

(Prince Pückler Muskau).

II. Pasilogia : an Essay towards the formation of a System of Uni-

versal Language, both written and vocal, with suggestions

for its Dissemination throughout the World ; including a

succinct Review of the principal Systems of similar Cha-

racter heretofore published. By the Rev. Edward Groves.

III. The Conquest of Scinde: a Commentary. By Lieut.-Colonel

Outram, C.B., Resident at Sattarah

IV. Jolivet J. B. Moyse, Député à l'Assemblée législative, Con-

seiller d'Etat, de l'Impôt progressive et du niorcellement des

Patrimoines.-Corcelles, François de, les Taxes progressives.

-Obermüller, W. Das Gütergleichgewicht

V. Bullettino degli Annali, &c. per l'anno 1829-1837, &c.-Mo-

numenti Inedite Pubblicati dall' Instituto sotto la direzione

dei Signori Gerhard e Panofka.--Panofka Terracotten des

Museums zu Berlin

VI. Festus : a Poem. By Philip James Bailey, Barrister-at-Law.

- Poems. By Coventry Patmore.--Luria ; and a Soul's Tra-

gedy. By Robert Browning.-Poems. By James Russell

Lowell.-Dramas for the Stage. By George Stephens.-Al-

fred, and Edward the Black Prince. By Sir Coutts Lindsay.

-A Book of Highland Minstrelsy. By Mrs. D. Ogilvy.

With Illustrations. By R. A. McIon.

VII. A Biographical History of Philosophy. By G. H. Lewes

VIII. A History of Inventions, Discoveries, and Origins. By John

Beckmann, Professor of Economy in the University of

Gottingen. Translated from the German by William

Johnson. Carefully revised and enlarged by William

Francis, Ph. D., Editor of the “ Chemical Gazette," and

J. W. Griffith, M.D.

IX. American Biography and Biographers

X. The Occult Sciences. The Philosophy of Magic, Prodigies,

and apparent Miracles. From the French of Eusébe

Salverte : with Notes, illustrative, explanatory, and critical.

By Anthony Todd Thompson, M.D., F.L.S.

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XI. A Practical Treatise on Weaving by Hand and Power-Looms.

Intended as a Text-Book for Manufacturers and Power-

Loom Engineers. By George White.


XII. Promotion in the Church : Dublin University Review, No.

CLXV. — Morning Post, . 1846.—Times, October, 1846.–

Charge of the Bishop of London, 1846.


XIII. An Alphabet of Illustrated Geography and Hydrography, elu-

cidated throughout, in the minutest Detail, by means of

between two and three thousand Sectional Maps, &c. &c.

By James Mangles, Commander, R.N.


XIV. Surgical, Mechanical, and Medical Treatment of the Teeth,

including Dental Mechanics. 139 Illustrations. By James

Robinson, Surgeon-Dentist to the Metropolitan Hospital,



XV. History of the Punjab, and of the Rise, Progress, and Present

Condition of the Sect and Nation of the Sikhs


XVI. The Horatii : a Tragedy


XVII. Revelations of Austria. By M. Koubrakiewicz, Ex-Austrian

Functionary. Edited by the author of “ The Revelations

of Russia.”


XVIII. The Life of a Beauty: a Novel. By the author of “ The

Jilt,” “ Cousin Geoffrey,” &c.


XIX. The Westminster and Foreign Quarterly Reviews, and their

Union. October, 1846


XX. Father Darcy : a Romance. By the author of “ Mount Sorel.” 520

XXI. The Knight of Gwynne: a Tale of the Union. By Lever. 521

XXII. Ernest Jones's Chartist Lyrics. 1846.


XXIII. The Ransom: a Tale of the Thirteenth Century. By Miss

Laura Jewry


XXIV. The Poor Cousin: a Novel. Edited by the Author of “The

Young Baronet.”


XXV. Messrs. Waghorn and Co.'s Overland Guide to India, by

three Routes to Egypt. With a Map.


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