Leigh's New Picture of London; Or ... a Luminous Guide to the Stranger: On All Subjects Connected with General Information, Business, Or Amusement ...

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Leigh, 1830 - 459 من الصفحات

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الصفحة 132 - Laud be to God ! — even there my life must end. It hath been prophesied to me many years, I should not die but in Jerusalem ; Which vainly I supposed the Holy Land. — But bear me to that chamber ; there I'll lie ; In that Jerusalem shall Harry die.
الصفحة 329 - This folio of four pages, happy work ! Which not even critics criticise, that holds Inquisitive attention while I read Fast bound in chains of silence, which the fair, Though eloquent themselves, yet fear to break, What is it but a map of busy life, Its fluctuations and its vast concerns?
الصفحة 39 - From this method of interpreting laws by the reason of them, arises what we call equity, which is thus defined by Grotius : "the correction of that wherein the law (by reason of its universality) is deficient.
الصفحة 84 - The existence of two rival companies, however, soon gave rise to innumerable disputes; to remedy which, their consolidation took place in the time of queen Anne, by the title of " The United Company of Merchants trading to the East Indies.
الصفحة 300 - ... lexicography ;— by the reading, at public meetings, of interesting papers on history, philosophy, poetry, philology, and the arts, and the publication of such of those papers as shall be approved of in the Society's Transactions...
الصفحة 106 - Town. , for the first delivery. ' r the second delivery. the third delivery. Morning,' by twelve o'clock, for the fourth delivery. Afternoon, by two o'clock, for the fifth delivery. Afternoon, by five o'clock, for the sixth delivery. ' For Delivery in the Country. The preceding evening;, by five o'clock, for the first delivery. Morning, by eight o'clock, for the second delivery.
الصفحة 135 - Henry VII. and his Queen, and were taken from the original pictures sent to Dort for that purpose. Over the King is the figure of St. George, and above that a white rose and a red one. Over the figure of the Queen stands that of St.
الصفحة 108 - The last three markets supply the butchers of London, and its vicinity, almost entirely, and pretty generally to the distance of twelve miles and upwards, it being a current opinion, that live cattle can be bought cheaper at Smithfield than at any other place.
الصفحة 343 - KING'S THEATRE, or ITALIAN OPERA-HOUSE, Haymarket, Is the most fashionable place of amusement in the British metropolis, having been erected to gratify the increasing taste of the public for exquisite music and elegant dancing. The performances consist of Italian operas and ballets, and the performers are the most celebrated from the Italian and French stages. The original building is generally supposed to have been constructed by Sir John Vanbrugh, though Mr. Pennant attributes it to Sir C. Wren....
الصفحة 180 - ... beyond the space of seven years. Moreover, care was taken by law to prevent all suits about their bounds. Also, anniversary prayers were enjoined ;* and to perpetuate the memory hereof to posterity, they caused this column to be erected. The work was carried on with diligence, and London is restored ; but whether with greater speed or beauty may be made a question. Three years' time saw that finished which was supposed to be the business of an age.

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