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النشر الإلكتروني

In adamantine chains, the deadly foe.
Inspir'd with flame prophetic, he survey'd
The matchless travels of thy future life,
And wonders of thy love ; intensely bent
To succour the distress'd, and crown their joy
With blessings infinite. The visual ray,
Sweet emanation from th' exhaustless fount
Of light supreme--at thy disposing will
On sightless eyeballs which had rollid in vain
Darts plenteous. The obstructed paths of sound
To free reception yield: and music's charm
Strikes the adapted organ. Tongues disus'd
To notes articulate, with praise proclaim
Almighty pow'r beneficent. Dead nerves
And wither'd tendons useless, warm’d anew,
Full strength and vigour instantaneous feel :
And springing like the nimble hart, confess
Thy healing hand divine. Great source of might!
Who guid'st the weary steps of slow-pac'd time,
Wise and unerring! Haste that promis'd day ;
When rage, ambition, and the thirst of pow'r
Insatiate, shall no more disturb the world
With groundless feuds, the angry din of war
And reeking gore profuse: nor the shrill blast,
From cheeks full blown, shall tune the ambient air
To heighten gen'rous flame: nor brazen tubes,
Wide-mouth'd, and fraught with miscellaneous stores
Of latent death, shall bellow o'er the field
Loud thunder, and disgorge their sulph'rous fire,
In dusky clouds ascending: massy globes,
Continuous or excav'd, annoy no more
The serried ranks compact, with havoc dire.
Bellona's champions fierce, in spangl'd pride

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And scaly steel incas'd, against the sun
Shall cease to blaze, reflecting back his beams.
No verdant wreaths, sprung from the fertile banks
Of fam'd Eurotas, shall, encircling, deck
The victor's brow. That blooming type of peace,
A birth more beauteous, from Minerva's spear
Transfixt, shall sprout, aud bless the smiling world.
Fledg'd arrows from the bending yew full-drawn,
And jav'lins, hissing death, from potent arm
Alternate thrown, shall cease; broad faulchions meet
With adverse edge no more; nor hideous clash
From rattling shields, and storms of missive hail
Roar diverse ; and in harsh confusion drown
The trumpet's sweeter notes.

O sad reverse
Of military sounds harmonic! Lost
In vollied peals promiscuous, deafening shouts,
And dying groans, that gall the tender ear!
Whole nature by thy healing art restor'd
To smiles primeval, and her visage blithe,
Complains no more, with torment, to sustain
The toilsome burden of her tedious hours ;
Expos’d to wild oppression, and the rage
Of savage men. Rapacious beasts shall change
To aspect mild: and o'er each flow'ry plain,
The tiger, wolf, and the defenceless lamb
Shall bask secure in the meridian warmth,
Or graze innocuous; join'd in sportive airs,
And midnight slumbers. Crested helms, and spears
Sharp pointed, scymeters, and bright habergeons,
Dire instruments of death! in hardy feats
Of Mars deep-bruis'd, now useless grown, shall form
The plough-share, scythe, and sickle. Glad campaign
Autumnal ! opening joyous scenes, enrich'd

With vegetable gold! From pole to pole
Rude and unpolish'd nations shall imbibe,
With ready mind thy saving truth ; and bow
Obedient to thy sceptre. Circling years,
With peace and concord crown'd, shall, undisturb'd
Glide gently on, through ages blest; and grace
Thy universal empire ; till the world,
And time, disease, and death shall cease for ever.

Say, grateful muse, what wond'rous meekness veild
Essential glories infinite! What toils
Incessant, nature's lord, her wounds to heal,
Sustain'd, compassionate! What thorny paths
In life's rough maze, to mortal race unknown,
Their great exemplar, not reluctant, trod'!
He—whom the brightest of celestial pow'rs
Revere ; by whom all earthly rulers sway
Their awful sceptres ! What amāzing choice,
Spontaneous, mov'd the source of might t' appear
Less than the least of men ! What

grace divine
Dwelt on his sacred lips ; diffusing truth,
Peace, God-like charity, through list'ning crowds,
Immortal virtues, and blest rules of life!
What heavenly ardour glow'd within his breast,
Wholly intent to close the vast design
Stupendous, ere the birth of nature, formid
In the tri-une eternal mind; and raise
To bliss immutable, the ruin'd world,
Deep sunk in guilt and curse! So sweetly sang
In strain sublime, the great enlightened bard,
To Albion's sons, with deathless fame, bereft
Of light external; whilst the mental rays
O happy gainful loss! more brightly shone,

Unpractis'd themes his lofty muse presum'd,
Disdaining coupled sounds. In wond'rous thought
Aligh-rais’d, and soaring with unclouded light,
She boldly shook the cramping fetters off;
And, sovereign, built a model unconfin’d,
Immortal as his name. Through realms of night
Unsearch'd before, and fields of heav'nly war,
Where seraphs fell, she trac'd a glorious path
To bliss supreme! In ev'ry shining page
Still wonders new, and beauties infinite
Dart through the enamour'd sense, and charm the soul!
With matchless graces his skill'd fingers mov'd
Across the sounding lyre, and from each note
Sprung pure devotion, harmony, and love!

From manger vile, where eastern sages paid
Their early homage to the eternal king,
And long obscure sojourn in Jewry's coasts
High-favour'd, in proud Salem, glory chief
Of Palestine, and of the Asian world,
Widely dispersing beams of light and joy
And healing virtue, trace with weeping eye
Messiah's wondrous steps ; tbe last and best,
And greatest gift of heav'n. The doleful steep
Of Calvary, that formidable mount,
See him ascend hard-burden'd, panting, tir'd;
Whilst, as a votive off'ring, he sustains
The massy cumb'rous load. And having reach'd,
With patience equal to his boundless love,
The wish'd-for summit, where unburied sculls
Sad spectacle ! the dismal surface pave;
He climbs the fatal tree, with mind deep-fix'd
On the paternal will. Hence crimson streams,

Of virtue infinite, from previous wounds
Wide-stretch'd, and tendons shiver'd, plenteous glide.
Forgiving pity his last breath proclaims,
And happy TETELESTAI to the ransom'd world.

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Whole nature felt the stroke. Convulsive pangs From caverns deep, earth's centre shook. The sun, Great


and soul of the terrestrial orb
His cheering face, and energetic rays,
With sable curtain veil'd. Hard ponderous rocks
Immensely great, unlike the Jewish hearts
Relentless, sunk from their contexture firin.
Death's honeful cmptives in their dark retreats,
Rous’d by the joyous sound, enlivening took
An earlier flight, and gain’d their blest abodes,
Despair and rage with sullen gloom o’erspread
The infernal regions: where the rebel chief,
Once hurl'd from bliss celestial, now subdu'd
A second ruin felt, and heighten'd pain,
Portentnus of his final doom; when wrath
Vindictive, from the dreaded victor's brow,
Shall plunge him with his fetter'd legions down
To endless death, and unextinguish'd fire,

Ye dazzling cherubs blest! whose godlike minds,
Capacious, at the exhaustless fount imbibe
Pure wisdom! With reflection deep look down
From your exalted thrones! and wondering bow
To this mysterious love : whilst native fire
Flames up in heavenly rays. From guilty doom
Emerging see the beauteous face of nature;
Creation rising from its early ruin;
And heav'as vicegerent man, from gloomy clouds,

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