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to doubt that he will ultimately be disposed of as his contemporaries in rebellion have been—and as he set the example, both in his open and covert revolt, the penalty will be proportioned to the greater magnitude of his offence. Holkar's conduct, on his overthrow, it will be recollected, was marked by chicanery similar to that displayed by the Rajah of Berar, and had Scindiah obtained scope enough, his spurious friendship would have developed itself in the same manner. It is no ordinary praise, therefore, that is due to the Marquis of Hastings, and those acting under his command, that so general a system of duplicity has been so successfully opposed. And we may safely predict that the political skill, combined with the military courage conspicuous on this trying occasion, will prove a most effecual check to the temerity of the native powers, for a long time to come; as it is not possible but that the rapidity of our successes, and brilliant termination of the campaign, must have added an immense force to our previously acquired reputation for invincibility.

From Spanish America we learn that the Patriots in Venezuela have obtained an important acquisition in the supply of 10,000 muskets from Europe the want of which was a most material obstacle to their success during the past season. The speculations regarding their future prospects are abundantly contradictory, but their determination to persist in the attempt to establish their independence is admitted on all hands. There seem to be few or no traitors to the cause among them, and the scantiness of their resources is the chief impediment to their progress. It is reported that, in Mexico, the Patri. ots are still able to maintain a footing, and even to confine the Royalists to their walled cities.

We may expect shortly to hear of an encounter between the rival chiefs of St. Domingo, By the last advices they appeared both prepared for war. Should the contest be prolonged, it will not be surprising to find France profiting by their dissentions, to the destruction of the authority of both.

· It is reported, that the Emperors of Russia and Austria, and the King of Prussia, intend to visit Paris, Rome, and Naples, after the termination of the conferences at Aix-la-Chapelle.

In a village in Denmark (says the Journal of Hamburgh,) there is at present a cabbage ten feet and a half high. The proprietor of this vegetable phenomenon watches it night and day, in order to preserve, as long as possible, the high distinction of possessing the largest cabbage in Europe.


The well known Colonel Thornton has purchased two magnificent domains in France, which belonged to Noblemen of high rank under the former Government.Sun.

Mr. Incledon has arrived in Liverpool from America. He has realised by his Trans-Atlantic.expedition upwards of 5,0001.

Carter, Cooper and Gregson have arrived in London from Cheltenham, on their way to Aix-la-Chapelle, to exhibit their polite art !

An iron sloop was lately launched from the works of Mr Joseph Shaw, at Huntslet, which, a few days ago, brought up to Leeds 32 tons of coals from Thorp Hall colliery. This vessel, which measures 56 feet in length, by 9 feet 4 inches of water, would, if enlarged to the same size, carry fifteen tons more than a common sloop built of wood.--Leeds Mercury.


Of the fifty-five patriots who signed the declaration of American independence, the following are the only members who are living, viz.-Thomas Jefferson, of Virginia ; John Adams, of Massachussetts; Charles Carrol, of Maryland; William Floyd, of New York; and William Ellery, of the town of Newport R. I.

At a Ladies' boarding school, near London, a French preceptress attends to instruct pupils in the arts of stepping into and out of a carriage, and of walking in and out of a room, with grace. The mistress of the school herself attends to ordinary walking, and a correct management of the eyes. If a young lady's steps are habitually too long, a ribband tied round her legs, informs her what is the due length of an Elegante's steps; if there be any vulgar obliquity in the vision, a green shade projecting from each temple, compels her to look directly at those to whom she is talking.

Some remains of Pagan superstition still exist, in the Parish of Ballymoyer, in Armagh, where they believe in fairies, and in lucky days. A girl chasing a butterfly was chid by her companions, saying, " that may be the soul of your grandfather. A butterfly hovering near a corpse, is regarded as a sign of the person's everlasting happiness.

The manner of finding trees in the bogs of Kilrush is remarkably curious. Early in the morning, before the dew evaporates, a man with a long small sharp spear, (called in Irish Tharagher, or Bog Auger) goes into the bog; and as the dew never lies on the part over the trees, he can ascertain their position and length; and easily find whether they are sound or rotten : if sound, he marks with a spade the spot where they lie, and at his leisure proceeds to extricate them from their bed.-- Statistical Account of Ireland.

Cure for the Head-ache-which prevails most during the intense heat of summer :- Take one tea-spoonful of Peruvian bark, in powder, in the fore and afternoon, in a wine glass of cold water ; incorporate them together before taking. In South America and the West Indies this remedy is well known.

Pulmonary Consumption. The tender shoots of Scots fir, peeled and eaten fasting early in the morning in the woods, when the weather is dry, has performed many cures of pulmonary complaints among the Ilighlanders.

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