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“What can you do, my little boy?”

The Missionary said ;
And as he spoke he laid his hand

Upon the youthful head.

Then bashfully, as if afraid

His secret wish to tell,
The boy in eager accents said,

“Oh, let me ring the bell!

“Oh, please to let me ring the bell

For our dear house of prayer; I'm sure I'll ring it loud and well,

And I'll be always there!”

The Missionary kindly looked

Upon that upturn'd face,
Where hope, and fear, and wistfulness

United, left their trace.

And gladly did he grant the boon;

The boy had pleaded well, And to the eager child he said,

“Yes, you shall ring the bell!”

Oh, what a proud and happy heart,

He carried to his home,
And how impatiently he longed

For the Sabbath-day to come!

He rang the bell: he went to school,

The Bible learned to read,
And in his youthful heart they sowed

The Gospel's precious seed.

And now, to other heathen lands,

He's gone, of CHRIST to tell ;
And yet his first young mission was

To ring the Sabbath bell.


The Sabbath's sun was setting low,

Amidst the clouds at even;
Our Father," breathed a voice below-

“ Our Father, who art in heaven."

Beyond the earth, beyond the clouds,

Those infant words were given; “ Our Father," angels sang aloud

Father, who art in heaven.”

“ Thy kingdom come,” still from the ground,

That child-like voice did pray; Thy kingdom come,” God's hosts resound,

Far up the starry way.




“ Thy will be done,” with little tongue,

That lisping love implores ; “ Thy will be done,” the angelic throng

Sing from the heavenly shores.

“Forever,” still those lips repeat,

Their closing evening prayer; “Forever," floats in music sweet,

High midst the angels there.



LORD, teach a little child to pray,

And O! accept my prayer!
Thou canst hear all the words I say,

For Thou art every where.

A little sparrow cannot fall

Unnoticed, LORD, by Thee,
And though I am so young and small,

Thou dost take care of me.

Teach me to do whate'er is right,

And when I sin, forgive;
And make it still my chief delight

To love Thee while I live.


On a dark and stormy evening, a little girl was standing by a window, looking earnestly for the appearance of a beautiful star, which had often attracted her attention.

“I've waited and watched for my little star

That always shines so bright,
But mother, I've waited so long, I fear

That it will not come to-night.'

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Dark, heavy clouds have obscured, my child,

The light of thy favorite star;
But beyond these folds of mist and gloom

It is shining bright and far.

“ And thus, little one, in thy onward path,

When trials becloud thy way, And thou look’st in vain, ʼmid the deepening mist,

For a hope-star's cheering ray;

“Remember the glorious MORNING STAR

Is shining beyond for thee;
Remember whose heavenly voice has said

Let the little ones come to ME.""

M. S.

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This year is just going away,

The moments are finishing fast: My heart, have you nothing to say

Concerning the things that are past! Now, while in my chamber alone,

Where God will be present to hear, I'll try to remember and own,

The faults I've committed this year.

O Lord, I'm ashamed to confess

How often I've broken Thy day! Perhaps I have thought of my dress,

Or wasted the moments in play;
And when the good minister tried

To make little children attend,
I was thinking of something beside,

Or wishing the sermon would end.

How often I rose from my bed,

And did not remember my prayer; Or if a few words I have said,

My thoughts have been going elsewhere ! Il temper, and passion, and pride,

Have grieved my dear parents and Thee; And seldom I really tried

Obedient and gentle to be!

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