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And waiting politely as gentlemen must,
The ass held his tongue, that the cow might speak first.

Then with a deep sigh, she directly began, “Do n't you thik, Mr Ass, we are injured by man; ”T is a subject that lays with a weight on my mind : We certainly are much oppressed by mankind. “ Now what is the reason? I see none at all, That I always must go when Suke chooses to call; What ever I'm doing, 't is certainly hard, At once I must go to be milked in the yard. “I've no will of my own, but must do as they please, And give them my milk to make butter and cheese; I've often a vast mind to knock down the pail, Or give Suke a box of the ears with my tail.” “But ma'am,” said the ass,“ not presuming to teachO dear, I beg pardon,- pray finish your speech; I thought you had done, ma'am, indeed,” said the swain, “Go on, and I'll not interrupt you again. ”

Why, sir, I was only going to observe, I'm resolved, that these tyrants no longer I'll serve; But leave them forever to do as they please, And look somewhere else for their butter and cheese."

Ass waited a moment, to see if she'd done,
And then, “Not presuming to teach”-he begun-

“ With submission, dear madam, to your better wit, I own I am not quite convinced by it yet.

“That you 're of great service to them is quite true, But surely they are of some service to you; 'Tis their nice green meadows in which you regale, They feed you in winter when grass and weeds fail.

66 'Tis under their shelter you snugly repose, When without it, dear ma'am, you perhaps might be

froze; For my own part, I know, I receive much from man, And for him in return I'll do all that I can."

The cow upon

eyes on

this cast her


grass, Not pleased at thus being reproved by an ass ; Yet, thought she, I'm determined I'll benefit by 't, For I really believe that the fellow is right.


THERE is an angel, who from heaven comes,
To bless and comfort all the little ones.
Guess who it is, so good and mild,
And gentle to each little child ?
I'll tell thee-It came from God above,
And the spirit's name is MOTHER'S LOVE."

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The plaintive notes, sweet Philomel,
All other melodies excel!

Deep in the grove retired,
Thou seem'st thyself and song to hide,
Nor dost thou boast or plume with pride,

Nor wish to be admired.

So, if endued with power and grace,
And with that power my will keep pace,

To act a gen'rous part;
Hence-paltry, ostentatious show!
Nor let my liberal actions know,

A witness but my heart.


Proud of his bright and spreading train,

And steps that spurn the ground, Fit emblem of the weak and vain, The Peacock



He gazes for applause; but when

His feathers droop and fade, Ashamed he shuns th' abode of men,

And seeks his native shade.

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