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الصفحة 5021 - Sir Andrew Clarke," 1886. In 1885 he exhibited a relief, " In Memoriam," and his statuette, " Folly," was purchased by the Royal Academy under the terms of the Chantrey Bequest. Among his most recent works are a bronze statue of " Applause," and a statue of the Right Hon. WE Gladstone, and bronze busts of Mr. Arthur Hacker, ARA, Mr.
الصفحة 5255 - GARNER, RICHARD (Brit.) Master of the Royal Mint, London, anno 14 of Henry IV., 1413. GARNIER, HENRI ADOLPHE (French). Sculptor and Medallist, of the middle years of the nineteenth century. At the Salon of 1834 he exhibited several Portrait-medallions, one of the finest being that of M. Armand de Vaudricourt. Between 1830 and 1870, he executed a large number of busts, and in 1835 a colossal statue representing the Nymph Echo. After that date he does not seem to have taken a very active part in the...
الصفحة 5141 - Halfpenny," with the date of the year ; and every such farthing piece having for the obverse impression the aforesaid effigy and inscription, and for the reverse the figure of Britannia, with the same emblems as described for the penny, and the inscription " Farthing," with the date of the year : all which said moneys of bronze or mixed metal have been and shall be coined in a mixed metal or bronze, composed of copper, tin, and zinc ; and whereas pieces of money of the description aforesaid have...
الصفحة 5143 - Every sixpence shall have the same obverse impression and inscription as the crown, and for the reverse the words " Six Pence " placed in the centre of the piece, having an olive branch on one side and an oak branch on the other, surmounted by the Royal Crown, and the date of the year between and below the branches, with a graining upon the edge.
الصفحة 5143 - and for the reverse the respective figures " 4," " 3," " 2," " 1 " (according to the denomination or value of the piece) in the centre, with the date of the year placed across the figure, and encircled with an oak wreath surmounted by the Royal Crown, with a plain edge.
الصفحة 5511 - ... coins, without altering them in any way, and not to work in any Mint without permission of the sovereigns of the good cities of Brabant. BIBLIOGRAPHY. — Pinchart, Biographies des Graveurs beiges, Revue de la numismatique beige, I, SI, 56 ; I, S II, 402. GILBERT, ALFRED (Brit.') RA, DCL Sculptor, born in London in 1854; studied under Boehm and Cavelier. Besides numerous statues, busts, etc. he has executed the tomb of the late Duke of Clarence in the Memorial Chapel at Windsor, and the Shaftesbury...
الصفحة 5141 - and for the reverse the image of Saint George armed, sitting on horseback, attacking the dragon wit'ia sword, and a broken spear upon the ground, and the date of the year, and on the edge of the piece in raised letters, " Decus et tutamen Anno Regni, " the year of the reign being in Roman numeral letters.
الصفحة 5197 - Aulus" : as the example of the jurist Gaius can sufficiently prove. In addition to this, it cannot be proved in a single case that gems with the name of Gaios were known earlier than our Sirius. Upon the Berlin obsidian even Winckelmann had overlooked the inscription. Therefore it seems to me that as yet no sufficiently valid reasons have been adduced for its suspiciousness, although the full certainty of its genuineness can only be attained by a repeated examination of the original. But, after...
الصفحة 5021 - was born in London, July 27, 1852, and as a boy, had a great desire to become an artist. In 1870 he went to Antwerp and entered the School, working his way up to the Antique School, where he studied under M. Buffeau. In 1871 he went to Munich and joined the Academy, still studying painting ; but shortly before leaving he gave up painting and took to sculpture. In 1874 he returned to England, where he has since resided. His principal statues are "Sir Rowland Hill, KCB ", 1882;
الصفحة 5143 - Reg." and for the reverse the Ensigns Armorial of the United Kingdom contained in a Shield surmounted by the Royal Crown and surrounded by the Collar of the Garter, with the inscription

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