The Evolution of the American College

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الصفحة 39 - And honor binds the brow of man, and faithfulness his breast, — Behold, the time of wrath is past, and righteousness shall be, And the wolf is dead in Arcady, and the dragon in the sea!
الصفحة 6 - I will never disgrace these sacred arms, nor desert my companion in the ranks. I will fight for temples and public property, both alone and with many. I will transmit my fatherland, not only not less, but greater and better, than it was transmitted to me.
الصفحة 6 - ... transmit my fatherland, not only not less, but greater and better, than it was transmitted to me. I will obey the magistrates who may at any time be in power. I will observe both the existing laws and those which the people may unanimously hereafter make, and, if any person seek to annul the laws or...
الصفحة 32 - In their lowest servitude and depression, the subjects of the Byzantine throne were still possessed of a golden key that could unlock the treasures of antiquity ; of a musical and prolific language, that gives a soul to the objects of sense, and a body to the abstractions of philosophy.
الصفحة 38 - If any would have only a school with equal scraps of labor and of instruction, or something other than a College, they would not obey the national law. Experience in manual labor, in the handling of tools and implements, is not to be disparaged; in the proper time and place it is most essential, and generally something of this may be obtained either before or after the college term, but should not largely interfere with the precious time required for a definite amount of scientific and literary culture,...
الصفحة 37 - Obviously not manual, but intellectual instruction was the paramount object. It was not provided that agricultural labor in the field should be practically taught, any more than that the mechanical trade of a carpenter or blacksmith should be taught. Secondly, it was a liberal education that was proposed. Classical studies were not to be excluded, and, therefore, must be included. The Act of 1862 proposed a system of broad education by colleges, not limited to a superficial and dwarfed training,...
الصفحة 24 - ... university. Not until 1779, as a result of the efforts of Thomas Jefferson, was the College of William and Mary, which had been originally granted a charter in 1692 but which did not actually open until 1693, reorganized as a university. The colleges founded within the present United States were: Harvard, in 1636; William and Mary, in 1693; Yale, in 1701; the College of Philadelphia, now the University of Pennsylvania, in 1749; King's College, now Columbia University, in 1754; Brown, in 1764;...
الصفحة 3 - The progress of life is in accordance with its beginning. The preceptors of Achilles were Phœnix and Chiron, the most righteous of the Centaurs. Phœnix was sent to Achilles, while yet a child, to teach him to be a speaker of words and a doer of deeds. Hence arose a relation of affectionate regard between the master and his pupil. For this reason he is chosen, with Ajax and Odysseus, to visit Achilles in his tent, and move his resolution not to assist the Greeks. He entreats Achilles to relent:...
الصفحة 15 - Master of Arts," that is, a competent teacher of the seven Liberal Arts. The agreement respecting the license, in 1213, was the beginning of the University of Paris as an examining and degree-conferring body ; though it had been incorporated as a place of general study four years before. The curriculum was that of the Liberal Arts ; and the government of course was entirely in the hands of the teachers of those Arts, the "Passed Masters,'' the fully trained citizens of the Kepublic of Letters.
الصفحة 40 - PUBLICATIONS No. i Inauguration of President Austin Scott, pp. 36; 1891. No. 2 The English Bible, an address by Professor W. R. Duryee, DD, pp. 9 ; 1892. No. 3 Addresses commemorative of George H. Cook, pp. 53; 1891. No. 4 Memorial of Rev. William H. Campbell, DD, LL.D., pp.

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