Little Classics: Mystery

الغلاف الأمامي
Rossiter Johnson
J.R. Osgood, 1875

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الصفحة 208 - Aylmer possessed this degree of faith in man's ultimate control over Nature. He had devoted himself, however, too unreservedly to scientific studies ever to be weaned from them by any second passion. His love for his young wife might prove the stronger of the two ; but it could only be by intertwining itself with his love of science and uniting the strength of the latter to his own.
الصفحة 216 - ... him, he seemed to represent man's physical nature ; while Aylmer's slender figure, and pale, intellectual face, were no less apt a type of the spiritual element. " Throw open the door of the boudoir, Aminadab," said Aylmer,
الصفحة 119 - This," he said, again laying his hand upon my arm and glancing over his shoulder with hollow eyes, "was just a year ago. Six or seven months passed, and I had recovered from the surprise and shock, when one morning, as the day was breaking, I, standing at the door, looked towards the red light, and saw the spectre again." He stopped with a fixed look at me. "Did it cry out?
الصفحة 211 - A terrible dream ! I wonder that you can forget it. Is it possible to forget thi* one expression ? — 'It is in her heart now; we must have it out ! ' Reflect, my husband ; for by all means I would have you recall that dream." The mind is in a sad state when Sleep, the all-involving, cannot confine her spectres within the dim region of her sway, but suffers them to break forth affrighting this actual life with secrets that perchance belong to a deeper one. Aylmer now remembered his dream. He had...
الصفحة 218 - ... or a shadow so much more attractive than the original. When wearied of this, Aylmer bade her cast her eyes upon a vessel containing a quantity of earth. She did so, with little interest at first ; but was soon startled to perceive the germ of a plant shooting upward from the soil. Then came the slender stalk ; the leaves gradually unfolded themselves ; and amid them was a perfect and lovely flower. " It is magical ! " cried Georgiana.
الصفحة 223 - ... failures, if compared with the ideal at which he aimed. His brightest diamonds were the merest pebbles, and felt to be so by himself, in comparison with the inestimable gems which lay hidden beyond his reach. The volume, rich with achievements that had won renown for its author, was yet as melancholy a record as ever mortal hand had penned. It was the sad confession and continual exemplification of the shortcomings of the composite man, the spirit...
الصفحة 229 - Ah, clod ! ah, earthly mass ! " cried Aylmer, laughing in a sort of frenzy, " you have served me well ! Matter and spirit — earth and heaven — have both done their part in this ! Laugh, thing of the senses ! You have earned the right to laugh.
الصفحة 208 - has it never occurred to you that the mark upon your cheek might be removed ? " " No, indeed," said she, smiling ; but, perceiving the seriousness of his manner, she blushed deeply. " To tell you the truth, it has been so often called a charm, that I was simple enough to imagine it might be so.
الصفحة 218 - Nay, pluck it," answered Aylmer, "pluck it, and inhale its brief perfume while you may. The flower will wither in a few moments, and leave nothing save its brown seed-vessels — but thence may be perpetuated a race as ephemeral as itself.
الصفحة 123 - When it first stood under the danger-light,' he went on, putting his dark hair back from his head, and drawing his hands outward across and across his temples in an extremity of feverish distress, 'why not tell me where that accident was to happen - if it must happen ? Why not tell me how it could be averted - if it could have been averted ? When on its second coming it hid its face, why not tell me, instead, "She is going to die. Let them keep her at home"?

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