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St. Ermenilda, 163
St. Etheldreda, 164, 318-319
St. Guthlac, 290-292
St. Sexburga, 163
St. Walstan, 158-161
St. William the Boy and Martyr, 124-125
St. Withburga, 163-166, 318
Salle, 205, 206-207
Salle, Sir Robert, 117-119
Salthouse, 222-226
Salthouse Marshes, 220, 222-228
Sampson, Abbot of Bury, 363-367
Sandringham Hall, 250-253
Scandinavian Settlement, 98
Scarning, 171
Scoulton Mere, 185-186
Sea Breaches, 224-226, 266, 299
Sea's Siege of Dunwich, 43-45
Sheringham, 218-222
“She Wolf of France," 258-261
“Skrieking Pits" of Aylmerton, 219
Shipden, Vanished Village of, 215
Shoe House, Houghton, 239
Shuck, Black, 216
Sitomagus, 385
Skating in Fenland, 300-301, 303–304
Smith, Captain John, 254-255
Smuggling, 163-164
Snore Hall, 294
Sole Bay, Battle of, 54-57
Southery, 294
Southwold, 51-57
Spelman, Henry, 254-255
Spencer, Henry le, 117-121
Stiff key, 228-230
Stowmarket, 385-387
Swaffham, 176-177
Swaffham Tinker, the, 176-177

WalbERSWICK, 49-51
Walden, an English, 74
Walpole, Horace, 245-249, 274-275, 284
Walpole, Sir Robert, 153, 244-249, 274
Walsingham Abbey, 4, 234-241
Walsingham, Erasmus at, 235-238
Warham Camp, 231-232
Warrenne, Earl of, 181
Warwick, Earl of, 129-131, 192
Waveney, 135, 143, 149-150
Wayland Wood, 185
Wells, 230-231
Weybourne, 218, 222
Whittlesea, 299-300
Wicken Fen, 142, 300
Wild-fowl Decoys, 76
Wild Man of Orford, 395-396
" William of the Strong Hand,” 189-191
Willoughby, The Brave Lord, 24-26
Willoughby, Katharine, 23-24
Windham, 153
Witchcraft, 172-175, 386–388
Woodbridge, 14-19
Woodbridge, Tennyson at, 17
Woolpit, 381-382
Wroxham Broad, 99, 133, 145, 153
Wymondham, 187-189

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Extra crown 8vo, cloth elegant, gilt tops, 6s. each.


Highways and Byways in East Anglia.

By WILLIAM A. DUTT. With Illustrations by JOSEPH

On the lines laid down in previous volumes of this popular series, Mr. Dutt describes some of the leading features of Norfolk and Suffolk, a region rich alike in architecture civil and ecclesiastical, and in the varied beauties of pasture, woodland, and water, including of course the wellknown Norfolk “Broads." Those familiar with Mr. Pennell's work will realise what scope he has found in such a subject.

Highways and Byways in Normandy. By

PERCY DEARMER, M.A. With Illustrations by JOSEPH

ST. JAMES'S GAZETTE.-"A charning book. . . . Mr. Dearmer is as arrestive in his way as Mr. Pennell. He has the true topographic eye. He handles legend and history in entertaining fashion. Excellently does he second Mr. Pennell's beautiful drawings, and makes hackneyed places on the 'Highways' and in Mont-Saint-Michel, Rouen, Coutances, and Caen, to shine forth with fresh significance and 'new-spangled ore.

MORNING POST.--"A charming present for an intending or reminis. cent traveller in the land."

SPEAKER.-"A very interesting work. Mr. Pennell's illus trations are, of course, admirable.”

ACADEMY.-" Between them Mr. Dearmer and Mr. Pennell have produced a book which need fear no rival in its own field for many a day



Highways and Byways in North Wales.

By A. G. BRADLEY. With Illustrations by Hugh Thom-

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PALL MALL GAZETTE.—To read this fine book makes us cager to visit every hill and every valley that Mr. Bradley describes with such tantalising enthusiasm. It is a work of inspiration, vivid, sparkling, and eloquent-a deep well of pleasure to every lover of Wales."

ST. JAMES'S GAZETTE.—“A worthy successor to Mr. A. I. Norway's Highways and Byways in Devon and Cornwall, and like that delightful book, has the inestimable advantage of illustration by Mr. Joseph Pennell and Mr. Hugh Thomson-an ideal partnership.”

DAILY CHRONICLE.-"The illustrations are supplied by Mr. Joseph Pennell and Mr. Hugh Thomson, and it would be very difficult to see how Messrs. Macmillan could improve so strong a combination of artistic talent. This book will be invaluable to many a wanderer through the plains and mountains of North Wales.”'

STANDARD.—"Written with knowledge and humour. . . . Nothing but praise is due to the pictures of places, and humorous incidents of olden times, with which Mr. Joseph Pennell and Mr. Hugh Thomson have enlivened a welcome and artistic book.”

Highways and Byways in Devon and

Cornwall. By ARTHUR H. NORWAY. With Illustra

tions by JOSEPH PENNELL and Hugh THOMSON. DAILY CHRONICLE.—“So delightful that we would gladly fill columns with extracts were space as elastic as imagination. The text is excellent; the illustrations of it are even better.

PALL MALL GAZETTE.-“As refreshing and exhilarating as a breeze from the moors in a man-stifled town."

WESTMINSTER GAZETTE.- Will be read with intense interest by every west-countryman from Axminster to the Land's End, and from Land's End to Lynton, for within this triangle lie the counties of Devon and Cornwall.”

DAILY NEWS. “ It may be truly said that every landscape gains in beauty, that each old story finds new pathos under his skilful hands, and that he has touched nol' ing that he has not adorned.”

TIMES.-“A happy mixture of description, gossip and history, and an agreeable style, would make the book welcome to all lovers of that exquisite region, even without the help of the illustrations by Mr. Joseph Pennell and Mr. Hugh Thomson, with which the book is so well furnished.”



Highways and Byways in Yorkshire.

By ARTHUR H. Norway. With Illustrations by JOSEPH

PALL MALL GAZETTE.-“The wonderful story of Yorkshire's past provides Mr. Norway with a wealth of interestin; material, which he has used judiciously and well ; each grey ruin of castle and abbey he has re-erected and re-peopled in the most delightful way. A better guide and storyteller it would be hard to find.”

OBSERVER.-“The fourth volume of the most fascinating series of topographical books yet published. Bright desc iptions and happy anecdotes are given by the author, and innumerable.bits' of Yorkshire scenery by two of the best black-and-white landscape artists of the day go to make up a volume which deserves a cordial welcome.”

DAILY NEII'S.—“The reputation of Messrs. Macmillan's 'Highways and Byways' Series is fully sustained in this interesting volume, in which pen and pencil so happily combine.”

BLACK AND WHITE.—“It is a question who will appreciate the book most, the man who knows and loves Yorkshire, or he who has everything to learn about that beautiful part of England. Mr. Norway's book is beautified by the illustrations of Mr. Hugh Thomson and Mr. Joseph Pennell. For the end in view a happier conjunction could not be effected.”

Highways and Byways in Donegal and

Antrim. By STEPHEN GWYNN. With Illustrations by

Hugh THOMSON. DAILY CHRONICLE.-"Charming . . : Mr. Grynn inakes some of the old legends live again for us, he brings the peasants before us as they are, his descriptions have the 'tear and the smile' that so well suit the country, and with scarcely an exception he has brought his facts and his figures up to date. Above all, he shows that he knows the people ; he enters into their minds in a way no Englishman could. . . : Must entertaining and admirably illustrated.”

IN PREPARATION. Highways and Byways in the Lake Dis

trict. By A. G. BRADLEY. With Illustrations by JOSEPH PENNELL.




SON. With 48 Full-page Illustrations and 38 Vignettes by

the Author in the Text. Crown 8vo, 8s. 6d. net.
Like his “ Among English Hedgerows" which was so cordially welcome l last year,
Mr. Johnson's new volume is a book of strolling, a book of Nature, a book of humble
peasant life, intermingled with the chance experiences of the narrator. It has little to do
with large towns, but much with rural villages, farm firesides, the fields and the country
Spanish Highways and Byways. Ву

KATHARINE LEE BATES, Professor of English Literature
in Wellesley College. Profusely Illustrated. Crown 8vo,

8s. 6d. net.
A volume of travel on the lines of Clifton Johnson's "Among English Hedgerows.'.
Miss Bates went to Spain soon after the end of the war, and wandered through the land
with her eyes open for the more out-of-the-way and characteristic scenes of country life.
Her summer was spent in rough picturesque travel through the Basque Provinces, Old
Castile, Asturias, and Galicia, and her book has an account of the mediæval celebration
of the feast of Santiago, which is of unusual interest.
Stage-Coach and Tavern Days in America.

By ALICE MORSE EARLE. Illustrated by Photographs
gathered by the Author, of real things and happenings.

Crown 8vo, buckram, 1os. 6d.
The picturesque days of travel by stage-coach and sojourn in inns find ample and
exact record in this delightful book. The restricted pleasures and furnishings of the
Puritan ordinary and the luxurious fare and rollicking bouts of the provincial iavern are
fully told. Tavern diet is given, the cost, the modes of preparing and serving, and
tavern manners are recounted.


MR. HISSEY'S ROAD BOOKS. Over Fen and Wold. With Fourteen Full

page (and some smaller) Illustrations. 8vo, 16s. On Southern English Roads. With Sixteen

Illustrations. Svo, 16s. Through Ten English Counties. With

Sixteen Illustrations. Svo, 16s. A Holiday on the Road. An Artist's

Wanderings in Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. With Illus

trations. Svo, 16s. An Old-Fashioned Journey in England

and Wales. With Frontispiece. 8vo, 125.


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