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An evil soul producing holy witness
Is like a villain with a smiling cheek-
A goodly apple rotten at the heart :
Oh, what a goodly outside falsehood hath!
Shy. Three thousand ducats,—'tis a good

round sum.
Three months from twelve ; then let me see

the rate. Ant. Well, Shylock, shall we be beholding to you?

Shy. Siguior Antonio, many a time and oft,
In the Rialto, you have rated me
About my moneys and my usances :

Still have I borne it with a patient shrug,
For sufferance is the badge of all our tribe.
You call me misbeliever, cut-throat dog,
And spit upon my Jewish gaberdine, 24
And all for use of that which is mine own.
Well, then, it now appears you need my help:
Go to, then ; you come to me, and you say,

Shylock, we would have moneys:"—you say
You, that did void your rheum 25 upon my

beard, Aud foot me 26 as you spurn a stranger cur Over your threshold : moneys is your suit.

. What should I say to you? Should I not say, 110 “Hath a dog money? is it possible A cur can lend three thousand ducats?" Or Shall I bend low, and in a bondman's key, With 'bated breath and whispering humbleness, Say this,



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“Fair sir, you spit on me on Wednesday last:115
You spurn'd me such a day; another time
You call’d me dog ; and for these courtesies
I'll lend you thus much moneys?

Ant. I am as like to call thee so again,
To spit on thee again, to spurn thee too.
If thou wilt lend this money, lend it not
As to thy friends, (for when did friendship take
A breed for barren metal of his friend
But lend it rather to thine enemy,
Who if he break, thou mayest with better face
Exact the penalty.

Why, look you, how you
storm !
I would be friends with you, and have your

love, Forget the shames that you have stain’d me

with, Supply your present wants, and take no doit 28 Of usance 29 for my moneys, and you'll not

hear me:
This is kind I offer.

Bass. This were kindness.

This kindness will
I show.
Go with me to a notary,30 seal me there
Your single bond ; and, in a merry sport, — 135

you repay me not, on such a day,
In such a place, such sum or sums as are
Expressed in the condition,31 let the forfeit
Be nominated for an equal pound
Of your fair flesh, to be cut off and taken

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In what part of your body pleaseth me.

Ant. Content, i' faith: I'll seal to such a bond, And say there is much kindness in the Jew.

Bass. You shall not seal to such a bond for

me :


I'll rather dwell 32 in my necessity.
Ant. Why, fear not, man; I will not for-

feit it :
Within these two months, that's a month before
This bond expires, I do expect return
Of thrice three times the value of this bond.
Shy. (O father Abram, what these Christians

150 Whose own hard dealings teaches them suspect The thoughts of others !)–Pray you, tell me

If he should break his day, what should I gain
By the exaction of the forfeiture?
A pound of man's flesh taken from a man

Is not so estimable, profitable neither,
As flesh of muttons, beefs, 33 or goats. I say,
To buy his favour, I extend 34 this friendship:
If he will take it, so; if not, adieu ;
And, for my love, I pray you wrong me not.

Ant. Yes, Shylock, I will seal unto this bond. Shy. Then meet me forth with at the

notary's; Give him directions for this merry bond, And I will go and purse the ducats straight : See to my house, left in the fearful 35 guard 165 Of an unthrifty kpave, and presently I will be with you. T


Ant. Hie thee,38 gentle Jew.36

[Exit Shylock. The Hebrew will turn Christian : he grows

kind. Bass. I like not fair terms and a villain's mind,

170 Ant. Come on; in this there can be no dis

may ; My ships come home a month before the day.


1 (l. 1). Ducats. The silver ducat were much disliked by the He-

was valued at 4s. 6d.; the gold brew nation.
one at 9s. The coin was so named 15 (l. 42). Upon the hip, having a
from being struck in the domi. person in one's power.

nions of a duke (L. dux, ducis). 16 (1. 47). Tribe bere means the whole
2 (l. 4). Bound, will give bond or Jewish nation.
become surety.

17 (1. 51). The gross, the whole sum. 3 (1. 6). Stead, help or support. 18 (255). Signior, a title of respect From stay, stayed.

generally in use among the na4 (l. 9). Good man here means that tions of Southern Europe. L.

he was able to fulfil his contract. Senior'; Fr. Seigneur. 5 (l. 14). In supposition, in a doubt. 19 (1. 59). Ripe wants, those requiring ful state.

to be immediately attended to. 6 (1. 14). Argosy, a very large mer- 20 (l. 61). Ye would, you would wish chant ship

to have. 7 (l. 15). Tripolis, one of the Moorish 21 (l. 67). Advantage, profit, interest.

states of N. Africa, on the Medi. 22 (l. 72). The Third, reckoning Abraterranean Sea.

ham as the first. 8 (l. 15). Indies, the West Indian 23 (1. 77). Pied, spotted. Islands.

24 (l. 102). Gaberdine, a long coarse 9 (l. 16). The Rialto, the name of a frock, famous bridge over the Grand 25 (l. 107). Void your rheum, to spit Canal at Venice. It was here at him. that merchants were in the habit 26 (1. 108). Foot me, kick me. of meeting, as on an exchange, 27 (l. 113). Bondman's key, in the for the transaction of business.

manner and tone of a slave. 10 (1. 17). Mexico, a country situated 28 (1.,129). Doit, a small Dutch coin,

between N. and S. America, and valué half a farthing. which, at that time, belonged to 29 (1. 130). Usance, interest. Spain.

30 (. 134). Notary, an officer autho11 (l. 18). Ventures, those things sent rised to attest contracts, &c.

to trade with at sea, and con- 31 (1. 138). Condition, agreement. sequently placed in a state of 32 (l. 145). Dwell, continue. hazard.

33 (1. .157). Muttons, beefs. These 12 (l. 18). Squandered here means words are formed after the plural dispersed or scattered broadcast.

of the French nouns mouton, a 13 (L. 29). Pork, the Mosaic law for- sheep; bæuf, an ox. bade its use as food.

34 (l. 158). Extend, offer.
14 (l. 37). Publioan. A publican, as 35 (l. 165). Fearful, untrustworthy.

'meant here, among the Romans, 36 (1. 168). Hie, hasten; from Anglo-
was a farmer of the taxes and Saxon, higan.
public revenues. As a class they


SCENE. — BELMONT. Portia's House. Enter LORENZO, JESSICA, and SALERIO, with letter giving an account of Antonio's losses.

Bass. Lorenzo and Salerio, welcome hither; If that the youth of my new interest here Have power to bid you welcome.-By your

I bid my very friends and countrymen,
Sweet Portia, welcome.

So do I,


lord; They are entirely welcome.

Lor. I thank your honour.–For my part,


my lord,

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My purpose was not to have seen you here ;
But meeting with Salerio by the way,
He did entreat me, past all saying nay,
To come with him along.

I did, my lord;
And I have reason for it. Signior Antonio
Commends him to you.

[Gives Bassanio a letter. Bass.

Ere I ope this letter, I pray you, tell me how my good friend doth. Saler. Not sick, my lord, unless it be in

Nor well, unless in mind : his letter there
Will show

his estate.

[Bass. reads the letter.



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