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I. George Macdonald ..

(1.) Within and Without.! A Dramatic Poem. Longmang. (2.) Poems.

Longmans. (3.) Phantastes. A Faerie Romance. Smith, Elder, & Co.

(4.) The Portent. A Story of the Second Sight. Smith, Elder, & Co.

(5.) David Elginbrod. A Novel. 3 vols. Hurst & Blackett. (6.) Alec

Forbes of Howglen. 3 vols. Hurst & Blackett, (7.) Adela Cathcart.

3 vols. Hurst & Blackett. (8.) Annals' of a Quiet Neighbourhood.

Alexander Strahan. (9.) Unspoken Sermons. Alexander Strahan.

(10.) Robert Falconer. Alexander Strahan. (11.) Guild Court.

Alexander Strahan. (12.) Poems. Alexander Strahan.

II. Eton..

(1.) Report of Her Majesty's Commissioners appointed to inquire into

the Revenues and Management of certain Colleges and Schools, and the

Studies pursued and instruction given therein ; with an Appendix and

Evidence. 4 vols. folio. 1864. (2.) Report from the Select Committee

of the House of Lords on the Public Schools Bill. 1865. (3.) On the

Report of the Commissioners appointed to Inquire into the Condition of

the principal Public Schools. A Paper read at the Monthly Evening

Meeting of the College of Preceptors. By W. B. Hodgson, Esq., LL.D.

1864. (4.) Some Remarks on the present Studies and Management of

Eton School. By A PARENT. 1864. (5.) Public School Education.

A Lecture delivered at the Atheneum, Tiverton. By the Right Hon.

Sir J. T. COLERIDGE. 1860. (6.) Thoughts on Eton, suggested by Sir

J. T. Coleridge's Speech at Tiverton. By an Etonian. 1861. (7.)

Letters of Paterfamilias in the 'Cornhill Magazine.' 1861. (8.) Eton

Reform. Parts I. and II, By W. JOHNSON, Esq. 1861.

III. The Book of Common Prayer

(1.) The Annotated Book of Common Prayer; being an Historical,

Ritual, and Theological Commentary on the Devotional System of the

Church of England. Edited by the Rev. JOHN HENRY BLUNT, M. A.

Parts I. II. London: Rivingtons. 1866. (2.) The Book of Common

Prayer, in its History and Interpretation ; with special reference to

existing Controversies. By the Rev. R. P. BLAKEN EY, LL.D. Second

Edition. London: James Miller. 1866. (3.) The Principles of Divine

Service. An Inquiry concerving the True Manner of Understanding

and Using the Order for Morning and Evening Prayer, and for the

Administration of the Holy Communion in the English Church. By

the Rev. Philip FREEMAN, M.A. Parts I. II. London: J. Parker & Co.

1866. (4.) The Directorium Anglicanum ; being a Manual of Directions

for the right Celebration of the Holy Communion, for the saying of

Matins and Evensong, and for the performance of other Rites and

Ceremonies of the Church, according to the Ancient Use of the Church of

England. Third Edition. Edited by the Rev. Frev. GEORGE LEE, D.C L.

London : T. Bosworth. 1866. (5.) Micah the Priest-maker. A Hand.

book on Ritualism. By T. BINNEY. London : Jackson, Walford, &

Hodder. 1866. (6.) The Sacraments and Sacramental Ordinances of

the Church ; being á Plain Exposition of their History, Meaning, and

Effects. By the Rev. J. H. Blunt, M. A. London : Rivingtons. 1867.

(7.) Tracts for the Day: Essays on Theological Subjects. By various

Authors. Edited by the Rev. ORBY SHIPLEY, M. A. London: Long,

mans, Green, & Co. 1867. (8.) Our Princip'es and Position. By

Promoters of the Catholic Revival in the Church of England. No. I.

Protestantism and the Prayer Book.' By the Author of the “Auto.


biography' in the Church and the World.' London: T. Bosworth.

1867. (9) Our Church and her Services. By the Rev. Ashton OXENDEN.

Tenth Thousand. London: W. Macintosh. 1966. (10.) The Book of

Common Prayer and Administration oi Baptism and the Lord's Supper,

with other Services. Prepared for Use in Evangelical Churches. By

Ministers and Members of the Established and Nonconformis: Churches.

London : W. J. Johnson. 1867. (11.) The Book of Common Prayer,

and Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies

of the Church, as amended by the Westminster Divines in the Royal

Commission of 1661, and in Agreement with the Directory for Public

Worship of the Presbyterian Church in the United States. Philadelphia :

W. S. and Alfred Martien. 1864. (12.) Liturgical + urity our Rightf: 1

Inheritance. By John C. FISHER, M.A. Second Edition. London:

Hamilton, Adams, & Co. 1860.

IV. Juvenile Literature


(1.) Parables from Nature. By Mrs. ALFRED GATTY. 1865. (2.) Auut

Sally's Life. 1865. (3.) Melchior's Dream. _(4.) Guessing Stones. By

the Rey. PHILIP FREEMAN. 1864. (5.) The Story of Papa's Wise

Dogs. 1867. (6.) Our Four-footed Friends. By MARY HOWITT.

(7.) Recollections of Harrow. 1867. (8.) Tossed on the Waves.

Edwin HODDER. 1864. (9.) Walks with Mamm?. 1867. (10.) Light.

some and the Little Golden Laily. 1867. (11.) Cousin Trix. By

GEORGIANA CRAIK. 1867. (12.) Washed A shore. By WILLIAM

KINGSTON. 1866. (13.) Silver Lake. By R. M. BALLANTYNE. 1867.

(14.) Barefooted Birdie. 1868. (15.) The Fairchild Family. 3 vols.

1856. (16.) Hans Christian Anderson's Fairy Tales. (17.) Aunt Judy's

Christmas Volume. 1867. (18.) Routledge's Every Boy's Annual.

1868. (19.) Old Merry's Annual. 1868.

V. Utilitarianism


(1.) Utilitarianism. By John STUART Mill. Reprinted from Fraser's

Magazine.' 2nd Edition. London: Longmans. 1864. (2.) Leviathan

on the Matter, Form, and Power of a Commonwealth. By THOMAS

Hobbes. London. 1651. . (3.) Bentham's Deontology. E. T. Bowring.

1834. (4.) Bishop Butler's Sermons preached at the Rolls Chapels.

Edinburgh. 1835.

VI. Abyssinia


(1.) Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile. By JAMES BRUCE,

of Kinnaird, Esq. London. 1790. (2.) The Highlands of Ethiopia.

By Major W'. CORNWALLIS HARRIS. London : Longmans._1844. (3.)

Voyage en Abyssinie. Par Messrs. FERRET et GALINIER. Paris. 1847.

(4.) Life in Abyssinia : being Notes collected during

Three Years' Resi.

dence and Travels in that Country. By MANSFIELD PARKYNS. London.

1853. (5.) Wanderings among the Falashas in Abyssinia. By the Rev.

H. A. STERN. London : Wertheim & Co. 1862. (6.) The British

Captives in Abyssinia. By CHARLES T. BEKE, Ph.D., F.S.A., F.R.G.S.,

&c. London: Longmans. 1867. (7.) The Nile Tributaries of Abys-

sinia. By Sir SAMUEL W. BAKER, M.A., F.R.G.S., &c. London:

Macmillan & Co. 1867. (8.) Narrative of a Journey through Abyssinia

in 1862-3. By HENRY DUFTON. London : Chapman & Hall. 1867.

(9.) Further Correspondence respecting the British Captives in Abyssinia

Presented to the House of Commons by command of Her Majesty.

1867. (10.) Map of Abyssinia. By JAYES WYLD, Geographer to the

Queen, &c. 1867.

VII. The Church of England in 1867..


(1.) First Report of the Royal Commission on Ritual. (2.) The Church

Congress at Wolverhampton. (3.) The Pan-Anglican Synod.

VIII. Contemporary Literature


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I, Our Poor Law Administration


II. Nicholas Gógol


Gógol's Works. 5 Vols. St. Petersburg : Bazunóff. 1865,

III. The Great Vatican MS. of the New Testament


1. Novum Testamentum Vaticanum, post Angeli Maii aliorumque imper-

fectos labores, ex ipso codice editit Æsotu FRED. CONSTANT. TISCH-

ENDORF. Lipsiae, 1867. 4to, pp. 334.

2. A New Plea for the Authenticity of the Text of the Three Heavenly

Witnesses. By the Rev. CHARLES FORSTER, B.D., Six Preacher of

Canterbury Cathedral. Deighton, Bell, & Co., Cambridge. 1867.

8vo. Pp. 271.

IV. Longfellow's Dante


1. The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri. Translated by HENRY

WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW. London: George Routledge & Sons ;

New York : 416, Broome Street. 1867.

2. The Vita Nuova of Dante. Translated, with an Introduction and

Notes, by THEODORE MARTIN. London : Parker, Son, and Bourne,

West Strand. 1862.

3. The Early Italian Poets, from Cinllo D'Alcamo to Dante Alighieri

(1100-1200-1300), in the Original Metres, together with Dante's

*Vita Nuova.' Translated by D. G. ROSSETTI. London : Smith,

Elder, & Co., Cornhill. 1861.

4. The Early Life of Dante Alighieri, together with the original in

parallel pages. By John GARROW, A.M. Florence : printed by

Felix Le Monnier. 1846.

5. Dante's Divine Comedy; the Inferno : a literal Prose Translation,

with the Text of the Original. By John A. CARLYLE, M.A.

London : Chapman & Hall. 1867.

V. Nonconformists and National Education


VI. Michael Faraday


1. Experimental Researches in Electricity. By MICHAEL FARADAY,

D.C.L., F.R.S. Vol. 1. 1839. Vol. II. 1844. Vol. III, 1858.

London: Taylor and Francis.

2. Quarterly Journal of Science, Literature, and the Arts, 1819–1830.

3. Philosophical Transactions, 1831–1855.

4. The Life of Sir Humphry Davy, Bart. By J. A. PARIS, M.D.

2 vols. London : Colburn and Bentley. 1831.

5. The Subject Matter of a Course of Six Lectures on the Non-Metallic

Elements. By PROFESSOR FARADAY. Arranged by J. Scoffern,

M.B., London : Longmans. 1853.

VII. Intercommunion of Churches


Union of Christendom in its Home Aspects. By the DEAN OF CANTER-

BURY. 'Contemporary Review. February, 1868.

The Christian Conscience. By the DEAN OF CANTERBURY. "Good

Words.' January, 1868.

VIII. The Irish Church Question


1. Letter to the Right Hon. Chichester Fortescue, M.P., on the State

of Ireland. By Joan, EARL RUSSELL. Longmans.

2. The Irish Church Question. A Letter to Lord Dufferin, K.P., etc.

By the Rev. ALFRED T. LEE, LL.D. Rivingtons.

3. The Contemporary Review. March, 1868. Strahan and Co.

4. Speech of Edward Miall, Esq., M.P., in favour of the Impartial

Disendowment of all Sects in Ireland, delivered in the House of

Commons, May, 1856. Second Edition. Arthur Miall.

5. The Times Newspaper. March, 1868.

IX. Contemporary Literature


History, Biography, and Travels. — Von Sy bel's History of the French

Revolution. White's Massacre of St. Bartholomew. St. John's Life of

Sir Walter Raleigh. Skeates's History of the Free Churches. Quaker

Literature_Webb's Fells of Swarthmoor Hall; Penn's and Pennington,

Tallack's Thomas Shillitoe ; Peter Bedford. Thoms's Hannah Lightfoot.-

Michelet’s Histoire Louis XIV. Correspondance de Napoléon. Lanfrey's

Histoire de Napoléon. Marc Dufraisse's Histoire du Droit de Paix et de

Guerre. Hausonville's L'Eglise Romaine et le Premier Empire. La

Guerre's Souvenirs d'un Paysan. Souvenirs d'un Ex-officier. Vie de

Goethe. Castel's Histoire de la Restauration. Krummel's History of

the Bohemian Reformation. Howels's Italian Journeys. Wallace's

Desert and the Holy Land. Finn's Byeways in Palestine. Kingsley's

Ecclesiastical History of Connecticut. Sproat’s Scenes and Studies of

Savage Life. Taylor's Christian Adventures in South Africa. Parkyns's

Life in Abyssinia. Henke's Life of Jacob Frederick Friés. Hender-

son's Life of James Ferguson. Cresswell's Memoirs of Elizabeth Fry.

Marsden's Memoirs of Hugh Stowell. Hudson's Queen Bertha and her

Times. Jacobi's Life and Works. St. Beuve's Nouveaux Lundis ; Port

Royal. Montalembert's St. Columba. Christian Life in the Camp.
Politics, Science, and Art. — The Trinity of Italy. Keane's Towers and
Temples of Ancient Ireland. Innes's Law of Creeds in Scotland. Pat-
terson's Science of Finance. Cracroft's Essays.

Morrell's Scientific
Guide to Switzerland. Brackenbury's European Armaments in 1867.
Edwards on the Ventilation of Dwelling Houses. Essays on State

Churches. Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage.
Poetry, Fiction, and Belles Lettres.- Newman's Verses on Various Occa.

sions. · George Macdonald's Disciple and other Poems. Owen Meredith's
Lucille ; and Chronicles and Characters. Sheppard's Autumn Dream,
Alford's Year of Praise. Sir Roundell Palmer's Hymnal. Atherstone's
Fall of Nineveh. Clarendon Press Series-Hooker ; Chaucer; Spenser.
The Queen's Journal. Hepworth Dixon's Spiritual Wives. Walford's
Representative Men. Mitchell's The Wedderburn's and their Work,
Thackeray's Collected Works. Basil Godfrey's Choice. Meg. Jeannie's
Quiet Life. Northern Roses. Springdale Abbey. Max Havelaar.
Stung to the Quick. Wizard of the Mountain. French Country

Family. Kingsley's Robinson Crusoe.

Theology, Philosophy, and Philology.--Chips from a German Workshop.

Physiology and Pathology of the Mind. Robertson's Life and Sermons.

Rogers's Essays from 'Good Words.' Human Society. Binney's From

Seventeen to Thirty. The Dervishes. Ante-Nicene Library. Obstacles

to Missionary Success among the Heathen. Studies of Character from

the Old Testament. Alford's How to Study the New Testament.

Maclear's Class Book of the Church of England Catechism. Devout

Thoughts by Deep Thinkers. Robertson's Pastoral Counsels. Blackey

and Hawes' Critical English Testament. Imperial Gazetteer. Haugh-

ton's Natural Philosophy. Caro's Le Matérialisme et la Science. Ber.

sier's Sermons. Pressensé's Etudes Evangeliques. Bungéner's St. Paul.

Pirie's Natural Philosophy. Wood's Analogies of Being. Duff's The

Sabbath on the Rock. Our Dispensation. Life and Reign of King

David. Kingsley's Discipline. Robinson's Christ is All, and in All.

Lawrie's Notes on Morals. Vaugban's Discourses on the Liturgy.

Sturm's Conferences with God. Gladstone's 'Ecce Homo,' Grote's

Review of Mill's Examination of Sir W. Hamilton's Philosophy. So-

phocli's Ajax. Wiese's Higher Schools of Prussia. Bachmann on the

Book of Judges. Bunsen's Bibelwerk. Frank’s History of Protestant

Theology. Tischendorf's Origin of the Four Gospels. Young on

the Millenium. Mill's New Creation. Maurice's Ground and Object of

Hope for Mankind. Spong's Hero of the Desert. Jessie Coombs's

Bible Class Studies. Luckock's Tables of Stone Rowland's Second

Table of the Commandments.

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