Annual report of the Commissioner of Health of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 1903 v. 2

الغلاف الأمامي
Harrisburg Publishing Company, 1904

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الصفحة 839 - County, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a full, true and correct copy of the original Resolution No.
الصفحة 856 - When dead bodies are shipped by express, the whole original transit permit shall be pasted upon the outside box, and the duplicate forwarded by the express agent to the Secretary of the State or Provincial Board of Health of the State or Province from which said shipment was made.
الصفحة 855 - ... hermetically sealed, and all enclosed in a strong tight wooden box. Or the body being prepared for shipment by...
الصفحة 855 - ... cavities with an approved disinfectant, washing the exterior of the body with the same, stopping all orifices with absorbent cotton and enveloping the entire body with a layer of cotton not less than one inch thick, and all wrapped in a sheet and bandaged...
الصفحة 848 - ... as its by-laws or rules may provide) from all public dispensaries, hospitals, asylums, infirmaries, prisons, and schools, and from the managers, principals, and officers thereof; and from all other public institutions, their officers and managers, and from the proprietors, managers, lessees, and occupants of all places of public...
الصفحة 849 - Board, and shall, as executive officer, perform such other duties as are assigned by the Act establishing the Board, or by these by-laws, as the Board may from time to time direct. All communications from the Secretary to the Board shall be in writing. ARTICLE III. Meetings. Section 1. The regular meetings of the Board shall be held on the second Thursday in May, July and November, at Harrisburg (unless otherwise ordered).
الصفحة 860 - For the purposes of this section, the keeper of an inn shall be deemed to let for hire part of a house to any person admitted as a guest into such inn.
الصفحة 857 - That it is the sense of the National Conference of State Boards of Health that it is the duty of each State and...
الصفحة 968 - No person, firm, association, or corporation shall within the city of produce, sell, offer or expose for sale, or have in possession with intent to sell any milk or milk product which is adulterated or misbranded.
الصفحة 968 - That it shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporate body, by himself, herself, itself or themselves, or by his, her, its, or their agents, servants or employes, to manufacture, sell, offer for sale, expose for sale, or have in possession with intent to sell, any fruit syrup which is adulterated or misbranded within the meaning of this act.

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