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and “chain mail,” all wrought in the sity of an infusion of this physical stamistrongest possible manner, making each na among the enlightened peoples of our man a genuine “iron clad,” impenetrable, own or coming generations. National excepting in the eyes, to all minor weap- life, like that of families, seems to need ons, save by crashing blows from battle- an intermingling of opposite elements for axe or mace !

the healthful development of its physical What muscular development, what gi- powers. Past history is full of examples gantic strength, must those old warriors proving this necessity. A people slowly have possessed, even to have borne the emerge from the darkness of barbarism weight of this cumbrous armor, to say carrying with them an abundance of nothing of precipitating themselves into hardy, physical vigor, step by step rising the midst of the fray, and hacking away in the scale of order and civilization, unat each other with those ponderous weap- til, arrived at a period of refinement, efons !

It is a marvel where they found feminacy and corruption ensue; a stronger steeds sufficiently strong to sustain the muscular people become their conquerors, weight of their accoutrements, and to infusing a

more healthful travel over the dangerously conditioned growth throughout this effete civilization, roads of those times into the thick of preserving and adding to its vitality for battle! Well! that “there were giants another century or two. Or, as in some in those days " we of the more delicate cases, distracted by internal feuds and physiques and finely-strung nerves must decimated by war, a people from the acknowledge. What a contrast do those height of refinement become scattered old warlike equipments, so heavy and and demoralized; possibly pestilence and cumbrous, present to the light, adjusta- famine step in and finish the work of nable, and yet terribly effective instruments tional destruction, and the remnant grad. of conflict used at the present day! ually lapse back into a state of barba

rism, in time again to repeat the same GUNPOWDER AND CIVILIZATION.

history of the past, in the various procTruly we must believe, hard though esses of change, growth, improvement, and it be to make the adınission

that decay, as the cycles of destiny move on. the “invention of gunpowder has ad- Ill to the nation that permits refinement vanced civilization !” That ponderous to degenerate into luxury, effeminacy, and machinery of war, by which in hand-to

corruption ! hand struggles those old warriors hacked and hewed at each other, cutting and THE ROOM OF CROWN JEWELS. • slashing right and left, must, in sheer In this repository of precious metal brutality compare unfavorably with a and jewels belonging to the Crown of “ Sharpe's Rifle,” or “Colt's Revolver,” England, we listened to the same monotor the distant range of a park of artille. onous story repeated to visitors the year ry or siege battery! Not that one would round after the fashion of the parrot who speak approvingly or complacently of any goes through its role of “poor Poll! mode of human destruction brought into pretty Poll!” etc. No doubt the woman exercise, when human life is e’en so short gets dreadfully tired of going over the for a primary lessoning, ere we enter same treadmill daily; of repeating the upon another state of development in the old lesson learned by heart." It would hereafter.

certainly be a great relief to her audi. ences and possibly to herself, if she might

improvise a little by way of change, to OVER-REFINED CIVILIZATION.

prevent utter stagnation of ideas while Noting the strong physical constitu- pursuing her business in this line. It tions of our ancestors who once wore the was a satisfaction, however, to find a armor and wielded the weapons now such woman holding the situation, which we objects of curiosity to the beholder, we hope is sufficiently remunerative for a are led to query as to the probable neces- comfortable support.



The apartment of Sir Walter Raleigh and some kind of leggings like gaiters, we found more cramped and unwholesome together with a broad white frill or ruff than we had expected. His bedroom about the neck, completed the picture, was a mere crib, windowless, damp, and giving one an idea of the dress of “Ye vaultlike. Something of a change for olden tyme,” when the king's archers this “ flower of chivalry," from the spa- manned those high battlements and shot ciousness and beauty of his own mansion, down their arrows upon the invading foe where those prosperous years of his ear- beneath. lier married life had been spent in companionship of his wife, the once beautiful “Miss Throgmore," one of the queen's

After visiting the Tower, we descended maids of honor! With true womanly to this famous tunnel which, although it devotion behold her sharing the priva- has been pronounced a failure by some tions of her husband's long captivity, in- who ought to be wise enough to decide terceding, pleading, using all her efforts understandingly, we believe scarcely deand qu te a fortune to gain the liberation serving of the verdict. What if the car. of her noble lord, doomed at last to share riage-way has thus far been found ima felon's fate! How touching this in- practicable for use on account of the great tense wifely devotedness! How it light- depth of descent before the bed of the ed up the narrow prison with a holy tunnel is reached ? What if it has not glow, as we thought of the beauty of her proved a paying investment as a whole ? character as displayed in the dark days As a most marvellous triumph of human of their married life! With his wonder- ingenuity and skill over immense natural ful genius, his brilliant qualities, and the obstacles, controlling and turning the forcourt-life in which his earlier manhood ces of nature, it is in the highest degree a was spent, a dependent upon the smiles success! Fancy one's self crossing the of the capricious though politic queen, Thames River under its flowing watery no wonder that his career in after-life, through a tube of masonry in the very bed during all those perilous adventures and of the channel! Surely, this is not a temptations of a discoverer in the New failure, damp and cozy though the pasWorld, was not wholly unstained; but sage may be, while on either side, and that he deserved his fate who can for a above your head the deep waves are rollmoment believe, or refuse to drop a tearing, and perchance now directly over the of regret at thought of the gallant Ra- place where you stand a large ship is leigh consigned to the cruel block, where sailing with its freight of merchandise so many other martyrs to popular preju- and human lives! dice, dark superstition, and despotic hate

Truly Brunelle in overcoming such aphave yielded up their lives? No wonder parently insuperable difficulties in the that when a prisoner had once passed the way of his undertaking proved himfatal “Water Gate” by which all offend self a master spirit, a real magician, ers were conveyed to the interior of the evoking a wonderful charm by which Tower, every hope of release died out, modern Londoners, like the Israelites of and the prospect of decapitation was the old, are enabled to walk through the waonly termination of their confinement to ters dry shod upto the other side! Yes, be expected.

and more wonderful still, the waters

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gifts of skill and strength which were be

MY LILY OF THE VALLEY, stowed upon man by his Creator, - but By Abby E. Remington. none the less marvellous, - none the less

WHERE the beloved disciple's words beautiful for this natural process by Gild like a glory all the page, which the grand result was obtained. And “perfect love" exalts the heart

But we would not like the life of a Beyond the wisdom of the sage, shopkeeper in any of the booths which Pressed close between the precious leaves, shine

upon the passenger with their starry Unlooked upon by careless eyes, gaslights, as you proceed through the A little crushed and faded flower, tunnel. What a tiresome and unhealth- My lily of the valley lies. ful situation! Truly, we believe it were

No blossom from the tropic isles, far better to dispense with the appropriate small wares and mementoes usually

No Eastern rose of fragrance rare,

No violet, or asphodel, purchased here than to see human beings

Can in my thought with this compare. confined for hours in this subter-marine

I cherish for the giver's sake place fit only as a place transit from shore

This simple flower; 'tis more to me to shore.

Than all the wealth of Ophir's mines,

Or unsearched treasures of the sea.
Ascending the long flight of stairs lead-
ing to the realms above, namely, to the

THE DAISY, city street, we were accosted by a speci

By Mary C. Peck. men of humanity which in Paris Victor God's smile had called the angels home, Hugo would call a gamin," a street- From realms of earthly shade, child, or lad, who, homeless, picks up When, with his brothers round the throne, his living anywhere or any way, without Love bowed his head and prayed, friends and without home. None of your Dickens's - Poor Joes," always forced

“ Father in heaven, I pray that sin by policemen — those city guardians

May leave earth's sunny bowers,

For evil spirits walk within to move on " until the end is reached,

The paths that once were ours. a pauper's grave! No, none of your pitiful, stolidly miserable ones, that

“ Error and grief and sin long years wring one's heart with the thought of

The flowery vales have trod, man's injustice, but a stout, merry raga- And angel eyes grow dim with tears ; muffin, older at his years than some of

For man forgets his God. the gray-haired, content with a roughand-tumble life like a Spanish mendicant, “ Send down, I pray thee, from on high - happy, because possessing nothing to

Some flower fair to see, care about.

Which, pointing ever to the sky, “Give a feller a penny to keep his face

Shall teach him faith in thee." clean?” he said, with a happy, off-hand

And so the Father sent to earth familiarity.

The little daisy fair, “Will you do it ? ” was asked.

Behold a plant of heavenly birth, Oh, yes,” he responded with a good

It springs up everywhere. natured smile, receiving the coin, and rogue as he was probably kept the

An emblem of God's holy truth, dirty face for the next application.

The daisy points above, Lilfred's Rest.

M. C. G. And in the ear of careless youth

Still whispers, Faith and Love. THE Church of the Unity Sundayschool Rev. Mr. Hepworth's has A SERIES of four new juvenile books adopted the new edition of " The Altar,” are being prepared by Tompkins & Co., taking three hundred copies, and it is which will be very acceptable to the litused there with great success.

tle folks.

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all the honors. Snowy robes, white kids, By M. C. G.

pearls and rosebuds, in good orthodox " What! married in calico ? You fashion. Calico, indeed! passing one's don't mean it, Hal!”

self off in that cheap way! It's a shame Fact, though!

saw it with my two to the entire sex!” eyes, you little grimalkin! Now, what 1. And thus, oh amiable princess! you have you to offer upon the subject of consign yourself to a state of single home retrenchment ?"

wretchedness during the war. Hetty, “Offer! it's ridiculous. Goodness to what shall we do with this incorrigible ? gracious ! actually married in a common for she can purchase no bridal attire such printed muslin! (Hetty, dear, please as will suit her highness. Send for Lieupass me the scarlet 'worsted. Don't you tenant Marston, Hetty, and possibly he think it will look sweetly in this border ? ) could help you to persuade her to make a Now, Cousin Hal, be a good old Turk, – double wedding, when you two take the toss away that villanous cigar, sit down fatal step! Else what will a poor feland tell us all about it. Don't you see low like me do, all these long years of we are in an alarming state of curiosity waiting ?” to hear the particulars of the tragedy ?”.

Soft blushes mantled Hetty's cheeks And the two young girls settled them at the mention of her betrothed. selves cosily into the sofa corners, indus- Now, unhand me, ogre!” cried Nell, triously plying their crochet needles in struggling to release herself from Hal's their eager expectancy to hear the news tightened grasp.

- Don't you see you of the late marriage.

have tangled my Berlin inextricably? Hal did as he was bidden, and throw- There's a gleaming of the satanic in his ing himself upon a low ottoman near eye, Het! Stab him with your crochet them gave a descriptive account of the needle; you know you belong prospecdoings at St. Mark's that morning, much tively to the corps d'armee.to the amusement of his fair auditors. “But not before I exact compensation

And in church too !” cried Nell, for the wicked names you have given arching her brows; " well! if I was ever me!” and starting up suddenly he about committing a folly of that sort, it stopped a torrent of remonstrance before should be under my own vine and fig. it could issue from Nell's pouting lips. tree; I wouldn't carry the absurdity into That's the way to treat with the rethe sanctuary to create a sensation there; bellious, Miss Hetty!” and Hal looked would you, Het ?”

as happy as if just reaching the millenniQuiet Hetty responded to these sentium. " And now, madam, ments, and calmly counted the stitches bow of profound gravity, seating himself around a scallop:

upon the sofa,

“allow me the privilege " Joined the Woman's League; wears of unravelling this tangled skein.'” domestic fabrics from principle; married A pair of ripe red lips said, “You hor. in calico to set an example for sach weak rid old muff!” but a pair of roguish sisters as you, Nell!” And bold Hal black eyes looked otherwise ; and what caught both the busy hands and peered wonder if the elated young man interspucily into her face.

“Now confess, preted the latter in his favor? Besides, pussy-cat, that you and Hetty here have hadn't she his engagement ring upon her set your names to this anti-extravagance, finger ? home-encouragement document.”

Apropos of this movement for paHetty and Nell exchanged smiling tronizing home manufactures exclusively, glances.

Hal, you ought to have witnessed the · And what if we have? I for one scene in at Tattenall's yesterday, when sha'n't be married in calico ! If ever . Hetty and I were shopping; we were on

with a


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Well, they were in the store inquiring THOUGHTS SUGGESTED BY THE DEATH OF A of Phil Warbridge for domestic linen;

LITTLE CHILD. he showed them a coarse article ; they Dedicated to those who mourn. threw up their heads at that; must have

By Jenny Croyon. something very fine, with glossy finish,

HOUSEHOLD angel from heaven sent, etc. And, would you believe it, that

We thought it given, - 'twas only lent. young sinner sold them a yard of dollar and a half Holland for an American Winsome, loving, happy child! fabric! and, innocent goosies as they Pale, soft hair and eyes blue, mild. were, they were delighted with their purchase, and went home in blissful igno- Darling one ! on mother smile rance of the hoax practised upon them. Nevermore - 'tis hard, my child ! Wasn't it scandalous, and they belong to the Loyal League too ! "

* Lent" to us a little while, “ Shocking,” said Hal, eying the ceil- To please us with its artless guile. ing with mock gravity; "I hope you two disciples of the new order will not allow Ah, sad our hearts and lone our home yourselves to be deceived in that way."

Since baby's smile from us has gone. “ Of course not; don't you suppose we know the difference between our own and

Only those who've "loved and lost" foreign goods ?”

Can know the pange this sorrow's cost. The young gentleman had a wickedly mischievous look in his eyes about this

Be still, wrung heart ; no more repine ; time.

Life o'er, in heaven he will be mine! “But you ought to have heard Nell

From all earth's cares and trials free, reprove the clerk as we passed his coun

In our home above he waits for me, – ter,” said Hetty; "she turned to him and with one

of her queer looks asked, • Friend Phil don't

Waits with angels, shining band, think

you sold yourself to the Arch-Enemy alto

Spirit children, hand in hand. gether too cheap?'”

Thanks, dear Lord, for those still left. « Capital ! ” cried Hal, laughing heart

“Thy will be done,” though we're bereft ily; "why, Het, we shall persuade her into the calico for a wedding-dress yet ! ”

“ Never; so you need not cherish that WE SHALL MEET IN HEAVEN. fond delusion !

By Genevra Glenn. “But, Nellie," meekly responded Het- The winds sigh mournfully through the trees; ty, "you

you have
your new white

Avoice I hear in the passing breeze, mull, that's not made yet.”

Whispering of hours that have long since filed, “ Bravo!' bravissimo!!” cried Hal, And of friends now cold ’mid the silent dead. jumping up and tossing the ball of worsted into the air, catching it as it fell. Of the many dear ones that, gone before, “ Hetty, we'll all stand up together yet! A wait me now on the other ghore ; Darling Nell, when shall I engage the That have crossed the river and joined the band cler gyman?"

That surrounds His throne in the happy land. Lilfred's Rest.

I soon shall go my loved ones to meet,

And sit with the angels at Jesus' feet; THE “ Quarterly" for April has been Where pain comes not, and but peace and love published,

and contains a fine selection of and songs of praise fill those courts above. articles. Single copies 80 cents.

I shall bid farewell to the loved of earth, The “ Hours of Communion,” by Rev. No more to join them in scenes of mirth; E. H. Chapin, can be sent anywhere by But thanks to Christ, to whom is given mail for thirty cents.

All power to meet them at last in heaven.

you have

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