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CURRENT EVENTS. prevent. Nothing should be left to extempora

neous discretion where rules can be prescribed. An unprecedented list of disasters and crimes Before the Legislature compelled the stopping has occupied the public mind even more than of all trains at railroad crossings, these places politics and war during the past few weeks.

were but Golgothas -now they are the safest Defalcations and forgeries fearful in numbers, parts of the roads. Let commissioners be apand still more alarming in magnitude, have pointed to prescribe equally imperative rules shocked financial circles, and shaken the ground for everything needed to secure safety in runof confidence in men to a most painful extent, ning the trains, and then punish severely every while crash after crash upon our railroads, until

violation of these rules, whether any accident the victims are numbered by thousands, has

occurs thereby or not, and the public can travel created a still more painful sense of insecurity in comparative safety. of life and limb among the travelling public,

Hon. Hannibal Hamlin of Maine has been and that now is nearly the whole public. It seems as if recklessness were in competition

appointed Collector for the Port of Boston. with wickedness, each striving with superhuman

This, we suppose, is to offset for not being Pres

ident, as he now would be if he had been repower to outdo the other.

The only remedy for the latter is a better elected with Mr. Lincoln. public sentiment. So long as great criminals Gen. Sickles has been appointed to command are regarded somewhat like great heroes, and this part of Gen. Hooker's Department. His their operations almost excused on account of headquarters are at the Parker House in Bostheir magnitude, we can only look for the con- ton at present. He was serenaded on the eventinuance of these great crimes. The prize is ing of the 18th inst., and made a pleasant speech too tempting to stand against a penalty so to the Bostonians who were out to pay him trifling. But let these magnificent“ operators” their respects, after which he gave a supper to be called by their right names, thieves and rob- the Band who had regaled him with their bers, and let thein be despised as much more music. than petty criminals as their crimes are greater, and there will be comparatively few to run this has been $2,400,000 in one year. If the finan

The increase of property in Worcester, Mass., Men do not care to write their names

cial health of the Cominonwealth is indicated upon the roll of inlamy when they are made to by the pulse at the heart, it is all that could be realize that it is the roll of infamy.

desired. Worcester is truly a delightful place The proper remedy, and the only effectual

to live in, an energetic, noble little city, -we


The Pennsylvanian Democratic Convention The laying of the Atlantic Cable, commenced recently declared the effort to confer suffrage with so many pleasant anticipations, has proved upon colored people, “ a deliberate and wicked a failure, for the present at least. After about attempt to degrade the white race to a level 1200 miles of it had been paid out, it parted at with the black.” Why could they not just as the stern of the Great Eastern, on the 2d of well have called it "a deliberate and benevo- August, on account of the strain brought upon lent attempt to elevate the black race to a level it by the drifting of the vessel, while a portion with the white?” It is singular that “ certain of it was being picked up to repair an injury people” can have no idea of a levelling process, occasioned by a short piece of wire forced except that of levelling down; their habits of through it as it was running out of the shipmind prevent their thinking of such a thing as The broken end of the cable fell to the bottom. levelling up. But suppose the negroes should a depth of about two miles. The ship put back vote, would it then be a fact that the Pennsyl-. twelve miles, and an attempt was made to raise vania democrats would be as ignorant and de- the cable with grapnels, but the great weight graded as the negroes ? are they so particular of the cable broke the ropes of the grapnels upon this question because the right of suffrage before they were drawn to the surface. After is the only remaining distinction between the leaving buoys to mark the spot, the fleet returned whites and the negroes? If there are other to Sheerness to obtain new picking-up apparagrounds of distinction, how would the negroes' tus. It is said another attempt will be made to voting put the two on a level ?

raise the lost end, splice it and finish the work.

The imperfect and bungling machinery which Mr. Stephens, the Vice President of the bogus had been provided for picking up was the real Confederacy, is still at Fort Warren in Boston

cause of the failure. May wiser counsels secure Harbor. It is said that one reason which he

better success next time. gives for joining the South in the rebellion is, that he might be in a situation to be highly in

Col. N. G. Taylor, the eloquent East Tennesstrumental in effecting a reconciliation after the sean, whose introduction to our citizens at Fanwar was over. 'It can hardly be said that his euil Hall by Mr. Everett will long be remempresent situation is very favorable for that bered, has been elected to Congress from the work, and it is doubtful if the Government will First District in Tennessee. He was a member have such a high appreciation of his patriotic of Congress in 1854 and '55, and will undoubtmotives as to liberate him immediately. In edly be a prominent member of the next House fact, his course during the four years of war

of Representatives. against the United States was not such as to

Gen. Lee has been invited to accept the Presproduce the highest conviction of his love for idency of Washington College, next to William the Union, and his failure to even raise his and Mary, the oldest college in Virginia, it harvoice against the torture of Union prisoners by ing been liberally endowed by Gen. Washingabuse and starvation did not satisfy the loyal ton during his lifetime. Gen. Lee declines the people of the North that he was one of their proffered honor, preferring to spend the remainstaunchest friends.

der of his days upon a farm.


William Cullen Bryant has purchased the The new Langham Hotel, in London, one of house in which he was born, in Cammington, the largest and best furnished in the world, it Western Massachusetts, thus proving that “ the being large enough to accommodate 2000 heart turneth fondly, with the affection of a guests, and which the Prince of Wales says child for its mother, to the green spot of earth resembles the Fifth Avenue Hotel in New York, whereon in youth we gambolled.” Mr. Bryant, furnishes lodgings for single gentlemen for called, though not correctly we think, the great- eighteen pence a night. Our American hotel est of American poets, is now over 70 years of keepers who charge regularly $4.00 a day will age. Few distinguished poets have lived to a do well to put this item of news in their pipes greater age. Tennyson is 56. Old Sam Rogers and smoke it. It would be actually cheaper to died at 92. Wordsworth lived to 80, Milton to cross the ocean and spend the summer at this 60, Calderon to 81, Corneille to 78, Lope de great London House than to remain in any of Vega to 73, Dryden to 70, Southey to 70, our first class hotels at our fashionable watering Moore to 73, Boileau to 74, Goethe to 83, Col- places or in our large cities. To spend three eridge to 62, Scott to 64, Racine to 60, and so months at the “ Tremont,” or " Revere," or

Fitz Greene Ilalleck is 70, and Mr. Pier- Glen House, costs $100. You can pay your pont is 80. Grey heads, it is clear, very often passage to London and back and stay the same wear the greenest of laurels. The oldest great time at the most magnificent hotel in the world poet whom we can now name was Sophocles, for this sum, and have $50 left in your pocket, who died at 90 years, or more.

saved by the operation. Austria, Russia and Prussia are still “ nego

The slaves of the once notorious Lawrence tiating” about the Danish duchies, which each M. Keitt now occupy his plantation in South of these powers desires to have, but desires Carolina, and will harvest about three hundred more that the others should not have. In the acres of corn this season. There are forty meantime the people of these unfortunate " hands” on the estate among whom the crops duchies, which are made the foot-ball of con- will be divided. Mrs. Keitt is in the interior, tending empires, know not to whom they belong and is represented to be in needy circumnor what is to become of them.

stances. England is suffering from the plague among The New York News, the rebel organ in cattle, a kind of Pleuro-Pneumonia, that is both New York City, calls upon the people of the contagious and incurable. This will increase South to join the conservatives of the North, the already shockingly high price of meat, which and stand“ persistent in the assertion of rightnow puts it beyond the reach of half the popu- right, not because it is right, but as a matter of lation of Europe, and is making an approach expediency. This is characteristic. The News to this state of things here. It is suggested that goes just as heartily for the wrong, as a matter if the enormous prices of provisions continue, of expediency. people may have to die, as an economical busi

The English papers are discussing the need ness arrangement, and that this may account and importance of increasing the income of the for the cholera's coming.

Prince of Wales, which is now only $500,000 a Mr. Rarey, the horse tamer, is very ill. There year. His conduct and character are said to is one horse, the “pale horse,” which he may

be an honor to the nation, it being apparent not be able to tame.

that he is striving to imitate both the private

virtues and public usefulness of the Prince his The EMPRESS CHARLOTTE OF Mexico is

father and his royal mother. It is too bad that expected in Europe; the reason assigned for

so good a boy should be limited to so small an her visit being the illness of her father, KING LEOPOLD of Belgium.


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first, to be without effect, but they live and

burn in the hearts where they are lodged, and Woman's Influence.

in time their effect becomes visible. The stubThe influence of woman, although often er- born boy may be too proud to seem to heed his to!led, and sometimes wrongly estimated, bas mother's counsel, but it is not lost; he cannot probably never been over estimated. Her forget her kind words any more than he can position as wife, mother, sister, and friend, and forget the love she bears him; and years after her quick discernment and strong syinpathies he has listened to them, they guide him in the give her ready access to the springs of charac- path of virtue, and though it may be too late to ter and the sources of feeling, and enable her thank her for them, he will go to her resting. to awaken in others the emotions and sentiments place and bathe it with his grateful tears. with which she herself is actuated, and give her No woman should distrust the moral power an influence as potent as it is gentle. By her which God has given her. No one should see exquisite taste and delicate tact, and by the her husband, brother, son or friend in error and unconscious influence of her character, she con- evil, without attempting to reclaim him. She trols public sentiment, raises or lowers the can but fail at the worst ; and her efforts may morals or the piety of a community by the be successful, often will be. standard she accepts or condemns; and, indi

A few years ago, a young English author, rectly, through those who are nearest to her, if who has since risen to great distinction, became not directly, she helps to control the action, and deeply interested in an accomplished and very to shape the destiny of nations.

worthy young woman, who belonged to the cirA true woman, although perhaps not aware

cle of his acquaintance, and sought her hand in of the extent of her influence, is nevertheless marriage. llis suit was rejected on the ground conscious of filling a responsible position, and of his intemperance. Not discouraged, he reearnestly desires to know her duty in that posi- newed his proposal and strongly urged his tion, and to faithfully perform it. Willing not claims, but he could receive no encouragement only to do the offices of kindness, and to exer

except upon the condition that he would reform. cise the household cares which commonly fall to Stung with a sense of injury, and too proud to her lot, she desires to do higher service in the comply with her demands, which he declared u-e of the moral powers with which she is en

to be unreasonable, he turned from her and «wed, quickening and moulding with Christian plunged still deeper into dissipation. One day, truth and love, the minds and characters of some months afterward, passing along the street, those whom Providence has placed within her she saw him lying in a stupor of beastly intoxreach.

ication, with the hot, mid-day sun pouring down This can be done, and is done to a large ex- into his unsheltered face. Disgusted, yet tent, by the silent and unconscious influence of touched with compassion, she approached him, a mind that is itself endowed with the virtues, and spread her pocket-handkerchief

, upon which and imbued with the spirit of religion. From her name was written in full, over his face to te presence of a good woman, in the family or

shield it from the burning rays, and passed on. in larger circles, there goes out virtue as from some hours afterward, coming to bimself, he the hem of the Savior's garment, which is felt noticed the handkerchief and discovered the

"There is Hope for the Child." take Ileaven by storm, instead of " groping on A few years ago, a family was desolated by the altar stairs,” reaching up their hands to be the loss of the father and husband. At nearly helped onward. Such persons do not follow the same time, a child of the family was taken

the example of Ilim“ who spake as never man ill and died. The head of the household had spake.” The sermon on the Mount, the prayers been a man rich in social and domestic virtues,

which Jesus uttered while on eartlı, must seein kind, loving, generous ; full of kindness to time and cold to these “ fiery sons of wrath.” friends, to the poor and bereaved; and rever

His mild and gentle teachings bear no relation ent in his ideas of God. His last words were

to their stormy words. But we forbear. There of hope and joy - of forgiveness of injury, of are those who know that it is better to tread, blessings and love. In his whole life, he had although at a humble distance, in the footsteps never been known to treat any one unkindly, of the Redeemer; to try to copy His teachings, or to use an irreverent expression.

although, necessarily, far behind. May their Yet one, who stood beside his bed of suffer

number be multiplied upon the earth is, or ins, and witnessed the sublime patience with

should be, the wish of every true soul. which he awaited death, the calmness with which he commended himself and his bereaved

We make bold to utter a gentle protest family to God, and the sweetness and serenity against the ultra-sensationists, who would fain of his last conscious hours, turned from that

have us believe that the world is growing worse death-bed, and said, coldly, “ There is hope in

and worse every day. True, we have been the future world for the child - but I do not

startled by the disclosure of hideous crimes; see that there is any hope for its father. There but, in what state of the world, and in what is no evidence that he has been born again."

period have they failed to trouble the public

mind. We think it is a libel upon the instituThere spoke the narrow spirit of sectarianism. All the sweetness and beauty of his daily

tions of the present time, the multitudes of lite — all the loving trust in God that had been good and respectable people who live virtuous

and innocent lives, and the various and vast his - all the patience and humility with which he had borne grief and sorrow from the Father's

means continually used to keep vice in check,

to affirm that we are growing worse all the time. hand, were nothing in the scale held in the hand of the stern watcher by his bed-side, be

Looking away to far-off periods of time, we cause his religious experience had not the tech- find the same passions raging, the same enor

mities committed as

Had there been nical characteristics which he looked for, and he did not subscribe to the same creed in which

newspapers in the days of old, what strong senthe stern man believed.

sational articles would have been written ! Yet As some one has remarked, “ how astonished the sacred writers contented themselves with a will such persons be, to meet those in Heaven simple recital of facts, where modern editors whom they have con lemned to a far different

would have exhausted language in portraying place!" Father and child were not separated them. We must protest against the useless in death; and it is a blessed belief, that they exaggeration that prevails, when these evils are together behold the face of their Father who is

committed. It does no good, we think. A in Heaven.

simple condemnation of wicked deeds would, in our opinion. be quite as effective: and the


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