The life of Richard Bentley: with an account of his writings and anecdotes of many distinguished characters during the period in which he flourished

الغلاف الأمامي
Printed for J. G. & F. Rivington, 1833

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الصفحة 62 - Epistles, both living near the same time, which was that of Cyrus and Pythagoras. As the first has been agreed by all ages since for the greatest master in his kind, and all others of that sort have been but imitations of his original ; so I think the Epistles of Phalaris to have more grace, more spirit, more force of wit and genius, than any others I have ever seen, either ancient or modern.
الصفحة 94 - Every true critic is a hero born, descending in a direct line, from a celestial stem by Momus and Hybris, who begat Zoilus, who begat Tigellius, who begat Etcaetera the elder ; who begat Bentley, and Rymer, and Wotton, and Perrault, and Dennis, who begat Etcaetera the younger.
الصفحة 399 - ... so exactly agree word for word, and, what at first amazed me, order for order, that no two tallies nor two indentures can agree better.
الصفحة 334 - In this critical condition, it was important to Oxford and Bolingbroke that their security should appear to stand not merely upon Parliamentary majorities, but also on the general sense of the country. Addresses, therefore, expressing public confidence, were...
الصفحة 378 - The King, observing with judicious eyes, The state of both his universities, To Oxford sent a troop of horse ; and why ? That learned body wanted loyalty : To Cambridge books he sent, as well discerning How much that loyal body wanted learning.
الصفحة 398 - Nice ; so that there shall not be twenty words, nor even particles, difference ; and this shall carry its own demonstration in every verse, which I affirm cannot be so done of any other ancient book, Greek or Latin ; so that that...
الصفحة 14 - before he was twenty-four years of age, a sort of Hexapla; a thick volume in quarto, in the first column of which he inserted every word of the Hebrew Bible alphabetically ; and in five other columns, all the various interpretations of those words in the Chaldee, Syriac, Vulgate, Latin, Septuagint, and Aquila, Symmachus, and Theodotian, that occur in the whole Bible.
الصفحة 319 - The Odes, Epodes, and Carmen Seculare of Horace, in Latin and English ; with a Translation of Dr. Ben-ley's Notes. To which are added Notes upon Notes. In 24 parts complete. By several hands. 1713.
الصفحة 44 - When I wrote my Treatise about our System *, I had an eye upon such principles as might work with considering men for the belief of a Deity, and nothing can rejoice me more than to find it useful for that purpose.
الصفحة 83 - You feel, by the emptiness and deadness of them, that you converse with some dreaming pedant with his elbow on his desk; not with an active, ambitious tyrant, with his hand on his sword, commanding a million of subjects.

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