Veiled Threat

الغلاف الأمامي
Xulon Press, 2007 - 176 من الصفحات
Its politically correct to be inclusive of Islam and sensitive to its adherents but what if doing so is placing the West in great danger? How should Christians respond to the cultural blindfold that political correctness has placed upon them? Veiled Threat: Responding to Islam and the cultural blindfold of political correctness by Willem Kooman The reaction in the Muslim world to cartoons published in Denmark is simply one indication that we are in a world at war except its a war where the lines of battlefront are barely understood, let alone defined. What instruction do the Muslim faith and modern Muslim leaders give its followers, and how does that impact the Western world and especially Christians? The vital answer is often obscured by a liberal media that promotes multicultural tolerance regardless of the consequences. In Veiled Threat, Willem Kooman tackles the difficult questions and dares to answer them without bowing to political correctness. Youll discover how the roots of Islam are vital to understanding todays war. Youll see where the accountability lies, and what the call to action must be. Most of all, youll be left with a sobering perspective on the insidious fanaticism that threatens the West. Willem Kooman grew up in Delft during the Nazi occupation of Holland in the Second World War. He immigrated with his family to Canada after the War at the age of ten. He pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Secondary Education and later received a Masters degree in Science from the University of Oregon. Willem spent many years as a teacher and coach in Canada and the United States, and presently operates a successful insurance and financial planning agency in Alberta with family. Heand his wife share their tee times between Alberta and California.

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The Roots of Islam
Power Behind the Sword
The Sword and the Cross
The Power of One
Contemporary Islam
A Call to Accountability
A Call to Action
A Call to Discernment
Roadblocks to Progress
The End of Things
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