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Adam Hepburn's Vow, 651.-Agassiz, Louis (E. C. Agassiz), 103.-Allen's (Grant) Babylon, 322; Charles Darwin, 435; For Maimie's Sake, 653.-Along Alaska's Great River (Schwatka), 224.-American Caucus System, The, 221.-American Constitutions (Horace Davis), 548.-American History, Recent Studies in, 547.-Andrew's (Jane) Ten Boys Who Lived on the Road from Long Ago to Now, 335.-Appointing Powers of the President, History of the (Lucy M. Salmon), 550.-Ashes of Hopes, 652.-Atkinson's (Edward) The Distribution of Products, 221. Babylon (Grant Allen), 322.-Bachelor Vicar of Newforth, The, 210.-Barren Title, A, 210.Beaconsfield's (Lord) Correspondence with his Sister, 557.-Beard's (W. H.) Humor in Animals, 446.-Beyond the Veil, 646.-Bird-Ways (Olive Thorne Miller), 223.-Blackie's (J. S.) What Does History Teach? 659.- Bonnyborough (A. D. T. Whitney), 212.- Book of Verses, A (Augustus Mendon Lord), 646.--Broken Shaft, The, 321.-Buchanan's (Robert) The Master of the Mine, 320. Cabin and Gondola (Charlotte Dunning), 321.-Capel's (Monsignor) The Pope, 448.-Captive of Love, A (Edward Greey), 323.-Carine, 560.-Cassell's National Library, 448, 560.-Catharine Owen's New Cook Book, 666.-Cavalry Life (J. S. Winter), 652.-Century of Dishonor, A (Mrs. Jackson, "H. H."), 218.-Charles Darwin (Grant Allen), 435.-Christmas Rose, A, 102.--Codman's (John) A Solution of the Mormon Question, 111.-Consolation, 646.Contes Choisés, 560.-Conventional Bohemian, A, 654 -Crane's (Prof. T. F. ) Italian Popular Tales, 325.-Crawford's (Captain Jack) The Poet Scout, 544.-Crimson Stain, A, 650.— Cuban Sketches, 223.

Darwin, Charles (Grant Allen), 435.-Darwinism and Other Essays (John Fiske), 334.-Daudet's Stories of Provence, 321.-Davis's (Horace) American Constitutions, 548.-Davis's (Sam) Short Stories, 212.-Dawning, The, 211.-Defense and Confirmation of the Faith, 447. -Desperate Chance, A, 654.- Distribution of Products, The (Edward Atkinson), 221.Dodd's Adventures, 560.-Domestic Problems (Mrs. A. M. Diaz), 111.-Dutch Village Communities on the Hudson, 548.

Ecclesiastical Institutions (Herbert Spencer), 437.-Eight Studies of the Lord's Day, 111.-Elements of Universal History, 336.-Elijah, the Reformer, 100.-Ericsson's Destroyer and Submarine Gun, 448.- Etchings in Verse, 545.-Expulsion of the Chinese, The, 447. Favorite Higher Speaker, The, 112 -Fiametta, (W. W. Story), 333.-Fiction, Recent, 210, 320, 649.-Fight for Missouri, The (Thomas L. Snead), 656.-First Napoleon, The (John C. Ropes), 222.-Fiske's (John) Darwinism and Other Essays, 334; The Idea of God, 441.-Five Minute Declamations, 335.-Foote's (Mary Hallock) John Bodewin's Testimony, 656.--For Maimie's Sake (Grant Allen), 653.-Frank's Ranche, 559.-French Dishes for American Tables, 560.— Furness's (Rev. W. H.) Verses. 544.

Globe Drama, The, 334.-Goblin Gold, 210.-Greey's (Edward) A Captive of Love, 323.-Griselda, 650. Handbook of Whist, A, 560.-Harte's (Bret) Snowbound at Eagle's, 320.-Haunted Life, The, 320.-Heads and Faces, 224.-H. H.'s (Mrs. Jackson) A Century of Dishonor, 218; Zeph, 655.-Hidden Sweetness, 100.-High Lights, 212.-History of the Appointing Powers of the President (Lucy M. Salmon), 550.-History of the Present Tariff, The (F. W. Taussig), 221. -Hittell's (Theodore H.) History of California, 195.-Holmes's (O. W.) A Mortal Antipathy, 324.-Hornaday's (W. T.) Two Years in the Jungle, 110.-Humbler Poets, The, 543.-Humor in Animals (W. H. Beard), 446.-Hurrish, 651.

Idea of God, The (John Fiske), 441.-Immortality Inherent in Nature, 205.-Inca Princess, The 100.-Influence of the New Jersey Proprietors, The, 547.-In the Hospital (Grace Denio Litchfield), 101.-Inquirendo Island, 322.-In the Middle Watch (W. Clark Russell), 321.— Iron Crown, An, 320.-Italian Popular Tales (Prof. T. F. Crane), 325.

Jackanapes: Daddy Darwin's Dove-Cot; The Story of a Short Life (Juliana Horatia Ewing), 322.-Jackson's (Mrs. H. H.) A Century of Dishonor, 218; Zeph, 655.-Jacob Schuyler's Millions, 652 -John Bodewin's Testimony (Mary Hallock Foote), 656.-John Maidment, 321. -Johns Hopkins University Studies, 547.

Katy Robertson, 111.

Land Grants for Education in the Northwest Territory, History and Management of (George W. Knight), 550.-Last Days at Apswich, 320.-Last of the McAllisters, The (Mrs. Amelia E. Barr), 653.- Late Mrs. Null (Frank R. Stockton) 655.-Legend of a Kiss, The, 206.-Lepers of Molokai (Charles Warren Stoddard), 560.-Letters to a Daughter, 447.-Lettre Chargée, La, 336.-Lincoln and Stanton, 448.-Little Folks, 335.-Local Institutions in Maryland (L. W. Wilhelm), 547.-Lord Beaconsfield's Correspondence with His Sister, 557.-Lord's (Augustus Mendon) A Book of Verses, 646.--Louis Agassiz, His Life and Correspondence, 103.—Louisiana Purchase, The, in Its Influence upon the American System, 549. Madame Mohl (Kathleen O'Meara), 660.-Man and Religion, Some Recent Books on, 435.— Mariage de Gabrielle, Le, 336.-Marlborough (Saintsbury), 557.-Marriage-Ring, The (Talmage), 666.-Master of the Mine, The (Robert Buchanan), 320.-Mauleverer's Millions, 650,Memoirs of Karoline Bauer, 558.-Mill Mystery, The (Anna Katharine Greene), 652.--Model Wife, A, 212.-Monographs on Politics and Economics, Some, 220-Montezuma, 205.-Morgan's Horror. 650.-Mortal Antipathy, A (Oliver Wendell Holmes), 324.- Movements of Religious Thought in Britain (Principal Tulloch), 662.--Mrs. Herndon's Income (Helen Campbell), 213.

Nature's Teachings (Rev. J. G. Wood), 447.-New King Arthur, The, 206.- Next World Interviewed, The, 336.

Observations on the Growth of the Mind (Sampson Reed), 335.-Ode on the Intimations of Immortality, 112.-Ole Bull, 666.-Orange, The, Its Culture in California (Wm. A. Spalding), 560.-Origin of a Republican Form of Government in the United States, 220.-Our Father in Heaven, 207.-Outlines of a Congregational History, 560.

Parlor Varieties, 112.-Pennsylvania Boroughs, 549.-Pilgrim Series of Lesson Books, 111.Poems (Abbey), 207.-Poems (W. W. Story) 208.-Poems (Willsbro), 206.-Poet Scout, The (Captain Jack Crawford), 544.- Poets of America, The (E. C. Stedman), 317.- Pomfret Mystery, The, 320.-Pope, The (Monsignor Capel), 448.-Popular Speaker, The, 335.-Primus in Indis (M. J. Colquhoun), 653.-Progressive Orthodoxy, 442.

Queen's Empire, The, 224.

Rabbi's Spell, The, 210.-Rachel Felix, 663.-Recent Books on Man and Religion, Some, 435. -Recent Fiction, 210, 320, 649.-Recent Verse, 100, 205, 542, 646.-Recent Studies in American History, 547.-Reflections and Modern Maxims, 447.-Riverside Aldine Series, 560.Rootbound, and Other Sketches (Rose Terry Cooke), 560.-Russell's (W. Clark) In the Middle Watch, 321.

Sacred Nugget, The (B. L. Farjeon), 210-Saint Gregory's Guest, and Recent Poems, (J. G. Whittier), 648.-Salmon's (Lucy M.) History of the Appointing Powers of the President, 550. -Science of Business, The, 222.-Schwatka's Along Alaska's Great River, 224.-SeedThoughts for the Growing Life, 112.-Sermons on the International Sunday-School Lessons, 111.-Short Stories (Sam Davis), 212.—Skillful Susy, 560.-Snowbound at Eagle's (Bret Harte), 654.-Solution of the Mormon Question, A (John Codman), 111.-Songs of Sleepy Hollow, 545.-Spencer's (Herbert) Ecclesiastical Institutions, 437.-Standard Operas. The, 112.-Star of India, The, 543.-Stedman's Poets of America, 317.-Stockton's (Frank) The Late Mrs. Null, 655.-Stories of Provence (Daudet), 321.—Story of the Nations, The: Greece, (Jas. A. Harrison); Rome (Arthur Gilman): The Jews (Jas. R. Hosmer); Chaldea (Z. Rogozin) 665.-Story's, (W. W.) Fiametta, 323.-Poems, 208.-Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Robert Louis Stephenson) 323.-Sunny Spain, 335.-Sunrise on the Soul, 336.-Sweet Cicely, 336.-Sylvian, 546.

Talks about the Weather, 224.-Taussig's The History of the Present Tariff, 221.-Ten Boys Who Lived on the Road from Long Ago to Now (Jane Andrews), 335.-Tennyson's Tiresias and Other Poems, 208.-Three Years at Glenwood, 111.-Through Spain, 335.-Town Government in Rhode Island, 549-Troubled Heart, A, 666.-Two Years in the Jungle, 110. Under the Pine, 546.-Until the Day Breaks, 650.

Verse, Recent, 100, 205, 542, 646.-Verses (W. H. Furness), 544.-Voice-Culture and Elocution, 666.-Voices from the Cascades, 543.

We Two Alone in Europe, 224.-What Does History Teach? (John Stuart Blackie), 659.-
Where Are We, and Whither Tending? 664.-Whittier's Saint Gregory's Guest, and Recent
Poems, 648.-Without Blemish, 652.-Woman's Inheritance, A, 219.
Zeph (Mrs. H. H. Jackson), 655.

Calaveras, Reminiscences of...

California Volunteers, The Martial Experiences of. Edward Carlson.

Chata and Chinita.-Chapters I, II...

Certain Phases of the Chinese Question..

China, The Future Influence of...

Chinese Discussion, A Shoemaker's Contribution

Chinese Immigration, Benefits of..

Chinese Immigration Discussion. The.
Chinese Laborer, Observations on the..

Louise Palmer Heaven








[blocks in formation]

John F. Miller..
..Irwin McDowell.
to. Patrick J. Healy.
John S. Hittell...

Chinese Labor Situation, The Knights of Labor on

Chinese Question, Certain Phases of the.
College Town of California, The...

Columbia, First Steamboat on the Upper.

Comrades Only....

Cruise Among the Floating Islands, A

Discussion of the Liquor Traffic.



.H. Shewin.....L.

W. W. Stone..

John F. Miller.......

Francis E. Sheldon.

.L. W. Coe..





[blocks in formation]

.G. A. Moore..

The Plan of the Leland Stanford, Jr., University. The Pan as Outlined Semi-Officially.The Palo Alto Location. -The Concentration of Authority in the President.-The Limitations of Money in Obtaining a Faculty.-The New University and the State University.-The Present Opportunity.-The Art League Christmas Cards..



An Observation on the Behavior of University Students-On their Number.-Mr. Locke Richardson's Shakspere Readings.-Miss Pierce's Etchings from Keith. .213 County Paupers.-The San José Convention's Press Resolution; Comment on our Contrib


Political Retrospect.-The Sacramento Convention.-The Boycott..


The Meaning of Boycotting in the United States.-Violence and Attacks upon Third Parties.
-Departure from Republican Ideas.- Labor as a Privileged Class.-The Moribund Califor-
nia Poycott...
Non-Partisan City Government..




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