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BURIALS AT SOUTH SHIELDS IN ROBERT LINTON'S GARDEN, Year. Day. Mo. 1673 6 2 Mary Fearon daughter of Thomas Fearon of South Shields was

buried in Robert Linton's Garden. 1674 28 10 Martha daughter of Thomas Fearon. 1674 7 9 Margaret Wife of James Smith of South Shields. 1684 1 3 Mary Harrison of Blackwell Co. Durham. 1684

Elizabeth Lisle daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Lisle. 1688 20 10 Anthony Wynd of South Shields. 1695 14 1 Thomas Chandler of South Shields. 1695 6 Timothy Frost son of John and Dorothy Frost. 1697 20 8 Ann Chandler of South Shields.

Robert Linton lived to see more peaceful days for the Quakers, both he and his wife were laid to rest in the Friends' Burial Ground at North Shields · Upper End,' the former in 1715 and the latter in the following year.

I had been much struck with the fact that in some of the very early Quaker burying grounds many head-stones, with lengthy inscriptions upon them are to be found, while grounds of later date possess very few stones. I made many enquiries but could get no explanation, until a few days ago Mr. C. J. Spence favoured me with the following, which fully explains the matter, and may also account for the entire absence of stones in nearly all the grounds I have been reviewing :

EXTRACT FROM RULES OF DISCIPLINE, 3rd Edition, 1834. 1717. This meeting being informed that friends in some places have gone into the vain custom of erecting monuments over the dead bodies of friends, by stones, inscriptions, etc., it is therefore the advice of this meeting, that all such monuments should be removed, as much as may be with discretion and conveniency : and that none be any where made or set up, near or over, the dead bodies of friends or others, in friends burying places for time to come.

In 1766 another resolution was passed :

This meeting being informed that since the advice formerly issued, in order to excite friends to a proper regard to our testimony against grave stones, divers having accurdingly been removed, and being desirous that the revival of this concern may be effectual, we earnestly recommend the removal of them may be general.

This rule was rescinded in 1850, when a plain stone was allowed with name, age, and date, under direction of the monthly meeting :

So that in each particular burial Ground such an entire uniformity may be preserved in respect of the material, size, and form of the stones as well as the mode of placing them, as may effectually guard against any distinction being made in that place between the rich and the poor.

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One other extract from the records shows the desire for simplicity at funerals :

9 Gateshead ye 8th day of ye 1675. At ye saide meeting friends had a discourse touching a black cloth upon ye coffin and desired consideracon further had about it till next monthly meetinge.

10 At ye monthly meeting at Gatesid the 13 Day of 1675 ffriends have generally given theire Judgment touching Burialls, that whean theire is a coffin, theire's noe nissisity of any cloth at all. And yt the distriabution of wine, And serveinge of ffreinds and people In ye maner of ye world as is a customed, is surperfluous and needles, and not comendable amongest ffreinds.

I fear that during the two hundred years that have elapsed since this resolution was passed “ye manner of ye world' at funerals has not very much improved.

If my hearers are not weary of the subject I propose at an early opportunity to give an account of the ground at North Shields High End' and of the one that used to be at Cullercoats, the existence of which may be fresh in the memory of many present.



GEORGE HODGSON, 1667. A true & perfect inventory of all such goods & chattells as George Hodshon, late of Newcastle-on-Tyne, died, seized of, 17 Decr., 1667.

Itm. One Lease of a cloyrie.

Itm. A Lease of Boldon fflate, Milne Goods at Bowdon fflate, two oxen, etc., etc.

Itm. One Lease of a house in Newcastle, wherein the testator lived.
Itm. One Lease of a Cole Stath from Sir James Clavering.
Itm. One Lease of a Cole Stath from Mr George Shafto.
Itm. The Testator's purse, etc.
Itm. Debts owing to the Testator.

Sum total

£147 78. 4d. George Shafto, Richard Harding, I

of Whickhm, Gentn. William Lonsdale, Swalwele Groman. William Cutter of Newcastle.

II. Richardum Wilson · for not comeing to the Church: 23 Augusti [16]74. Ext.' '...

Richardum Wilson, sen.,

for schismaticks, and offending against all order: 10 Dec. [16]75. Ext.' '. Gulielmum Maude

for keeping open shopps on Holydays: 26 Aug. [16]77. Ext.'—Surtees Soc. Publ. vol. 47, pp. 246-7.

III. • OFFICIUM DOMINI contra Gulielmum Trewhit et Doratheam uxorem ejus, Adonellam Cornforth, Georgium Trewhit, Margaretam Trewhit. Quakers ; Gulielmum Trewhit et Georgium Trewhit, for not payeing assessments to the Church : 5 Jan. 1673. Ext.' 'Gulielmum Trewbit, Georgium Trewhit, Joh nem Robson, Robertum Steel, Richardum Moore, et Robertum Laidler, for not payeing Clerk's nuges; Thomas Bedson, et Janam Johnson, uxorem ejus pretensam; Georgium Trewhit et uxorem ejus pretensam, for procureing themselres to be clandestinely married : Sept. 1677. Ext.:-Surtees Soc. Publ. vol. 47, p. 218.

IV. Durham Probate Court.

In the name of god Amen, the 25th day of September, in the yeare of our lord god 1582: Cuthbart Trewghit of Howghton in the Springe, seake and euill at ease in my bodye by the visitation of allmightie god, but by his grace and mercye in good and perfect remembrannce makethe my last will and testament in maner and forme followinge. ffirste, I committe my soule into the handes of allmightie god, who as I stedfastlye trust and hope will receaue it, for the merites of his deare sonne and oure sauioure Jhesus Christ, who hathe redeamed it, withe his most precious bloude: And I will that my bodie be buried in my parrishe churchyarde of the saide Howghton, after I hare ended the course of this miserable lyfe. Imprimis, I geaue to the poore, 0 3/4. Allso I make Allice Trewghit, my wyfe, Robart Trewghit, John Trewghit, Henrye Trewghit, xpofer Trewghit, And Jane Trewghit my chyldren, executoures of this my last will and testament. Allso, I make Mr. John Casson, and Raulfe Pendrithe, supervisoures of this my last will and testament, desiring theym for the loue of god, and as I trust theyın, to see this my last will and testament performed and fulfilled to the true intent and meaninge hereof, Recordes (?) and wytnesses hereof, Are Mr. John Casson, Robart Rueter (?) John Browne, Roger Amond, And Anthonye Chiltoune.

The Inventorye of all the goodes and cattelles, wch weare the goods and cattels of Cuthbart Trewghit of Howghtone in the Springe, of late deceassed, pryced hy these men, John Browne, John Chilton, Henrye Clerksone and Robart Rueter (?) the 26th day of februarye. An'o. dni: 1582. Imprimis, fowre kye (?)

5li Itm One mare, & twa stagges (?)

3li 138 40 iijli xiijs iiija Itm 22ty sheape


iiij" Itm fower swyne

xviiis Itm fowre bee hyves ...

xvis Itm wheate in the stackgarthe

iijai Itm otes in the barne

Xxxs Itm wheate sowen upon the grounde

iijli vis viii Itm hay in the barne

xvi* Itm sowen bourdes (?) & all wood geare

xxvie Itm Ambryes, cawels (?), arkes (?), chystes, tables, formes, and chayres

iijli Itm pewder vessell, brasse pottes And other vessell iijli viiis viiio Itm howshoulde stuffe in the chamber

xxxiiis iiiia


... ...

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Itm fowre threave of hempe & pulleyne
Itm one Iron chymney, all his worke geare And theyre

xxxiiiili xüs Debtes owinge to the sayde Cuthbart. Xpofer haall


(?) viii


xi*-xxxyli iiis
Debtes to be taken out of the some aboue.
To Mr. S'riffe (?) Bellassis
To Nycolas Pounder
To Robart Ironsyde younger
Itm for reparacons
Itm for wheate
Itm for clensinge of the howse


pli xiiii* viid Some tot

xxixii viii* vd


iis iiia iis viiia

iiii xxxiiis iiiid

xxxvis xxxys iiiid


V. Mr. H. A. Adamson informs me that the Linskills of North Shields originally came from Whitby. The 7th vol. of the North Riding Record Society states that at the Quarter Sessions held in 1677 William Joseph and Reuben Linskill of Whitby (all Quakers) made affirmation of loyalty to their sovereign, but claimed exemption from the penalties imposed on Roman Catholics. The Tynemouth Lodge estate and other property at North Shields properly came into the possession of the Linskill family by the marriage of William Linskill of Whitby with the daughter of Anthony Pearson in 1754.

VI. Durham Probate Court.

RALPH MILBOURNE, 1668. I, Ralph Milburn of South Shields Westoe Salt pans in the County P. of Durham, etc., etc.

Imp. I give & bequeath unto my Wife Grace (my debts being first paid out of the whole) that p'cell of Ground in the Lay called by the name of the Bordwell Close wth the new house thereon erected and all appurt therennto belonging, being one fourth part of a farme lyeing in the township of Westoe ppcb I bought of Thomas Burdon,

Itm. I also give & bequeath unto my wife Grace one full third part of all my other estate reall & personal.

Itm. I also give & bequeath unto my son Joshua another full third part of all my estate.

Itm. I also give & bequeath unto my two youngest sons John & Edward the other third part of my whole estate to be equally divided between them.

Itm. I do hereby constitute & ordain my wife Grace Sole Extrix of ais my last Will & Testament in witness whereof I have hereto set my hand this twelfth day of Jany in the twentieth year of the Reign of King Charles the Second Anno Dni., 1668.

Ra. Milbourn.


Signed in the presence of,

Lewis ffrost,
Mich Colesworth,
Thomas Airey,

Cuth Colesworth.

Proved Feb. 6, 1668. Long inventory of Stock at Salt pans. Shares in sundry vessels (pine) proved at £640 19s. 8d.

Durham Probate Court.
I, HENRY WOOLFE of Lay Yett, near South Shields

My body to be buried at the discretion of my Exors.

To my Son in Law John Cay & Grace his wife my daughter To my Son in Law Robert Linskell & Rubina his wife my daughter & shall suffer Henry Linskell & John Linskell sons of the su Robt & Rubina

to John Linskill, Alice Linskill daughter of the said Robert Linskill

Grandson Robert Cay. Robert Cay Messuage & five salt pans held from Dean and Chapter. Robert Cay twentieth part of Elswick Colliery

Farm in Harton lately bought of Thomas Watson.

I give & b. to each of my son in law Joshua Milbourne's ffive children Hannah, William, John, Grace & Jane Milbourne £5.

Dorothy Milbourne another daughter said ua Milbourne share of Ship Love of which her said father is now master. Henry, John & d. Linskill to be put to some honest trade.

Dated April 25th, 1709.
Proved 1710.

Samuel Doneson,
Hannah Greenwich,

Wm. Rutter.
Executors, John Cay & Grace his wife.

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