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+ Ego hubaldus pbr. card. titulo sce 4 Ego Imarus Tusculanus Episcopus.” Praxedis.

* Ego Cencius portuensis et sce Rufine * Ego manfredus pbr. card. tt. sce episcopus. Sabine'.

+ Ego Gr(egorius] Sabinensis Epis+ Ego bernardus pbr. card. tt. sce copus.

+ Ego octavianus pbr. card. tt. sce

+ Ego oddo diac card. sci Georrii ad velum aureum.'
+ Ego rodolfus diac card. sce Lucie in septa solis. 19
+ Ego guido diac card. Sce Marie in porticu."
* Ego Jacirtus diac card. Sce Marie in cosmydyn."2
* Ego Johs sci Sergii et Bacchi diac card.13

Ego odo diac card. sci Nicholai in carcere Tulliano." * Ego bonadies diac card. sci Angeli13

+ Ego ardicio diac card. sci Theodori. + Ego Astaldus pbr. card. tt. sce Prisce. 16 + Ego Gerardus pbr. card, tt. sci. Stephani in celio monte.!?

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* Ubaldo Allucignoli, afterwards pope Lucius III. ; cardinal priest of St. Prasse de, 1140 1158.Storia dei Cardinali di Santa Romana Chiesa, by count Francesco Cristofori, Rome, 1888, Cronotassi dei Cardinali, vol. i. p. 61.

Manfred, cardinal priest of St. Sabina from 1144.-Ibid. p. 127. * Bernardo, a canon regular, cardinal priest of St. Clement, 1115-1176.Ibid. p. 85.

Ottaviano da Monticello, cardinal priest of St. Cecilia from 1150.Ibid. p. 67.

: Icmaro, of the order of Cluny, bishop of Frascati (Tusculum) 1142(?)-1164. Ibid. p. 26.

Cencio, bishop of Porto and St. Rufina, 1159(?).-Ibid. p. 12. Judging from the present bull, the date should be 1156, or earlier.

9 Ottone da Cesena, cardinal deacon of St. George, in Velabro, from 1130.Ibid. p. 241.

1. Rodolfo, cardinal deacon of St. Lucia, in Septisolio, from 1144.-Ibid. p. 230. " Guido, cardinal deacon of St. Maria, in Porticu, from 1145.- 1bid. p. 217.

12 Giacinto Bobone Orsini, cardinal deacon of St. Maria in Cosmedin, 11411191, afterwards pope Celestine III.-Ibid. p. 259.

13 Giovanni, cardinal deacon of SS. Sergius and Bacchus from 1145.- Ibid. p. 231. The only other cardinal deacon of the name Giovanni at the time of the Nea ham bull was Giovanni Pizzuto, who bore the title of St. Maria Nuova, 1155-1158.-Ibid. p. 223,

16 Ottone da Brescia, cardinal deacon of St. Nicholas, in Carcere Tulliano, 1145–1150(?).- Ibid. p. 246. The Neasham bull adds six years for certain to this cardinal's life.

15 Bonadies de Bonadie, cardinal deacon of St. Angelo, in Pescheria, from 1155.-Ibid. p. 249.

16 Astallo Astalli, cardinal priest of St. Prisca from 1145; from 1158, Actaldo(?).- Ibid. p. 107. The Neasham bull seems to rectify this last date, and render it probable that these names belong to one and the same cardinal.

1 Gerardo (Bernardo), cardinal priest of St. Stefano, on Monte Celio, from 1159.- 1bid. p. 118. The Neasham bull settles the name as Gerardo, and shows that he must have been created some three years earlier, unless these slight discrepancies are held to impugn its authenticity. They should hardly do so, since the authorities for the dates of these early cardinals appear to be very mcagre.

* Ego Johs pbr. card. sanctorum Johannis et Pauli) et pagii (Pamachii). + Ego Johs. pbr. card, tt. sanctorum Silvestri et martini. 18

Datum Laterani manum Rolandi sancte Romane Ecclesie pbri Cardinalis et Cancellarii. iii nones Febr. in dictione v. Incarnationis dominice Anno mcl. vi. Pontificatus vero domini Adriani pp iiii. anno iii.

The bulla has above the heads of Peter and Paul, s PA[ulus), 8 PE[trus], and on the reverse :


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pp iv

The following is a translation of the document :

Adrian, bishop, servant of the servants of God, to his beloved daughters in Christ, the boly nuns now or in future serving the Lord in the Church of the Blessed Mary of Nesham, and professed in perpetuity to a regular life.

To the prudent virgins who in religious garb with lighted lamps have set themselves in order to go to meet Jesus Christ the true bridegroom. In so much as they are known to be more inclined to sojourn in the service of the Lord and to hasten through good works to the nuptials of the Eternal King, so the more benefits to be conferred upon them by the Holy Roman Church. Therefore, beloved daughters in Christ, we, of our clemency, assent to your just requests, and we take under the protection of Saint Peter and of ourselves the aforesaid monastery, of which by the Divine indulgence you are now possessed, and this we confirm by the authority of this present writing. Firstly, decreeing that inasmuch as the monastic order according to God and the rule of Saint Benedict is known to be established in the same place, that it be there observed inviolate in perpetuity. Further, whatever possessions, whatever goods the said monastery at present legally and canonically holds or may in future obtain possession of, by concession of Pontiffs, by liberality of Kings or Princes, by oblations of the faithful or by other methods legal before the Lord, they shall remain firmly secured and unimpaired to you and your successors. Amongst which we have expressly mentioned : The place in which the before-named church is situated, called Sahaldecroft,19 which Emma, the daughter of Waldef, gave to you; one carucate of land of the lordship of the said Emma in Nesham, with a moiety of her offna ma rum20 in cultivated land in meadow and in turbary, and common pasture of all her land; the cultivated ground which is called Sadelflat; the mill upon the Kent; the cultivated ground between the mill and the church. Of the gift of Engelais one carucate of land; all your rithes of your lordship in Nesham whether in corn or otherwise. Of the gift of Halan, son of Torphin, one carucate of land in Phornetuna. No one shall presume to demand tithes

18 Giovanni da Mercone, cardinal priest of S. Silvestro e Martino ai Monti from 1145.- 1bid. p. 71.

19 In the grant to Lawson, 32 Henry VIII., there is mention of a close called Madencrofte,' also of 'a close called Saddelflat.'

20 • Offnamarum.' What is the meaning of this word ?

21 Meant for · Thornetona.' See deed of Henry II. Surtees, Durham, vol. iii., p. 238, and in Dugdale's account of the monastery mention is made of land in • Thornton.'



from the land which you have brought under cultivation with your own hands or by hired labour, or of the food for your animals. We also concede free right of sepulture at the same place, so that no one shall make any opposition to the piety or last wishes of those who may have thought of being buried there, unless perchance they may be excommunicate or under interdict : Saving, however, the rights of the Mother Church.

We decree, therefore, that it is unlawful for any man to rashly disturb in any way the said church, either to take away its possessions or to retain them if taken, to diminish or harass it by any vexatious proceedings whatever ; but all things shall be preserved whole and unimpaired of those for whose future government and sustentation they are conceded with use and enjoyment of all kinds. Saving the authority of the Apostolic See and the canonical rights of the bishop of the diocese.

If therefore, in future, any person, ecclesiastic or layman, being cognizant of this our written ordinance, be rashly tempted to act contrary to it with a second or third reminding, unless he make amends for his presumption by suitable satisfaction, he shall be deprived of his power, honour and dignity; he will know himself to be a criminal under divine judgment for perpetrated iniquity ; he will be debarred from partaking of the most sacred body and blood of God and our Lord Redeemer Jesus Christ, and at the last judgment will be subject to the severest punishment.

But the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ will be with all in this same place who keep his laws, so that here they will be partakers of the fruit of good works, and when before the severe Judge will receive the rewards of eternal peace. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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[Read on the 30th day of November, 1892.]

NORTH SHIELDS. The paper that I read before the Society in December last recorded Some forgotten burying grounds of the Society of Friends at Gateshead, Whickham, Boldon, and South Shields. This evening I propose to give some account of grounds that existed at North Shields high end and at Cullercoats. In the paper referred to I mentioned a meeting that was surprized in 1661 at the house of Robert Linton of South Shields when all present were taken prisoners by major Graham, the deputy-governor of Tynemouth castle, and cast into nasty holes' within the said castle where they lay a full month, and then were turned out as no charge was made against them. One of the persons so confined was George Linton of North Shields, who only survived his imprisonment a few months. One of the registers at Somerset House has the following interesting entry regarding him :

1661. George Linton of North Shields dyed in North Shields & by the furry of-the tymes, was by relations & souldiers carryed away from friends and lyeth buryed in the down end of Tinemouth kirk, the month & day not certain, but it was as fifteen thought, in the 11th or 12th month. This interment is confirmed by the parish register, although there is a difference of two years in the date :— 166 George Linton of North Shields buried excommunicate.'

I am indebted to Mr. Horatio A. Adamson for the extracts from the parish register, and he informs me that this is the only record there of an excommunicated person being buried.

Subsequently the Society of Friends appears to have opened a burial ground in North Shields. It was situated in Coach lane directly opposite Trinity church. It is still intact, separated from the public road by a high stone wall. For a great number of years no burials

I Arch, Ael. vol. xvi. p. 189.




have taken place there. It is now used for grazing purposes. I have only the record of a few interments, though doubtless the ground was extensively used :Year. Day. Mo. 1711

Isabella Buston was buried in the burial-ground North Shields. 1714 18 1 Caleb Turner of North Shields Mercer buried Opper End North

Shields. 1715 1 10 Johan Linton Wife of Robert Linton Upper End North Shields. 1716 15 12 Robert Linton of South Shields Upper End North Shields. 1716

Zechariah Tyzack of Tinmouth North Shields Aged 65. 1720 30 3 Abagail Wife of Caleb Turner Mercer Upper End North Shields.

From the cash books of the Society Mr. C. J. Spence has favoured me with the following extracts :1720 12m. 16 To mending a spade for ye Graveyards use & other necessirary charge Laid out ...

0 0 8 1721 5 9 To cutting yo Grass in the Burying Ground and making

it into Hay and carrying it into ye Meeting-house
Chamber paid ...

... 0 2 0 [This is an annual entry.] 1727 4m. 240. To mending yo Grave-yards Lock : being oute of repare

4d Dressing yo Water corse 84 and Salt Pan Rubush
to Lay upon ye Bank to hinder yo beasts coming
into the Ditch 4d in all is

... 0 1 4 1759 29 5mo. A legacy of £50 from Sarah Chapman of Whitby, in

trust for repairing Ye Meeting house & walis of ye
Burying place of ye Pople called Quakers scituate

in North Shields aforesaid
1 18 to the expense of making a New Door for the Grave

1 12 1783 10 12

to the Expense of repairing Meets House Grave Yard
wall the Gutter &c

6 2 11 1789 11 11 Dr to Henry Humprey for clearing Grave Yard Gutter one Year due this day

0 4 1765 12

5 pd Jno Trench his bill on acct of yo surrender of ye

4 6 1765 10 1 paid for Graveyard Step 10 foot long a ga

6 8 Paid for clearing Graveyard Gutter

4 [After this date the case of the gutter is an annual charge.] The payment in 1765 of £6 4s. 6d. to John Trench on account of the surrender of the graveyard would almost imply a change of ownership, but I have no further information on the matter.

CULLERCOATS. George Fox, the great founder of the Society of Friends, paid his first visit to Newcastle in 1653. Very soon after that time some of






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