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To amend Chapter seven (7) of the Revised Statutes of

Colorado Territory, entitled “Attorneys at Law."

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of Colorado Territory, That section eleven (11) of chapter seven (7) of the Revised Statutes of Colorado Territory be stricken out and the following inserted in lieu thereof: That any person producing a license from any court of record, or a duly authenticated copy of the record of any court of record in the United States, showing that he has been regularly admitted an Attorney at Law in any court of record in the United States; and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Judges of the Supreme Court, or a majority thereof, that he is a man of good moral character, he shall be licensed and permitted to practice in all the courts of the Territory without examination. Persons producing such evidence of their admission as Attorneys at Law in other States or Territories may make application to the Judges of the Supreme Court in vacation, and two or more of the said Judges shall issue a license to such person in the same manner as if such application was made to the Supreme Court.

Sec. 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved February 9th, 1871.


Relating to the Fees of Auditor in Certain Cases.

Be il enucted by the Council and House of Representatives of Colorado Territory, That the fees of the Auditor for the registration and cancellation of any bonds issued by any county, town, or city, of this Territory, required to be registered by the said Au



ditor, or under his direction, or for cancelling the same, shall, for such registration or cancellation, be the sum of ten cents for each bond so registered or cancelled.

Sec. 2. All acts and parts of acts in conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed.

Sec. 3. This act shall be in force and effect from and after its passage.

Approved February 10th, 1874.


Concerning Actions on Bonds, Bills, and I'romissory Notes.

su Lowo

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of Colorado Territory, That in all actions brought upon for the direct payment of money, the defendant, before he shall be permitted to plead to the merits, shall filo an affidavit of merit that he has, as he verily believes, a good and meritorious defense to said action or to some portion of it.

Sec. 2. Such affidavit may be made by counsel if it shall be made to appear to the Court that the affidavit of the defendant or defendants cannot be conveniently obtained.

Sec. 3. All acts or parts of acts so far as they conflict with this act, are hereby repealed.

Approved February 13th, 1874.


To Change the Boundary Lines of Bent County:

Be it enacted by the Council and Ilouse of Representatives of Colorado Territory, That the boundary lines of the County of Bent shall be as follows: Commenc-Boundari... ing upon the eastern boundary line of Colorado Territory at its intersection with township line between

lirens ood!

ad lished!

townships thirteen (13) and fourteen (14) south ; thence west on said township line to the range line between ranges fifty-nine and sixty west ; thence south on said range line to the township line between townships twenty-seven (27) and twenty-eight (28) south; thence east on said township line to the eastern boundary line of Colorado Territory; thence north on said eastern boundary line to the place of beginning

Sec. 2. That the County of Greenwood is hereby abolished, and that portion of it not included in the County of Elbert, shall and be for all purposes a part of the County of Bent.

Sec. 3. All county and judicial records, books, writings, papers, and documents of the said County of Greenwood shall hereafter belong to the County of Bent, and all cases, civil and criminal, that have arisen or may arise in the said annexed portion of the County of Greenwood, shall be held to be within the jurisdiction of the proper courts in and for said County of Bent.

SEC. 4. That the county commissioners of the ('ounty of Dent, and the county commissioners of the ('ounty of Elbert shall have the power and authority to adjust and settle, and equitably divide all matters of revenue and indebtedness, which may be necessary to adjust and settle on account of the abolishing of said County of Greenwood and the annexing of such to the said counties of Bent and Elbert.

Sec. 5. This act shall take cffect and be in force from and after its passage.

Approved February 6th, 1874.


To provide for the Appointment of Capitol Commission

ers and Defining their Duties.

Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representatives of Colorado Territory, That the Governor shall commissioners appoint three (3) Commissioners, to be confirmed by the Council, and to hold office for two (2) years, and until their successors are appointed and qualified, whose duties shall be as follows:

First-To examine into all the titles for lots and parcels of ground heretofore donated to the Terri. Duties tory or Colorado on condition that the Capitol be located at Denver, and if the same or any of them are found to be defective or imperfect in any particular, to have the same perfected to the Territory.

SecondTo take and have control of all said Capitol site and Capitol fund property belonging to the Territory.

ThirdTo have the custody of and expend in the improvement of the Capitol Grounds, and in the Fordemesi erection of Capitol buildings thereon, any money that may be appropriated by the Territory, by the county of Arapahoe, or by the City of Denver, or that may he donated by any person or persons for that purrose.

Fourth-On and after the first (1st) day of April, A. D. 1875, they may sell at public auction, and convey the same, after advertising said lots and for Capito lands for thirty (30) days in two (2) or more daily newspapers published in the City of Denver, any or all of the lots and lands so donated and belonging to the Territory for Capitol purposes ; except the Capitol Square, or site, itself--and shall then proceed to expend the money so realized in the erection of a Capicol building or buildings, upon said Capitol Square; Provided, The contract for the erection of the same shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder upon

Disposal of real ostato donated


Expenses and


proposals duly advertised and published; that the cost of the same when completed shall not exceed the amount of money actually then on hand or to be realized within the year 1875 for that purpose, from the sale of lots or from other sources, and that the same shall be completed, paid for and delivered to the Territory on or before the first (1st) day of January A. D. 1876.

Sec. 2. Said Commissioners shall be allowed the commission. amount of actual expenses incurred in the examina

tion and perfection of titles and in the record of deeds; the expenses of advertising, if lots and lands are offered for sale, and if sales are made and moneys expended as provided in section one (1), they shall be allowed such rate of commission thereon as would be charged at the time by real estate brokers in the City of Denver for like investments, and no more; Provided, That said Commissioners may employ a competent architect to plan and superintend the erection of said buildings and pay him the usual rate of commission for such services.

Sec. 3. Said Commissioners shall before entering upon the discharge of their duties give bonds and security, running to the Territory, in the sum of five thousand ($5,000) dollars each, to be approved by one of the Judges of the Supreme Court and deposited with the Secretary of the Territory, conditioned for the faithful discharge of this trust. And before selling lots and lands as hereinbefore provided, the amount of said bonds shall be increased to the sum of fifteen thousand ($15,000) dollars cach, with like approval and conditions.

SEC. 4. Said Commissioners shall report to the next Legislative Assembly of the Territory, within ten (10) days after it convenes, a full statement of all their doings under this act, and their bonds shall not be released until full settlement is made to the approval of said Legislative Assembly. All expendi

Commissioners to give bonds.

Statement of proceeilings.

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