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Concerning Elections.

ARTICLE I. Be it enacted by the Council and House of Representaatives of Colorado Territory, That the persons authorized by law or appointed by the Board of County Commissioners of the several Counties of this Territory to act as Judges of Elections in the several wards and election precincts, and shall meet on Tuesday, three weeks before the day upon which the general election for Territorial and County officers shall by law be appointed to be held, at nine o'clock A. M. of said day, and proceed to make a registry list, as hereinafter prescribed, of the names of all persons qualified and entitled to vote at the ensuing election in the ward or precinct in which they are judges, which list, when completed and revised, as hereinafter provided, shall constitute the registry of electors of said precinct. Whenever at the last election in any precinct, prior to such meeting of the Board of Registry, the number of votes cast in such precinct shall have exceeded three hundred, the said Board may continue in session for the purpose of making such registry, five days, if necessary, other. wise, but three days.

Sec. 2. The list so made shall contain the names of the qualified electors of the ward or voting precinct in which the same is made, alphabetically arranged, according to surnames, so as to show in one column the names of the electors at full length, and in another the place of his residence, designated by the number or name of street, and number of house, if known, or the section or other subdivision thereof, according to United States surveys, on which such elector shall reside, if he reside on surveyed lands, and if not, such description as will best locate his residence. Said Board shall enter on said list

Arrangement of lisis.

Publication of

the names of all legally qualified electors in such ward or precinct, or of those who will become such by lapse of time, on or before the next ensuing day of such general election, as aforesaid, in all cases in which such entry can be made consistent with the provisions hereinafter contained. For the convenience of the said Board they are authorized to take from the office of the County Clerk the poll list of such ward or precinct, filed by the judges of the last preceding election in such precinct.

Said Board shall make four copies of such registry po list when revised and completed, which list they listo shall certify to be correct, and forward one copy to the office of the County Clerk, and retain two copies for use on election day, and one copy they shall, within two days from the completion thereof, post in some conspicuous place where the last election was held in such precinct, and so as to be accessible and convenient to any elector who may desire to inspect the same. The Board of County Commissioners may cause to be printed and published any such registry list when completed, at an expense not exceeding two cents per name thereon.

Sec. 3. Every Board of Registry shall meet on the Tuesday of the week preceding any and cvery general election, at the place designated for holding such election, for the purpose of revising, correcting and completing such registry list, and in all cases they shall meet at nine o'clock A. M., and remain in session until four o'clock of said day.

Sec. 4. No vote shall be received at any election unless the name of the person offering to vote shall be found on the said certified registry list.

Sec. 5. In cases of vacancy in the office of judge of election, existing at any time, the Board of County vacancies in Commissioners shall fill the vacancy, and if there shall be a vacancy in the Board of Registry at any time, when they meet according to law, the vacancy


Concerning vacancies in Board,

Qualification of se 1egistrar


Secretary of

may be filled by the election by the qualified electors then present, of a qualified elector to serve as a member of such Board of Registry, until the appearance of a judge of election duly appointed in and for such, ward or precinct.

Sec. 6. Every judge of elections, or other person, serving on such Board of Registry, shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, take an oath, to be administered by any Justice of the Peace, or other officer present having power to administer oaths, faithfully to discharge the duties of registrar, according to law and to the best of his skill and ability.

Sec. 7. The members of said Board of Registry shall receive the same compensation as now allowed by law to judges of elections, for every day actually employed in the making and completing of the reg. istry.

Sec. 8. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Territory to make out a complete form of a Registry Book, alphabetically arranged, with the oath of the registrar in blank and the requisite blank colums properly headed, and to send printed copies thereof to the County Clerk of each County in the Territory, together with a sufficient number of copies of the registry and election laws bound in pamphlet form.

Sec. 9. It shall be the duty of the County Clerk is of each County to furnish annually, at least forty

(40) days before the day of each general election for the use of the registers in each precinct or ward i!! his County, four printed copies of said blank registries, which shall be delivered by the Sheriff of the County to the judges of elections in such wards or precincts at the time of serving notice on said judges, which notice shall be served at least ten (10) days prior to the day of the first meeting of the Board of

Registry as herein provided. Handges ofeler. Sec. 10. The persons appointed Judges of Elec

tions in every incorporated town or city, hereafter

Ristry books

tion intens

Revision and

shall meet on Tuesday of the week preceding each municipal election in town or city in which they are such judges, in the several precincts at the place of holding municipal elections therein, for the purpose of revising, correcting and completing the annual registry in this act required to be made, and for that purpose they are authorized to take from the office of the County Clerk the last annual registry of electors of the wards or precincts including'the town or city in which they are appointed judges.

Sec. 11. The said last mentioned registers shall in all respects proceed in the revising and correcting list etia of their respective wards or precincts as is hereinbefore provided for in the revision and correcting of the annual registries, except that the registry list so revised and corrected by such city or town registers shall be filed with the City or Town Clerk of the proper city or town.

Sec. 12. All registries taken from the County Clerk's office under the provisions of the last section shall be returned to the County Clerk within ten (10) days after the day of registry for which they may be taken out of the same.

Sec. 13. The same proceedings shall be had in all, cases of special elections, as are herein provided for general elections, so far as the same may be applica

Special election


Terin of servic

Sec. 14. All judges of election shall, on being appointed, hold their office for one (1) year, or until of judges. their successors are appointed, and shall serve at all special elections during their term of office, and they shall, severally, before entering upon their duties as judges at any election, take and subscribe the oath prescribed by law in such cases.

Sec. 15. All judges of election now appointed shall hold their offices until the next appointment of judges by the Board of County Commissioners, and shall serve at all special elections during their term of office.


try law.

Sec. 16. In case any new election precinct shall of new election be formed, the County Commissioners shall immedi

ately appoint judges of elections therein, and in the case of the division of any voting precinct, the names of all voters residing in that part of any precinct stricken off shall be striken from the registry list in the voting precinct from which such part shall have been stricken, and shall be inserted in the registry lists of the precinct to which such part may have been attached, at the first registration of voters' names in each such precinct respectively."

Sec. 17. An act entitled “ An Act to create and Nepeal of regis. establish a Board of Registry of Electors," approved

January 10, 1868, is hereby repealed.

Sec. 18. That hereafter the Judges of Elections when acting as a Board of Registry in cases provided by law, shall not, in any case, allow the name of any person to be placed on the list of registered voters, called the Registry of Elections, in any ward or voting precinct, in this Territory, unless in the following cases :

First, When the person whose name is to be regConcerning reg-istered, and also the facts of his legal qualification Slectors under as a voter in the ward, township, or precinct in

which such registry is made shall be known to one or more of the persons acting as such Board of Reg. istry, and the Judge, or person, so acting as on such Board of Registry to whom such voter and his legal qualifications are known shall sign his name on the registry roll, or list, opposite the name of such voter, and the Judge, or person, acting as member of such Board of Registry, so signing his name, opposite the name of such voter shall be deemed and held to have vouched under oath that such person, so registered, is a legal voter within the ward, township, or precinct, in which such registry is made; and such Judge, or person, acting on such Board of Registry, who shall so sign his own name as aforesaid, shall be

istration of

this act,

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