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.aw, They hated me without al 27 And ye also shall bear cause.

witness, because ye have been 26 But when the Comforter with me from the beginning. is come, whoin I will send unto you from the Father, even the CHAPTER XVI. Spirit of truth, which proceedeth THESE things have I spoken from the Father, he shall testify | 1 unto you, that ye should of me.

not be offended.

as proved true in the conduct of the Topics FOR INQUIRY. 1. Are we Jews towards Jesus. A pious man sensible of our dependence on Christ? of former times had reason to speak and are we cultivating an intimate of the wicked as hating him without intercourse with him ? vs. 2, 5. a cause. And in the case of Jesus, | 2. Are we bearing much fruit for this language was abundantly veri- the glory of God ? v.8. In respect fied. Such coincidences between the to this inquiry, consider what is the language of the Old Testament and habitual frame of your mind, at home events in the life of Jesus, whether as well as abroad, during the week as the passages referred to were direct well as on the Sabbath, in the ordinaprophecies or not,' would natural. ry pursuits of business as well as in ly strike the mind as indicating acts of worship, among men of the the providence of God both in that world as well as among the professed language and in those events; and followers of Christ; what are you thus the disciples would become just-doing for the salvation of men; what ly confirmed in the belief that those impression are you making on others events occurred according to a divine respecting religion; what efforts are plan, and that Jesus, in respect to you making for improvement in perwhom their Scriptures were verified sonal piety. in so many ways, was truly the One 3. Do we possess a special love for whom the Father was to send. | In the people of God? v. 12. their law; in their Scriptures. Com- 4. Are we willing, through our pare 10: 34. See Ps. 109: 3. 69: 4. love to Christ, to meet the frowns

26. He shall testify of me; he shall and hatred of men who love not the bear witness to my integrity. Though Saviour ? vs. 18, 19. I am rejected by my adversaries, yet How consoling is the reflection, if the Holy Spirit will vindicate me, we are enduring hatred on account of and bring clearly to light the truth our attachment to religion, that, in respecting me.

this respect, we are treated as our Sa27. Ye also shall bear witness ; that viour was! vs. 18–20. Nor will he is, to my integrity. |Because ye permit us to suffer for his name behuive bren with me from the beginning. yond the ability which he will grant Jesus had spoken and acted without us to endure evils. Compare 1 Cor. reserve in the presence of his apos- 10 : 13. tles. Thus they were qualified by in

CHAPTER XVI. timate personal acquaintance to bear 1. Offended ; induced to commit witness respecting his private life, as offence by departing from me. Comwell as his public teaching. The pare Matt. 13: 21. The Saviour had most rigid scrutiny of his retired mo predicted his own death, and the haments, as well as of his public life, tred to which his apostles would be would end most honorably to himself. exposed. When, then, he should be Even Judas was compelled to ac- removed from them, and they should knowledge, I have betrayed innocent be suffering persecution, they ought blood. See Matt. 27: 4. Compare not to feel disappointed, but still to Heb 7:26.

I hold fast their attachment to him,

2 They shall put you out of truth: It is expedient for you the synagogues : yea, the time that I go away: for if I go not cometh, that whosoever killeth away, the Comforter will not you, will think that he doeth come unto you; but if I depart, God service.

I will send him unto you. 3 And these things will they | 8 And when he is come, he do unto you, because they have will reprove the world of sin, not known the Father, nor me. and of righteousness, and of

4 But these things have I told judgment : you, that when the time shall | 9 Of sin, because they believe come, ye may remember that I told | not on me; you of them. And these things 10 Of righteousness, because I said not unto you at the be- I go to my Father, and ye see ginning, because I was with you. me no more;

5 But now I go my way to 11 Of judgment, because the him that sent me, and none of prince of this world is judged. you asketh me, Whither goest 12 I have yet many things to thou ?

say unto you, but ye cannot bear 6 But because I have said them now. these things unto you, sorrow 13 Howbeit, when he, the hath filled your heart.

Spirit of truth, is come, he will 7 Nevertheless, I tell you the guide you into all truth: for he

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2. Put you out of the synagogues. | 9. Of sin, because they believe not, See on 9: 22.

&c. The Spirit will convince my 3. Known the Father. See on 14 : adversaries that they have sinned in

not receiving me as the Messiah 4. Because I was with you. At an | 10. Of righteousness; of my innoearly period of the disciples' connec- cence and holiness. The Spirit will tion with Jesus, there was no need convince them that I am a righteous that he should fully disclose the person, and that I deserved better scenes of trial through which they treatment. || Because I go to the Fawere to pass. It was more appropri- ther. I am going to the Father ; I ate to that period that they should re. shall be seated at his right hand. Mark

joice in their privileges, and should | 16: 19. He will give glorious sucbe receiving religious instruction. cess to my cause, and thus furnish a Besides, if troubles should arise while divine attestation to my righteoushe was with them, he could person- ness. ally advise and protect.

11. Of judgment, because the prince 5. None of you asketh me, Whither of this world, &c. He will convince goest thou ? At an early part of this men of the just sentence passed on conversation, Thomas had made a Satan; for Satan's efforts will be remark similar to the inquiry here foiled, and he will be perceived to be stated. See 14: 5. But Jesus was in a state of condemnation. here speaking of the precise moment. 12. Ye cannot bear them now. The then passing.

apostles still needed to be led along 8. Reprove ; convince. ll Of sin, gradually to those more elevated and of righteousness, &c. Our Lord truths which would, in due time, be proceeded immediately to explain disclosed to them. these terms.

| 13. Into all truth; all the truths of

shall not speak of himself; but 19 Now Jesus knew that they whatsoever he shall hear, that were desirous to ask him, and shall he speak : and he will show said unto them, Do ye inquire you things to come.

among yourselves of that I said, 14 He shall glorify me : for A little while, and ye shall not he shall receive of mine, and see me : and again, a little shall show it unto you.

while, and ye shall see me? 15 All things that the Father | 20 Verily, verily, I say unto hath are mine : therefore said I, you, that ye shall weep and lathat he shall take of mine, and ment, but the world shall reshall show it unto you.

I joice: and ye shall be sorrow16 A little while, and ye ful, but your sorrow shall be shall not see me: and again, a turned unto joy. little while, and ye shall see me, 21 A woman when she is in because I go to the Father. travail hath sorrow, because her

17 Then said some of his dis- | hour is come : but as soon as ciples among themselves, What she is delivered of the child, she is this that he saith unto us, A remembereth no more the anlittle while, and ye shall not see guish, for joy that a man is born me: and again, a little while, I into the world. and ye shall see me : and, Be- 22 And ye now therefore have cause I go to the Father ? sorrow: but I will see you again,

18 They said therefore, What and your heart shall rejoice, and is this that he saith, A little your joy no man taketh from while ? We cannot tell what he you. saith.

23 And in that day ye shall the gospel. The Spirit was to unfold in heaven. See 14 : 18, 19, 2, 3. to the disciples the whole truth ; they Though years would elapse before were not yet in a condition suitable they should be called to heaven, yet, for receiving it. || He shall not speak comparatively speaking, the time of himself ; that is, by his own au- / would be “a little while.” thority, as independent of me and of 18. We cannot tell ; we do not unthe Father. ll Whatsoever he shall derstand. hear ; that is, from the Father; what 21. A man; a human being. he shall receive in order to communi- 22. I will see you again. This lancate to you. Compare 15: 15. Thus guage would be applicable to the Sathere would be a perfect harmony be viour's being with the disciples on tween the instructions which Jesus earth after his resurrection ; but his had given, and the more full disclo-promise was only partially fulfilled by sures to be made by the Spirit. The that period of intercourse with them. Spirit was to complete, in the work | It was his spiritual presence that was of instruction, what Jesus had com- | principally intended, since he intimenced.

mates that their joy would not be in16. Again a little while, and ye terrupted. shall see me. Jesus here referred to 23. In that day; at that time when, his being spiritually with his disci- after my removal from the earth, Í ples after his removal from the earth, shall yet manifest myself spiritual. and to their final reception to himself | ly to you. || Ye shall ask me noth.

ask me nothing. Verily, verily, my name : and I say not unto I say unto you, Whatsoever ye you, that I will pray the Father shall ask the Father in my name, for you: he will give it you.

27 For the Father himself 24 Hitherto have ye asked loveth you, because ye have nothing in my name : ask, and loved me, and have believed that ye shall receive, that your joy I came out from God. may be full.

23 I came forth from the Fa25 These things have I ther, and am come into the spoken unto you in proverbs : world : again, I leave the world, but the time cometh when I and go to the Father. shall no more speak unto you in 29 His disciples said unto proverbs, but I shall show you him, Lo, now speakest thou plainly of the Father.

plainly, and speakest no prov26 At that day ye shall ask in erb.

ing. At that time, they would means to speak somerohat obscurely. have no occasion to make inqui- The disciples did not, accordingly, ries as to the meaning of what Je during this conversation, immediately sus had just told them. They were perceive the meaning of the Saviour. now in perplexity, not understanding See 14: 5, 8. 16:17. || The time him, and they wished to ask him a comcth ; namely, when the Spirit of question (v. 19); but hereafter, when truth should be sent. || I shall speak; enjoying his spiritual presence, they I, by the agency of the Spirit. would not have occasion to make 26, 27. I say not unto you that I will such inquiries. This thought led the pray the Father for you : For the FaSaviour to repeat his encouragement ther. &c. The Saviour wished to respecting answers to prayer, and to give his disciples a very strong and promise again that all their necessi- encouraging assurance that the Father ties should be supplied in answer to would answer their prayers, and beprayer in his name, that is, prayer of- stow on them every needed good. fered by them as his disciples, devoted Hence he declared that so favorably to his interests, and acting under his inclined towards them was the Faauthority.

ther, so ready to perceive and to sup24. Hitherto have ye asked nothing ply their wants, that there would be in my name. Hitherto they had of no occasion for him, the Saviour, to fered supplications, not specially as interpose his kind offices in interced. followers of Jesus, and in his behalf, ing for them. So well pleased was as having reference to his glory; but the Father with their love to their hereafter they were to pray in behalf Master, and with their confidence in of the cause of Jesus ; they were to him, as having come from God, that come to the Father as the followers of he needed no additional inducement Jesus, and in that distinctive capacity to hear and answer their prayers. to seek for blessings.

How consoling must such an assur25. These things ; those things ance have been to the timid, despond. which the Saviour had communicated ing disciples ! With what strength in the present conversation. || Prov- must the remembrance of it have erbs. Proverbial sayings are frequent- nerved them after the descent of the ly encompassed with obscurity, so that Holy Spirit, and their becoming fully their meaning is not immediately ob- qualified for their high and holy vious. Hence, to speak in proverbs / work!

30 Now are we sure that thou have peace. In the world ye knowest all things, and needest shall have tribulation, but be not that any man should ask of good cheer ; I have overcome thee : by this we believe that the world. thou camest forth from God. I 31 Jesus answered them, Do

CHAPTER XVII. ye now believe ?

THESE words spake Jesus, 32 Behold, the hour cometh, I and lifted up his eyes to heavyea, is now come, that ye shall en, and said, Father, the hour is be scattered every man to his come; glorify thy Son, that thy own, and shall leave me alone : Son also may glorify thee: and yet I am not alone, because 2 As thou hast given him the Father is with me.

| power over all flesh, that he 33 These things I have spoken should give eternal life to as unto you, that in me ye might many as thou hast given him.

30. Thou knowest all things. The py issue. y. 20.' Compare Rom. 8: disciples had been desirous to make 28. Rev. 7: 14. an inquiry (vs. 17, 19); but Jesus, without waiting for them to propose

CHAPTER XVII. it, had anticipated them, and made such explanations as appeared to The Saviour,

The Saviour, having finished his them satisfactory. Flis knowledge of conversation with the disciples, of their desires confirmed their belief in fered a most affectionate and fervent him : another proof, in addition to prayer. In this prayer, he briefly nowhat they had already received, was ticed his manner of performing the now furnished them, that their Mas-work which had been committed to ter had really come from God, and him, and commended his disciples to was clothed with divine authority. the merciful care of his Father, be

32. To his own ; to his own abode. seeching also divine favor for those The Saviour referred to the disciples' who, in subsequent times, should be. leaving of him when he should be lieve in him. seized by the Jews, and to their retir- 1. The hour is come; the hour of ing either to their homes, or to places my departure from this world. | Gloof temporary accommodation in and rify thy Son ; receive thy Son to the around Jerusalem.

glorious condition in heaven which 33. In me; by adhering to me as has been appointed for him. Comyour Master. In the world; by the pare Mark 16: 19. Phil. 2:9-11. hostility of a wicked world; from the Il That thy Son also may glorify thee. men of the world,

The Father would be greatly honored

by the extension of the gospel, and REMARKS. 1. Let us highly prize the success which was to attend it, the influences of the Holy Spirit. when, after the ascension of Jesus, To the apostles the Holy Spirit made the Spirit should be sent into the special revelations; to all men his in- world. fluences are necessary for so enlight. 2. All flesh; all mankind. It was ening and affecting the soul as to se- in behalf of human beings that Jesus cure salvation. vs. 13-15. Compare came into the world, and to him per. 2 Cor. 4:6.

tains dominion over the human race. 2. If we are truly followers of || To as many as thou hast given him, Christ, all the sorrows through which to those who have been specially giv. we are called to pass will have a hap-) en to Christ, to be his redeemed peo

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