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31 In that day, he which ing together; the one shall be shall be upon the house-top, and taken, and the other left. his stuff in the house, let 36 Two men shall be in the him not come down to take it field; the one shall be taken, away: and he that is in the and the other left. field, let him likewise not re- 37 And they answered and turn back.

said unto hiin, Where, Lord ? 32 Remember Lot's wife. And he said unto them, Where

33 Whosoever shall seek to soever the body is, thither will save his life, shall lose it; and the eagles be gathered together. whosoever shall lose his life, shall preserve it.

CHAPTER XVIII. 34 I tell you, in that night! A ND he spake a parable unto there shall be two men in one h them to this end, that men bed; the one shall be taken, ought always to pray, and not to and the other shall be left, faint ;

35 Two women shall be grind- 2 Saying. There was in a 31. Compare Matt. 24: 16–18. of this world, if a person meant to 32. Lot's wife. See Gen. 19: 26. escape with his life. The wife of Lot did not hasten from 34–36. Compare Matt. 24 : 40, the danger as she had been warned. 41. In that night. The darkness of So the times of danger, of which | night is used as an emblem of disJesus was warning, would not admit tress, of most dangerous times. ll In of any person's delaying his escape ; one bed ; rather, on one couch, sitting he must at once, without hinderance, or reclining together. flee to a place of safety, else he would 37. Where, Lord ? A question fall in the general calamity.

prompted by curiosity, and not neces33. Whosoever, &c. This common sary, for any practical purposes, to be saying, which occurs elsewhere with immediately answered, as time would the addition of a few words in refer- sufficiently soon furnish an answer. ence to the life hereafter (see Matt. Hence the Saviour gave no direct re10:39), seems here to be applied to ply to it, but made a remark, intithe preservation of natural life. As mating that as surely as a bird of Lot's wife, through an ill-judged con- prey would find a dead body, so surely cern about the conveniences of this would the agents of divine vengeance world and the delay occasioned by find the objects to be destroyed. || Eathat concern, lost her life, so a persongles. See on Matt. 24: 28. who should not be willing at once to abandon whatever articles of his

CHAPTER XVIII. might be in the house, or in the city! 1. A parable is now introduced, (see v. 31), and out of regard to them designed to encourage constancy and should delay his flight, would, in all importunity in praver. The disciples probability, lose his life. While he would, ere long, be persecuted and who should disregard such things, oppressed by the Jews. But they and should incur the loss of what rust not cease to pray earnestly to might be very needful for his con- God for deliverance from their ca. venience, and should therefore hasten lamities, though deliverance should bis escape,- he is the one that would seem to be delayed. The time would save his life. The times would be certainly come, when God would exceedingly perilous; and no regard rescue them, and overthrow their adought to be paid to the conveniences | versaries. They ought to repose im

city a judge, which feared not his own elect, which cry day God, neither regarded man. and night unto him, though he

3 And there was a widow in bear long with them ? that city; and she came unto 8 I tell you that he will him, saying, Avenge me of mine avenge them speedily. Neveradversary.

theless, when the Son of man 14 And he would not for a cometh, shall he find faith on the while: but afterward he said earth ? within himself, Though I fear 9 And he spake this parable not God, nor regard man; Junto certain which trusted in

5 Yet, because this widow themselves that they were rightetroubleth me, I will avenge her, ous, and despised others : : Jest by her continual coming 10 Two men went up into she weary me.

the temple to pray; the one a 6 And the Lord said, Hear Pharisee, and the other a publiwhat the unjust judge saith. can.

7 And shall not God avenge 11 The Pharisee stood and plicit faith in God, that he would not you? Shall he find those who will neglect them.

be reposing an implicit confidence in 3. Avenge, &c.; do me justice, de the power and goodness of God, as fend me.

the Being who will hear prayer and 7. And shall not God; who is a rescue his people? It is implied, that just and merciful ruler. || Avenge there would be in the country of the his own elect? rescue from oppres-Jews extremely few that would possion those who are his chosen friends? | sess this faith. The great body of || Though he bear long with them ; the nation would be in unbelief; and though he delay in respect to them. many, who had made fair promises,

How strong is the argument here would desert the Saviour's cause. presented for cherishing an unwavering confidence in God! If an unjust REFLECTION. Christ will come judge can be prevailed on by the im- again to welcome his people to portunity of a person for whom he heaven. Will he find us reposing a cares not at all, will not God listen to full confidence in all his declarations, the entreaties of those whom he re- and exercising a devout reliance on gards as his special friends ? Com his goodness and power, in respect to pare 11:5–13.

our salvation ? He will come to each * 8. When the Son of man cometh ; to of us at our death. Let us seek to be defend his cause and people, and to waiting for him, and trusting in him. destroy his adversaries, that is, the We have great encouragement to Jewish nation. See Matt. 24: 29, “ pray without ceasing." 1 Thess. 5: 30. | Shall he find faith on the earth 17. Čol. 4: 2. Luke 11 : 5—13. Matt. The "word translated earth often 15:21-28. means, in a more restricted sense, the land. Here the country of the 9. Another parable is here introJews is meant. Faith here means duced, designed to show that prayer confidence in God and the Messiah in must be offered in humility, in order respect to the deliverance of the Sa- to be acceptable to God. Unto cer. viour's followers from the persecul- tain ; respecting certain persons. tions of the Jews. The amount of the 11, 12. Compare Matt. 6: 5, 16. question is, Shall he find this conti- | 23: 23. dence to which I have been urging


prayed thus with himself, God, I 20 Thou knowest the com I thank thee, that I am not as mandments, Do not commit other men are, extortioners, un- | adultery, Do not kill, Do not just, adulterers, or even as this steal, Do not bear false witpublican.

ness, Honor thy father and thy 12 I fast twice in the week, mother. I give tithes of all that I pos- 21 And he said, All these sess.

have I kept from my youth up. 13 And the publican, stand- 22 Now, when Jesus heard ing afar off, would not lift up so these things, he said unto him, much as his eyes unto heaven, / Yet lackest thou one thing : sell but smote upon his breast, say- all that thou hast, and distribute ing, God be merciful to me a unto the poor, and thou shalt

have treasure in heaven : and 14 I tell you, This man went come, follow me. down to his house justified rath- 23 And when he heard this, er than the other : for every one he was very sorrowful : for he that exalteth himself shall be was very rich. abased ; and he that humbleth 24 And when Jesus saw that himself shall be exalted. he was very sorrowful, he said,

15 And they brought unto | How hardly shall they that have him also infants, that he would riches enter into the kingdom of touch them : but when his dis-God! ciples saw it, they rebuked 25 For it is easier for a them.

camel to go through a needle's 16 But Jesus called them un-eye, than for a rich man to enter to him, and said, Suffer little into the kingdom of God. children to come unto me,' and 26 And they that heard it, forbid them not : for of such is said, Who then can be saved ? the kingdom of God.

27 And he said, The things 17 Verily, I say unto you, which are impossible with men, Whosoever shall not receive the are possible with God. kingdom of God as a little child, | 28 Then Peter said, Lo, we shall in no wise enter therein. have left all, and followed thee.

18 And a certain ruler asked 29 And he said unto them, him, saying, Good Master, what Verily, I say unto you, There is shall I do to inherit eternal life? no man that hath left house, or

19 And Jesus said unto him, parents, or brethren, or wife, or Why callest thou me good ? children, for the kingdom of none is good, save one, that is God's sake, God.

30 Who shall not receive 14. Justified ; approved as being in any degree pleasing to God. For pious, accepted. This man, the pub- every one, &c. See 14: 11. lican, rather than the Pharisee, was 15, 17. Compare Matt. 19:13, 14. approved; not that the Pharisee was! 1830. See Matt. 19: 16–30.

nanifold more in this present | 39 And they which went betime, and in the world to come fore rebuked him, that he should life everlasting.

hold his peace : but he cried so 31 Then he took unto him much the more, Thou son of the twelve, and said unto them, David, have mercy on me. Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, 40 And Jesus stood and comand all things that are written manded him to be brought unto by the prophets concerning the him: and when he was come Son of man shall be accom- near, he asked him, plished.

| 41 Saying, What wilt thou 32 For he shall be delivered that I shall do unto thee? And unto the Gentiles, and shall be he said, Lord, that I may remocked, and spitefully entreat-ceive my sight. ed, and spitted on;

42 And Jesus said unto him, 33 And they shall scourge Receive thy sight : thy faith him, and put him to death: and hath saved thee. the third day he shall rise again. 43 And immediately he re

34 And they understood ceived his sight, and followed none of these things : and this him, glorifying God: and all the saying was hid from them, nei- people, when they saw it, gave ther knew they the things which praise unto God. were spoken.

35 And it came to pass, that! CHAPTER XIX. as he was come nigh unto AND Jesus entered and Jericho, a certain blind man sat passed through Jericho. by the way-side begging;

2 And behold, there was a 36 And hearing the multitude man named Zaccheus, which pass by, he asked what it meant. was the chief among the publi

37 And they told him, that cans, and he was rich. Jesus of Nazareth passeth by. 3 And he sought to see Je

33 And he cried, saying, Jesus who he was; and could not sus, thou son of David, have for the press, because he was mercy on me.

little of stature. 31–34. See Matthew 20: 17-19. Roman empire, Roman knights were Compare also Luke 9: 43–45. appointed chief publicans, but an ex.

35-43. Compare Matt. 20:29— ception was made in respect to the 34. Mark 10: 46-52.

Jews. The management of the rey

enues was committed to the Jews CHAPTER XIX.

themselves. Those Jews who ob2. Chief among the publicans : a tained the management of these af. chief publican. He was not one of fairs were regarded as holding a very the inferior collectors, but one who considerable civil rank, though the employed collectors under him. See nature of the office made even them INTRODUCTORY EXPLANATIONS, in the subject to the ill-will of the nation. first volume, page xvii. In the con- l . 3. The press; the crowd of peoquered provinces, generally, of the I ple.

4 And he ran before, and (Lord, the half of my goods I climbed up into a sycamore-tree give to the poor; and if I have to see him ; for he was to pass taken any thing from any man that way.

by false accusation, I restore him 5 And when Jesus came to four-fold. the place, he looked up, and saw 9 And Jesus said unto him, him, and said unto him, Zac- This day is salvation come to cheus, make haste, and come this house, forasmuch as he also down : for to-day I must abide / is a son of Abraham at thy house.,

10 For the Son of man is 6 And he made haste, and come to seek and to save that came down, and received him which was lost.. joyfully.

11 And as they heard these 7 And when they saw it, they things, he added and spake a all murmured, saying, That he parable, because he was nigh to was gone to be guest with a man Jerusalem, and because they that is a sinner.

thought that the kingdom of 8 And Zaccheus stood, and God should immediately apsaid unto the Lord; Behold, pear.

4. Sycamore-tree. See on 17 : 6. like Abraham's. Compare John 8: 7. A sinner. See on 15:1. | 39.

8. I give. The present is here 10. To seek and to save, &c. Thus used for the future, I will give. to Zaccheus was given the blessing, || Taken by false accusation. The for bestowing which on guilty and idea is, if I have defrauded. || Re- lost men Jesus came into the world. store ; will restore, I resolve to pay Zaccheus needed to be sought and to back. || Four-fold. According to Ex. be saved, and salvation was bestowed 22:4, 7, a restitution of double the on him. amount would have satisfied the law. 11. That the kingdom of God should But Zaccheus meant to show the immediately appear. The disciples willingness of his heart to make most were now on their way to Jerusalem, ample restitution. Thus Zaccheus and were expecting to attend the fesdeclared his serious intention of lead-tival of the passoyer. Under the ining a life of piety. The account here | fluence of their earthly views regiven is very brief. Probably, after specting the Messiah's reign, they arriving at the house of Zaccheus, indulged the hope that, when he Jesus had much conversation with should arrive at Jerusalem, the capihim of a religious nature, and the tal of the country, and thronged at conversation had a salutary effect. that festival with multitudes of the Under the influence of the Saviour's Jews, he would assert his royal pre. instructions, he made the declarations rogatives, commence his reign, elehere recorded. How different the vate his personal friends to dignity, result, in this instance, from that in rescue the nation from their subju. the case of the young man mentioned gated state, and inflict judgments on in the preceding chapter! vs. 18– their foes. Now these earthly views 23.

Jesus wished, in a kind inanner, 9. To this house ; this family. || A to correct, and to withdraw their son of Abraham; not only a descend thoughts from expecting any display ant of Abraham, but one similar to of worldly authority. He wished to Abraham, having traits of character | lead them to this point, namely, that

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