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hold of his words before the l 33 Therefore in the resurrecpeople: and they marvelled at tion, whose wife of them is she? his answer, and held their peace. for seven had her to wife.

27 Then came to him certain 34 And Jesus, answering, of the Sadducees (which deny said unto them, The children of that there is any resurrection), this world marry, and are given and they asked him,

in marriage: 28 Saying, Master, Moses 35 But they which shall be wrote unto us, If any man's accounted worthy to obtain that brother die, having a wife, and world, and the resurrection from he die without children, that the dead, neither marry, nor are his brother should take his given in marriage : wife, and raise up seed unto his 36 Neither can they die any brother.

more: for they are equal unto 29 There were therefore sev- the angels; and are the chilen brethren: and the first took dren of God, being the children a wife, and died without chil- l of the resurrection.

.. dren.

37 Now that the dead are 30 And the second took her raised, even Moses showed at to wife, and he died childless. the bush, when he calleth the

31 And the third took her; Lord the God of Abraham, and and in like manner the seven the God of Isaac, and the God also : and they left no children, / of Jacob. and died.

38 For he is not a God of 32 Last of all the woman the dead, but of the living: for died also.

all live unto him. 34. The children of this world mar. all those just spoken of, the ancient ry, &c. Marriage is intended and is patriarchs, are alive to him, though to proper for those who live in this us they are dead. Hence he calls world.

himself still their God; for he is now, 35. That world ; the world to come. as well as formerly, their God, the Those who shall be admitted into the Being whom they still adore and serve. world to come, will have no occasion To be the God of any persons is, to be for marriage.

the one whom they worship. Since 36. Equal unto the angels ; like the Jehovah is, not merely was, the God angels, in being immortal, not liable of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob, to death. ll Children of God; simi- these patriarchs are still alive in relar to God, in being not liable to spect to him ; because he is not a death. || Children of the resurrection ; God of dead, lifeless things, but a having attained to the resurrection, the God of living beings, who only can future blessed state of the righteous. I adore and serve him. The thought which our Lord present Another view may be presented. ed is this : Marriage is intended for The word translated unto him, may this mortal state, where "one genera- be translated by him. The passage tion goeth and another cometh ; " but would then be rendered, for all live it is not intended for the future state, by him. And since it is by the power that state being a deathless one. of God that human life is continued

38. All live unto him. They all, J from day to day, by that same power · 39 Then certain of the scribes, CHAPTER XXI. answering, said, Master, thou A ND he looked up and saw hast well said.

| the rich men casting their 40 And after that, they durst gifts into the treasury not ask him any question at all. 2 And he saw also a certain

41 And he said unto them, poor widow, casting in thither How say they that Christ is two mites. David's son ?

3 And he said, Of a truth I 42 And David himself saith say unto you, that this poor in the book of Psalms, The LORD widow hath cast in more than said unto my Lord, Sit thou on they all. my right hand,

Å For all these have of their 43 Till I make thine enemies abundance cast in unto the offer. thy footstool.

ings of God: but she of her 44 David therefore calleth penury hath cast in all the living him Lord; how is he then his son? | that she had. · 45 Then in the audience of 5 And as some spake of the all the people, he said unto his temple, how it was adorned with disciples,

goodly stones, and gifts, he said, 46 Beware of the scribes, 6 As for these things which which desire to walk in long ye behold, the days will come, robes, and love greetings in the in the which there shall not be markets, and the highest seats left one stone upon another, that in the synagogues, and the chief shall not be thrown down. rooms at feasts ;

7 And they asked him, say47 Which devour widows' ing, Master, but when shall these houses, and for a show make things be ? and what sign will long prayers: the same shall re- there be when these things shall ceive greater damnation.

come to pass ?

life can be - continued in another Donations to the temple, and offerings world as well as in this. The Saviour of splendid quality, were suspended had said (see Matt. 22 : 29), that the in various parts of the temple. HeaSadducees had erred through not con- then temples were frequently adorned sidering the power of God. To this with spoils captured from enemies, and remark he perhaps referred in the ex- with yoluntary donations in token of pression now under consideration. I gratitude. The same practice was

39-44. See Matt. 22: 41–46. adopted by the Jews.

45-47. See Matt. 23: 5—7, 14. 7-11. Compare Matt. 24 : 3–8. Mark 12: 38, 39. Desire to walk ; love Fearful sights and great signs shall to walk. || Long robes ; a long, flowing there be from heaven. Josephus, the article of dress, worn by persons of dis- | Jewish historian, describes very partinction, and adapted to attract notice ticularly several uncommon appearby making a venerable appearance. ances in the heavens, and other singu

lar events, which occurred before the CHAPTER XXI.

destruction of Jerusalem, and which 1-4. Compare Mark 12:41–44. were considered by the Jews as por5, 6. See on Matt. 24: 1,2. Gifts. I tending some remarkable changes.



8 And he said, Take heed 14 Settle it therefore in your that ye be not deceived: for hearts, not to meditate before many shall come in my name, what ye shall answer. saying, I am Christ ; and the 15 For I will give you a time draweth near: go ye not mouth and wisdom, which all therefore after them.

your adversaries shall not be 9 But when ye shall hear of able to gainsay nor resist. wars, and commotions, be not 16 And ye shall be betrayed terrified : for these things must both by parents, and brethren, first come to pass; but the end and kinsfolks, and friends; and is not by and by.

| some of you shall they cause to 10 Then said he unto them, be put to death. Nation shall rise against nation, 17 And ye shall be hated of and kingdom against kingdom : | all men for my name's sake.

11 And great earthquakes 18 But there shall not a hair shall be in divers places, and of your head perish. famines, and pestilences: and 19 In your patience possess fearful sights, and great signs ye your souls. shall there be from heaven. 20 And when ye shall see

12 But before all these they Jerusalem compassed with arshall lay their hands on you, mies, then know that the desolaand persecute you, delivering tion thereof is nigh. you up to the synagogues, and 21 Then let them which are into prisons, being brought be- in Judea flee to the mountains ; fore kings and rulers for my and let them which are in the name's sake.

midst of it depart out; and let 13 And it shall turn to you not them that are in the counfor a testimony.

tries enter thereinto. These were explained, by some per- 12—19. See Matthew 24: 9–13. sons, in a manner favorable to the Compare also Matt. 10: 17-22. Jews, and by others, unfavorably. 13. It shall turn to you for a testiJosephus expresses his surprise that mony. Your being brought to trial such signs were not properly attended before the magistrates shall prove to to; and represents the Jews as “ in- | you an occasion of bearing testimony fatuated, as if they were without eyes for the Messiah, and vindicating his to see or minds to consider, so regard cause. less were they of the denunciations 18. See note on p. 128. that God made to them.” That the 19. In your patience possess ye your strange sights observed in the heav- souls. Putieńce, in the Scriptures, ens, and the strange voices said to often means perseverance, continuance. have been heard, and other singular It was by a persevering attachment to events, were much exaggerated, is the cause of their Master that the disvery credible ; for the people were in ciples would secure the salvation of a very feverish state of excitement, their souls. See Matt. 24: 13. tossed about by hope and fear. But 20–24. See Matt. 24: 15—22. that God permitted certain things to 21. In the midst of it; in the city take place which had all the effect of Jerusalem. || In the countries; the portents from heaven, cannot well be country, as distinguished from the doubted.

| city.

22 For these be the days of 25 And there shall be signs vengeance, that all things which in the sun, and in the moon, and are written may be fulfilled., in the stars; and upon the earth

23 But woe unto them that distress of nations, with perare with child, and to them that plexity; the sea and the waves give suck in those days ! for roaring; there shall be great distress in the 26 Men's hearts failing them land, and wrath upon this people. for fear, and for looking after

24 And they shall fall by the those things which are coming edge of the sword, and shall be on the earth : for the powers of led away captive into all na-heaven shall be shaken. tions : and Jerusalem shall be 27 And then shall they see trodden down of the Gentiles, the Son of man coming in a until the times of the Gentiles cloud, with power and great be fulfilled.

glory. 22. All things which are written. they cherished the belief that, under Compare Matt. 24 : 15.

the protection of the Messiah, a more 24. Trodden down ; laid waste and glorious city and temple would arise, profaned; as it were, trampled on; worthy of the nation that was to be despoiled of its glory, and in the so highly distinguished as they exhands of Gentiles. Until the times pected to become. This opinion Jeof the Gentiles be fulfilled ; until the sus would not encourage; he theretime when God will punish the Gen- fore used a general expression, which tiles, that is, the nations which should would be applicable to any righteous have sway over Jerusalem. For the retribution with which God might, at meaning of this expression, compare any time, visit the Gentiles. From Jer. 27: 7. 50: 31 ; also Ps. 37: 13. the time of Jerusalem's being deIs. 13: 22. The Saviour thus fore- stroyed down to the present tine, it told that the Gentiles, who should has been under the dominion of trample down Jerusalem, would nations other than Jews, and has themselves be visited by the judg-never acquired its former splendor. ments of a holy God for their sins. It is now under the dominion of the But lohen this would take place he Turks, and Mohammedan worship is said not, as such information would maintained on ground once esteemed rather gratify useless curiosity than so holy. contribute to any practical benefit. 25, 26. Signs in the sun, &c. A There seems also to have been anoth- highly-wrought description of the er important reason for his using an distress which would immediately indefinite expression, and not saying precede the taking of the city. Comdefinitely when the punishment of the pare Matt. 24: 29. Upon the earth; Gentiles would come, whether speedi- | more strictly, the land, namely, July or after a long time, whether in dea. See the note on Matt. 27 : 45. this world or in another. Some of In Luke 4:25, the original word the Jews entertained the opinion that translated land is the same as the the Messiah's reign would be ushered word here used. || Nations ; the in by dreadful calamities, in the midst tribes and people in Palestine. || The of which he would suddenly come sea and the waves roaring. The noise forth for the protection and deliver- of waves is a figure expressing disance of the nation. Among these tress and agitation of mind. See Ps. calamities they reckoned the devas- | 42: 7. 88: 7. tation of the city and temple. But! 27. See Matt. 24 : 30.

28 And when these things I pass away: but my words shall begin to come to pass, then look not pass away. up, and lift up your heads : for 34 And take heed to youryour redemption draweth nigh. selves, lest at any time your

29 And he spake to them a hearts be overcharged with surparable: Behold the fig-tree, and feiting and drunkenness, and all the trees;

cares of this life, and so 30 When they now shoot that day come upon you unforth, ye see and know of your awares. own selves that summer is now 35 For as a snare shall it nigh at hand.

come on all them that dwell on 31 So likewise ye, when ye the face of the whole earth. see these things come to pass, 36 Watch ye therefore, and know ye that the kingdom of pray always, that ye may be acGod is nigh at hand.

counted worthy to escape all 32 Verily, I say unto you, these things that shall come to This generation shall not pass pass, and to stand before the away, till all be fulfilled.

Son of man. 33 Heaven and earth shall 37 And in the day-time he

28. Your redemption ; your deliv- of, the language would naturally be crance from Jewish oppression. so shaped as to be applicable to any

29–33. See Matthew 24: 32–35. coming of the Messiab, whether to The kingdom of God is at hand; the take vengeance on the Jewish nation, Messiah is on his way to establish his and to rescue his followers from oprighteous cause, and to destroy the pression and discouragement, or to opposing Jewish power.

call his disciples to another world by 34–36. These verses present, in a death, or to his coming to the general very brief manner, the cautions and judgment. See on Matt. 24 : 42. exhortations which are given at full 37. That day. The exhortation im. length by Matthew in 24 : 42–51. plied in the preceding words of this 25:1–46. By reference to these verse, and more fully exhibited by passages in Matthew's Gospel, it will Matthew (24 : 42-51. 25:1-46), be seen that, in the exhortations to had brought to view a day of account watchfulness, the Saviour appears to and of retribution. That was the day have passed onward in his mind, here spoken of, and reference seeins and to have connected his coming to be particularly made to the final to destroy Jerusalem with another judgment. Compare Matt. 7: 22. coming, namely, his coming at the 35. As a snare; unexpectedly, end of the world to the general judge when men are not looking for it. ment. His exhortations in these pas- Compare Matt. 24: 50. sages have reference principally to 36. Watch, &c See Matt. 24 :42. that second coming, and are conse- 25:13. | All these things that shalt quently applicable to all his follow- come to pass; the woes that shall be ers. The brief summary here pre-inflicted on the wicked. | Sland besented by Luke should, then, be fore the Son of man; stand accepted, explained in the same manner as be acquitted so as not to fall into conthose passages in Matthew; and, as demnation. Compare Rom. 14: 4. it is the Saviour's coming to inflict Ps. 1:5. 130: 3. judgment on his foes, and to award 37. In the day-time and at night. bliss to his disciples, that is spoken | This verse shows the manner in

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