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Taylor & Francis, 1871

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الصفحة 128 - A mind just entering on the subject may consider it difficult to think of the powers of matter independent of a separate something to be called the matter, but it is certainly far more difficult, and indeed impossible, to think of or imagine that matter independent of the powers. Now the powers we know and recognize in every phenomenon of the creation, the abstract matter in none ; why then assume the existence of that of which we are ignorant, which we cannot conceive, and for which there is no...
الصفحة 378 - ... inches, with a focal length of 12 feet. In the Table the first column contains simply the reference number. An asterisk denotes that the line affected by it has no well-marked corresponding dark line in the ordinary solar spectrum.
الصفحة 128 - ... all the facts of what is usually called the atomic theory in chemistry, were dismissed because they were not expressive enough, and did not say all that was in the mind of him who used the word atom in their stead...
الصفحة 124 - You do not surely expect that chemistry should be able to present you with a handful of phlogiston, separated from an inflammable body ; you may just as reasonably demand a handful of magnetism, gravity, or electricity to be extracted from a magnetic, weighty, or electric body. There are powers in nature which cannot otherwise become the objects of sense, than by the effects they produce ; and of this kind is phlogiston.
الصفحة 377 - ... of propagation. Hence the component velocity of the fishing-line perpendicular to the fronts of these waves was the true minimum velocity. To measure it, therefore, all that was necessary was to measure the angle between the two sets of parallel lines of ridges and hollows, sloping away on the two sides of the wake, and at the same time to measure the velocity with which the fishing-line was dragged through the water. The angle was measured by holding a jointed...
الصفحة 378 - The telescope and collimator have each a focal length of nearly 10 inches, and an aperture of \ of an inch. The prism-train consists of five prisms (with refracting angles of 55°) and two half-prisms. The light is sent twice through the whole series by means of a prism of total reflection at the end of the train, so that the dispersive power is that of twelve prisms. The instrument distinctly divides the strong iron line at 1961 of Kirchhoff's scale, and separates B (not li) into its three components....
الصفحة 246 - Summary of recent observations on ocean temperature made in HMS Challenger, and USS Tuscarora; with their bearing on the doctrine of a general oceanic circulation sustained by difference of temperature,
الصفحة 374 - ... of the wave increases ; by and by conterminal waves unite ; the "ridges increase, and if the wind increase the waves become "cusped, and are regular waves of the second order. They con" tinue enlarging their dimensions ; and the depth to which they " produce the agitation increasing simultaneously with their " magnitude, the surface becomes extensively covered with waves
الصفحة 377 - The angle to which the ruler had to be opened in this adjustment was the angle sought. By laying it down on paper, drawing two straight lines by its two edges, and completing a simple geometrical construction with a length properly introduced to represent the measured velocity of the moving solid, the required minimum wave-velocity was readily obtained. Six observations of this kind were made, of which two were rejected as not satisfactory. The following are the results of the other four : — Velocity...
الصفحة 366 - ... and that the components of angular velocity round the three fixed rectangular axes are constant. An isotropic helicoid may be made by attaching projecting vanes to the surface of a globe, in proper positions; for instance, cutting at 45' each at the middles of the twelve quadrants of any three great circles, dividing the globe into eight quadrantal triangles. By making the globe and the vanes of light paper, a body is obtained rigid enough and light enough to illustrate by its motions through...

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