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ces m, corrupting the worship of God n, adding to it, or taking from it o, whether invented and taken up of our: selves p, or received by tradition from others 9

tho under the title of antiquity r, custom , devotion t, good intent, or


the bullock which was given them, ficeth unto the Lord a corrupt thing: and they dressed it, and called on the for I am a great King, faith ibie name of Baal from morning even Lord of hosts, and my name is until noon, saying, O Baal, hear us. dreadful among the hearben. But there was no voice, nor any that o Deut. iv. 2. Ye shall not add answered. And they leape upon the unto the word which I command altar which was made. v, 28, And you, neither shall ye diminish ought they cried aloud and cut them from it, that ye may keep the comselves after their manner with knives mandments of the Lord your God and lancets, till the blood gushed which I command you. out upon them. Isa. Ixv. 11. But ye p Psal. cvi, 39. Thus were they are they 'that forsake the Lord, defiled with their own works, and that forget my holy mountain, went a whoring with their own inthat prepare a table for that troop, ventions. and that furnish the drink-offering 9 Mat. XV. 9. But in vain they do unto that number,

worship me, teaching for doctrines m Acts xvii. 22. Theo Paul stood the commandments of men. in the midst of Mars-hill, and said, ri Pet. i. 18. Forasmuch as ve Ye men of Athens, I perceive that know that ye were not redeemed in all things ye are too supersticious. with corruptible things, as silver Col. ii. 21. (Touch not, taste not, and gold, from your vain conversa. andle not:

v. 22. Which all are tion received by tradition from your to perish with the using) after the fathers. commandments and doctrines of S Jer. xliv. 17. But we will cer. men, v. 23. Which things have in- tainly do whatsoever thing goeth deed a few of wisdom in will wore forth out of our own mouth, to fhip and humility, and neglecting of burn incense unto the queen of heathe body, not in any honour to the ver, and to pour out drink-offerings satisfying of the flesh.

unto her, as we have done, we apd. 1 Mal. i. 7. Ye offer polluted bread our fathers, our kings and our prin.. upon mincaltar: and ye say, Where. ces, in the cities of Judah, and in in have we polluted thee? in that the streets of Jerusalem: for then ye lay, The table of the Lord is had we plenty of victuals, and were. contemptible. v. 8, And if ye offer' well, and faw no evil. the blind for sacrifice, is it not evil? i Ifa. Ixv. 3, A people that proand if ye offer the lame and Gck, is voketh me to anger continually to it not evil ? offer it now unto thy my face, that sacrificeth in gardens, governor, will he be pleased with and burneth incenfe upon altars of thee, or accept thy person? faith brick: 0. 4. Which remain among the Lord of hosts. v. 14. But cursed the graves, and lodge in the monu, be the deceiver, who hath in bis ments, who eat swines felh, and flock a male, and voweth and facri- broth of abominable things is in


"any other pretence whatsoever v; Simony w; facrilegex; all neglect y; contempt 2,

hindering a, and opposing the worhip and ordinances which God hath appointed b.


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their veíTels: v. 9. Who say, Stand pass by the way in the ind, that the by thyself, come not near to me, Lord met him, and soughtíto kill for lam bolier than thou : thefe him. v. 25. Then Zipporah took are a smoke in my nose, a fire ibat a sharp stone, and cut off the burneth all the day, Gal. i, 13. For foreikio of her son, and cast it at his ye have heard of my conversation in feet, and said, Surely a bloody huftime paft, in the Jews religion, how band art thou to me. V. 26. So he that beyond measure I persecuted let him go; then she said, A bloody the church of God, and wasted it: husband thou art, because of the cir. V.14. And profited in the Jews re: cumçilion. ligion above many my equals in z Mat. xxii. s. But they made light mine owo patioa, being more ex• of it, and went their ways, one to ceedingly zealous of the traditions his farm, another to his merchage of my fathers.

dize. Mal. i. 7. Ye offer polluted o i Sam, xiii. 11. and Samuel said, bread upon mine altar, and ye say, What halt thou done And Saul „Wherein have we polluted thee? jo said, Because I saw that the people that ye say, The table of the Lord were scattered from me, and that is contemptible. V.13. Ye said alla, thou camelt not within the days ap- Behold, what a weariness is it, and pointed, and that the Philutines ye have snuffed at it, faith the Lord gathered themselves together to of hosts ; and ye brought that which Michmah :, V. 12. Therefore said I, was torn, and the lame, and the the Philistines will come down now fick : thus ye brought að offering : upon me to Gilgal, and I have not should I accept this of your hands? made (application unto the Lord : I faith the Lord. forced myself therefore, and offered a Mat. xxiii. 13. But wo unto your a burnt offering, 1 Sam. xy. 21. Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites : But the people (Said Saul) took of for ye shut up the kingdom of hea. the spoil, teep and oxen, the chief ven against men : -for ye neither go of the things which should have been in yourselves, neither soffer ye them ytterly deltroyed, to sacrifice unto that are entering to go in. the Lord thy God in Gilgal.

b Afts xiii. 24. And the next sabe u Acts viii, 18, And when sinon bath day came almost the whole ci. faw that through the laying on of ty together to hear the word of God. the apoilles hands, the Holy Ghost . 45, But wben the Jews faw the was given, he offered them money. multitudes, they were filled with

* Rom. j. 22. Thou that abhor- envy, and spake against those things teft idols, dalt thou commit sacrilege? which were fpoken by Paul, contraMal, ij. 8. Willa man rob God ? yet dicting and blafpheming. 1 Thed. ye have robbed me: but ye say, ii. 15. Who both killed the Lord Wherein, have we robbed thee? In Jefus, and their own prophets, and tithes and offerings,

have perfecuted us; and they please v Exod, iv, 24. And ic ame to not God, and are contrary to all



n Q. 110. What are the reasons annexed to the fecond comia mandment, the more to enforce it?

Å. The reasons annexed to the second commandment, the more to enforce it, contained in these words, for ) the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me: and shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me,and keep my commandments c; are, beside God's sovereignty over us, and propriety in us d, his fervent zeal for his own worfhipe, and his revengeful indignation against all false worship, as being a spiritual whoredomf; accounting the breakers of his


men: v. 16. Forbidding us to speak cannot be partakers of the Lord's to the Gentiles, that they might be table, and of the table of derils. F. saved; to fill up their fins alway, 22. Do we provoke the Lord to jeafor the wrath is come upon them to lousy? are

lousy? are we stronger than he? the uttermost.

Jer. vii, 18. The children gather 110. c Exod, xx. 5, 6.

wood, and the fathers kindle the d Psal. xlv. 11. So shall the king fire, and the women knead their greatly desire thy beauty: for he is dough to make cakes to the queen thy Lord, and worship thou him. of heaven, and to pour out drink Rev. xv. 3. And they ling the fong offerings to other gods, that they of Moses the servant of God, and the may provoke me to anger. v. 19. Song of the Lamb, saying, Great and Do they provoke me to anger ? laith marvellous are thy works, Lord God the Lord, do they not provoke almighty : just and true are thy themselves to the confusion of their ways, thou King of faints. V. 4. own faces ? V. 20. Therefore thus Who shall not fear thee, O Lord, faith the Lord God, Behold, mine and glorify thy name for thou on- anger and fury shall be poured out Jy art holy: for all nations hall upon this place, upon map and upon come and worship before thee: for beast, and upon the trees of the thy judgments are made mapifeft, field, and upon the fruit of the

e Exod. xxxiv. 13. But ye shall ground; and it shall burn, and shall destroy their alears, break their i. not be quenched. Ezek, xvii 26. mages, and cut down their groves. Thou hast also committed fornicatie vi 14. For thon malt workip no 0 on with the Egyptians thy neighther gode for the Lord whose name bours, great of Hesh, and halt inis Jealous, is a jealous God. creased thy whoredoms to provoke

f 1 Cor. 8. 20. But I fay, that the me to anger. v. 27. Behold there. things which the Gentiles sacrifice, fore, I have stretched ous my hand they sacrifice ro devils, and not to over thee, and have diminished thine God: And I would not that ye ordinary food; and delivered thee Should have fellowship with devils. unto the will of them that hate * 21. Ye cannot drink the cup of thee, the daughters of the Philistineş the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye which are ashamed of thy lewd way.

• Devt.

commandment such as hate him, and threatening to punish them unto divers generations g; and esteeming the observers of it such as love him and keep his commandments, and promising mercy to them unto many generations h.

Q. 111. Which is the third commandment?

4. The third commandment, is, Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain i.

Q.112. What is required in the third conmmandement?

A. The third commandment requires, Dame of God, his titles, attributes k, ordinances I, the


Deut.xxxii. 16. They provoked him mandments, always, that it might to jealousy with strange gods, with be well with them, and with their abominations provoked they him to children for ever. zoget. 1.17They sacrificed unto 111. i Exod. xx.7. devils, aot to God, to gods whom 112. k Mat, vi. 9. After this manthey knew, not, to new gods that per therefore, pray ye: Our Father came newly up, whom your fathers who art in heaven, hallowed be thy feared not. 4. 18. of the rock that name. Deut. xxviii. 58. If thou wilt begat thee thou art unmindful, and not observe to do all the words of had forgotten God that formed thee, this law, that are written in this 1, 19. And when the Lord saw it, he book, that thou mayest fear this abhorred them, because of the pro- glorious and fearful name, THE voking of his sons and of his daugh- LORD THY GOD, Pfal. xxix. 2, ters. ¥. 20. And he faid, I will hide Give unto the Lord the glory due my face from them, I will see what unto his oame; worship the Lord in their end fhall be: for they are a the beauty of holiness. Pfal. lxviii, very froward generation, children. 4. Sing unto God, fing praises to his in whom is no faith.

name, extol him that rideth upon g Hosea ii. 2. Plead with your the heavens by his name J AH, and mother, plead; for she is not my rejoice before him. Rev. xv. 3, 4. wife, neither am I her husband; let (See above in d. her therefore put away her whore | Mal. ij. 4. But cursed be the dedoms out of her fight, and her a ceiver, who hath in his flock a male, dulteries from between her brealts : and voweth and sacrificeth unto the V. 3. Lest i strip her naked, and set Lord a corrupt thing: for I am a her as in the day that she was born, great King, saith the Lord of hults, and make her as a wilderness, and and my name is dreadful among the fet her like a dry land, and Nay her heathen. Eccl. v, 1. Keep thy foot with thirst. v. 4. And I will not when thou goest to the house of have mercy upon ber children ; for God, and be more ready to hear, they be the children of whoredoms. than to give the sacrifice of fools,

b Deut. V. 29. O that there were for they consider not that they do fuch an heart in them, ihat they evil. would fear me, and keep.all my com.

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word m, facraments n, prayer

0, oaths p, vows 9, lots r, works), and whatsoever else there is whereby he makes himself known, be holily and reverently used in thought t, meditation v, word w,


m Pfal. cxxxviii. 2. I will worship ther say thou before the angel, that towards thy holy temple, and praise it was an error : wherefore should thy name, for, thy loving kindness God be angry at thy voice, and de. and for thy rruth: for thou hast (troy the work of thine hand ? inagnified thy word above all thy Aasi. 24. And they prayed, and páme.

faid, Thou Lord, who knower the ni Cor. xi. 24. And when he had hearts of all men, shew whether of give thanks, he brake it, and said, these two thou hast chosen. 8. 26. Take, eat; this is my body which is And they gave forth their lots; and broken for you : this do in remem- the lot fell upon Matthias, and he brance of me. v, 25. After the same was numbred with the eleven apomanner also he took the cup, when Atles. he had supped, saying, This cup is s Job xxxvi, 24. Remember that the new teitament in my blood : this thou magnify his work, which men do ye, as oft as ye drink it in remem- behold. brance of me. 5.28. But let a man + Mal, iii, 16. Then they that examine himself, and so let him cat feared the Lord, spake often one to of that bread, and drink of that cup. another, and the Lord hearkened, V. 29. For he that eateth and drink and heard it, and a book of remeneth unworthily, eateth and drinketh brance was written before him for damnation to himself, not discerning them that feared the Lord, and that the Lord's body.

thought upon his name. 01 Tim. ii. 8, I will therefore v Psal. viii, Throughout. v. 1.0 that men pray every where, lifting Lord our Lord, how excelleat is thy up holy hands, without wrath and name in all the earth! who halt set doubting.

thy glory above the heavens. v. 3. P Jer, iv. 2, and thou shalt swear, When I consider thy heavens, the The Lord liveth in truth, in judg work of thy fiogers, the moon and ment, and in righteonsness; and the the starsw hich thou balt ordained; nations shall bless themselves in V. 4. What is man, that thou art him, and in him shall they glory. mindful of him? -0.9, O Lord our

q Eccl. v. 2. Be not rash with thy Lord, how excellent is thy name in mouth, and let not thine heart be all the earth! hasty to utter any thing before God: w Col. iii. 17. And whatsoever for God is in heaven, and thou upon ye do in word or deed, do all in the earth: therefore let thy words be name of the Lord Jesus, givingthanks few. v. 4. When thou yowest a vow to God and the Father by him. Psal

. unto Ged, defer not to pay it : for cv. 2. Sing unto him, 'Gog psalms be hath no pleasure in fools ; pay unto him : talk ye of all his won. that which thou hast vowed. v. s. drous works, · Better is it that thou shouldst not marvellous works that he hath done,

vow, than that thou should't vow his wonders and the judgments of and not pay, :V. 6 Suffer not thy his mouth. mouth to cause thy flelh to fin, nei.

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v. 5. Remember his

* Pfal.

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