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Q. 122. What is the sum of the six-commandments which contain our duty to man?

A. The sum of the fix commandments which contain our duty to man, is, to love our neighbour as ourselves y, and to do to others what we would have them do to us z.

Q. 123. Which is tbe fifth commandment?

A. The fifth commandment is, Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee a.

Q. 124. Who are meant by father and mother, in the fifth commandment?

A. By father and mother, in the fifth commandment, are meant not only natural parents b, but all superiors in age c and gifts d; and especially such as by God's ordinance are over us in place of authority, whether in family e, church f, or com


wine preffes on the fabbath-day, of all such as handle the harp and (See in letter b.).

organ, .V. 22. Aud Zillab, he also 122. y Mat, xxii. 39, and the bare Tubal Cain, an indructor of fecord is like unto it, Thou shalt every artificer in brass and iron.love thy neighbour as thyself. Gen. xlv. 8. So now it was not you

z Mat, vii. 12. Therefore all things that sent me hither, but God, and whatsoever ye would that men should he hath made ine a father to Phado to you, do ye even so to them; raoh, and lord of all his house, and for this is the law and the prophets. a ruler throughout all the land of 123. a Exod. xx. 12.

Egypt. 124: 6 Prov, xxiji, 22, Hearken

e 2 Kings v. 13. and his servant unto thy father that begat thee, and came near, and spake unto them, despise not thy mother when the is and said, My father, if the prophet old. V: 25. Tby father and thy bad bid thee do some great thing, mother thall be glad: and flie that wouldlt thou not have done it ? how bare thee shall rejoice. Eph, vi. 1. much rather theo, when he saith to Children obey your parents in the thee wall and be clean? Lord: for this is right. v. 2. Honour s 2 Kinga ii. 12. And Elifha fawit, thy fairer and mother (which is the and he cried, My father, my father, firit commandment with promise.) the chariot of Israel, and the horse

c i Tim. v. 1. Rebuke not an el ' men thereof.--2 Kings xiii. 14. der, but intreat him as a father, and Now Elisha was fallen Gck, of his the younger men as brethren : v. 2. fickness whereof he died, and joalh The elder women as mothers, the the king of Israel came down into younger as lifters, with all purity. him, and wept over his face, and

d Gen. iv. 20. And Adah bare faid, O my father, my father, the Jabal : he was the father of such as chariot of Israel, and ihe horsenen dwell in tents, and of such as have thereaf. Gal. iv. 19. My little chilcattle.

v. 21. And his brother's dren, of whom I travail in birth again name was jubal, he was the father


mon-wealth rhy are superiors stiled father and mother?

Q : Why ?

A. Superiors are stiled father and mother, both to teach themi in all duries toward their inferiors, like natural parents, to express love and tenderness to them, according to their several relations b; and to work inferiors to a greater willingness and chearfulness in performing their duties to their superiors, as to their parents i.

Q. 126. What is the general scope of the fifth commandment?

A. The general scope of the fifth commandment is the performance of those duties which we mutually owe in our several relations, as superiors, inferiors or equals k.

Q. 127. What is the honour that inferiors owe to their fue periors? A. The honour which inferiors owe to their superiors is,



antil Christ be formed io you. Wherefore hast thou afflicted thy

g Isa. xlix. 23. Apd kings shall be fervant ? and wherefore have I pot thy nursing fathers, and their queens found favour in thy fight, that shou thy Durlag mothers : and they shall layeft the burden of all this people bow down to thee with their face upon me? v. 12. Have I conceived all toward the earth, and lick up the this people ? have I begotten them? dult of thy feet, and thou thalt that thou should say unto me, carknow that I am the Lord: for they ry them in thy bosom, (as a nursing Shall not be ashamed that wait for father beareth the fucking child)

unto the land which thou swarelt 125.b Eph, vi. 4. And ye fathers, unto their fathers? provoke not your children to wrath: i i Cor. iv. 14. I write not these but bring them up in the nurture things to shame you, but is my be. and admonition of the Lord. 2 Cor. loved fons I warn you.

v. 15. For xii. 14.- For the children ought not tho' you have ten thousand instructo lay up for the parents, buc the pa tors in Chrilt, yot have ye not many rents for the children. Thess. ii. fathers : for in Christ Jssus. I have 7. But we were gentle among you, begotten you through the gospel. even as a nurse cherisheth her chil v, 16. Wherefore I beseech you be dren: v. 8. So being affectionately ye followers of me.

2 Kings v, 13. desirous of you, we were willing to (See letter er) have imparted unto you, not the 126. & Eph. V. 21. Submitting gospel of God only, but also our yourselves one to another in the fear own souls, because ye were dear un of God. i Pet. ii. 17. Hongur all to us. v. 11. As ye know, how we men. Love the brotherhood. Feac exhorted and comforred, and char. God. Honour the king. Rom. xii. ged every one of you, as a father 10. Be kindly affectioned one to adoth his children. Numb. xi. 11. nother, with brotherly love, in hoand Moses said unto the Lord, nour preferring one another.

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all due reverence in heart I, word m, and behaviour ns prayer and thaksgiving for them 0; imitation of their virtues and graces p; willing obedience to their lawful commands and counsels ? ; due submission to their correcti


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127. / Mal. i. 6. A fon honourething the end of their conversation, bis father, and a servant his master: Poi iii. f. Brethren, he followers If then I be a father, where is mine together of me, and mark them who honour? nd'ifl be a master, where is walk so, as ye have us for an ennay fear? faith the Lord of holte sample. upto you, O priests, that despise my © Eph. vi. 1. Children, obey your name: and ye say, Wberein have parents in the Lord: for this is we Jepised thy name ? Lev. xix. 3. right. v. 2. Honour thy father and Ye thall fear every nian his mother, nother, (which is the first com. and his father, and keep my fab. mandment with promise.) v. 5. Seca baths : I am the Lord your God. vants be obedient to them that are

18 Pror. xxxi. 28. Her childien your masters, according to the flesh, arise up and call her blessed: her with fear and irembling, ia finglehusband allo, and be praiseth her. Dess of your heart, as unto Chrift; 1 Pet. iii, 6. Even as Sarah obeyed v, 6. Not wiih eye-ferrice, as menAbrahain, calling bima lord; whole pleasers, but as the fervants of daughters ye are as long as ye do Chrilt, doing the will of God from well, and are not afraid with any the heart; v. 7. Mill good-will amazement

doing service, as to the Lord, and n Lev, xix. 32, Thou shalt rise up not to men. 1 Pet. ii. 13, Submit before the hoary head, and honour yourselves to every ordinance of man the face of the old man, and fear for the Lord's fake : whether it be thy God: I ain the Lord 1 Kings to the king, as supreme : v, 14. Or ii 19, Bathsheba therefore went un. unio goveriors, as unto them that to King Solomon, to speak unto are sent by him for the punishment bun for julunijah; and the king role of evildvers, and for the praise of up to meet her, and bowed himself them that do well, Rom. xiii, 1. Let unto her, and fac down on his every soul be subject unto the higher tirune, and caused a seat to be fet powers. For there is no power but for the king's mother; and the fai of God; the powers that be, are oron bis right hand.

dained of God. v. Whosoever ai Tim.i. 1. 1 exhort therefore, therefore resittech the power, selit that first of all, fupplications, pray- cth the ordinances of cod: and they ers, interceffions, and giving of that reist ihall receive to themselves thinks be piade for all men: V. 3. dararation. v. 3. For rulers are act For kinga, and for ail that are in a terror to good works,butiotheevil. authority; that we may lead a quiet Wilt thou then not be afraid of the and peaceable life in all godlineis power? do that which is good, and and hopelty.

'thou shalt have praise of the same: p Hei. xii. m. Remember them V. 4. For he is the minister of Gud who rave the role over you, who to thee for good. But if thou do bave spoken un:o you the word of that which is cvil, be afraid; far ha Gud. whose faith follow, conider



ons r; fidelity to f, defence t, and maintenance of their

perfons and authority, according to their several ranks and the nature of their places; Bearing with their infirmities,


beareth not the sword in vain : for it patiently, this is acceptable with he is the minister of God, a reven• God. ger to execute wrath upon him that Tit. ii. 9. Exhort servants to be doch evil. v. 5. Wherefore


must obedient unto their own masters, needs be subject, not only for wrath, and to please them well in all things; but also for conscience fake, Heb, not answering again. v, 10. Not xiü. 17. Obey them that have the purloining, but shewing all good rule over you, and submit your: fidelity; that they may adorn the selves: for they watch for your doctrine of God our Saviour in all fouls, as they that must give ac things. count; that they may do it with i 1 Sam. xxvi. 15. And David said joy, and not with grief: for that is to abner, Art not thou a valiant unprofitable for you. Prov. iv. 3. man? and who is like to thee in If; For I was my father's foo, tender rael? wherefore then halt thou 'not 20d only beloved in the light of my kept thy lord the king? for there mother. v. 4. He taught me also, caine one of the people in to destroy and said unto me, Let thy heart re the king thy lord. v. 16. This thing tain my words, keep my command is not good that thou hast done: as ments and live. Prov. xxiii. 22. the Lord liveih, ye are worthy to Hearken unto thy father that begat die, because ye have not kept your thee, and despise not thy mother master the Lord's anointed. 2 Sam. when he is old. Exod. xviii, 19. xviii, 3. But the people answered, Hearken now unto my voice, I will Thou shalt not go forih: for if we give thee counsel, and God shall be flec away, they will not care for us; with thee. v. 24. So Moses hearken- neither if half of us die, will they ed to the voice of his father-in-law, care for us : but now thou art worth and did all that he had said.

ten thousand of us : therefore now , Heb. xii. 9. Furthermore, we it is better that thou succour us out have had fathers of our flesh, who of the city. Etth. vi. 2. And it was corrected us, and we gave them re found written, that Mordecai had verence: fhall we not much iather told of Bigthana and Terelh, two be in subjection unto the Father of of the king's chamberlains, the Spirits, and live? I ii. 18. Ser- keepers of the door, who fought to v20ls, be subject to your masters lay hand on the king Ahasuerus. with all fear, not only to the good r Mar, xxii. 21. They say unto and gentle, but also to the froward. him, Cesar's. Then said he unto v. 19. For this is thack worthy, if them, Render unto Cefar the things a man for conscience toward God which are Cefar's: and unto God endure grief, Suffering wrongfully. the things that are God's. Rom. xiii. vi 20. For what glory is it, it when 6. For, for this cause pay you triye be buffeted for your faulis, ye bute also: for they are cod's minifhall take it paciently? but if whien sters attending continually upon this ye do well, and suffer for it, ye take very thing. v. 7. Render tilectore


and covering them in love w, that so they may be an honour to them, and to their government *.

128. What are the fins of inferiors against their superiors? A. The sins of inferiors againił their superiors are, all neglect of the duties required toward themy; envying at z, contemptofa,


to all their dues : tribute to

4. As arrows are in the hand of a whom tribute is dee, custom to mighty man: so are children of the whom custom, fear to whom

to whom youth. v. 5. Happy is the man that fear, bonour to whom honour. hath his quiver full of them; they 1 Tim, v. 17. Let the elders that Thall not be ashamed, but they shall rule well, be counced worthy of speak with the enemies in the gate. double honour, especially they who Prov. xxxi, 23. Her husband is labour in the word and doctrine. ktown in the gates, when he liteeth v. 18. For the scripture saith, Thou among the elders of the lard. Malt oot muzzle the ox that tread 128. y Mat. xv, 4. For God cometh out the corn: asd, The labour manded, saying, Honour thy father er is worthy of his reward, Gal, vi. and mother, and, He that curseth 6. Let him that is taught in the father or mother, let him die the word, communicate unto him that death. V: 5. But ye say, Whosoe. tracheth in all good things. Gen. ever shall say to his father orbis moxlv. 11, and there will I nourith ther, it is a gift by whatsoever thou thee (for yet there are Gve years of mightest be profited by me. 5. 6. " famine) lest thou, ard thy liouthold, And honour not his father or his and all that thou hast come to po- mother he shall be free. Thus bave veriy. Gen. xlvii, 12. And Joseph ye made the commandment of God nourished his father and bis bre- of none effect by your tradition, thren, and all his father's houshold z Num. xi. 28. And Joshua ebe with bread, according to their fa- fon of Nan, the fervant of Mofes, milies,

one of bis young men,

answered and w 1 Pet. ii, i8. Servants, be sute faid, My lord Mofes, forbid them. jeat to your masters with all fear, not F. 29. And Moses said unto him, only to the good and gentle, but al. Envieit thou for so the froward, Prov, xxiii. 22. Would God that all the Lord's Hearken unto thy fa ber thar begat people were prophets, and that the thee, and despise nue thy mother Lord would put his Spirit upon when she is old.

çen, 1X, 23. And them. Shem and Japheth took a garment a i Sam. vii. ". And the Lord and laid it upon to:h their moul. faid unto Samuel, Hearken unto the ders, and went backward, and co. voice of the people, in all that they vered the nakedness of their father; say urn thee: for they have not and their faces were backward, and rejected thee, but they have rejected they saw not cheir father's cakede me, that I should not reign orer nels.

thcm Ifa. iii. 5. And the people x Pfalcxxvii. 3. Lo, children are Shall be oppicfed, every one by 4an heritage of the Lord: and the nother, and every one by lais ncighfruit of the womb is his reward. v, bour : the child shall behave him..

my fake?

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