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and rebellion b, again their persons c, ‘and places d, in their lawful counsels e, commands, and corrections f; curling, mocking g, and all such refractory and scandalous carriage, as proves a thame and dishonour to them and their government h.

Q. 119. What is required of superiors towards their inferiors ?

A. It is required of superiors, according to that power they receive from God, and that relation wherein they stand, to love i, pray for k, and bless their inferiors ';


agles shall

self proudly against the ancient, and g Prov. xxx. 11. There is a genethe base againit the honourable. ration that curseth their father, and

b 2 Sam. xv. from v. 1. to 12. And doch not bless their mother. 1.17. it came to pass after this, that Ab Tlv eye that mocketh at his father, salom prepared him chariots and and despisech to obey his mother, borfes, &c.

the ravens of the valley shall pick it c Exod. xxi, 15. And he that out, and the young fmitech his father or his mother, eat it. fall surely be put to death.

b Prov. xix. 26. He that walteth di Sam. x. 27. But the children his father, and chascth away bis of Belial laid, How shall this man mother, is a son that causeth Thame, faveus ? and they despised himn, and and bringeth reproach. brought him no presents; but he 129. i Col.iii. 19. Husbands, love held bis peace.

your wives, and be nor bitter against e'l Sarn. ii. 25.-Notwithstand them. Tit. ii. 4. That they may teach ing they (viz, the sons of Eh) hear the young women to he sober, to love kened not unto the voice of their their husbands, to love their chil. father, because the Lord would llay dren, them,

ke 1 Sam. xii. 23. Moreover, as for f Deut. xxi, 18. If a man have a me, God forbid that I should Go a. stubborn and rebellious fon, who gaiolt the Lord in cealing to pray will not obey the voice of his father for yous but I will teach you the or the voice of his mother, and that good and ibe right way. Jobi, 5. when they have chaltened him, will And it was so, when the days of not liearken unto them : v. 19. Then their seating were gone about, that fall his father and his mother lay job sent and fanclified them, and bold on him, and bring him out unto rose up early in the morning, and the elders of the city, and unto the offered burnt-offerings, according gate of his place : v. 20. And they to the number of them all: for Job Thall say unto the elders of his city, said, It may be that my sons hare This our son is stubborn and rebel. fioned, and curfed God in their lious, he will not obey our voice, he hearts. Thus did Job continually, is a glutton and a drunkard. v. 21. 1 i Kings riii. 55. And he stood, And all the men of his city fall and blessed all the congregation of ftone him with stones, that he die: Ifrael, with a loud voice, saying, fo halt chou put evil away from a v. 56. Blessed be the Lord, that mong you, and all Israci ha!! hear, hath giren reit unto Lis people if. adfcar.


to instruct m, counsel and admonith them n; countenancing, commending p, and rewarding such as do wellq; and discounicdancing r, reproving, and chartising such as do ills; protccting t, and providing for them all things neceffary for


rael, according to all that he pro- faid the kings servants that minimised: there hath not failed-Heb.' ftred unto him, There is nothing vii. 7. And without all contradicti done for him. on, the less is blessed of the better, r Rom. xiii. 3. For rulers are not Gen. xlix. 28. All these are the a ţerror to good works, but to the twelve tribes of Israel: and this is it evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid that their father spake upto them, of the power ? do that which is and blessed chem; every one accord good; and thou shalt have praise of ing to bis blessing he blessed them. the fame : v. 4. For he is the mini

m Deut. vi. 5. And these words, ster of God to thee for good. But if which I command thee this day, shall thou do that which is evil, be a. be in thine heart. v. 7. And thou fraid : for he beareth not the sword fale teach them diligently unto thy in vain : for he is the minster of children, and falt talk of them God, a revenger to execute wrath when thou fittelt in thine house, and upon him that doth evil. when thou walkelt by the way, and Prov. xxix, The rod and rewhen thou lielt down, and when proof give wisdom : but a child left thou riseft yp.

to himself, bringeth his mother to * Eph. vi. 4. And ye fathers'pro fame. 1 Pet. 11. 14. See above in voke got your children to wrath: letter p.) but bring them up in the nurture + Job xxxix. 1 2. Because I deliverand admonition of the Lord. ed the poor that cried, and the fa

01 Pet. iii. 7. Likewile ye hus. therless, and him that had none to bånds dwell with them according to help him, v, 13. The bleting of knowledge, giving honour untu the him that was ready to perish, came wife as unto the weaker vessel, and upon me : an.' I caused the widows as being heirs together of the grace heart to fing for joy. V. 14. I put of life; that your prayers be not on righteousness, and it clothed me; hindred.

my judgment was a robe and a dia pi Pet. ii. 14. Or unto governors, dem. v. 15. I was eyes to the blind, as unto them that are sent by him and feet was I to the lanie. v, 16. I for the punishment of evil doers, and was a father to the poor; and the for the praise of them that do well, cause which I knew not, I searched Rom. xiii. 3. For rulers are not a ter. out, v. 17. And I brake the jaws of ror to good works, but to the evil, the wick, and pluckt the spoil out Wilt thou theo not be afraid of the of his teeth. ' ffde i. 10. Hear the power? do that which is good, and word of the Lord, ye rulers of soihou shalt lave praise of the lanie. don ; give ear unto the law of our

9 Eith, vi, 3. And the king faid, God, ye people of Gomorrah. v. 17. Whar honour and dignity hath been Learn iu do well

, feek judgment, donc to Mordecai for this? thcarchiuve the opprofod, judge the fa


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loul v and body w: and, by grave, wise, holy and exemplary carriage, to procurc glory to God x, honour to themselves y, and so to preserve that authority which God hath put upon them z.

Q. 130. IV hat are the firs of superiors?

1. The sins of superiors are, beside the negle&t of the duties required of them a, an inordinare seeking of them. selves b, their own glory c, ease, profit, or pleasure d'; com


therless, plead for the widow. of Israel, prophefy, and fay unto
· v Eph. vi. 4. And ye fathers, pro- them, Thus faith the Lord God
voke not your children to wrath; unto the shepherds, Wo be to the
but bring them up in the nurture Shepherds of Israel that do feed
and admonition of the Lord. themselves : Tould not the shep-

- w i Tin. v. 8. But if any provide herds feed the docks?. v. 3. Ye eat
not for his own, and especially for the fat, and ye clothe you with the
those of bis own house, he bath de- wool, ye kill then that are fed; but
nied the faith, and is worse than an ye feed not the filock. v.5. The dis-

eased bare ye not strengthened, neix 1 Tim. iv, 12. Let no man de. ther have ye healed that which was fpife thy youth, but be thou an ex. fick, neither have ye bound up that aniple of the believers, in word, in which was broken, neither have ye conversation, in charity, in spirit, in brought again that which was drifaith in purity. Tit. j. 3. The aged ven away, neither have ye fought women likewile, that they be in be. that which was lost; but with force haviour as becometh holiness, not and with cruelty have ye ruled false accusers, not given to much them. wine, teachers of good things. V. 4. 9

Phil, ü. 21. For all seck their That they may teach the young wo-own, not the things which are Jesus nien to be sober, to love their huf- Christ's. bands, to love their children.

c John v. 44. How can ye be. To be discret, chaite, keepers at lieve, who receive honour one of bome, good, obedient to their own anorher, and seek not the honour hubands, that the word of God be that conneth from God only ? Joha not blasphemed.

vii, 18. He that speaketh of himself, y Kings iii. 28. and all Israel feeketh his own glory; but he that heard of the judgment which the feeketh his glory ilmai sent him, the king had judged, and they feared fame is true, and co uprighteousthe king : for they faw that the wif- cess is in him. dom of God was in him, to do judg. Ifa, lvi, 10. His watchmen are medi.

blind; they are all ignorant, they « Tit, ii, 15. These things speak are all dumb dogs, they caneot 20d exhort, and rebuke with all bark; sleeping, lying down, loving authority. Let do man desgise to flumber. V11. Yea, they are thee.

greedy dogs, who can never have 130. a Ezek. xxxiv. 2. Son of enough, and they are Septeids that mara prophesy against the depherds

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manding things unlawful e, or not in the power of inferiors to perform f; counselling g, encouraging h, favouring them in that which is evil i ; diffuading, discopraging, or dircountenancing them in that which is good k; correcting thein unduly 1, careless exposing, or leaving them to wrong, tempta


cannot understand : they all look to. 24. And she went forth, and said their own way, every one for his unto her mother, What shall I ask ? gain from his quarter. Deut, xvii. and the said, The head of Joha the 17. Neither shall he multiply wives Baptist. to himself, that bis heart tura not h 2 Sam. xii. 28. Now Abrnom away: neither fhall he greatly nrul had commanded his servants, saying, tiply to himself silver and gold. Mark ye now when Ampon's heart

e Dan, iii. 4. Then an herald cried is merry with wine; and when I say aloud, to you it is commanded, o unto you, Smite Amnon, theo kill people, nations, and languages. v. 5. him, fear not: have not I command. That at what time ye hear the sound ed you? be courageous and be vaof the cornet, flute, harp, fackbut, fiant, pfaltery, dulcimer, and all kinds of

i 1 Sam. iii. 13. For I have told malc, ye fall down and worship him, that I will judge his house for the golden image that Nebuchad. ever, for the iniquity which he pezzar the king hath set up. v. be knoweth : because his sons made and whoso falleth not down, and themselves vile, and he restrained worthippeth, shall the same hour be them not. caft into the midst of a burning fiery k john vii. 46. The officers an. furnace. Ads iv, 17. But that it swered, never man spake like this {pread no further among the peo. V. 47. Then answered them ple, let us straitly, threaten then, the Pharisees, Are ye also deceived? that they speak henceforth to go V. 48, Have any of the rulers, or of aian in this name, 0,18. And they the Pharisees believed on him? v. called them, and commanded them 49. But this people who knoweth not to speak at all, nor teach in the not the law are cursed. Col. iii. 21, name of jesus.

Fathers, provoke not your children f Exod, v. from verse 10. to the to anger, left they be discouraged. 18. And the task malters of the peo. Exod. v. 17. But he faid, ye are ple went out, and their officers, and idle, ye are idle; therefore ye say, chey spake to the people, saying. Let us go and do sacrifice to the Thus faith Pharoah, I will not give Lord. you ftraw, &c. Víat. xxiii. 2. Saying, 1 Pet, ii. 13. Servants be fub. The fcribes and Pharisees ft in Mo ject to your masters with all fear, fes feat. V. 4. For they bind heavy not only to the good and gentle, buc burdeos, and grievous to be born,-- all to the froward, 1, 19. For this

g Mat. xiv. 8. And she, being be is thank worthy, if a man for confore in tru&ted of her mother, faid, science toward God endure grief, Cire me here John Baptist's head in suffering wrongfully. v. 28. For & charger, Compared with Mark ri, what glory is it, if when ye be buf,



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tiori and danger m; provoking them to wrathn; or any way dishonouring themselves, or lessening their authority, by an unjust, indiscreet, rigorous or remiss behaviour o.

Q: 131. What are the duties of equals?
A. The duties of equals are to regard the dignity and worth


feted for your faults, ye shall take counsel that they gave him ; v, 14. it patieotly? but if when ye do well, And spake to them after the counsel and fuffer for it, ye take it patients of the young men, saying, My faly; this is acceptable with God. ther made your yoke heavy, and I Heb. xii. 10. For they verily for a will add to your yoke; my father few days chaftened us after their alfo chastised you with whips, but own pleafure ; but he for our profit, I will chastise you with scorpions. that we might be partakers of his v. 15. Wherefore the king hearkholiness. Deut. xxv. 3. Forty ftripes ened not unto the people ; for the he may give him, and not exceed: cause was from the Lord,-. 16. felt if he should exceed, and beat So when alt Israel faw that the king him above these with many stripes, hearkeaed not unto them, the peo-. then thy brother should seem vile ple aoswered the king, saying, What upto thee.

portion have we in David ? neither mGen. xxxviii. 11. Then said ju. bave we inheritance in the son of dah to Tamar bis daughter in law, Jelle: to your tents, O Israel : now Remain a widow at thy father's fee to thine own house, David. So house, till Shelah my son be grown: Israel departed unto their tents. (for he said, Lelt peradventure he + Kings i. 6. And his father had not die allu 'as his brethren did) and displeased him, viz. Adonijah at any Tamar want and dwelt in her fa. time, in saying, Why hast thou ther's house. v, 26. And Judah ac. done so ? 1 Sam. ii. 29. Wherefore knowledged them, and said, she kick ye at my facrifices, and at mine hath bees niore righteous than 1: offerings which I have commanded because I gave her not to Shelah my in my habitation, and honourelt thy fon: and he knew her again no sons above me, to make yourselves more. Acts xviii. 17. Then all the fat with the chiefest of all the ofGreeks took Sosthenes the chief ru- ferings of Israel my people. v. 30. ter of the fynagogue, and beat him Wherefore the Lord God of Ifrael. before the judgmeot-fear : and Gal- faith, I said indeed, that thy house, lio cared for none of those things. and the house of thy father should : * Eph. vi. 4. And ye fathers, pro walk before me for ever : but now voke not your children to wrath : the Lord faith, Be it far from me; but bring them up in the purture for them that honour me, I will heaod adınonition of the Lord.

nour; and they that despise me, shall o gen. ix. 21. And he drank of be lightly esteemed. v. 31. Behold, the wine and wat drunken, and he the days come that I will cut off was uncovered within his tent. thine arm, and the arm of thy fa• 1 Kings xii. 13. And the king ther's house, that there shall nor be (Rehobdanı) answered the people an old man in thine houle. toughly, and forlook the old men's

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