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loving, desring, and rejoicing in their good namen; forrowing foro, and covering of, their infirmitiesp; freely acknowledging of their gifts and gracesq, defending their innocencyr; a ready receiving of a good reports, and unwillingness to admit of anevil report concerning themt;discouraging tale-bearersv, flattersw,


xiii. 7. (Charity) beareth all things, Chrift; v. 5. That in every thing believeth all things, hopeth all you are enriched by him, in all utterthings, endureth all things. ance, and in all knowledge. v.7.

* Rom. i. 8. First I thank my God so that ye 'come behind in no gift; thro'. Jesus Christ for you all, that waiting for the coming of the Lord your faith is fpoken of throughout Jesus Chrift.

Jesus Christ. ' 2 Tim. i. 4. Greatly the wbole world. 2 John 4. I re- defiring to see thee, being mindful joiced greatly that I found of thy chil- of thy tears, that I may be filled dren walking in the truth, as we with joy : 1. 5. When I call to rehave received a commandment from membrance the unfeigaed faith that the Father. 3 John 3 For I rejoice is in thee, which dwelt first in thy ed greatly when the brethren came: grandmother Lois, and thy mother and testified of the truth that is in Eunice; and I am perfuaded that thee, even as thou walkest in the in thee allo. truth. V.fi

I have no greater joy ri Sam. xxii. 14. Then Ahime. than to hear that my children walk lech answered the king and faid; in the truth.

And who is fo faithful among all 0,2 Cor. ii. 4. For out of much thy servants, as David, who is the aMiction and anguish of heart, I king's fon-in-law, and goeth at thy write unto you with many tears; bidding, and is honourable in thine not that you should be grieved, but house? that ye might know the love which s 1 Cor. xii. 6. (Charity) rejoic. I have more abundantly unto you. eth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in 2 Cor. xii 21. And left when I come the truth : v:7. Beareth all things, again, my God will humble me a believeth all things, hopeth all mong you, and that I shall bewail things, endureth all things. many who have sinned already, and 1 Psal. xv. 3. He that backbithave not repented of the unclean- eth not with his tongue, nor doth nefs, and fornication, and lafcivi- evil to his neighbour, nor taketh oufness which they have committed. up a reproach against his neigh.

p Prov. xvii. 9. He that covereth bour. a tranfgression, seeketh love; but he v Prov. xxv. 23. The north-wind that repeateth a matter, separateth driveth away rain : fo doth an angry very friends. 1 Pet. iv. 8. and above countenance a backbiting tongue all things have fervent charity a w Prov xxvi. 24. He that hateth, mong yourselves: for charity shall difíembleth with his lips, and layeth cover the multitude of sins. up deceit within him. v. 25. When 91 Cor. i. 4. I thank


God al- he speaketh fair, believe him not : ways in your behalf, for the grace for there are seven abominations in of God which is given you by Jefus his heart,

* Pfal.



Q. 145.

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me :

and Nanderers x; love and care of our own good name, and defending it when need requireth v; keeping of lawful promises z; studying and practifing of whatsoever things are true, honest. lovely, and of good reporta.

What are the fins forbidden in the ninth commandment?

A. The fins forbidden in the ninth commandment are, all prejudicing the truth and the good name of our neightours, as well as our own b, especially in publick judicature c; giving false evidence d, suborning false witnes

fes, * Pfal. ci. 5. Whofo privily flan- abideth at Jerusalem: for he faid, dereth his neighbour, him will I To-day shall the house of Itrael recut off :

store me the kingdom of my father. y Prov. xxii. 1. A good name is 2 Sam i. 9. He said unto me again, rather to be chosen than great riches Stand, I pray thee, upon me, and and loving favour, rather than lilo llay me: for anguish is come upon ver and gold. John viii. 49. Jesus me, because my life is yet whole in answered, I have not a desil; but I V. 10. So I stood upon him, honour my father, and ye do dif- and New him, because I was sure honour me.

that he could not live after that he z Pial, xv. 4. He that sweareth was fallen : and I took the crown that to his own hurt, and changeih pot, was on his head, and the bracelet

a Phil iv. 8. Finally, brethren, that was on bis arm, and have what oever things are true, what brought them hither unto my lord. foever things are honest, whatfo v, 5. and David called one of the cver things are jutt, whatsoever young men, and said, Go near, things are pure, whatsoever thiags and fall upon him. And he smote are lovely, whatsoever things are of him that he died. v. 16. and Dagood report ; if there be any virtue, vid said unto him, Thy blood be and it there be any praise, think on upon thy head : for thy mouth hath these things.

testified against thee, saying, I have 145.6 i Sam. xvii. 28. And Eli. Dain the Lord's anointed. ab his eldest brother heard when ne clev. xix is. Ye fhall do no un{pake unto the man; and Eliab's an righteousness in judgment; thou swer was kindled against David, and shalt not respect the person of the he said, Why camelt thou down poor, nor honour the person of the hither ? and with whom haft thou mighty: but in righteousnets fhalt left those few sheep in the wilder. thou judge thy neighbour. Hab. i. 4. ness? I know thy pride, and the Therefore the law is Nacked, and naughtiness of thine heart, for judgment doth never go forth : for chou art come down that thou the wicked doth compass about the mightest fee the battle. 2 Sam. righteous: therefore wrong judge xvi. 3. And the king said, And ment proceedeth. where is thy master's fon? and Zi . Prot. xix s: A false witness ba said unto the king, Behold, he


U 2

ses e, wittingly appearing and pleading for an evil cause, outfacing and over-bearing the truth f; passing unjust sentence g, calling evil good, and good evil; rewarding the wicked according to the work of the righteous, and the righteous according to the work of the wicked h; forgery i, concealing the truth,

undue shall not be unpunished, and he evil more than good : and lying rathat speaketh lies shall not escape. ther than to speak righteoutness. Prov, vi. 16. Tbefe six things doth Selah. v. 4. Thou loveit all devourthe Lord hate : yea, seven are an ing words, thou deceitful congue. abomination unto him. v. 19. A 8 Prov. xvii. 15. He that juftiffalse witness that speaketh lies, and, eth the wicked, and he that conhim that soweth discord among demneth the juft, even they both are brethren.

abomination to the Lord. 1 Kings 6 Aas vi. 13. And set up false $xi. from v.9. to 14. Aod fhe (Jewitnesses, who faid, This man ceaf zebel) wrote in the letters, saying, eth not to speak blafphemous words Proclaim a fast, and set Naboth on againk this holy place, and the law. high among the people: v. 10. and

| Jer. ix. 3. And they bend their fet two men, sons of Belial, before tongue like their bow for lies: but him, to bear witness againt him, they are not valiant for the truth saying, Thou dids: blafpheme God upon the earth; for they proceed and the king: and then carry him from evil to evil, and they know out, and stone him that he may die. not me, faith the Lord. v. s. v. 11. And the meo of his city, eAnd they will deceive every one ven the elders and the nobles who his neighbour, and will not speak were the inhabitants in his city, did the truth: they have taught their as Jezebel had sent unto them. v.13. tongue to speak lies, and weary And they stoned him with ftones themselves to commit iniquity that he died. Aas xxiv. 2. And when he was b Ifa. v. 23. Who justify the called forth, Tertullus began to wicked for a reward, and take away accuse him,- v. 5. For we have the righteousness of the righteous found this man a pestilent fellow, from him. and a mover of fedition among i Psal. cxix. 69. The proud have all the Jews throughout the forged a lie against me : but I will world, and a ring-leader of the feet keep thy precepts with my whole of the Nazarenes. Pfal. xii. 3. The heart. Luke xix. 8. And Zaccheus Lord shall cut off all flattering lips, stood, and said unto the Lord, Beand the tongue that speaketh proud hold, Lord, the half of my goods things. v. 4. Who have said, With I give to the poor : and if I have our tongue will we prevail, our lips taken any thing from any man by are our own: who is Lord over us? falle accufation, I reflore him four. Pial. lii... Why boaltest thou thy- fold. Luke xvi. 5. So he called eself in mischief, o mighty man? very one of his lord's debtors onto the goodness of God endureth con- him, and said unto the first, How tinually. v. 2. Thy tongue deviseth much owest thou unto my lord? v.6. mischiefs : like a sharp razor, workó And he said, An hundred measures ing deceitfully. v. 3. Thou loveft of oil, and he said unto him, Take thy



undue silence in a just cause k, and holding our peace when iniquity calleth for a reproof from ourselves l, or complaint to others m; speaking the truth unseasonably n. or maliciously to a wrong end o, or perverting it to a wrong meaning p, or in doubtful and equivocal expressions, to the prejudice of truth or justice q; fpeaking untruth r,

lying bill, and sit down quickly, and write Doeg the Edomite, who was set ofifty. V. 7. Then said he to another, ver the servants of Saul) and said, And how much owest thou? I saw the son of Jeffe coming to Nob,

k Lev, v. I. And if a foul lin, to Ahimelech the son of Ahitub. v. and hear the voice of swearing, and 10. And he enquired of the Lord is a witness, whether he hath leen for him: and gave him victuals, and or known of it, if he do not utter it, gave him the sword of Goliath the theo he fhall bear his iniquity. Deut. Philistine. (Compared with Pfal.lii.) xiii. 8. Thou shalt not consent unto A psalm of David, when Doeg the him, nor bearken unto him: nei. Edomite came and told Saul, ther shall thine eye pity him, nei. Why boalteit thou thyself in misther shalt thou spare, neither shalt chief, O mighty man? &c. thou conceal him. Aas v. 3. Byt verse s. Peter said, Ananias, why hath Satan p Psal. Ivi. 5. Every day they filled thine heart to lie to the holy wrest my words; all their thoughts Ghost, and to keep back part of the are against me for evil. John ii. 19. price of the land ? . 8. And Peter Jesus answered and said unto them, answered unto her, Tell me whether Destroy this temple, and in three ye fold the land for so much. And days I will raise it up. Compared she faid, Yea, for so much, with Mat. xxvi. 60.-At the last Then Peter said unto her, How is came two false witnesses, v. 61. it that ye have agreed together, to And said, This fellow said, I am tempt the Spirit of the Lord ? able to destroy the temple of God, 2 Tim. iv. 16. At my first answer and to build it in three days. no man stood with me, but all men qGen. iii. 5. For God doth know, forsook me: I pray God that it may that in the day ye eat thereof, then not be laid to their charge, your eyes Mall be opened : and ye,

11 Kings i. 6. And his father had shall be as gods koowing good and not difpleafed him at any time, in evil. Gen. xxvi. 7. And the men saying, Why hast thou donc fo? of the place asked him of his wife : Lev. x. 17. Thou shalt not hate thy and he said, She is my fifter : for brother in thine heart: thou shalt he feared to say, She is my wife. v. in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, 9. And Abimelech called s faac, and and not suffer fin upon him. said, Behold, of a surety she is thy

on Ifa lix. 4. None calleth for wife: and how saidít thou, She is justice, nor any pleadeth for truth : they trult in vanity.

alfa.lix. 1;. In transgressing and n Prov. xxix. 11. A fool uttereth lying against the Lord, and departe all his mind: but a wife man keep- ing away from our God, fpcaking cih it in till afterwards.

oppression and revolt, conceiving © Sam. xxii. 9. Then answered

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my sister?

U 3

lying S, flandering', backbiting v, detracting w, tale-bearing%, whispering y, scoffing z, reviling a, rafh b, harsh c, and partial censuring d; misconstructing intentions, words and actions e;



and uttering from the heart, words But as then he that was born after ut fallhood.

the flesh, perfecuted him that was Lev. xix. 11. Ye shall not steal, born after the spirit, even to it is neither deal fallly, neither lie one to another. Col. iii. 9. Lie not one a i Cor. vi. 10 Nor thieves, nor to another, seeing that ye have put covetous, nor drunkards, nor re. off the old man with his deeds. vilers, nor extortioners, fall inhe. * Psal. l. 20.

Thou fitreft and rit the kingdom of God. speakest agaiolt thy brother, thou 6 Mat vii. 1. Judge not, that ye slanderest thine own mother's son. be not judged.

v Pfal. xv. 3. He that backbiteth 'c Acts xxviii. And when the not with his tongue,

barbarians taw the venomous bealt w Jam iv. 1 1. Speak not evil one hang on his hand, they faid among of another, brethren. He that speak. themselves, No doubt this man is eth evil of his brother, and judgeth a murderer, whom, though he harh his brother, fpeaketh evil of the law, escaped the sea, yet vengeance fufand judgeth the law: but if thou judge fereth not to live. the law, thou art not a dot rof the law, w Gen xxxviii. 24. And it came but a judge. Jer. xxxviii. 4 There. to pass about three inonths after, fore the princes said unto the king, that it was told Judah, faying, we beseech thee, let this man be Tamar thy daughter-in-law hath put to death: for thus he weaken- played the harlot; and allo behold, eth the hands of the men of war she is with child by whoredom : and that remain in the city, and the Judah faid, Bring her forth, and hands of all the people, in speaking let her be burnt. Rom. ii, .. There such words unto them: for this fore thou art inexcusable, O man, man feeketh not the welfare of whosoever thou art that judget ; this people, but the hurt.

for wherein thou judgelt another, x Lev. xix. 16. Thou shalt not thou condemnelt thyself; for thou go up and down as a tale-bearer a- that judget, doft the same things. mong thy people: neither shalt thou

e Neh, vi, 6. Wherein was writ. stand against the blood of thy neigh- ten: It is reported among the heabour. I am the Lord.

then, and Gaihmu faith it, that thou y Rom. i. 29. Being filled with all and the Jews think to rebel: for which unrighteousness, fornication, wick. cause thou buildelt the wall, that ednels, covetousness, maliciousnefs; thou mayeft be their king, accordfull of envy, murder, debate, de ing to these words. „V. 7. and thoa ceit, malignity; whisperers, v. 30. haft also appointed prophets to Backbiters, haters of God, preach of thee at Jeru alem, fayirg,

2 Gen xxi 9. And Sarah saw the There is a king in Judah: and now fon of Hagar the Egyptian, which shall it be reported to the king, ac. Me had born unto Abraham, mock çording to thele words. Come now inge Compared with Gal. iv. 29.


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