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IV. Others not elected, although they may be called by the ministry of the word p, and may have fome common operation of the Spirit q; yet they never truly come to Christ, and therefore cannot be saved r: much less can men, not profeffing the Christian religion, be saved in any other way whatsoever, be they never lo diligent to frame their lives according to the light of nature, and the law of that religion they do professj; and to affert and maintain, that they may, is very pernicious, and to be detefted t.


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the Son of God, bath not life, Ads Father. v. 66. From that time many iv. 12. Neither is there salvation in of his disciples went back, and walkany other : for there is none other ed no more with him. Joho viii. 34. Dame under heaven given among I said therefore unto you, that you meo, whereby we must be saved. shall die in your fins : for if you be

IV. p Mat. xxiii 14. For many lieve not that I am he, ye shall die are called, but few are chosen.

sins. 9 Mat, vii. 22. Many will say to | Aetsiv. 1 2. Neither is there fala me in that day, Lord, Lord, have vation in any other: for there is done we got prophesied in thy name ? and other dame under heaven given a. in thy name have cast out de: mong men, whereby we mult be sav. vils ? and in thy name done many ed. John xiv. 6. Jesus faith unto wonderful works? Mat, xiii. 20. But him, I am the way, and the truth,

he that received the feed into stony and the life; no man cometh unto · places, the same is he that heareth the Father, hut by nie. Eph. ii. 12.

the word, and anon with joy receiv. That at that time ye were without eth it. v. 21. Yet hath he not root Christ, being aliens from the comin himfelf, but duretb for a while': monwealth of Israel, and strangers for when tribulation or persecution from the covenants of promise, hav. arifeth because of the word, by ing no hope, and without God in the and by he is offended. Heb. vi. 4. world. John iv. 22. Ye worship ye For it is impossible for those who know not what : we know what we were once enlightened, and have - worship; for salvation is of the Jews, tafted of the heavenly gift, and were John xvii. 3. And this is life eternal, made partakers of the Holy Ghost, that they might know thee, the onV s, And have tasted the good ly true God, and Jesus Christ whom word of God, and the powers of the thou haft fent. world to come.

t 2 John 9. Whosoever tranfgref. John vi. 64. But there are some feth and abideth not in the doctrine of you that believe oot. For Jefus of Christ, hath not God : he that a, knew from the beginning who they bideth in the doctrine of Chrilt, he were that believed not, and who hath both the Father and the Son. thould betray him : v. 65. And he v. 20. If there come any unto you; said, therefore said I unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive that no man can come unto me, ex• him not into your house, neither bid Cept it were given unto him of my him God fpeed. v. 11. For he that


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Chap. XI. Of Justification.
HOSE whom God effettually calleth, he also freely

justifieth a : not by infusing righteousness into them, but by pardoning their fins, and by counting and accepting their persons as righteous: not for any thing wrought in them, or done by them, but for Christ's sake alone: not by imputing faith itself, the act of believing, or any other evangelical obedience, to them as their righteousness; but by imputing the obedience and satisfsction of Christ unto them b, they receiving


biddeth him God (peed, is partaker. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord of his evil deeds. i Cor. xvi. 22. will not impute fin. 2 Cor, v. 19. If any man love not the Lord Jesus. To wit, that God was in Christ, reChrist, let him be Anathema Mara- conciling the world unto himself, natha. Gal. i. 6 I marvel, that not imputing their trespalles vota ye are fu soon removed from him them; and hath committed unto us that called you unto the grace of the word of reconciliation. v. 21. Christ, unto another gospel

. v. 7. For he hath made him to be fin for ; but there us,

us, wlid Kiew no fin, that we nught be some that trouble you, and would be made the righteousness of God pervert the gospel of Christ. v. 8, in him, Rom. ii. 22. Even the But though we, or an angel from righteousness of God which is by heaven, preach any other gospel faith of Jesus Chrift unto all, and unto you, than that which we have upon all them that believe ; for preached unto you, let himn be ac. there is no difference. V. 24. Being cursed.

justified freely by his grace, through I. a Rom. viii. 30. Moreover, the redemption that is in Jesus whom he did predestinate, them he Chrift; v. 25. Whom God hath set allo called, and whom he called, forth to be a propitiation, through them he also justified : and whom faith in his blood, to declare his he justified, them he also glorified. righteousness for the remiffion of fias Rom. iii. 24. Being justified freely that are part, through the forbearby his grace, through the redempri- ance of God. v. 27. Where is boaston that is in Jesus Chrift,

ing then? It is excluded. By what o Rom. iv. 5. But to him that law? of works? Nay: but by the worketh not, but believeth op him law of faith, v. 28. Therefore we that justifieth the ungodly, his faith conclude that a 'man is juftified by is counted for righteousness. v. 6. faith without the deeds of the law, Even as David allo describech the Tit. iii, s. Not by works of rightes blessedness of the man unto whom pusness which we have done, but acs God imputeth righteousness without cording to bis mercy he saved us, works, v. 7. Saying, Blessed are by the washing of regeneration, and they whose iniquities are forgiven, renewing of the holy gbolt: 1.9 and whose fins are covered. v. &. That being juftifed by his graces


and resting on him and his righteousness by faith; which faith they have not of themselves, it is the gift of God c.

II. Faith, thus receiving and resting on Christ and his righe teousness, is the alone instrument of justification d; yet is it not alone in the person justified, but is ever accompanied with all other saving graces, and is no dead faith, but worketh by

love e.

III, Christ,

we should be made heirs according that we might be justified by the to the hope of eteroal life. Eph. faith of Christ, and not by the works i. 7. In whom we have redemption of the law: for by the works of the through his blood, the forgiveness law thall no flesh be justified. Phil. of fins, according to the riches of iii. 9. And be found in him, not his grace. Jer. xxiii. 6. In his days having mine own righteousness, Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall which is the law, but that which dwell fafely ; and this is his name is through the faith of Christ, the whereby he shall be called, the righteousness which is of God by LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS faith.' Acts xiii. 38. Be it known I Cor. i. 30. But of him are ye in unto you therefore, men and breth. Chrif Jesus, who of God is made ren, that through this man is preachupto us wisdom, and righteousness, ed unto you the forgiveness of fins : faoctification and redemption. 1. v. 39. nd by him all that believe 31. Tbat, according as it is writ. are justified from all things, from ien, He that glorieth, let him glory which ye conld not be justified from in the Lord. Rom. v. 17. For if by the law of Mofes. Eph. ii. 7. That by one man's offence death reigned in the ages to come he night shew by one ; much more they who re- the exceeding riches of his grace, in ceive abundance of grace, and of his kindness towards us, through the gift of righteousoess, shall reign Christ Jesus. v. č. For hy grace are in life by one, Jesus Christ. v. 18. ye faved, through faith; and that Therefore as by the offence of one, pot of yourselves : it is the gift of judgment came upon all men to con God. demeation : even so by the righte. * II. d John i, 12. But as many as ousness of one, the free gift came received him, 10 them gave he pow. upon all men unto justification of 'er to become the fons of God, even life. v. 19. For as by one man's to them that believe on his name. disobedience, many were made fin. Rom. iii. 28. Therefore we conpers: so by the obedience of one,' clude, that a man is justified by fhall many be made righteous. faith, without the deeds of the law. cs Aas%. 14. While Peter yet Rom. v: 1. Therefore being justifi. fpake these words, the Holy Ghost ed by faith, we have peace with God fell on all them who heard the word. through our Lord Jesus Christ. Gal. ii. 16. Knowing that a man is e James ii. 17. Even so faith, if Dot justified by the works of the law, it hath not works, is dead being a but by the faith of Jesus Chrift : even lone. v. 22. Seest thou how faith we bave believed in Jesus Christ, wrought with his works, and by


III. Christ, by his obedience and death, did fully discharge the debt of all those that are justified, and did make a proper; real and full satisfaction to his Father's justice in their behalf f. Yet, in as much as he was given by the Father for them g, and his obedience and satisfaction accepted in their


works was faith made perfect? v, Mesfiah be cut off, but not for him26. For as the body without the self: and the people of the prince {pirit is dead, so faith without works that thall come, shall destroy the is dead also, Gal. v, 6, For in Jesus city and the fanctuary, and the end Chrilt, neither circumcision availeth thereof shall be with a flood, and any thing, nor uncircumcifion; but unto the end of the war desolations faith which worketh by lovę. are determined. Ifa. liii. 4. Surely

III. f Rom. v. 8. But God.com he hath borne our griefs, and carmendeth his love towards main that ried our forrows: yet we did esteem while we were yet fistins, Christ him stricken, smitten of God, and died for us. v. 9. Much more then afficted. v. s. But he was wounded being now justified by his blood, we for our transgressions, he was bruised shall be faved from wrath through for our iniquities : the chastisement him, v. 10. For if when we were of our peace was upon him, and enemies we were reconciled to God with his stripes we are bealed. v. 6.by the death of his Son': nuch more All we like Theep have gone astray :being reconciled, we shall be saved we have turned every one to his own by his life, v. 19. For as by one way, and the Lord hath laid on him man's disobedience, many were made the iniquity of us all. v. 10. Yet it finners: fo by the obedience of one pleased the Lord to bruise him, he shall many be made righteons. I hath put him to grief: when thou Tim. ö. 5. For there is one God, hal make his soul an offering for and onę Mediator between God and fin, he thall see his seçd, he shall meo, the man Christ Jesus ; v. 6. prolong his days, and the pleasure Who gave himself a ransom for all, of the Lord shall prosper in his hand. to be testified in due time. Heb. x. V, 11. He shall see of the travail of 10. By the which will we are fanc. his soul, and shall be satisfied : by tised, through the offering of the his knowledge shall my righteous body of Jesus Chrilt once for all. v, servant justify many: for he shall 14. For by one offering he bath per. bear their iniquities. v. 12. Therefeaed for ever them that are fancti- fore will I divide him a portion with fied. Dan. ix, 24. Seventy weeks the great, and he shall divide the are determined upon thy people, and spoil with the strong : because he upon thy holy city, to finish the hath poured out his soul onto death : tranfgrethon, and to make an end of and he was numbered with the tranf. fins, and .o make reconciliation for greflors, and he bare the fins of mainiquity, and to bring in everlasting ny, and made intercellion for the righteousness, and to seal up the vi: tranfgreffors. fion and prophecy, and to anoint & Rom. viii. 32. He that spared the most holy. v. 26. And after not his own Son, but delivered him threescore and two weeks, fhall up før us all, how shall be not with

stead h, and both freely, not for any thing in them; their juftification is only of free graçe i: that both the exact jultice and rich grace of God might be glorified in the justification of Inners k.

IV. God did, from all eternity, decree to justify all the elect l: and Christ did, in the fulness of time, die for their fins, and rise again for their justification m: nevertheless they are not justified, until the holy Spirit doth in due time actually apply Chrift upto them n.

V. God

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him also freely give us all things? fication of the spirit, unto obedience,

6 2 Cor v. 21. Fur he hath made and sprinkling of the bluod of jesus him to be lin for us, who knew no Chrift. . 19. But with the preci. fin: that we might be made the ous blood of Christ, as of a lamb righteousness of God in him. Mat. without blemish and without spot. jä. 19. And lo, a voice from hea. 1. 20, Who verily was fure-ordainren, saying, This is my beloved ed before the foundation of the Son, in whom I am well pleased, world, but was manifest in these last Eph. v. 2. And walk in love, as times for you. Rom. viii. 30. More. Chrilt also hath loved us, and hath over, whom he did predestinate, given himself for us, an offering and them he also called : and whom he facrifice to God, for a sweet sinelling called, them he also justified: and lavour.

whom he jullified, them he also i Rom. iii. 24. Being justified glorified. freely by his grace, through the re- m Gal. iv. 4. But when the fuldemption that is in Jesus Christ. ness of the time was come, God sent Eph. i. 7. In whom we have re- furth his Son, made of a woman, demption thro' bis blood, the for- made under the law. i Tim, ii. 6. giveness of fins, according to the Who gave himself a ransom for all, fiches of his grace.

to be testified in due time. Rom. iv, k Rom. ii. 26. To declare, I say, 26. Who was delivered for our of. at this time, his righteousnels : that fences, and was raised again for our he might be juft, and the justifier of justification. him that believeth in Jesus. Eph. o Col, 1, 21. And you that were ii. 7. That in the ages to come he fometime alienated, and enemies in might shew the exceeding riches of your mind by wicked works, yet his grace, in his kindness towards now hath he reconciled v. 22. In us, through Jesus Chrift.

the body of his flesh through death, IV. I Gal. iii. 8. And the scrip: to present you holy and unblameable, fure foreseeing that God would ju- and noreproveable in his fight. Gal. ftify the heathen through faith, ii. 16. (See letter e immediatly fore. preached before the gospel unto going.) Tit. iii. 4. But after that Abrahain, saying, 10 thee shall all the kindness and love of God our pations be blessed. 1 Pet. i. 2. E. Saviour towards man appeared, v. bea, according to the foreknowledge 5. Not by works of righteousness of God the father, through fancti which we have done, but according


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