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what it meant, yet while the two horses were busy in conversation, I endeavoured to practise this word upon my tongue ; and as soon as they were silent, I boldly pronounced yahoo in a loud voice, imitating at the same time, as near as I could, the neighing of a horse ; at which they were both visibly surprised, and the gray repeated the same word twice, as if he meant to teach me the right accent; wherein I spoke after him as well as I could, and found myself perceivably to improve every time, though very far from any degree of perfection. Then the bay tried me with a second word, much harder to be pronounced; but reducing it to the English orthography, may be spelt thus, Houyhnhnm. I did not succeed in this, so well as in the former ; but after two or three farther trials, I had better fortune ; and they both appeared amazed at my capacity.

After some farther discourse, which I then conjectured might relate to me, the two friends took their leaves, with the same compliment of striking each other's hoof; and the gray made me signs that I should walk before him; wherein I thought it prudent to comply, till I could find a better director. When I offered to slacken my pace, he would cry hhuun, hhuun ; I guessed his meaning, and gave

him to understand, as well as I could, that I was weary, and not able to walk faster ; upon which he would stand awhile to let me rest.



The author conducted by a Houyhnhnm to his house.

The house described. The author's reception. The food of the Houyhnhnms. The author in distress for want of meat, is at last relieved. His manner

of feeding in this country. HAVING travelled about three miles, we came to a long kind of building, made of timber stuck in the ground, and wattled across; the roof was low, and covered with straw. I now began to be a little comforted; and took out some toys, which travellers usually carry for presents to the savage' Indians of America, and other parts, in hopes the people of the house would be thereby encouraged to receive me kindly. The horse made me a sign to go in first; it was a large room with a smooth clay floor, and a rack and manger, extending the whole length on one side. There were three nags, and two mares, not eating, but some of them sitting down upon their hams, which I very much wondered at; but wondered more to see the rest employed in domestick business; these seemed but ordinary cattle; however, this confirmed my first opinion, that a people, who could so far civilize brute animals, must needs excel in wisdom all the nations of the world. The gray came in just after, and thereby prevented any ill treatment, which the others might have given me. He neighed to them several times in a style of authority, and received answers.

Beyond Beyond this room, there were three others, reaching the length of the house, to which you passed through three doors, opposite to each other, in the manner of a vista ; we went through the second room towards the third ; here the gray walked in first, beckoning me to åttend : I waited in the second room, and got ready my presents for the master and mistress of the house: they were two knives, three bracelets of false pearls, a small looking-glass, and a bead necklace. The horse neighed three or four times, and I waited to hear some answers in a human voice, but I heard no other returns, than in the same dialect, only one or two a little shriller than his. I began to think, that this house must belong to some person of great note among them, because there appeared so much ceremony,

before I could gain admittance. But, that a man of quality should be served all by horses, was beyond my comprehension. I feared my brain was disturbed by my sufferings and misfortunes : I roused myself, and looked about me in the room where I was left alone; this was furnished like the first, only after a more elegant manner. I rubbed my eyes often, but the same objects still occurred. I pinched my arms and sides to awake myself, hoping I might be in a dream. I then absolutely concluded, that all these appearances could be nothing else but necromancy and magick. But I had no time to pursue these reflections ; for the gray horse came to the door, and made me a sign to follow him into the third room ; were I saw a very comely mare, together with a colt and foal, sitting on their haunches upon mats of straw, not unartfully made, and perfectly neat and clean.


The mare soon after my entrance rose from her mat, and coming up close, after having nicely observed my hands and face, gave me a most contemptuous look; and turning to the horse, I heard the word yahoo often repeated betwixt them ; the meaning of which word I could not then comprehend, although it was the first I had learned to pronounce ; but I was soon better informed, to my everlasting mortification : for the horse, beckoning to me with his head, and repeating the hhuun, hhuun, as he did upon the road, which I understood was to attend him, led me out into a kind of court, where was another building, at some distance from the house. Here we entered, and I saw three of those detestable creatures, which I first met after my landing, feeding upon roots, and the flesh of some animals, which I afterwards found to be that of asses and dogs, and now and then a cow, dead by accident or disease. They were all tied by the neck with strong wyths fastened to a beam; they held their food between the claws of their forefeet, and tore it with their teeth.

The master horse ordered a sorrel nag, one of his servants, to untie the largest of these animals, and take him into the yard. The beast and I were brought close together; and our countenances dili-. gently compared both by master and servant, who thereupon repeated several times the word yahoo. My horrour and astonishment are not to be described, when I observed, in this abominable animal, a perfect human figure: the face of it indeed was flat and broad, the nose depressed, the lips large, and the mouth wide : but these differences are common to all savage nations, where the lineaments of the


countenance are distorted, by the natives suffering their infants to lie gravelling on the earth, or by carrying them on their backs, nuzzling with their face against the mother's shoulders. The forefeet of the yahoo differed from my hands in nothing else, but the length of the nails, the coarseness and brownness of the palms, and the hairiness on the backs. There was the same resemblance between our feet, with the same differences which I knew very well, though the horses did not, because of my shoes and stockings; the saine in every part of our bodies, except as to hairiness and colour, which I have already described.

The great difficulty, that seemed to stick with the two horses, was, to see the rest of my body so very different from that of a yahoo, for which I was obliged to my clothes, whereof they had no conception. The sorrel nag offered me a root, which ne held (after their manner, ' as we shall describe in its proper place) between his hoof and pastern; I took it in my hand, and having smelt it, returned it to him again as civilly as I could. He brought out of the yahoo's kennel a piece of ass's flesh, but it smelt so offensively, that I turned from it with loathing ; he then threw it to the yahoo, by whom it was greedily devoured. He afterwards showed me a whisp of hay, and a fetlock full of oats; but I shook my head, to signify that neither of these were food for me. And indeed I now apprehended, that I must absolutely starvė, if I did not get to some of my own species ; for as to those filthy yahoos, although there were few greater lovers of mankind at that time, than myself; yet I confess, I never saw any sensitive being so detestable on all accounts; and


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