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النشر الإلكتروني

10. I am the Lord thy God which brought

Thee out of Egypt land;
Ask large enough, and I, besought,

Will grant thy full demand.

11. And yet my people would not hear,

Nor hearken to my voice;
And Israel, whom I lov'd so dear,

Mislik'd me for his choice.

12. Then did I leave them to their will,

And to their wandering mind ; Their own conceits they follow'd still,

Their own devices blind.

13. O, that my people would be wise,

To serve me all their days ! And 0, that Israel would advise

To walk my righteous ways !

14. Then would I soon bring down their foes,

That now so proudly rise ;
And turn my hand against all those, ,

That are their enemies.

15. Who hate the Lord should then be fain

To bow to him and bend ;

But they, his people, should remain,

Their time should have no end.

16. And he would feed them from the shock

With flower of finest wheat, And satisfy them from the rock

With honey for their meat.


1. God in the great assembly stands

Of kings and lordly states ; Among the Gods, on both his hands,

He judges and debates.

2. How long will ye pervert the right

With judgement false and wrong, Favouring the wicked by your might,

Who thence grow bold and strong ?

3. Regard the weak and fatherless,

Despatch the poor man's cause; And raise the man in deep distress

By just and equal laws.

4. Defend the poor and desolate,

And rescue from the hands Of wicked men the low estate

Of bim that help demands.

5. They know not, nor will understand,

In darkness they walk on;

The earth's foundations all are mov’d,

And out of order gone.

6. I said that ye were Gods, yea all

The sons of God Most High; 7. But ye shall die like men, and fall

As other princes die.

8. Rise, God; judge thou the earth in might,

This wicked earth redress;
For thou art he who shall by right

The nations all possess.

[blocks in formation]


1. Be not thou silent now at length,

O God, hold not thy peace;
Sit thou not still, O God of strength,

We cry, and do not cease.

2. For lo, thy furious foes now swell,

And storm outrageously; And they that hate thee, proud and fell,

Exalt their heads full high.

3. Against thy people they contrive

Their plots and counsels deep; Them to ensnare they chiefly strive,

Whom thou dost hide and keep.

4. Come, let us cut them off, say they,

Till they no nation be;
That Israel's name for ever may

Be lost in memory.

5. For they consult with all their might,

And all, as one in mind,

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