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cles by the best anthorities. Russia and Siberia are Bunner, Mr. Franklin MacVeagh, and Mr. Frank D. treated by Prince Kropotkine, George Sand by George Millet, and their publication will begin with October. Saintsbury, Scott by Andrew Lang, Shakespeare and “LIPPINCOTT's” for September is noteworthy as beShelley by Edward Dowden, and the Sonnet by Theo ing a California number ; that is, all the articles are dore Watts. For popular reference use upon all sorts

either by Californians or about their State. Since Calof subjects, “ Chambers's " leads all the other works of lifornia has two good magazines of its own, it seems its class.

hardly fair for an Eastern interloper thus to step in. The volumes of the new Cambridge Shakespeare

Dr. Hale's interesting account of : A New England (Macmillan) are appearing in stately succession under

| Boyhood," which began in the August number of the the editorship of William Aldis Wright, and two more

“ Atlantic Monthly," will continue through the rest of (the seventh being now at hand) will complete the

the year. It is full of delightful reminiscences of Bosedition. It is a pleasure merely to look at the beauti

ton people and events, related in the characteristically ful pages of this work, to say nothing of that afforded

rambling manner of the author. by reading them.

The large amount of manuscript left by Professor Tue Clarendon Press has issued, in the dignified

Freeman is said to include important materials for hisform characteristic of all its publications, a second edi

tories of Greece and Rome, a work on King Pippin, tion of the late Mark Pattison's “ Isaac Casaubon”

enough matter for a new volume on the Norman Con(Macmillan), the work having been for some years

quest, and, what is still more interesting, matter for out of print. There are a few corrections, left in

one or more volumes of the “ History of Sicily." manuscript by the author, and some additional notes.

The announcement of a new Marie Bashkirtseff volThe editorial supervision of the new edition has been undertaken by Professor Nettleship. This biographical

ume, to be made up of diverse sorts of literary and arand critical study was probably the most important

tistic remains, seems to evoke other than joyful anwork of the Rector of Lincoln, and certainly deserved

ticipations on the part of the critics. “There may to be kept before the public.

be people,” says the New York - Tribune," dubiously,

“who feel an interest in this morbid, hysterical, posing, In a royal octavo volume of great beauty, illustrated

and utterly selfish Russian.” The worm will turn. by wood cuts and colored plates, Mr. W. Carew Hazlitt has written a history of « The Livery Companies of the

The Shakespeare Society of New York announces a City of London” (Macmillan). The whole subject is

new four-text “Hamlet” in an edition limited to 750 discussed in a lengthy preface and general introduc

copies, 500 of which are limited to subscribers to the tion, and then the guilds are taken up and described

“ Bankside Shakespeare." The texts of 1603, 1604, and one by one. Although the advancing tide of democ

1623, will be printed parallel with "a modern eclectic racy threatens these companies with destruction, Mr.

text." There will also be a translation of the German Hazlitt does not regard the menace as at present a

version of “Hamlet," performed in Dresden in 1826, serious one, but rather looks upon them “as having

and supposed to have been brought into Germany from taken a fresh lease of their existence" owing to their

London by English actors in 1603. This important recent return to that benevolent and religious mission

work will be uniform with the “ Bankside” volumes. which first procured them toleration and power."

DR. O. W. HOLMES's eighty-third birthday was cele"SUNSHINE" is the first of a series of “Nature's

brated at his home in Boston, August 29. The poet was Story-Books,” and is the work of Miss Amy Johnson.

in good health, and able to give a genial welcome to the It is a book of popular science for the young, and is

many friends who called on him. Letters and telegrams mainly devoted to the phenomena of light. In sim

were received from all parts of the world, and also many plicity of treatment, in variety of experimental illus

beautiful presents, among the latter being a nautilus tration, and in beauty of mechanical production, it is

shell set in silver, and having engraved upon it the first the best work of the sort that we have seen. It makes

stanza of Dr. Holmes's poem “ The Chambered Nauone think of the “ Boys' Own Books" of a past genera

tilus,”— the tasteful gift of a Chicago lady. Mr. Whittion, and so realize what one misses through having been

tier contributed to the occasion a tender and beautiful born too long ago. (Macmillan.)

poem addressed to his old friend and fellow-poet, which is printed in "The Atlantic" for September.

THE “ Literary World” translates from the “ Revue

Bleue” the following gem of international literary LITERARY NOTES AND NEWS.

criticism : “ The United States of America possesses MR. THEODORE Watts makes his contribution to

now but two poets, and they belong as much to France the Shelley Centenary in the form of one of his match

as to America. I refer to Mr. Stuart Merrill and Mr. less sonnets, published in the September - Magazine of

Francis Viele Griffin. Among the living authors who Art."

write verses, neither Mr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, not

withstanding his physical resemblance to M. Renan, The great newspaper distributing and book-selling

nor the old Quaker, Jean Feuille-Verte Whittier, notbusiness of W. H. Smith & Son, in its growth and present status, is described by a writer in the August

withstanding his age and the purity of his intentions,

nor Mmes. Emily Dietz, Emma Lazarus, Ada Isaacs, and number of “ The English Illustrated Magazine.”

Zadel Gustafson, in spite of the great number of their G. P. Putnam's Sons offer to send to any purchaser

poems — not one of them is a real poet. Nor was of their edition of the “ Talleyrand Memoirs," who

James Russell Lowell a poet. But, on the contrary, may apply, a four-page leaflet of important matter ac Walt Whitman, the magnificent and noble old man who cidentally omitted from the work as first published.

has just died, was every inch a poet.” The author of “ SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE” has fallen into line, and these sapient remarks is one M. de Wy zega, who is as announces a series of articles on the Columbian Expo- unknown to us as are most of the American poets sition. The first three will be written by Mr. H. C. | whom he mentions.


In accordance with its custom at this season of the year, THE DIAL presents below a classified list of the books announced for fall and winter publication in the United States. In the preparation of this list, great care has been taken to make it accurate and comprehensive, but the indefiniteness of the information received in some cases has made classification difficult, and it is possible that a few titles may uot be found under the heading first consulted. The list of juveniles, which is a long one, will not be printed until the next issue. Including that list, nearly five hundred titles will be given, representing about fifty publishers. From this list new editions which are to be mere reproductions of earlier volumes have been excluded, but all reprints that are to appear in new form — as to typography, illustration, notes, or editing -- are included, and, in case the text of a work has been rewritten or extensively revised, it is placed in its appropriate category as a new book. Experience has shown us that this list is appreciated by our readers generally, and that it has been found especially useful by librarians and others who need to know what books are in prospect in order to know what to buy. In view of these facts, we feel justified in giving the list the extended space that it requires. Embracing, as it does, the bulk of the important publications of the year, it is of course full of interest for the student of our current literature and its tendencies. Some more extended analyses and summaries of the list, with comments on features of especial interest, would be desirable, but lack of space compels us to leave this task to the reader, who will find here abundant material for his generalizations and reflections. The list as a whole is a good one,-creditable alike to American publishers and to the public from which their support and encouragement is derived.

London, a portrayal of the city and its people, from age to

age, by Walter Besant, illus. (Harper & Bros.) Persia and the Persian Question, by the Hon. George N. Cur

zon, in 2 vols., with many illustrations.-Twenty-five Years of St. Andrews, Vol. II., 1865 to 1890, by A. K. H. B.Fifty Years in the Making of Australian History, by Sir Henry Parkes, late Premier of New South Wales.-A School History of India, by G. U. Pope. (Longmans, Green

& Co.) The Influence of Sea Power upon the French Revolution, by

Capt. A. T. Maban, C.S. N., in 2 vols., $6.-A Half Century of Conflict, by Francis Parkman, in 2 vols., with

maps, $5. (Little, Brown & Co.) The Makers of Venice: Doges, Conquerors, Painters, and

Men of Letters, by Mrs. Oliphant, limited edition, profusely illus.-Life in Ancient Egypt, tr. from the German of Prof. Erman, by Mrs. Tirard, profusely illus. Macmil

lan & Co.) France in the Nineteenth Century, 1830 to 1890, by Elizabeth

Wormely Latimer, with portraits, $2.50. (A. C. MeClurg

& Co.) The Queens of England, by Agnes Strickland, new edition

from new plates, in 8 vols., fully illus.. $16.-Itinerary of General Washington, from June 15, 1775, to Dec. 23, 1783, compiled by William S. Baker, with portrait, $2.50. (J. B.

Lippincott Co.) Ridpath's History of the United States, new “Columbian

edition," revised and enlarged, illus., $3.75. (Charles E.

Brown & Co.) 400 Years of American History, 1492 to 1892, by Prof. Jacob

Harris Patton, in 2 vols., $5. (Fords, Howard & Hulbert.) Writings of Christopher Columbus, edited, with introduction,

by Paul Leicester Ford, with portrait, 75 cents. "C. L.

Webster & Co. History of Brazil, by John C. Redman and William Eleroy

Curtis, $2.50. -- History of Argentina, by Mary Aplin Sprague, $2.50.-- History of Bolivia, by T. H. Anderson. $2.50. "Latin-American Republics." (C. H. Sergel & Co.)

BIOGRAPHY AND MEMOIRS. The Life and Writings of Jared Sparks, by Herbert B.

Adams, Ph.D., in 2 vols., with portraits, $5.00. Hough

ton, Mifflin & Co.) The Life and Letters of Washington Allston, by Jared B.

Flagg, illus.- Three volumes on the Duchess of Berry in the Famous Women of the French Court Series, i' each, 1 vol., with portrait, $1.25.--Dean Swift, some account of his life, with extracts from his writings, by G. P. Moriarty,

with portraits on copper, $2.50. (Charles Scribner's Sons. / John Wyclif, Last of the Schoolmen and First of the English

Reformers, by Lewis Sergeant; Napoleon, Warrior and Ruler, by W. O'Connor Morris ; each 1 vol. in the "Heroes of the Nations " series, illus., $1.50.- The Life and Works of Louis Agassiz, by Charles F. Holder, in the “Leaders

of Science" series, illus., $1.50. (G. P. Putnam's Sons.) Abraham Lincoln, by William H. Herndon and Jesse W.

Weik, in 2 vols., illus. - The Great Commanders Series, edited by James Grant Wilson, a series of popular biographies, of which the first volumes will be lives of Admiral Farragut by Capt. A. T. Mahan, General Taylor by Gen. 0. 0. Howard, Gen. Jackson by James Parton ; each

with steel portrait. - The Story of Columbus, by Elizabeth Eggleston Seelye, edited by Dr. Edward Eggleston,

illus., " Delights of History Series." (D. Appleton & Co., Memoirs of the Life of Henry Van Schaack, embracing selec

tions from his correspondence, by his nephew, Henry C.

Van Schaack, $2.00. *(A. C. McClurg & Co.) Abraham Lincoln, by C. C. Coffin, illus., $3.00. Harper

& Bros. ) Nicholas Ferrar, with preface by the Rev. T. T. Carter, with

portrait. (Longmans, Green & Co.) The Diary and Letters of Madame D'Arblay (Frances Burney), with introduction by W. C. Ward, and prefaced by Lord Macaulay's Essay; with portraits, in 3 vols., "Chan

dos Classics."' $2.25. (F. Warne & Co.) Lord Wolseley, and the Earl of Shaftesbury, new volume in

“Men with a Mission " Series. (Thomas Whittaker.) Life of Thomas Wentworth, Earl of Strafford, by Robert

Browning, with introduction by C. H. Frith and other material from new documents; limited American edition, $2.00.- Mary, Queen of Scots, by Rosalie Kaufmann, illus.. $2.00.- Life on the Circuit with Lincoln, by Henry C. Whitney, illus., $3.00). (Estes & Lauriat.)


History. Three Episodes in Massachusetts History, by Charles Francis

Adams, in two volumes, with maps, $1.00.- Cæsar, a history of the art of war among the Romans, by Theodore A. Dodge, U. S. A., illus., $5.00.-- Pagan and Christian Rome, Rodolpho Lanciani, illus.-Essays, Historical and Political, by Henry Cabot Lodge.--The Eve of the French Revolution, by Edward J. Lowell, $2.00.--France Under the Regency, and the Administration of Louis XIV., by

James B. Perkins, $2.00. (Houghton, Mifflin & Co.) The French War and the Revolution, by Wm. M. Sloane,

with maps, “ American History Series," $1.25.-- Bernard of Clairvaux, the Times, the Man, and His Work, a historical study, by R. S. Storrs, D. D.-The Refounding of the German Empire, by Col. G. B. Malleson, with portraits

on copper, $1.75. Charles Scribner's Sons.) The Empire of the Tsars and the Russians, translated from

the French of Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu, by Z. A. Ragozin, with annotations; in 3 vols., with maps. -- The Story of Sicily, by E. A. Freeman; The Story of the Tuscan Republics, by Isabella Duffy; The Story of Poland, by W.R. Morfill; Story of Nations Series, each, 1 vol., $1.50.-- Outlines of Roman History, by Prof. Henry F. Pelham, $1.25.

-A French Ambassador at the Court of Charles II., Le Comte de Cominges, edited by J. J. Jusserand, from Cominge's unpublished correspondence, illus., $3,30. -- The Coming of the Friars, and other mediæval sketches, new

edition, $1.25. (G. P. Putnam's Sons.) The Story of Columbus, first volume in the Delights of His

tory series. - El Dorado, or Pictures of the Spanish Occupancy in America, by Prof. A. F. Bandelier. --The Warriors of the Crescent, by W. Davenport Adams. - Pictures from Roman Life and Story, by Prof. A. I. Church.

(D. Appleton & Co.) America, its Geographical History, 1492 to the present, by

Dr. Walter B. Scaife, illus., $1.50. (Johns Hopkins Press. I !

Autobiographia, by Walt Whitman, edited by Arthur Sted. A History of Early English Literature, by Stopford A. man, iirts. C. 1. Webster & (o.

Browke. Macmillan & toi Life of ("hristian Daniel Ranch. Sculptor, of Berlin, Germany. The Art of Poetry, the treatines of Iloruce, Vida, and Boi by Ednah D. (Cheney, illus., A. Tee & Shepard.

leau, edited by Prof. Albert S. Cook. Addison's ('ritiIgnatins Donnelly, a biography, by Everett W. Fish. F.J.

ciams on Paradise Lost, edited by Prof. Albert S. ('ook. Schulte & Co.

The (lassic Myths in English Literature, by Prof. Charles The Youth of Frederick the Great, translated from the

Mills Gayley. Analytics of English Prose and Poetry,

by Prof. L. A. Sherman. Gunn & Co. French of Ernest Sorbonne, by Mary Bushnell Coleman. 15.(. Grikk & Co.

Emys on the Teaching of Modern Languages, by wellGeorge Eliot and her Early Home, by Miss Swingerton, illus...

known American Professors. An English Gramninr, with

continuous selections for practice, by llarriet Matthews. $ ), R. Tuck & Sons (0,

D. (. Heath & Co.

The Best Reading, fourth weries, including the publications

of the years II 191, 1.00. G. P. Putnam's Sons.) "The Writings and correspondence of Thomas Jefferson, ed. ited by Paul Leicester Fond, Vol. I. to be complete in 10

POFTRY. vols., $3.00.- The Writings and ('orrespondence of John Jar, edited by llenry P. Johnston, fourth and last vol.

At the Beautiful Gate, with songs and aspirations, by Lucy 1. The Writings of George Washington, edited by

Larrom, $1.00). The song of the Anrient People, by Worthington ('. Ford, fourteenth and last vol. 870) The

Edna Dean Proctor, illus, in color. Songs of Sunrise Wit and Wisdom of Charles Lamb, compiled by Ernest

Lands, by (linton Scolland, 1.000, Sundown, a new Dranell North, with portrait, 81.10. Indian Fairy Tales,

volume of poems by J. (. Whittier, illus. by Garrett, collected and edited by Joseph Jacobs, illus., $1.7).

$1.5.). Houghton Mifflin & (0. Deutsche Volkslieder, German folk-songs, in the original

South Sea Idylle, by (harles Warren Stoddard, $1,50. n text, compiled by HS, White. $1.3). "The Writings of

der the Evening Lamp, by Richard Henry Stoddard. Thomas Paine, edited by M. D. ('onway, in ? vols. G. P.

Songs about Life, love, and leath, by Anne Reeve AlPutnam's Sons.

drich, $1.- (harles Scribner's Sons. Prose Idylls, by John Albee. Natural History of Intellect, Lyrics and Ballads of Heine, Goethe, and Other German

and other papers, new volume by Ralph Waldo Ports, translated by Franca llellman. The Dream of Emerson, with general index to Emerson's works, $1.75. Art, and Other Poems, by Espy Williams, >1.10. G. P.

The Nature and Elements of Poetry, by Edmund (lar Putnam's Sons. ence Stedman, with topic analysis and index, $1.50. Au- Thrre l'enturies of English Love Songs, edited by Ralph tumn. a new volume from the journals of Thoreau, edited Caine. D. Appleton & Co.

by II. G. (). Blake, $1.30. Houghton, Miffin & Co. Lyric love, an Anthology, edited by William Watson, with Tales from Ten Poets, done into prose by Harrison S. Morris, steel vignette after Stothard. Macmillan (0.

in 3 vols., illus., 3 vols., 5,00.- Tales from the Dramat Poets by Helen Jackson II. H.', new complete edition, tists, by Charles Morris, in vols., illus.. 4.00). J. B. illus.. $.1.0). Jean Ingrlow's Complete Poetical Works, Lappincott (o,)

in two vols., illus,&:11). Philip Bourke Marston's ('omThe Labrary. by Andrew Lang, with a chapter on Modern plete Poems, edited, with a memoir. by Mr. Louise ('.

English Ilustrated Books, by Austin Dobson, limited edi Moulton, with portrait, **.0), Roberts Bros, 1 tion. Macmillan & (o.

By the Atlantic, later poems, by I. D. Van Duzee, $2.00. A Selection from the Letters of Geraldine Jeweburry to Jane Lee & Shepard,

Welsh (arlyle, edited by Mrs. Alexander Ireland. After Athelwold, a tragedy in five acts, by Amélie Rives Chanler,
Twenty Years, a collection of reprinted pieces, by Julian illus. Harper & Brow?
Sturgis, $1.00. Essays and Lectures, by the late Canon King Poppy. by Owen Meredith the late land Lytton), a
Liddon. Longmans, Green & Co.

new volume of poems. Longmans, Green & Co. Americanisms and Briticisms, with other essays on other Echoes from the Sabine Fartu, being certain lloratian Lyrics isms," by Brander Matthews, $1.00, 1 (Charles Scribner's

done into English by Eugene and Roswell M. Field, illus, Sots,

by Garrett. Valeria, and Other Poems by Harriet MonFays of Education and Culture, by W. II. Venable, $1.50). Ne, Eleusis, and less r Poems, by William Rufus Per Lea Shepard,

kins, $1.000).- Poetry of the Gathered Years, compiled by M. References for Literary Workers, by Prof. Henry Watson. H., $1.00. Some Rhymes of Ironquill of Kanuis, .0).

The Best Letters of Percy Bysshe Shelley, edited, with Songs and Sonnets, and Other Pieces, Ly Maurice Francis an introduction, by Shirley C. Hughson, "Laurel Egan, $1.0), A. (. McClurg & Co. (rowned Letters," $1.00). - The Best Letters of William Powme Antinue and Modern Renk of Dar D ame Cowper, edited, with an introduction, by Anna Benneson The Banquet of Palacios, three volumes of verse by Charlo Melahan. “Laurel('rowned Letters, 81.00. A. C. Leonard Moore, Dr. Weir Mitchell's" new pt." Ileary Me lurg & Co.

Holt & Co. Farly Bibles of America, a chapter in Bibliography, by John

FICTION. W nght, D, D. Thomas Whittaker,

David Alden's Daughter, and Other Stories of Colonial Eave in Miniature, by Agnes Repplier, 75 cts. C. L.

Times, by Jane G. Austen, 1.3.- Jahary Phips, a novel. Webster & (o.

by Elwin Lasseter Bynner, $! The Story of a (hild. Selected Speeches of Daniel Webster, edited by A.J. George. by Margaret Deland, $1.25. The (homen Valley, a novel, D. (. Heath & Co..

bi Mary Hallock Foote. l'acle Remus and liis Friends, (Chesterfield's Wit and Wisdom, maxims from his letters, bi Joel (handler Harris. Winterborough, by Eliza Orne with portrait, $1.25. Worthington ('o,

White, -1.25. Houghton, Jiffin & to.

Marse (han, by T. X. Page, illus, by Smedley, $1.50). "The LITFRATURF AND LANGUAGE.

Beach of Pales, and the Bottle Imp. by Robert Louis "The Old English Dramatists, six lectures by James Russell Stevenson. Charles ribner's sons. Lowell. lloughton, Mifflin & (0.

The Ivory Gate, a novel, by Walter Berant, $1.27. Harper Cathnes of English Literature, by William Renton, “I'ni

& Brus. versity Extension Manuals," $1.00. Charles Scribner's

From Dusk to Dawn, by Katharine P. Woods. A new volume

of Stories by Rudyard Kipling. God's Fool, by Maarten Representative English Literature, selected by Henry S.

Maartens. A Stumble on the Threshold, by Janes l'ayn.

Mr. Bingh, by Rhoda Broughton. Passing the love of Pane ast. Engirsh Literature, by the late Bernhard Ten Brink, second volume. German Literature in its Chief

Women, by Mr. J. H. Needell. D. Appleton & Co. 1.whes, by Prof. Kuno Francke. Elements of German The Initials, by Baroness Tautphe, in 2 vol. 2.1. Ar

yatar, by Prof. H. (. G, von Jagemann. A Minimum Artist in Crime, by R. (htolangui, $1.001. G. P. Put. French Grammar, by Prof. E. S. Joynes. llenry nam's Sons. Holt & (o.

(row's Nest and Belhasen Tails, stories log Mrs. Burton Har Familiar Talks on English Literature, by Abby Sage Ricb rison, illus., 12, Old Wals and New, stories by Viola

ards, new thoroughly revised edition, 1.1. -flow Do Rabato), illus.. 01 . haracteristie by Dr. Weir Yua pell It" or, Words as They Look, by W. ('. T. Mirebell. $14. The (hatelaine ot la Trinité, by Henry Hyde. A. (, Mellurg & Co.

B. Faller, illus., 91.27. (entury (o.

The Every Day of Life, by Rev. J. R. Miller, D.D. (T. Y.

Crowell & Co.) No “Beginning," or the Fundamental Fallacy, by William H.

Maple. (C. H. Kerr & Co.) Bible Studies, readings in the Old Testament, with charac

teristic comment by Henry Ward Beecher, edited by John

R. Howard, $1.50. (Fords, Howard & Hulbert.) Daily Prayers for the Household for a Month, by Rev. J.

Oswald Dykes, $1.50. (Thos. Nelson & Sons.) Faith-Healing, Christian Science, and Kindred Phenomena,

by Rev. J. M. Buckley, $1.25. Century Co.)

Maid Marian and Robin Hood, by J. E. Murdock, illus., $1.50.

- The Dragon of Wantley, a romance, by Owen Wister,

illus., $2.00. (J. B. Lippincott Co.) Don Orsino, by Marion Crawford.-- Children of the King, by

Marion Crawford.-Under Pressure, by Marchess Theo

doli.-Helen Treveryan, by John Roy. (Macmillan & Co.) The New Adam and Eve, a story, by C. J. Hyne, $1.00.

(Longmans, Green & Co.) The Admiral's Last Voyages, by Charles Paul Mackie, $1.75.

--Other Things being Equal, by Emma Wolf, $1.00.Marianela, a story of Spanish love, translated from Spanish of B. Perez Galdos, by Helen W. Lester, $1.00. (A.

McClurg & Co.) An Erring Woman's Love, by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, $2.50.

Woman Thro' a Man's Eye Glass, by Malcolm C. Saloman, illus., $1.25.-- The Other House, by Kate Jordan, illus., $1.25.- Army Tales, by John Strange Winter, $1.00.--The White Feather, by Tasma, $1.00. (Lovell,

Coryell & Co.) John Paget, by Miss S. B. Eliott, author of “Jerry." - Jack

o' Doon, a story of the Carolina coast, by Mrs. Maria

Beales. (Henry Holt & Co.) The American Claimant, a romance by Mark Twain, illus.,

$1.50,-Georgia Stories, by Richard Malcolm Johnston,

75 cts. (C. L. Webster & Co.) East and West, a story of New-born Ohio, by Edward Ever

ett Hale, $1.00.-List, ye Landsmen! a romance, by W. Clark Russell, $1.00.- Tween Snow and Fire, a Kaffir Border Tale, by Bertrand Milford, $1.00.-A new paper series to be called Cassell's Pocket Library, per number,

15 cts. (Cassell Publishing Co.) A Woman's Philosophy of Love, by Caroline F. Corbin, $1,50.

(Lee & Shepard.) Prairie People, a collection of short stories by Hamlin Gar

land, $1.25.-American Push, by Edgar Fawcett, $1.25. --A Lodi Girl, by Forest Crissey, $1.25. (F. J. Schulte

& Co.) The Hungarian Girl, translated from the German, by S. E.

Baggs, illus., $1.00.-A new novel by Harold Frederic.

(Robert Bonner's Sons.) Roland Graeme, Knight, by Agnes M. Machar, $1.00. (Fords,

Howard & Hulbert.) East and West, a novel, by Mrs. Homer Reed. (C. H. Sergel & Co.)

THEOLOGY AND RELIGION. The Swiss Reformation, Vol. VII. in the History of the

Christian Church, by Philip Schaff, D.D., illus.--Christian Ethics, by Newman' Smith, D.D. $2.50.--The Teachings of Jesus, by Hans Heinrich Wendt, D. D., translated by Rev. John Wilson, Vol. II., $2.50. (Charles

Scribner's Sons.) Scenes from the Life of Christ, pictured in Holy Word and

Sacred Art, edited by Jessica Cone.- What Is the Bible ? by Rev. J. T. Sunderland, new revised edition.-The Church in the Roman Empire, A. D. 64-170, by Prof. W. H.

Ramsay. (G. P. Putnam's Sons.) The Love of the World, a Book of Religious Meditation, by

Mary Emily Case, $1.00. (Century Co.) Guide to the Knowledge of God, translated from the French

of Prof. A. Gatry, by Abby Langdon Alger, $3.00. (Rob

erts Bros.) St. Peter and the First Years of Christianity, translated from

the French of the Abbé Fouard, by G. F. X. Griffith.-Sermons, by the Rt. Rev. Ashton Oxenden, D.D., with a memoir and portrait.- The Origin and Development of Religious Belief, by Rev. S. Baring-Gould, new edition in

2 parts. (Longmans, Green & Co. The Indwelling Christ, and Other Sermons, by Henry Allen,

D.D., $1.75.-Christianity Between Sundays, by Rev. George Hodges.--Aids to the Devout Study of Criticism, by Rev. T. K. Cheyne, $2.50.-Sermons, by Charles Had

don Spurgeon, $1.00. (Thomas IVhittaker.) The Historical Prayer Book, edited by Rev. J. Cornford,

$2.00.--History of the Church in Eastern Canada, $1.00.Round the Round World on a Church Mission, illus.- The Bible and the Monuments, by Rev. A. H. Sayce. (E. &

J. B. Young & Co.) History of the Church in Spain, by F. Meyrick, M.A., with

index and maps, $2.00.-History of the Church in Ireland, by Thomas Ogden, M.A., with index and maps, $2.00. --- How God Inspired the Bible, a book for the tines, by J. Patterson Smythe.-Elements of Moral Theology, by the Rev. J.J. Elmendorf, $2.50). (James Pott & Co.)

TRAVEL, DESCRIPTION, AND ADVENTURE. An American Missionary in Japan, by M. L. Gordon, M. D.-Japan, Its History, Folklore, and Art, by W. E. Griffis,

D.D., 75 cents. In the Levant, by Charles Dudley Warner, illus. in photogravure, in 2 vols., $5.00. Hough

ton, Mifflin & Co.) The Great Streets of the World, articles by Richard Hard

ing Davis, Andrew Lang, and others, profusely illus., $4.00.-The Armies of the World, illus., by De Thulstrup.-Afloat and Ashore on the Mediterranean, by Lee Merriwether, illus.--Spanish Cities, by Charles Augustus Stoddard, illus., $1.50.-Blackfoot Lodge Tales, by

George B. Grinnell, illus. Charles Scribner's Sons. I
The Danube, from the Black Forest to the Black Sea, by F.

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[blocks in formation]

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& Co.) Cameo edition of Dr. J. G. Holland's Bitter Sweet and Katherina, each

poem in 1 vol., with an etching by O. Bacher, $2.75. - Japanese Jingles, by Mae St. John Bramhall; The Rat's Plaint, an old Japanese legend, translated by Archibald Little; Kohana Sam, written by Lieut. F. M. Bostwick, U. S. N.; each in 1 vol., profusely illus. with

Japanese drawings in color, $1.00. (Charles Scribner's Sons.) Daisy Miller, by Henry James, edition-de-luxe, limited, illus. by H. W.

McVickar, bound in vellum, $15.00, silk, $3.50.-Prue and I, by George W. Curtis, edition de luxe, limited, illus. by Albert E. Sterner, bound

in vellum, $15.00, silk, $3.50. (Harper & Bros.) In Gold and Silver, by George H. Ellwanger, magnificently illustrated

by W. H. Gibson and A. B. Wenzell, numbered edition de luxe, limited to 200 copies, and a regular edition.-An Attic Philosopher in Paris, by Emile Souvestre, with many illustrations by Jean Claude. (D.

Appleton & Co.) The Conquest of Granada, by Washington Irving, "Agapida" edition,

printed from new plates, illus. with photogravures, in 2 vols., slip covers, $6.00.--Literary Gems, fourth series, comprising Sheridan's Rivals, Irving's Rip Van Winkle, and selections from Milton, Thackeray, Gray, and Bryant, per vol., 75 cts., special holiday edition, in white and gold, 2 vols. in a box, $1.00 a box.-Special holiday edition of the Knickerbocker Nuggets, in white and gold, 2 vols. in a box,

$2.50 a box. (G. P. Putnam's Sons.) Old Italian Masters, a portfolio of proofs of engravings

taken by hand on Japan paper, signed, limited to 125 sets, per set, $175.00.-Edition-de-luxe of English Cathedrals, by Mrs. Van Rensselaer, illus. by Jos. Pennell, in 2 vols., limited to 250 copies,

per set, $25.00. (Century Co.) The World's Best Hyınns, beautifully illus. by L. K. Harlow, $1.50,

china silk, $2.00. (Little, Brown & Co.) Days with Sir Roger de Coverly, illus. by Hugh Thomson, limited

American edition, uniform with " Cranford." (Macmillan & Co.) Atlina, the Queen of the Floating Isle, by M. B. M. Toland, illus. in

photogravure by Bloomer, Weir, and others, $2.50. (J. B. Lippin

cott Co.) Abbeys, Castlee, and Ancient Halls of England and Wales, by John

Timb and Alexander Gunn, new revised edition, illus. in photogravure, in 3 vols., $7.30. (F. Warne & Co.)

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