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* Calidore" ( never before printed). - The Four

DR. JOHN ('LARK RIDPATH's - I'niAges of Poetry" (which " long ago soared into im- . B A , Hoe wted States" (l'nited States History mortality in the eagle grasp of the rejoinder which are ile* ('0.), in its new Columbian" edi. it provoked from Shelley" ), three papers collect. , tion, is a thick octavo with many illustrations, some ively styled - Horæ Dramatica" (attempted restor- of them in colors. It covers the entire period of ations of as many fragments of classical drama ), our annals, from the days when the Indian held and - The Last Day of Windsor Forest," a paper undisputed possession of the soil down to the pres. probably the last of Peacock's composition. Finally, ' ent year. The author has endeavored to avoid there is an index of the first lines of the lyrics , all partiality, partisanship, and prejudice, as things contained in all the nine volumes of the edition. Of dangerous, baneful, and wicked," and seems to have the contents of this volume, the recollections" are been fairly successful in the endeavor. One of the the most interesting feature and they throw numer- , chapters contains an elaborate account of the Cenous side-lights upon the romances. For example, tennial at Philadelphia, probably to give readers it is interesting to know that Peacock himself, when some slight foretaste of what the greater glories of a young man, gave up the use of sugar as a protest the Columbian Exposition will be like. An appenagainst slavery, just like his own Mr. Forester in dix contains the Constitution and the other regula* Melincourt.

ition documents that usually go with such books. To Macmillan's dollar edition of the

THE • Evolution Series" puts in ! tney on

novels of Dickens, Martin ('huzzle. Pupular dus : * por su co in uns wit" .. Barnaby Rudge," and "The

Dieren ist pamphlet form a number of - Studies

porta s jos para in Applied Sociology," on Man and **Old Curiosity Shop" have now been added, the previous issues being • Pickwick," " Oliver Twist," and

the State (Appleton), being lectures and discus

sions before the Brooklyn Ethical Association. * Nicholas Nickleby.” These volumes are accurate i

These little pamphlets, each containing the presenreprints, illustrations and all, of the first editions, i

tation of opposing views on social problems, are and each has an interesting introduction by Mr.

! most valuable for popular reading. Four numbers Charles Dickens the younger. The volumes have the merit of being inexpensive, and they are highly

before us are + The Race Problem in the South."

by Prof. Joseph Le Conte and Mr. James A. Skil. attractive in appearance. In spite of the many forms in which Dickens is already offered to

ton; - Education as Related to Citizenship," by

Rev. John W. Chadwick and Mr. W. H. Maxwell; the public, we should be glad to see this edition

! - The Republican Party," by Roswell G. Horr and made a complete one, for it has few equals at any i

Joseph C. Hendrix ; and - The Democratic Party," price, and none at the price actually placed upon; these volumes. Mr. Chapman, the English publisher in

' by Edward M. Shepard and Stewart L. Woodford.

er. They will be welcome to the teacher of political of the novels, has recently made some interesting statements about the undiminished popularity of Dickens. He says, among other things, that . Pick 'Gitarojino.

The latest volume of The Gentlewick" has been produced by no less than eleven !. .1 inerent man's Magazine Library" (Hough

lexiune London publishers since it emerged from copyright!

ton) continues the subject of - Enand that the original publishers have sold over half. glish Topography " through Cambridgeshire, Che. a million copies of the novel during the past twenty

wenty shire, Cornwall, and Cumberland, and provides

shi years. This news should be broken very gently

complete indexes of names and subjects. It is very to Mr. Howells: others will be vlad to hear it, and rich in materials relating to family history. "The perhaps will not find it particularly surprising. I

ancient local life of England is departing," says the

editor, * and if we cannot altogether regret this, we LOVERS of Walt Whitman will welcan still look back upon glimpses of it with some

come a little volume entitled "Auto- degree of affection and a great deal of interest. It

-7. biographia," published with the poet's I was solid, true, and picturesque. Timbered houses, approval by C. L Webster & Co., in which he is surrounding a church, with cultivated grounds made to tell his own life-story in selections from stretching all around, is the normal physical feature."

Sperimen Days," November Boughs," and "Good This volume affords many of the glimpses here menBe my Faner." As THE DIAL has indicated re- tioned ; to offer anything like a connected survey is cently, to know the good gray poet" thoroughly not within its scope. one must become familiar with his prose writings, in which so much of his personality is revealed. In A convenient volume there scattered glimpses of the

BRIEFER MENTION. man who has been so misunderstood have been maile ranili cessible, and it is to be hoped that

Tur * (oming of the Friars, and Other Historie Ex

" by that charming writer, Dr. Angustus Jessopp, the paille which rails so freely will now read and

is published in a new edition with flexible cloth covers, inform itself. These paure, so full of the subjective

just the thing to put in the pwket when starting on a resrlation of self, so full of a poet's joy in nature.

journey. The chapters on - The Black Death in East have a derueri Havor of Thoreau, whom Whitman Anglia" and - Daily Life in a Medixral Monastery " resembled in several strong phases of his character. are historical papers as important as they are interest

ing, and no page of the volume is without its contribu- esting article by Miss Milicent W. Shinn, on “The tion of quaint out-of-the-way information. (Putnam). | University of California."

That old-time favorite, “ The Initials,” by the Bar- A firm of Swiss publishers announce a new series of oness Tautphæus, has just been republished in a neat guide-books, of which “ Chicago in Wort und Bild” will two volume edition (Putnam), and should find many be the first number. readers, both new and old, in this attractive form. Mr. Richard Henry Stoddard has an article, reminAmong other new editions, we note “ The Maid of Kil iscent in vein, upon the late Mr. Lowell, in “Lippinleena" by Mr. William Black (Harper), and “ Nelly cott's” for October. Kinnard's Kingdom" by Miss Amanda M. Douglas The letters of Charles Dickens will soon be published (Lee & Shepard).

in a single volume, uniform with the Macmillan dollar MR. J. K. Ellwood's “ Table Book and Test Prob- l edition of the novels. lems in Mathematics" (American Book Co.) is an ex- | Mr. Bliss Carman, the Canadian poet, is now engaged ceedingly useful little book for the teacher's desk. It in editorial work upon “Current Literature," having terincludes a collection of 78 “ theorems, rules, and form minated his connection with the New York - Indepenulas,” a set of logarithmic tables, and a great variety of

dent." carefully selected problems in arithmetic, algebra, and

The death of Xavier Marmier, October 11, makes a geometry.

vacancy in the French Academy, and another opportun“QUAKERS in Pennsylvania" is the title of the latest ity for the persistent M. Zola. Marmier was an arnumber in the “ Johns Hopkins University” Studies in

chæologist of wide reputation. Historical and Political Science." Dr. Albert C. Ap

The Putnams will begin the publication this fall of plegarth is the author, and his discussion embraces three

the “ Ariel Edition ” of Shakespeare's Works. There chief subjects, the customs and laws of the Quakers,

will be thirty-nine small pocket volumes, bound in their attitude towards the Indians, and their position

flexible leather, with some 500 illustrations by Frank upon the question of slavery.

Howard. MR. A. M. Cook's “ Shorter Latin Course," adapted

The Macmillans are to publish Coleridge in a onefor the use of American schools by Dr. J. C. Egbert,

volume edition, uniform with those of Tennyson, Wordshas just been published by the Macmillans. It is neat

worth, Arnold, and Shelley. This will really supply a in appearance, and, within its limits, very complete.

long-felt want. The same publishers send us an edition of Cæsar's "Hel

A series of three historical novels from the German vetian War,” adapted, like the grammar already men

of C. Falkenhorst are announced by the Worthingtioned, from an English text-book.

ton Company. “With Columbus in America," With Dr. D. W. JACKSON publishes a pamphlet entitled

Cortez in Mexico,” and “With Pizarro in Peru” are the “ A Discussion of the Drainage and Water Supply of

titles. Chicago” (Rand, McNally & Co.) He tells us that he voted for the adoption of the present drainage act, and

The Rev. Samuel Longfellow died October 3, in Portafterwards came to the conclusion that he had made a

land, Me., at the age of seventy-three. The biography

of his more famous brother, and numerous hymns, conmistake. He now urges its repeal, and describes another method of providing for the sewage of the city,

stitute his claim to literary remembrance. a method which he claims will prove equally effective,

F. J. Schulte & Co. announce two volumes of fiction; and cost only a small fraction of what it is intended to

one being short stories by Mr. Roswell M. Field, the spend upon the canal now being constructed.

other a novel, the joint production of Mr. Ambrose MERE MENTION must suffice for the following new

Bierce and Dr. J. A. Danziger, and partly adapted novels : “ The Wee Widow's Cruise in Quiet Waters”

from the German. (Cassell) is by "an idle exile," and is published in the

The Scribners have in press a new volume of essays by “ Unknown” library. “ East and West," by the Rev.

Richard Henry Stoddard, “Under the Evening Lamp." Edward Everett Hale (Cassell), is a story of just one

The papers, which are biographical and anecdotal as hundred years ago, and recounts the adventures of the

well as critical, relate to Peacock, Blake, Fitz Gerald, Ohio pioneers. “Nor Wife, nor Maid” (Hovendon) is Lord Houghton, and other authors. the latest product of Mrs. Hungerford's popular and - The Beautiful Land of Nod," an illustrated volume prolific pen. Miss Kate Jordan, who is responsible of poems, songs, stories, and allegories, by Mrs. Ella for “ The Other House” (Lovell, Coryell & Co.) ap Wheeler Wilcox, is an interesting addition to the jupears to be a new writer. Mrs. Molesworth's “Leona" venile announcements of the season. It will be pub(Cassell) is a story not for youth only, but one that lished by Morrill, Higgins & Co. may be enjoyed by older persons as well.

A volume of prose essays, entitled “ Excursions in Criticism," by Mr. William Watson, will soon be published in England. If Mr. Watson is as good a critic as

poet (which would, perhaps, be expecting too much), LITERARY NOTES AND NEWS.

the book will be an important one. Lord Tennyson's posthumous volume will be entitled " The United States Investor” of Boston offers $1000 " Akbar's Dream and Other Poems."

in prizes for essays on American cities and towns. The Mr. E. C. Stedman's essays on “The Nature and

best essay on any American city or town will receive Elements of Poetry” are concluded in the October“ Cen half the above sum. Messrs. Henry Cabot Lodge, tury,” and are soon to appear in book form,

Charles F. Crisp, and Julius C. Burrows will act as the Ibsen's " A Doll Home” was played this summer in judges. the Khedival theatre at Cairo, and is reported to have Mr. Samuel T. Pickard, 44 Exchange St., Portland, had great success.

Maine, who is Mr. Whittier's literary executor, desires • The Overland Monthly" for October has an inter- | the loan of any of the poet's autograph letters that may

be of help to him in preparing the poet's biography.

LIST OF NEW BOOKS. All letters sent him will be promptly copied and returned to their owners.

(The following list, embracing 105 titles, includes all books A firm of English publishers announce a series of | received by THE DIAL since last issue.] volumes, to be called “ The Bookman's Library,” con

HISTORY. sisting partly of reprints and partly of original matter. The first two, to appear in November and December,

Three Episodes of Massachusetts History: The Settle

ment of Boston Bay, The Antimonian Controversy, and will be « The Poetry of the Dial,” arranged under the

A Study of Church and Town Government. By Charles names of the authors, according to a copy marked by Francis Adams. In two vols., 12mo, gilt top. HoughEmerson in the possession of Mr. Alexander Ireland; ton, Mifflin & Co. $4.00. “ The Complete Works of Emily Brontë,” that is to

Itinerary of General Washington, From June 15, 1775, to say, “ Wuthering Heights," and the poems, both being

December 23, 1783. With portrait, 4to, pp. 335, gilt top,

uncut edges. J. B. Lippincott Co. $2.50. reprinted from their first editions, together with a

A French Ambassador at the Court of Charles II. prefatory essay attempting to trace the sources of the

From his Unpublished Correspondence. By J. J. Jusnovel.

serand. With portraits, 8vo, pp. 259. G. P. Putnam's

Sons. $3,50. A writer in "The Book Buyer" tells the following

The Eve of the French Revolution. By Edward J. amusing story : “One of the effects of the publication Lowell, author of "The Hessians in the Revolutionary of the works of any old author seems to be the arous War." ' 8vo, pp. 408. Houghton, Mifflin & Co. $2.00. ing of the bureaus of press-clippings to activity. I have The Coming of the Friars and other Historic Essays. By seen letters from two different firms, which have been

Rev. Augustus Jessopp, D.D. 12mo, pp. 344. G. P.

Putnam's Sons. $1.25. sent to the care of Messrs. Roberts Brothers, addressed

Quakers in Pennsylvania. By Albert C. Applegarth, to Jane Austen, and containing offers to furnish her Ph.D. Svo, pp. 84. Johns Hopkins University Studies. 750 with reviews of her book at so much a hundred. Very Historical Essays of Macauley. Edited by Samuel Thurlikely other firms could tell the same sort of story; but ber. 12mo, pp. 394. Allyn & Bacon. 80 cts. one cannot help smiling at the astonishment of Miss Austen had one of these epistles really reached her in

BIOGRAPHY. the flesh.”

The Diplomatic Reminiscences of Lord Augustus Loftus,

P.C., 1837-1862. In 2 vols., with portrait, 8vo, uncut. The second (July) number of “The Knight Errant”

Cassell Publishing Co. $6.00. has an exquisite frontispiece in photogravure, repro- | Lives of the Queens of England from the Norman Conducing Mr. Walter Crane's “La Belle Dame sans quest. Compiled, from official records and other authenMerci.” Mr. Crane also signs an article, “Of Æsthe

tic documents, by Agnes Strickland. New revised and

enlarged edition, in 8 vols., illus., 8vo, gilt tops. J. B. tic Pessimism and the New Hope." A study of Ver Lippincott Co. $16.00. laine, two original sonnets, a translation from Leopardi, | Autobiographia; or, The Story of a Life. By Walt Whitand a valuable article on typography, make up the

man. (Selected from his prose writings.) 16mo, pp. 205. chief contents of this beautiful publication. The ar

C. L. Webster & Co. 75 cts.

A Life of Grover Cleveland, with a Sketch of Adlai E. ticle last mentioned is illustrated by examples from the

Stevenson. By George F. Parker. 12mo, pp. 332. Casbooks published by Mr. William Morris at the Kelm

sell's “Sunshine Series." 50 cts. scott Press.

Life of General Jackson. By Oliver Dyer, author of “ The Harvard Graduates' Magazine," a beautifully

“Great Senators of the United States." Illus., 12mo, pp.

378. Bonner's "Choice Series." 50 cts. printed quarterly, is the latest addition to the period Mark Twain: The Story of his Life and Work. By Will ical list. The first issue is dated October, and contains M. Clemens. 3rd edition, 18mo, pp. 211. Clemens Pub176 pages. The price is one dollar annually, which

lishing Co. Paper, 50 cts. can hardly cover the cost of manufacture, unless the

POETRY. subscribers are very numerous indeed. It is published

The Merrimac River: Hellenics and Other Poems. By by the Harvard Graduates Magazine Association, Bos- |

Benjamin W. Ball. 12mo, pp. 426. G. P. Putnam's ton, and is edited, under the direction of a council of Sons. $2.00. sixteen, by Messrs. William R. Thayer and Frank Mexican and South American Poems (Spanish and EnBolles. The opening number contains articles by Presi

glish). Translated by Ernest S. Green and Miss H. Von dent Eliot, Professor A. P. Peabody, Mr. Theodore

Lowenfels. 12mo, pp. 400. San Diego, Cal., Dodge &

Burbeck. $2.00. Roosevelt, Mr. W. P. Garrison, Professor W. J. Tucker, Selected Poems of Robert Burns. With Biographical and others, besides a large amount of miscellaneons Sketch and Notes by Nathan Haskell Dole. Illus., matter of interest mainly to Harvard students past and 18mo, pp. 303, gilt top. T. Y. Crowell & Co. $1.00. present.

Songs of Sunrise Lands. By Clinton Scollard. 16mo,

pp. 118. Houghton, Mifflin & Co. $1.00. Professor Edward Cone Bissell, of Chicago, has pub

Notes for the Nile: A Metrical Rendering of the Hymns lished, under the title of “Genesis Printed in Colors," of Ancient Egypt, etc. By Hardwicke D. Rawnsley, the English text of Genesis, according to the Revised

M.A. 12mo, pp. 324. G. P. Putnam's Sons. $1.50. Version, in ink of no less than seven different colors,

The Dream of Art, and Other Poems. By Espy Williams. in order to show the different sources from which the

16mo, gilt top, pp. 99. G. P. Putnam's Sons. 75 cts. book is supposed to have been compiled. The scheme

FICTION. of analysis adopted is that of Kautzsch and Socin, as

The Initials: A Story of Modern Life. By Baroness Tautgiven in the second edition of “ Die Genesis mit Aeusserer

phæus, author of “Quits." In two vols., 12mo. G. P. Unterscheidung der Quellenschriften," which does not Putnam's Sons. $2.50. materially differ from the views generally accepted by ad- |

Englishman's Haven, By W. J. Gordon, author of "The vanced critics. The London “ Academy” says of this

Captain-General.” Illus., sq. 12mo, pp. 288. D. Ap

pleton & Co. $1.50. publication : "The general result is certainly to give

Maid Marian and Robin Hood: A Romance of Old Shercolour to the witty remark that the book of Genesis, if

wood Forest. By J. E. Muddock, author of "Stormnot by Moses, is at any rate a mosaic."

light." Illus., 12mo, pp. 326. J. B. Lippincott Co. $1.25. Axel Ebersen, the Graduate of Upsala. By A. Laurie, au The Place of the Story in Early Education, and other

thor of “Maurice Kerdic." Illus., 12mo, pp. 286. J. B. Essays. By Sarah E. Wiltse. *16mo, pp. 132. Ginn & Lippincott Co. $1.50.

Co. 60 cts. The Chatelaine of la Trinité. By Henry B. Fuller an.

Wordsworth's Prefaces and Essays on Poetry, with By Henry B. Fuller, author of "The Chevalier of Pensieri-Vani." Illus., 16mo, thor of "The Chevaliente

Letter to Lady Beaumont. Edited, with introduction pp. 176, gilt top. The Century Co. $1.25.

and notes, by A. J. George, A.M. 16mo, pp. 120. D. C. Belhaven Tales, Crow's Nest, and King David. By Mrs. Heath & Co. 55 cts.

Burton Harrison, author of "The Anglo-Maniacs." Illus., Early Bibles of America. By Rev. John Wright, D.D. 16mo, pp. 212, gilt top. The Century Co. $1.25.

Illus., 12mo, pp. 171. Thomas Whittaker, $1.50. Old Ways and New. Stories by Viola Roseboro'. 16mo, pp. 216, gilt top. The Century Company. $1.25.

TRAVEL AND DESCRIPTION. Mr Witt's Widow: A Frivolous Tale. By Anthony Hope, London : By Walter Besant, author of "Fifty Years Ago."

author of "Father Stafford.” 12mo, pp. 243. United Illus., 8vo, pp. 509. Harper & Bros. $3.00.

States Book Co. $1.25.
The Island of Fantasy: A Romance. By Fergus Hume,

Play in Provence: Being a Series of Sketches Written

and drawn by Joseph and Elizabeth R. Pennell. 16mo, author of “The Man Who Vanished." 12mo, pp. 453. Lovell, Gestefeld & Co. $1.25.

pp. 202, gilt top. The Century Co. $1.50.

ome Strange Corners of Our Country: The WonCatmur's Cave. By Richard Dowling, author of “The

derland of the Southwest. By Charles F. Lummis, auMystery of Killard.” 12mo, pp. 264. National Book

thor of “A Tramp Across the Continent." Illus., 8vo, Co. $1.25. Cousin Phillis : A Story of English Love. By Mrs. Gas

pp. 270. The Century Co. $1.50.

The West from a Car Window. By Richard Harding kell. 16mo, pp. 222, gilt top. A.C. McClurg & Co. $1.00.

Davis, anthor of “ Van Bibber and Others." Illus., 12mo, Marianela: A Story of Spanish Love. Translated from

pp. 243. Harper & Brothers. $1.25. the Spanish of B. Perez Galdos, by Helen W. Lester. A Little Swiss Sojourn. By W. D. Howells, Illus., 32mo,

16mo, pp. 243, gilt top. A. C. McClurg & Co. $1.00. pp. 119. Harper's “Black and White Series." 50 cts. Other Things Being Equal. By Emma Wolf. 16mo, pp. Chicago and the World's Columbian Exposition. Plus., 275. A. C. McClurg & Co. $1.00.

18mo, pp. 220. Rand, McNally & Co. Paper, 25 cts. Jane Austen's Novels : Northanger Abbey, 1 vol.; Per

suasion, 1 vol. Each with Frontispiece, 16mo, gilt top. Roberts Brothers. Per vol., $1.25.

SCIENCE. Under the Water-Oaks. By Marian Brewster. Illus.,

Fragments of Science: A Series of Essays, Addresses, 16mo, pp. 319. Roberts Brothers. $1.25.

and Reviews. By John Tyndall, F.R.S., author of

"New Fragments. Esther Vanhomrich. By Margaret L. Woods, author of

In two volumes, 12mo. D. Apple"A Village Tragedy." 12mo, pp. 380. Hovendon

ton & Co. $4.00. Co. $1.00.

Man and the Glacial Period. By G. Frederick Wright, Joshua Wray: A Novel. By Hans Stevenson Beattie.

D.D. Illus., 12mo, pp. 385. Appleton's " International 12mo, pp. 307. United States Book Co. $1.25.

Scientific Series." $1.75. The Woman Who Dares. By Ursula N. Gestefeld. 12mo,

The Dignity of Sex. By Henry S. Chase, M.D. In three pp. 358. Lovell, Gestefeld & Co. $1.25.

parts, 16mo, pp. 175. Purdy Publishing Co. 50 cts. Tales of a Garrison Town. By Arthur W. Eaton and

Chicago's Drainage and Water Supply. By D. W.

Jackson. Illus., 8vo, pp. 138. Craven L. Betts. Illus., 16mo, pp. 250. D. D. Merrill

Rand, McNally & Co. Co. $1.25.

Paper, 35 cts.
Thaddeus of Warsaw. By Jane Porter, author of “The
Scottish Chiefs." 12mo, pp. 451. A. C. McClurg &

Co. $1.25.

Recent Rambles; or, In Touch with Nature. By Charles The Snare of the Fowler. By Mrs. Alexander, author C. Abbot, M.D., author of “Outings at Odd Times.”'

of “The Wooing O't.” 12mo, pp. 349. Cassell Pub Illus., 12mo, pp. 330, gilt top. J. B. Lippincott Co. $2.00. lishing Co. $1.00.

Field Farings : A Vagrant Chronicle of Earth and Sky.

By Martha M. Williams. 16mo, pp. 242. Harper & NEW VOLUMES IN THE PAPER LIBRARIES.

Bros. $1.00. Worthington's International Library : With Colum The Moral Instruction of Children. By Felix Adler.

bus in America, from the German of C. Falkenhorst, by 12mo, pp. 270. Appleton's - International Education Elise L. Lathrop, illus., 75 cts.

Series." $1.50. Cassell's Sunshine Series: Strange Tales of a Nihilist, A Course on Zoology: Designed for Secondary Educa

by William Le Queux; 'Tween Snow and Fire, by tion. By C. De Montmahon and H. Beauregard. Illus., Bertram Mitford. Per vol., 50 cts.

16mo, pp. 378. J. B. Lippincott Co. 75 cts. Appleton's Town and Country Library: Passing the Standard Arithmetic : A Complete Course for Schools

Love of Women, by Mrs. J. H. Needell; In oid St. and Academies. By William J. Milne, Ph.D. 12mo, pp. Steven's, by Jennie Drake. Per vol., 50 cts.

428. American Book Co. 65 cts. Worthington's Rose Library : Money, from the French of Emile Zola, by Benj. R. Tucker, illus., 50 cts.

RELIGION. Price-McGill Co.'s Golden Library: Lorelei and Other | The Love of the World: A Book of Religious MeditaStories, by Mary J. Safford, 50 cts.

tion. By Mary Emily Case. 18mo, pp. 92, gilt top.

The Century Co. $1.00.
The Letters of Philip Dormer Stanhope, Earl of Ches-

POLITICAL AND FINANCIAL. terfield, including numerous letters now first published Taxation and Work. A Series of Treatises on the Tariff from original MSS. Edited, with notes, by Lord Mahon. and the Currency. By Edward Atkinson, LL.D. 12mo, In 5 vols., illus. with portraits, 8vo, gilt top, uncut edges. pp. 296. G.P. Putnam's Sons. $1.25. J. B. Lippincott Co. $12.50.

The Farmers' Tariff Manual. By a Farmer Daniel Tales from the Dramatists. Edited by Charles Morris.

Strange). 12mo, pp. 363. Putnam's "Questions of the In + vols., illus. with portraits, 16mo, gilt top. J. B. Lip

Day” Series. $1.23. pincott Co. $1.00.

Man and the State : Studies in Applied Sociology. New Tales from Ten Poets. Edited by Harrison S. Morris. In

numbers - The Race Problem in the South, by Prof. 3 vols., illus. with portraits, 16mo, gilt top. J. B. Lip Joseph Le Conte ; Education as Applied to Citizenship, by pincott Co. $3.00.

Rev. W. Chadwick; The Democratic Party, by Edward Characteristics. By S. Weir Mitchell, M.D. 16mo, pp. 307, M. Sheppard ; The Republican Party, by Hon. Roswell gilt top. The Century Co. $1.25.

G. Horr. D. Appleton & Co. Each, pamphlet, 10 cts. Essays in Miniature. By Agnes Repplier. 16mo, pp. 217. Cheap Money Experiments in Past and Present Times. C. L. Webster & Co. 75 cts.

Reprinted, with slight revision, from “ Topics of the Goethe's Faust. Edited by Calvin Thomas. Vol. I., The Time" in the Century Magazine. 16mo, pp. 122. The First Part. 16mo, pp. 353. D. C. Heath & Co. $1.20.

Century Co. 75 cts.


Handbook of University Extension, No. 1. Edited by

George F. James, M.A. 8vo, pp. 400. Philadelphia :

Society of University Teaching. $1.00.
Table Book and Test Problems in Mathematics. By Dr.

J. K. Ellwood, A.M. 16mo, pp. 287. American Book

Co. $1.00.
The Beginner's Greek Book. By John Williams White,
Ph.D. 12mo, pp. 500. Ginn & Co. $1.60.

The Dial Press, Chicago,
Macmillan's Shorter Latin Course. By A. M. Cook,
M.A. 16mo, pp. 208. Macmillan & Co. 40 cts.

Is prepared to undertake the publication of
Cæsar's Helvetian War. By W. Welch, M.A., and C.
G. Duffield, M.A. 24mo, pp. 112. Macmillan's “Ele-

Authors' Editions or Private Editions of mermentary Classics.” 40 cts. BOOKS FOR THE YOUNG.

itorious works in any department of literaThe Dragon of Wantley: His Rise, His Voracity, and

ture. The services rendered will include the His Downfall. By Owen Wister. Illus. by Stewardson. Sm. 4to, pp. 150, gilt top. J. B. Lippincott Co. $2.00.

critical revision of MSS. to prepare them for The Boy's Own Outdoor Book: A Popular Encyclopædia

for Boys. By Dr. W. G. Grace, Capt. M. Webb, and others. Edited by G. Andrew Hutchison. Profusely

publication, the editorial supervision of works illus., 8vo, pp. 576. J. B. Lippincott Co. $1.75. Little-Folk Lyrics. By Frank Demster Sherman. 18mo,

passing through the press, tasteful and correct pp. 88, gilt top. Houghton, Mifflin & Co. 75 cts. Prince Tip-Top: A Fairy Tale. By Marguerite Bouvet, an

typography, and the competent oversight of all thor of "Sweet William." Illus., 12mo, pp. 131. A. C. McClurg & Co. $1.25.

details necessary to the production of a comThe Children's Life of Abraham Lincoln. By M. Louise Putnam. Illus., 12mo, pp. 290. A. C. McClurg

plete and well-made book; also, the distribu& Co. $1.25. Canoemates: A Story of the Florida Reef and Everglades. tion of copies to the press and elsewhere as de

By Kirk Munroe, author of "The Flamingo Feather."

Illus., 12mo, pp. 324. Harper & Brothers. $1.25. sired. The Clocks of Rondaine, and Other Stories. By Frank

R. Stockton, author of the “ Floating Prince." Illus., The typography of THE DIAL,spoken of

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I will be welcome.



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