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MAR 17 1010

THE subject-matter of this book, Success and Hap. piness, has been the consideration of every eminent pen, from the days of Solomon to the present. To say any thing strictly new would be impossible; nor would we presume that our knowledge and experience would be as valuable as the maxims of the wise and the sublime truths which have become a part of the standard literature. The best, therefore, that any one can expect to do is to recombine the experience of the past, and compile such thoughts and extracts as have chimed in with the testimony of earnest and aspiring minds, and offer them in a novel and fascinating form. In the words of the poet :

We have gathered posies from other men's Aowers,

Nothing but the thread that binds them is ours."

nafar from Ciro Dept. Ata

In life there is a Royal Path. Alas! that so many not being urged to seek life's prizes, fail to find them. It is hoped that this book shall be a counselor to those who have become indifferent to life's purposes; a comfort to those who have long traveled on this Royal Path ; and if it shall serve to awaken the slumbering genius within the youth, stimulate and impel them to noble thoughts and actions, and lead them on to honor, success and happiness, the authors will consider themselves amply repaid for their labor.

"Life is before pou ! from the fated road

Bou cannot turn: then take pe up the load,
Hot pours to tread or leave the mknown wag,
Pe must go o'n it, meet or what pe mar.
Bird up pour souls withit pon to the dera,
Angels and fellow-spirits bid you speed!"

- Butler.


Royal Path of Life:

Life. We point to two ways in life, and if the young man and maiden, whose feet are lingering in soft green meadows and flowery paths, will consider these two ways soberly and earnestly, before moving onward, and choose the one that truth and reason tell them leads to honor, success, and happiness, they have wisely chosen the “ Royal Path of Life.” The other way is too well known to need description. It is a sad thing, after the lapse of twenty years, to find our. selves amid ruined hopes; — to sit down with folded hands and say, “ Thus far life has been a failure”! Yet, to how many is this the wretched summing up at the end of a single score of years from the time that reason takes the helm! Alas! that so few who start wrong, ever succeed in finding the “Royal Path"; life proving, even to its last burdened years a millstone about the neck.

Dear reader, life is a “Royal Path,” and to you it

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