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to us.

as they are ; which consideration, as it suggesteth to us the strongest motive to induce us, to labour after a true knowledge of them ourselves, so it directs us at the same time how we may attain this knowledge'; viz. by an humble and importunate application to Him, to whom alone they are known, to make them known

And this, by the free and near access, which his holy spirit hath to our spirits, he can effectually do va rious ways; viz. by fixing our attentions ; by quicken, ing our apprehensions ; removing our prejudices, (which, like a false medium before the eye of the mind, prevents its seeing things ip a justand proper light ;) by mortifying our pride, strengthening the intellective and reflecting faculties, and enforcing upon the mind a lively sense and knowledge of its greatest happiness and duty; and so, uwakening the soul from that camal security and indifference about its best interests, into which a too serious attention to the world is apt to be tray it. In 2000 DE 1203 vous envist seca din

Besides, prayer is a very proper expedient for attaining self knowledge, as the actual engagement of the mind in this devotional exercise is in itself a great help to it. For the mind is never in a better frame, than when

it is intently and devoutly engaged in this duty; it has then the best apprehensions of God, the truest notions of itself, and the justest sentiments of earthly things; the clearest conceptions of its own weakness, and the deepest sense of its own viléness z/and conse: quently, is in the best disposition that can be i to receive a true and right knowledgelof itself. 10 alle arti vols 111 And Oh could we but always think of ourselves in such a manner, or could we but always be in a disposition to think of ourselves in such a manners as we sometimes do in the fervour of our humiliations before the throne of grace , how great a progress should we soon make in this important science? Whichi evidently shows the necessity of such devout and humble en03 w2021b 10 oldasi ei si es va pl buidato 16

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gagements of the soul, and how happy a means they
are to attain a just self acquaintance. 1 133 012 gris
6. And now reader, whoever tliou art that hast taken
the pains to peruse these sheets, whatever be thy cit
cumstances or condition in the world, whatever thy car
pacity or understanding, whatever thy occupations and
engagements, whatever thy favourite sentiments and
principles, or whatever religious sect or party thón es-
pousesty know for certain, that thou hast been 'deeply
interested in what thou hast been" reading; whether
thou hasti attended to it or not. For it is of no less
concern to thee than the security of thý peate, and use.
fulness in this world, and thy happiness in another ;
and relates to all thy interests, both as a man and á
christianpephope thou hast seen something of thine
own image in the glass that has to bbon held op
theee. And wilt thou go away, and soon i « forget what
mannero of person thou art Perhaps thou hast met
with some things thou dost not well understand or ap-
prove. But shall that I take off thine attention from
those things thou dost understand or 'approves and art
convinced of the necessity of LIf thou hast received
no improvement, dno benefit from this plain practical
treatise thou hast now perused pri read it over again.

The same thought, you know, qoften impresses one
more at one time than another And wel sometimes
receive more knowledge and profit-by: the second pe-
rusal of a book than by the first: "And I would fain
hope that thou wilt find something in this that may set
thy thoughts on work, and which, by the blessing of
Gody may make thee more observant of thy heart and
conduct, and in consequence of that, a more solid,
serious; wise, established christian lo dondt ut ovat

But will you, after all, deal by this book you have
now read, as you have dealt by many serions you have
heard ? Pass your judgment upon it according to your
received and established set of notions, and condemn
or applaud it, only as it is agreeable or disagreeable to


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them ; and commend or censure it, only as it suits or does not suit your particular taste ; without attending to the real weight, importance, and necessity of the subject abstracted from those views ; or will you be barely content with the entertainment and satisfaction, which some parts of it may possibly have given you ; to assent to the importance of the subject, the justness of the sentiment, or the propriety of some of the observations you have been reading ; and so dismiss all without

any further concern about the matter? Believe it, О christian reader, if this be all the advantage you gain by it, it were scarce worth while to bave confined yourself so long to the perusal of it. It has aimed, it has sincerely aimed, to do you a much greater benefit ; to bring you to a better acquaintance with one you express a particular regard for, and who is capable of being the best friend, or the worst enemy, you have in the world ; and that is yourself. It was designed to convince you, that would you live and act consistently, either as a man or a christian, you must know yourself; and to persuade you under the influence of the foregoing motives, and by the help of the forementioned directions, to make self knowledge the great study, and self government the great business of your life. In which resolution may Almighty God confirm you ; and in which great business may his sist you, against all future discouragements and distractions. With him I leave the success of the whole ; to whom be glory and praise forever.

grace as

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