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judged expedient to have them published in a pamphlet, which was accordingly done; but being prepared in haste and without thought of their being published, they were of course imperfect ; nor was there opportunity to revise them, when afterwards printed with notes in connexion with the work itself. But as successive editions were required, and as the demand is still increasing, he has been induced to revise and write them anew, placing them at the bottom of the several pages to which they relate; and, also to increase the number of Notes, and to add to the volume a Dictionary of Philosophical Terms.

As the work is now presented to the publick, the Editor has full confidence in recommending it to Instructers, well persuaded it will lessen their own labour and facilitate the improvement of their pupils. It is perfectly obvious, that, instead of embodying, the questions at the close of the book, as in former impressions great convenience will be found, both by instructers and scholars, in having them printed on the pages from which they are to be answered; nor is the la jour of finding the answers to be given so lessened, as to enable scholars to select those answers without read. ing and studying the whole book.

It has been thought best to place the Plates at the end of the volume. If interspersed throughout the work, as in former editions, it is evident that no more than one page could face each Plate, while a very considerable number of pages would have reference to it, so that the object contemplated could only in a small degree be accomplished. Besides, it is judged advisable by the editor, that the plates should not face the explanations in the Text if practicable. Many of the Questions are to be answered from the Plates; but if the several Plates were placed opposite the different portions of the work to which they relate, the answers might be read from the explanations there given instead of being recited from the figures as intended.

Boston, December, 1824.'


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