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and conjurors ask counsel of the sacred bird, which now they expose to view.” They have also their regimentals, though without lace, but “ They then paint their faces and tie their hair, the deer's tail" instead of an epaulet, on their shoulder. “In the onset they raise the war-whoop," instead of military music. 66 On their return from war, they approach the town with proud feelings, and the youth hold the dish from which they drink water. When his scalp is elevated on a pole, and preparations are making for the dance, the warrior walks the town, and seems to think there is none greater than himself," and this is their triumph.

Thus in this plain and simple narrative we have the true origin of military glory,--a savage passion at the best, and all that civilization has done in respect to it has only made some nonessential modifications : leaving the nature and substance the same. Christians worship this Moloch. O," tell it not in Gath, publish it not in the streets of Askelon," lest the heathen and the infidel triumph. Yes Christians worship this serpent, in the very temple of Jehovah, and yet

And yet

profess to be the disciples, imitators and followers of him, who laid down his life for his enemies.

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NO. 23.


The annual return of trainings, musters and reviews recalls to our mind the often asked, and never answered question-Cui bono?-What is the use of this annual expenditure of money, time and morals? When nearly all the world are at peace, and seem at length to bave wisdom enough to wish to remain so, what is the use of stirring up, a martial, fighting, parading spirit in our youth, already sufficiently inclined to braggadocio and yain glory?

Is it to “ repel invasion," when happily there is scarcely a spec of war in the horizon? This is like the hero of La Mancha, burnishing up his old rusty armour, taking his Rosinante from the plough, and going abroad in search of broken bones, while all is peaceful and quiet about him. It is a truth, often repeated and universally acknowledge ed, that one fortnight's training would fit our young men infinitely better, for the field of battle, than all they learn at our musters. Besides, it must be remembered, that, in case of foreign aggressions, there would be a stimulus to call our most able and active men into the militia ; which would then be well officered : whereas, now, a man, who thinks any thing of himself, will hardly condescend to accept a commission; and a militia title has become rather a stigma than an honor. But in case of actual need of the militia, what shall we do with the present incumbents in office ? Those of them who would do for the ranks would be exempt by their commissions, and those who are not would be excused from finding substitutes, and then, to reduce or supercede them would be bad, as it would cause great disaffection, and to keep them would be worse.

A nation, that has the physical force and the materiel" of war, will soon form a militia much more efficient than we have at present, and avoid all the evils which attend our trainings and musters.

Are the militia to 66

suppress insurrection and cxecute the laws ?" We remember how well they did that, in the whiskey insurrection, when the government had to organize a regular army, to oppose the “whiskey boys;" which cost the nation a million of dollars and Mr. Adams his presidency. Laws, which cannot be executed without a military force, ought never to be enacted by a republican government. We remember that the militia was called out by the Governor of Pennsylvania, to resist the government of the United States : We remember the threats of Virginia's “ hundred thousand bayonets ;” and Governor Troup's call to the militia of Georgia, to “stand by their arms,” to oppose the laws of the general government, is too recent to be forgotten. I might give some instances nearer home, but I wish to avoid all appearance of personality and party spirit. My countrymen, I tell you this solemn truth, that when you need the bayonet to execute your laws, you are no longer fit to be a republic. The neck that wants a yoke will soon find it. The nation that has not virtue enough to execute its laws by the help of the constable's

staff and the sheriff's wand, but must call in a military force, will soon have a "military chieftain” for its ruler, who will dispense with the forms of election.

When this country is conquered, it will be by itself. If it should ever be reduced to slavery, it will be by some Caesar, or Dionysius, or Alcibiades, or Napoleon, that she has nursed in her own bosom. No nation situated like ours, ever lost its liberty by foreign conquest ; but many such nations have lost their liberty by encouraging a military spirit.

When we look on a map of our country, we find it naturally divided into three parts, northern, southern, and western: and these parts are held together by a slender tie. Separation would be our ruin,—the grave of our national prosperity and happiness. “United we stand, divided we fall,” is our motto.

Now what is so likely to bring about that disastrous event as a military spirit ? Let us look into our own history, and see what have been the dangers we have passed. From the insurrection of Daniel Shays, to the blustering of Gov. Troup, all our dangers has origtnated in a military spirit. Shays endeavor.

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