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within the townes Hamletes. Villages Fieldes & groundes of Stratford vpon Avon Oldstratford Bushopton & Welcombe or in anie of them in the said countie of warr And alsoe All that messuage or tenemente with thappurtenances wherein One John Robinson dwelleth scituat lyeng & being in the blackfriers in London nere the Wardrobe & all other my landes tenementes & hereditamentes whatsoeuer To have & to hold All & singular the saied premisses with their appurtenances onto the saied Susanna Hall for & during the terme of her naturall lief & after her deceas to the first sonne of her bodie lawfullie yssueinge & to the heires Males of the bodie of the saied first Sonne lawfullie yesueinge & for defalt of such ingue to the second Sonne of her bodie lawfullie issueinge & to the heires males of the bodie of the saied Second Sonne lawfullie yssueinge and for defalt of such heires to the third Sonne of the bodie of the saied Susanna Lawfullie yssueing & of the heires males of the bodie of the saied third sonne lawfullie yssueing And for defalt of such issue the same soe to be & Remaine to the Fourth Fyfth sixte & Seaventh sonnes of her bodie lawfullie issueing one after Another & to the heires : Males of the bodies of the saied Fourth fifth Sixte and Seaventh sonnes lawfullie yssueing in such manner as yt ys before Lymitted to be & Romaine to the first second & third Sonns of her bodie & to their heires Males And for defalt of such issue the saied premisses to be & Remaine to my sayed Neece Hall and the heires Males of her bodie lawfullie yssueing & for defalt of such issue to my Daughter Judith & the heires Males of her bodie lawfullie issueinge And for defalt of such issue to the Right heires of me the saied William Sbackspeare for ever Item I gyve vnto my wief my second best bed with the furniture Item I gyve & bequeath to my saied Daughter Judith my broad silver gilt bole All the rest of my goodes Chattel Leases plate Jewels & household stuffe whatsoeuer after my Dettes and Legasies paied & my funerall expences discharged I gyve, devise & bequeath to my Sonne in Lawe John Hall gent & my Daughter Susanna his wief whom I ordaine & make executours of this my Last will & testament. And I doe intreat & Appoint the saied' Thomas Russell Esquier & Frauncis Collins gent to be overseers hereof And doe Revoke All former wills & publishe this to be my last will and testament

• After “ Fourth” the word sonne was written, but erased with the pen.

5 The second sheet ends with the word " heires,” and the signature of the testator is at the bottom of it.

6 The words “ Item I gyve vnto my wief my second best bed with the furni. ture" are interlined.

7 The words “ the saied ” are interlined.

In Witness whereof I have herevnto put my hand' the Daie & Yeare first aboue written.

“ By me William Shakspeare. Witnes to the publishing hereof FRA: COLLYNS Probatum coră Magr. Willim JulyUS SHAWE

Byrde legum Dcorē Comiss.&c.xxijdo die JOHN ROBINSON

mengis Junij Anno Dni 1616 HAMNET SADLER

Juramto Johannis Hall vnius ROBERT WHATTCOTT el &c Cui &c De bene &c Jurat

Resvat ptate &c. Susanne Hall all ex &c cũ veñit &c petitur

(Invi ex')

• The word "band" is interlined above reale, which is erased with the pen.




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to Laurence Fletcher, 164
Act of Parliament against strolling

Players, 1 Jac. I. c. 7, 170
Actors, early, who had come from War.

wickshire, 76
Admiral, the Lord, his Players sum-

moned before the Lord Mayor of
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of Wales, 170
&tion, a name given by Spenser to

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Alleyo, Edward, and William Kempe,

their challenge at the Globe, 149 ;
Alleyn's great profits at the Fortune
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Arden, the name, and origin of that

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Owner of Richard Shakespeare's

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Malone, 43; offices and lands con-
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Henry VII., 52
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heralds, satirized, 53. 55
Armyn, Robert, and William Kempe,

complained of for personality on the

stage, 176
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by John Shakespeare for 401., 57
Ashby, his letter to Lord Burghley on

English Actors in Scotland, 163
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Shakespeare was a butcher, 41; his
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ted Stratford, 74 ; on W. Shake-
speare's inclination for the stage, 83 ;
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ance, &c., 226
Authors, dramatic, who were also Ac-

tors, particularly early in Shake-
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mas Lucy, 70.
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Lady Pecunia," 1598, and “The
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“Salmacis and Hermaphroditas,"
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ford, 41; when he went there to
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speare, 69; his possession of the

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complained of by the French Ambag-

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struction of, 80; certificate of good
conduct from in 1589, 81; the
repair and enlargement of in 1506,
122 ; inhabitants of, their representa-
tion against it, 123; the sharers in,
and the value of their property, 189 ;
the total estimated value of it about
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1655, 208
Bond for the marriage between Wil.

liam Shakespeare and Anne Hatha-

way, 28 Nov. 1582, 62
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Ghost of Richard the Third,” and

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upon-Avon in 1538, 46
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and "

Tragedy," 176; his Defence
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Edmund Spenser, and its allnsion to

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speare's purchase of 107 acres of

land from, 171
“Comedy of Errors" quoted respect-

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speare, its want of authenticity, 112
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dered to be pulled down, 137

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croce" in 1694, 90; a Warwickshire
man, 95. 217; his relinquishment of
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tartian ague by Dr. Hall, 217
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of the Queen's Players in 1692, 99
Dyce, the Roy. Alexander, his incorrect

edition of “Salmacis and Herman
phroditus," 89

Daborno, Robert, his patent, with

Shakespeare, Field, and Kirkbam,
for the Children of the Queen's

Rovels, 197, 198
Daniel, Samuel, his appointment con-

nected with the Children of the

Queen's Revels, 173
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man's MSS. regarding the deer-
stealing question, 69; his statement
that Sbakespeare died a Roman

Catholic, 216
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Breath," 1608, 134
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and 1597, 130
Declaration of good conduct from the

Players at Blackfriars in 1589, 82
Deer-stealing, whether Shakespeare

were guilty of it, 68; a common

and venial offence, 71
Dethick, Sir William, called to account

for granting arms, especially to John

Shakespeare, 54
Dorset, the Earl of, and Aurelian

Townsbend's daughter, 72
Dramatic Authors, when also usually

Actors, 87

“ Eastward Hol" a comedy, the Ade

thors of it imprisoned, 179
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Camden Society in 1840, 73
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buck by Sir Thomas Laoy, 73; en.

tortains Q Elizabeth in 1602, 157
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“ Midsummer Night's Dream,78;
her various companies of Players,
75; ber public and personal patron-
age of the stage, 157; her death,

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and the Players in Blackfriars, 189
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Scotland, 164
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letter of Sir R. Cecill and others,
introducing two headsmen, 155; his

trial and execution, 153
Essex, Lady (widow of Walter Deve-

reux), her Players, 75
“Every Man in his Humour," by Ben

Jonson, where first acted, 133

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