Zeitschrift für allgemeine Erdkunde, المجلد 1

الغلاف الأمامي
D. Reimer, 1853

ما يقوله الناس - كتابة مراجعة

لم نعثر على أي مراجعات في الأماكن المعتادة.

طبعات أخرى - عرض جميع المقتطفات

عبارات ومصطلحات مألوفة

مقاطع مشهورة

الصفحة 24 - THE MISSISSIPPI AND OHIO RIVERS : containing Plans for the Protection of the Delta from inundation, and Investigations of the Practicability and Cost of Improving the Navigation of the Ohio, and other Rivers, by means of Reservoirs.
الصفحة 11 - Forty Days in the Desert on the Track of the ISRAELITES: or, a Journey from Cairo to Mount Sinai and Petra.
الصفحة 128 - A Summer Search for Sir John Franklin, with a Peep into the Polar Basin.
الصفحة 6 - CHINA, Pictorial, Descriptive, and Historical, with some account of Ava and the Burmese, Siam^ and Anam, Map, and nearly 100 Illustrations.
الصفحة 21 - Stray Leaves from an Arctic Journal ; or, Eighteen Months in the Polar Regions in Search of Sir John Franklin's Expedition in 1850-51.
الصفحة xxi - Revised edition. A System of Modern Geography, comprising a description of the present state of the World, and its five great divisions, America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceanica, with their several Empires, Kingdoms, States, Territories, • &c.
الصفحة xxi - The Cabinet Gazetteer : A Popular Exposition of all the Countries of the World ; their Government, Population, Revenues, Commerce, and Industries ; Agricultural, Manufactured, and Mineral Products ; Religion, Laws, Manners, and Social State : With brief Notices of their History and Antiquities. From the latest Authorities. By the Author of The Cabinet Lawyer.
الصفحة xxxiv - Starting from Bremen for California, the author of this Narrative proceeded to Rio, and thence to Buenos Ayres; where he exchanged the wild seas for the yet wilder Pampas, and made his way on horseback to Valparaiso across the...
الصفحة 21 - Sophia" under the Command of Mr. William Penny, in search of the missing Crews of HM Ships Erebus and Terror : with a Narrative of Sledge Excursions on the Ice of Wellington Channel ; and Observations on the Natural History and Physical Features of the Countries and Frozen Seas visited (London, 1852).
الصفحة 27 - Isthmus of Darien ship canal ; with a full history of the Scotch colony of Darien, several maps, views of the country, and original documents, 2d ed., enlarged.

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