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Questions for Toron



In connection with your candidature for the Town Council, I should be obliged if you would be good enough to answer the following questions.

I am, yours faithfully,

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1. Will you insist, as regards all persons
employed by the Council, upon:

(a) A normal Eight Hours Day?
(6) Not less than Trade Union rate of

wages for each occuption?
(c) Full liberty of combination ?
(d) One day's rest in seven and suffi-

cient annual holidays?
(e) The prohibition of overtime except

in unexpected emergencies?
2. Will you promote the direct employ-
ment of labor by the Council, wherever
possible, in preference to contracting ?

3. Where contracting is necessary, will you try to put down all sweating, and rigidly enforce the rule of employing only firms which

(a) Pay the Trade Union rate of wages

for the particular occupation ?
(6) Observe the standard hours of

labor, where such standard exists ?


4. Will you press for prompt and extensive action by the Council for the condemnation of unsanitary dwellings under the Artizans' Dwellings Acts?

5. Will you support the construction and maintenance, by the Council itself, of an adequate number of improved dwellings and common lodging houses ?

6. Will you press for the employment by the Council of an adequate staff to compel the enforcement of the sanitary laws relating to house property ?



7. Will you press for the prompt exercise by the Council of its legal power to take over the tramways, where this has not al. ready been done ?

8. Will you support the Council in obtaining express power itself to work the tramways, without the intervention of any lessee, contractor, or other middleman ?

9. Will you obtain the insertion, in any further concessions obtained by tramway companies, of clauses (a) Providing that all extensions may

be purchased by the Council at the same time as the original undertakings ? (6) Providing for a limitation of the

hours of labor of the employees? (c) Giving (as in Edinburgh) the Council power to make bye-laws on that and other matters concerning the management of the traffic, in so far

as it affects the public interest? 10. Will you endeavor to secure the transfer to the Council of any existing private markets, and the grant to it of power to provide new ones where required ?

11. If the Town Council does not already undertake the water supply, will you press the Council promptly to obtain powers to provide an independent supply, if thought necessary, and to take over at a fair valuation sr.ch of the plant of the existing company as may be wanted ?

12. If the Town Council does not already own the gas works, will you press it to obtain power to supply gas, and to take over the existing works if required ?

IV.-FINANCIAL REFORM. 13. Are you in favor of levying special taxation upon the owners of ground rents and other land values, and of collecting half rates from the owners of empty houses and vacant land ?

14. Will you endeavor to secure special contributions, by way of “betterment,” from the owners of property benefited by public improvements ?

15. Will you supporta“Municipal Death Duty" on local real estate, as a way of absorbing the “unearned increment”?

16. Will you press the Council to petition against the Leasehold Enfranchisement Bill, and to agitate, instead, for the reform of leasehold tenure by giving security to all tenants for their "goodwill” and reasonable improvements ?


17. Will you support a proposal to grant, as is done at Nottingham, the use of a room in the Municipal Buildings, for the meetings of the Trades Council ?

18. Will you support any reasonable proposal for evening meetings of the Council and its Committees, so that men at work in the day can become effective members ? 19. Are you in favor of (a) The abolition of aldermen and the formation of the Council exclusively

by direct election ? (6) Free use, for candidates' meetings, 'of all suitable schoolrooms receiving education grants, and other public

buildings? (6) Payment of the members of the

Council ? (d) Making women eligible for elec

tion ? 20. Will you press for the publication of an annual report of the Council's work with full financial statistics at a cheap rate ?

21. Will you press for the effective registration of tenement houses, and regular inspection of every house in the borough so as to secure thorough sanitation ?

22. Will you vote for the prompt provision, in all districts of the borough not yet adequately provided with them, of

(a) Public baths, including swimming

baths for each sex, and wash-houses?
(6) Free public libraries and reading

(c) Public drinking fountains ?
(d) Parks and open spaces ?
(e) Gymnasiums and seats?

Free urinals and water-closets for

each sex ? 23. Will


vote for
(a) The opening on Sundays of the

public libraries, reading rooms, mu-
seums, art galleries, baths, gym-

nasiums and parks ?
(6) The provision of music in the parks

at the expense of the rates?
(c) Permission for public meetings in
the parks and open spaces, where
the traffic is not thereby unduly in-

terfered with ?
24. Will you, in order to secure for the
public the unearned increment, oppose the
sale of the freehold of any land owned by
the Council, and endeavor to obtain an
alteration of any law making necessary the
sale of "surplus land"?

25. Will you insist on the rigid enforcement, without respect of person, of the laws relating to

The smoke nuisance ;
(b) The pollution of rivers ;

(C) Noxious trades ;
and endeavor to obtain adequate further
powers to prevent the creation of nuisances ?

26. Will you endeavor to establish a complete system of drainage throughout the borough, and the frequent removal of dust by the Council's own staff, with special attention to the scavenging and lighting of the poorer districts ?

Signature of Candidate

Printed by GEORGE STANDBING, 7 & 9 Finsbury-street, London, E.O.; and

Published by the FABIAN SOCIETY, 276 Strand, W.C.

Questions for
Gounty Councillors.

(Outside London and the County Boroughs.)

Sır,-In connection with your Candidature for the Office of County Councillor I should be obliged if you would be good enough to answer the following questions.

I am, yours faithfully,
Name of Elector
Address of Elector




(a) Healthy Homes. 1. Will you vote for the appointment of a Medical Officer of Health for the whole county, who shall be independent of local influence ; and do all in

your power to ensure that the Public Health Act is properly put in force in every district in the county ?

2. Will you try to secure the full exercise by the Council of all its powers for the improvement of the dwellings of the people, especially (a) Byobtaining and publishing reports

upon the subject from all Sanitary

Authorities within the county ?
(6) By taking action, wherever possible,

in all cases in which these authori-
ties neglect to secure an adequate
supply of healthy homes, and a

proper water supply?
3. Although the Council has not the
power to compel, will you support a strong
suggestion to every rural sanitary authority
in the county that before any dwelling is
closed as being unfit for habitation, it
shall be ascertained whether there is
sufficient accommodation, within a reason-
able distance, for the inhabitants who
are turned out; and that, if there is not,
application shall be made to the Council
for a certificate that accommodation is
necessary, so that it may be provided ?

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