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the types. And this, it is hoped, will be deemed a fufficient reason, for the Quarto Edition having a blank margin apparently fo unneceffarily broad.

For the fame purpose, also, of justice to the poffeffors of the former Edition; in the General Index that is here added, (and which is common to both Editions,) there is a double reference of each article, in two columns ;-the one, to the pages and volumes of the Octavo Edition, and the other, to the pages of the Quarto;-and the references to this Supplementary Volume, are marked by an (S.) prefixed; as referring equally both to the Octavo, and to the Quarto, Edition; and to avoid any confusion that might arise from its being the Second Volume of the latter, and the third of the former.



April 21,

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THIS additional Volume is now fubmitted to the public eye, both for the fake of explaining still more fully, and more clearly, what has been faid in the former Difquifitions ;-and also for the fake of adding some further Differtations; upon fubjects that have appeared, to the convictions of the Author's mind, to be of the utmost importance ;-and, therefore, may perhaps be found to be interesting to others.

Subjects, the investigation of which may perhaps juftly be deemed peculiarly useful, at this period of time; when furely every obtruding ftumbling-block, and means of offence, fhould if poffible be removed out of the way of those who have the leaft difpofition to hearken to that voice of Truth, which it is A 4


now the unwearied endeavour of fo many adversaries to destroy.

In these additional Differtations, therefore, amongst other Obfervations, it has been ventured to be shewn, that fome of the greatest fancied Objections, to The Mofaical History, have arisen merely from the having so long adopted, implicitly, a very few mistaken leading ideas, concerning the creation of Adam, and the first origin of mankind.—Ideas that have been adopted, merely in confequence of misapprehenfion, and miftranflation of the Sacred Records:-and which are fo far from being warranted by the infpired words of Moses; that even a very different information is given us by thofe very words themselves.Whilft, also, in subsequent parts of the Sacred Records, fuch ideas are even flatly contradicted, by what is therein delivered down to us.

The Division of Time, by The Week, of seven days;—and the Inftitution of THE SABBATH; the veneration for which Sacred Day of Reft has been fo fadly undermined, and of late fo grofsly taken away, amongst a deluded people;

is, in these Differtations, remarked to have even a facred connection with the whole established order of Creation.-And the Septenary Obfervances

Obfervances of the Divine Law, founded upon the Inftitution of THE SABBATH, are remarked as being of fuch high confideration; that pursuing the idea of fuch diftinctions of periods of years, and of high festival seasons, there comes out a Chronological Period, not only answering all aftronomical purposes as exactly as the Gregorian Period; and ftill more nearly; but fuch as will adjust even the minutes, and feconds, of the Earth's annual, and diurnal, Revolutions for ever;-and will cause the fame day of the month, to fall conftantly on the fame day of the week for ever; whilft yet each year will have a diflinguishing character, (by means of the irregularity of the Moon's motion,) from any other; -for a duration, as far as appears from any calculations we can form, without end.

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In these Differtations, alfo; (whereas the fubtle argument of Mr. Hume, against the veracity of Holy Scripture, is founded upon a bold prefumption, that all Miracles are totally contrary to experience;) it is endeavoured to be fhewn, that many of the most important Miracles related, appear on the contrary, in reality, to have been wrought in perfect conformity with fuch operations of thofe

thofe ordained powers of Nature, as we have philofophically, and experimentally, undoubted experience of:-and were fo wrought, that, even by the very words of the Sacred Writers, we are led to confider, and apprehend, the very immediate inftruments, that, on the occafion, obeyed the Divine Command.

Further;—whereas, in the preceding Volume, fome pains has been taken to fhew the perfect agreement of Chronological Facts, (in the Hiftory of that interefting part of the world, where the external profeffion of the Chriftian Faith has most exifted,) with the DIVINE PROPHECIES concerning the characters of the fucceffive times; and with the leading events that were to take place, between the first coming of THE MESSIAH on Earth, in HIS state of bumiliation, to fuffer; and HIS fecond coming in the clouds of Heaven in Glory; —and whereas, in the preceding Volume, fome few mistakes of Commentators, in earlier days, before the events fpoke fo loudly for themselves, have been endeavoured to be pointed out;-in these present Differtations, the subject is still further pursued;—(but without repeating any thing that has been written. or published, in the Remarks on the Signs of


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