From Conception to Birth of a Vision

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 200 من الصفحات
From Conception To Birth Of a Vision is a dynamic, cutting edge spiritual handbook written especially for visionaries. Providing a unique stage by stage overview from conception to birth of a vision. Each page of this dramatic masterpiece, is filled with essential information specific to each gestational stage of spiritual pregnancy. The author incorporates her knowledge of physiology, theology, spirituality, and obstetrics to parallel the stages of human and spiritual pregnancy, illustrating from conception to birth of a spiritual vision. The author embraces the uniqueness of each vision and wisely presents spiritual principles which will cultivate and nourish a developing vision. Once you understand how to cultivate your specific vision, through each stage of vision then you will be free to birth the vision as God designed it. This book is a must have for all visionaries. Written to empower you to reach your maximum level of vision. Pastor Shirley Mitchell is an international preacher, educator and nursing professional, traveling within the United States and the Caribbean, ministering under a powerful apostolic and prophetic anointing of restoration and cultivation. She is anointed to assist visionaries from conception to birth of vision, by comprehensively addressing critical issues effecting visionaries. The core of her ministry is transformation of individuals into visionaries. She is founder and president of the Beauty For Ashes International Ministries Incorporated, a restorative ministry, conceived out of her own brokenness thereby; equipping her to translate vision into destiny. She is also the Senior Pastor of Beauty For Ashes International Worship And Deliverance Center whereshe continues the work of restoration and cultivation of visionaries, according to Isaiah 61: 3, thereby enabling many to obtain beauty for ashes. Her scholarship is exemplified by an Advanced Certificate in Biblical Studies and a Masters of Science Degree in Nursing.

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Dr Joyce A BowieGuillory PhD MDiv
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Chapter 11
The Blood lOl Chapter 8 Emotional Response
Spiritual Care
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