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Anger, grief, terror, catch th' adaptive spring,
While the


darts it! and the accents ring..

See art's short path! 'tis easy to be

Winding, delightful, thro' the mazy round!
Tempt the try'd skill, to no sole proof confin'd;
Shift the short shadowings, o'er your figur'd

Mournful, recall fome friend's lamented fate:
Sad, on each feature, hangs the mind's feld weight:
Seek you strong sense of Joy! Looks, first, im-

part -
Then, the nerv'd stricture bounds it from the heart:
Does rage inflame? No visage can conceal,
What the mark'd muscle bids the spirit feel:
Still, as the nerves constrain, the looks obey,
And what the look enjoins, the nerves display:
Mutual their aid, reciprocal their strain,
Will but commanding, face, and nerves explain.
Lightning and thunder, fo concurring, strike,
One their joint origin, tho’ form'd unlike:
So, to the look, th' attentive nerves reply,
As, from the fash, succeeding thunders fly.
'Tis caufe, and consequence; nor flows more grace
From beauty's smile, than the touch'd actor's face.
Poize the rule's practice; turn it o'er and o'er;
Nar think it tedious, tho' conceiv'd before:
'Tis but, to Look, and Will — Th'imprinted eye
Moves the strung muscles, and the limbs comply:
Gesture is meaning's Ape — grave, furious, gay,
Changeful, as cloud-form'd shapes, when winds

make way,

Imag'd conception, first, but face inflames;
Then, the mien paints it, and the tone proclaims.

Is there, who doubts an art, thus briefly

shown? Call out proof's pow'r, and make that art his


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Bid him, with mournful brow, sweld sounds of joy,
Half the mock'd sense th' 'unbracing nerves de-

Tun'd to the tea ful eye's retentive woe,
Rapture's check'd phrase "shalt quench its fiery

Painfully plaintful, each fat note shall die,
And his look's anguil h, give his words the lie.
Next, while loft smiles restrain his voic'd eslay
Bid angry sounds give Rage its thund'ring way;
Vainly, mouth'd menace swells th' attempted
Kind, as consent, th' unfright’ning accents form:
While his look frown'd not, sense cou'd sound but

No nerve, concurring, help'd th' unfinew'd heat.
But had his eyes th' impatient fire display'd,
Each note had snatch'd it, and each step convey'd:
Thus, one plain pra&ice paints whole nature

And all her changeful pictures move delight.
Is there, who loves not Joy? There, then,

Search the soul. pleasing passion's power, within;
Find your Smile's force, before foine faithful

Heedful, to let no faint impression pafs:
There, to touch'd gladness, thought-form'd features

'Till each crisp'd fibre feels th' enrapt’ring strain:
Then (stretch'd), behold your op’ning forehead

Back’ning, in boastful sense of sparkling eyes.
Broadly majestical your breast expands,
Brac'd your press'd joints -- neck, knee, feet, shoul-

ders, hands,
Treading on air, each step new soul displays,
Your limbs all lighten, and your looks all blaze:

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Then, speak - joy answers; every found its own:
Musick, and rapture, mix'd, in transport's tone!

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Fall, from this height (ah! 'tis but fortune's

Down, to deep sense of forrow's pungent goad;
Damp your loose features into thought's distress,
Fade fancy's gloss, to dim - ey'd wretchedness;
The sad look sick’ning, strait the spirits break,
Unbending nerves grief's lax impression take:
Faint hangs the clouded eye t short steps drag

And every heedless gesture bends with woe:
Now, to the heart-touch'd sense, the voice com-

And sighing pityers catch th' infectious pains.

Say, should some flak’ner of the passion's


Form'd for gay fights, and struggling from de.

Bow'd, from his native bent, to doubt's new part
Find Fear's cold cast assign'd a fearless heart?
What could he do! Where house th’intrusive

Let his Eye lodge him — 't will prepare his breast.
From the soul's optic shoots th' admitted shape,
Nor lets one tim'rous wavering Itart escape.
Fear is elusive forrow, shunning pain:
Active — yet, stop'd-it dims the doubtful brain;
Spirit snatch'd inward, stagnating, by dread,
Slow, thro' the limbs, crawls cold, the living lead:
Form'd to the look, that moulds th' assumer's

His joints catch trembling's life's moist strings

This road, and that, th’alarmful passion tries,
Halts, in the motion

flutters, in the eyes;
Checks the clipt accent's hesitative way,
And, on th' evasive muscles, hangs delay.

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Anger is pride provok'd, (lo felt, so known)
Strange! its stage-influence is fo faintly, shown!
Yet, with what absent sense of all its fame
See we rage meek fire cold and fury tame!
Bid the face, red'ning, warm’d ideá take,
Strait, the soul's wild fires all obstruction break.
Stung, by inflicted thought's imagin'd pain,
Hard heave the muscles, rolling eye · balls strain:
'Twixt the clos’d teeth, indignantly, supprest,
Or, storm - like, loud, out-pours th' unguarded

Slack’ning, exclaiming, swift, flow, restless chan-

ge, Wings the voic'd tempeft

, in its whirlwind range; Quick turns and startings, face, and air, deform; And thick, short, breathings paint the infelt


Nor sea, nor life, eternal Tempest sweeps,
Hush'd calms succeed it, and the thunder sleeps :
Such, the soft, filent tide, that floods the mind,
To mov'd Compassion's pain-touch'd warmth, in

Aidful idea springs to pitied woe,
Thence, every quiv'ring finew learns to glow:
Back, from the panting bosom, to the eye,
Kind, figh-wing'd dews in soft sensation, fly:
So, from earth's op'ning breast in flow'r-dress'd

Steams the fipt fragrance, to the sun's felt ray;
Lightly sustain'd, to morn's faint clasp it clings,
Yet, oft (let go) falls back -- oft, upward, springs:
So learn, — to steal soft pity's copied grace;
Languor's moist cloud marks, first, the mournful

Then,“ hope's kind tension warms the musc'ly

mien, Dragg'd diff'rent ways, contending contrasts lean;



Clash'd looks, gainst movements, paint internal

fight 'Twist the heart's anguish, and the help's delight: Then, touch'd attention's hark’ning hush creeps

round: And breathless mouths devour th' expected sound.

Nature loves change - Cold night succeeds to


And pity's dark’ning opposite is fcorn:
Far be this brown- ftretch'd arrogance of air,
From misery's doomful claim, in fons of care-
Ah! minds (too apt) turn but the look within,
We find prides image, there, as fure, as fin!
Yet, with such bias, rolls man's will from right,
That search, first, misles, what is most in fight:
Elfe, how unneedful, to describe a rage,
No player wants power to feel --- but on the stage.

Cautious (life's speaking picture) wear that

Rightly to show, be thine — iyut not retain!
Scorn is calm, careless, anger, flagg’d of ing,
Brush'd fense of harmless wrong, too weak to iting
Safe in suspended power, eas'd warmth disclaims
Exertion — and, with flack remifsness, flames:
Now smiles now frowns — yet, both, with eye

While half • strung nerves play springs of painless


Close - following scorn - amazement ought

to rife;
Angels feel wonder, men should dare despise!
Born to inistakes, and 'erring out life's span,
Man as if heaven were his looks down on

Say, then, what wonder is - trace its taught cause:
Mark its true features, and make known its laws:
Wonder is curious doubt, Will's check'd retreat,
Shrinking from danger, it prepares to meet:


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