The Orange Melodist: Original Orange Songs, with Occasional Verses, and an Appendix Containing Copius Explanatory Notes

الغلاف الأمامي
J. Kirkwood, 1852 - 157 من الصفحات

ما يقوله الناس - كتابة مراجعة

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الصفحة 147 - With force of arms we nothing can, Full soon were we down-ridden; But for us fights the proper Man, Whom God himself hath bidden. Ask ye: Who is this same? Christ Jesus is his name, The Lord Sabaoth's Son; He, and no other one, Shall conquer in the battle.
الصفحة 147 - A safe stronghold our God is still, A trusty shield and weapon ; He'll help us clear from all the ill That hath us now o'ertaken. The ancient Prince of Hell Hath risen with purpose fell ; Strong mail of Craft and Power He weareth in this hour, On Earth is not his fellow. With force of arms we nothing can, Full soon were we down-ridden ; But for us fights the proper Man...
الصفحة 126 - ... could never be forgotten. His name at once calls up before us a slender and feeble frame, a lofty and ample forehead, a nose curved like the beak of an eagle, an eye rivalling that of an eagle in brightness and keenness, a thoughtful and somewhat sullen brow, a firm and somewhat peevish mouth, a cheek pale, thin, and deeply furrowed by sickness and by care. That pensive, severe, and solemn aspect could scarcely have belonged to a happy or a good-humoured man. But it indicates in a manner not...
الصفحة 147 - And were this world all devils o'er, And watching to devour us, We lay it not to heart so sore ; Not they can overpower us. And let the prince of ill Look grim as e'er he will, He harms us not a whit; For why? — his doom is writ; A word shall quickly slay him.
الصفحة 136 - O that without a lingering groan I may the welcome word receive ; My body with my charge lay down, And cease at once to work and live...
الصفحة 147 - God's word, for all their craft and force, One moment will not linger, But, spite of hell, shall have its course ; 'Tis written by His finger. And though they take our life, Goods, honour, children, wife, Yet is their profit small These things shall vanish all, The city of God remaineth.
الصفحة 133 - tis a protestant wind. Lilli, &c. But see de Tyrconnel is now come ashore, Lilli, &c. And we shall have commissions gillore.
الصفحة 157 - Where your honour exhorteth us to stoutness, I assure you the voice of one man is able, in an hour, to put more life in us than six hundred trumpets continually blustering in our ears.
الصفحة 135 - Honor's fair cause with foul Bigotry stain, Since in Courage and Justice supported we stand. So Heaven shall smile On our emerald isle, And lead us to conquest again and again ; While Papists shall prove Our brotherly love: — We hate them as masters — we love them as men. By the deeds of their fathers to glory inspired, Our Protestant heroes shall combat the foe; Hearts with true honor and loyalty fired, Intrepid, undaunted, to conquest will go.
الصفحة 134 - Ever faithful and true, Our king shall support, and sedition affright. Great spirit of William ! from heaven look down, And breathe in our hearts our forefathers' fire — Teach us to rival their glorious renown, From Papist or Frenchman ne'er to retire.

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