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النشر الإلكتروني

Incompt, subject to account.

Lavoltas, a kind of dances,
Incony or Kony, delicate, pretty. Lay, a wager.
Incorrect, ill regulated.

Leaguer, a camp. lodeat, to siga an indenture.

Leasing, falsehood. lates, something preparatory. Leather-coats, apples. Indifferent, impartial.

Leavened, matured. Indigest, shapeless.

Leeah, a physician. Indie, to convict.

Leer, feature, complexion. Indaction, preface, prelade.

Leet, petty court of justice. Indurance, delay.

Leg, obeisance. Informal, deranged.

Legerity, nimbleness. Infinite, extent or power.

Leges, alleges. lagaged, unengaged.

Leiger, resident. Ingraft, rooted.

Leman, a lover or mistress. Inhabitable, not habitable.

Leno, a pander. laberit, to possess.

Lenten, spare. Inhibit, to forbid, decline.

Let, to hinder. In hus eye, in his presence.

Lethe, death. Inhooped, inclosed.

L'Envoy, end of a poem. lak-hora mate, a book-mate.

Lewd, idle. Iakle, worsted (ape:

Libbard, or Lubbard, a leopard. laitiste, young.

Liberal, licentious in speech. laland, civilized.

Liberty, libertinism. Innocent, a fool,

License, licentiousness, lo place, present.

Liefest, dearest. lasane, that which makes insane, Lieger, an ambassador. Issanie, insanity;

Lifter, a thief. lesonce, to fortify.

Light o'love, a dance tune. lascalped, engraven,

Lightly, commonly. Isseparate, inseparable.

Like, to compare. lastances, motives.

Liking, condition of body Insgit, solicitation.

Likelihood, similitude. lategrity, consistency.

Likeness, speciousness. latend, to pretend.

Limbeck, a vessel used in distilling. Inteading, regarding.

Limbo, a place supposed near bell. Introdment, intention.

Lime, bird lime; to cement. Inteation, eager desire.

Limited, appointed. Intentively, attentively.

Limits, estimates. lateressed, interested.

Lined, delineated. Interzatories, interrogatories.

Linstock, the stat to which the match In that, because.

is fixed when ordnance is tired. Intrenchant, which cannot be cut. List, limit. Latrinse, intricate.

Lilher, flexible. Lawardeess, intimacy.

Little, miniature. Iron, clad in armour.

Livelihood, appearance of life. Irregulous, licentious.

Livery, a law-phrase. Issues, consequences.

Living, estate, property. Iteration, repetition.

Living, speaking, manifest lunation, recitation.

Loach, a small prolitic tish,

Lob, a dullard, a looby.
Jack-a-Lent, a puppet thrown at in

Lockram, a kind of linen.
Lode-star, the polar star.

Loffe, to laugh.
Jack-guardant, a jack in office.

Loggats, a game.
Inck sance, a saucy fellow.
Jaded, worthless.

Long purples, a flower.
Jar, the noise made by the pendulum of Longing, belonging.

a clock, Jannce. jaunt.

Looted, brought close to the wind. Jauncing, jannting.

Loon, a base tellow. day, a wanton.

Looped, full of apertures. Jesses, straps of leather, fastened round Lop, the branches.

Lordling, a little lord. Jest, to play a part in a mask.

Lot, a prize. Jet, to strut.

Lottery, allotment. 2. a ladicrons dialogue in verse.

Love in idleness, a flower. Journal, daily.

Lover, sometimes for mistress. Jorial, belonging to Jove.

Lowt, a clown.

Lowted, treated with contempt.
Jamp, to surt, just.

Lozel, a worthless fellow
Justicer, a judge.
Jat, to encroach.

Lubbar, a leopard.
Jetty, to project.

Lullaby, cradie.

Lunes, lunacy. Javedal, a youth.

Lurch, to win, to purloin.

Lure, a decoy for a hawk. Kam. awry.

Lush, rank, luscious. Keech, a lump of tallow.

Lust, inclination, will. Keel to cool

Lustic, lusty, cheerful. Keisar, Casar.

Lusty, saucy. Keroes, light armed soldiers.

Luxurious, lascivious. Key-cold, cold as iron.

Luxury, lust. Kicksy wicksy, term of endearment for

Lym, or Lyme, a bloodhound. a wife. Kindly, natural.

M. Kinged, ruled

Mace, a sceptre. Kirtie, a woman's garment.

Mad, wild, inconstant. krap, to break short.

Magot-pie. a magpie.
Ksave, servant.
Koots, figures planted in box.

Magnifico, & Venetian potcntate.

Magnificent, boastful. Koor, to acknowledge.

Mailed, wrapt in armour. Xnox of, to consider.

Make, to bar, to shut.

Makeless, mateless, widowed. Labras, lips,

Male, a bag. Laced matton, a prostitute.

Malkin, a trull. Lackeying, moving like a lackey.

Mallecho, mischief. Lag, the rabble.

Maltworms, tipplers. Lakin, ladykin, or little lady.

Mammering, stammering. Lances, lance men.

Mammets, pappets. Lands, landing places.

Mammock, to tear. Land-rakers, wanderers on foot.

Man, to tame a hawk; the devil. Large, licentious.

Mandragora, a soporific plant. Laxs-lørn, forsaken by his mistress.

Mandrake, a root. Latch, to lay hold of.

Mankind, a wizard. Latched or Letched, licked over.

Manacle, a handcut. Lated, benighted.

Manner, in the fact. Latten, thin as a lath.

Man-queller, a man killer. Lancb, lance.

Marches, confines. Laand, laws.

Marchpane, a sucetineat. Laundering, wetting.

Margent, margin.

Martial hand, a careless scrawl.
Martlemas, the latter spring.
Mated, confounded.
Material, full of matter.
Maugre, in spite of, not withstanding.
Maund, a basket,
Meacock, a dastard.
Mealed. mingled.
Mean, the middle, the tenor in music.
Means, interest.
Measure, the reach ; a solemn dance ;

Meazels, lepers.
Medal, portrait,
Meddle, to mingle.
Medicine, a she-pbysician.
Meet, a match.
Meiney, domestics.
Memories, memorials.
Memory, memorial.
Mends, the means.
Mephistopbilus, a familiar spirit.
Mercatante, a merchant.
Merchant, a low fellow.
Mere, entire, absolute.
Mered question, the sole question.
Merely, entirely,
Merit, a reward.
Mermaid, a syren.
Metaphysical, supernatural.
Mete yard, measuring yard.
Mewed, confined.
Micher, a truant.
Miching Mallecho, a secret mischler.
Mince, to walk affectedly.
Minding, reminding.
Minnow, a very small fish.
Minstrelsy, office of minstrel.
Minute-jack, Jack-'-lantern.
Miscreate, illegitimate, spurious.
Misdoubt, to suspect.
Miser, a miserable being.
Misery, avarice.
Misprised, mistaken.
Misprising, despising.
Missives, messengers.
Mistempered, angry.
Mistful, ready to weep.
Mistbink, to think ill.
Mistress, the jack in bowling.
Mo, more.
Mobled, veiled, muftled.
Model, mould.
Modern, new-fangled.
Modesty, moderation.
Module, model.
Moe, to make mouths.
Moiety, a portion.
Moist star, the moon.
Mollification, softening.
Mome, a blockhead.
Momentany, momentary.
Monster, to make monstrous.
Month's mind, a popish anniversary.
Mood, anger, manner.
Moody, melancholy.
Moonish, variable.
Mops and Moes, ludicrous anticks.
Moral, secret meaning.
Morisco, Moorish.
Morris pike, Moorish pike.
Mort of the deer, a tune on the death of

the deer.
Mortal, murderous, fatal.
Mortal, abounding,
Mortal-staring, killing by a look.
Mortified, ascetic.
Most, greatest.
Mot, a motto.
Mother, the hysteric passion.
Motion, divinatory agitation.
Motion, desires.
Motion, a puppet.
Motions, indignation.
Motive, a mover.
Mouldwarp, the mole.
Mouse, to tear to pieces.
Mouse, a term of endearment.
Mouse hunt, a weasel.
Moy, a piece of money; also a measure

of corn.
Much, strange, wonderful.
Muck water, drain of a dunghill.
Mufer, a wrapper for the lower part

of the face.
Maleters, muleteers.
Mulled, softened.
Multiplied, multitudinous.
Multiplying, multiplied.
Multitudinous, full of multitudes.
Mure, a wall.
Murky, dark.
Must, a scramble.

Napkin, handkerchief.
Napless, threadbare.
Native, naturally.

Natnre, natnral parent.
Naughty, untit.
Nay-word, a by-word.
Neb, the mouth.
Neelds, needles.
Neglection, neglect.
Neif, the tist.
Nephew, any lineal descendant.
Neiher-stocks, stockings.
Newnesg, innovation
Newt, the eft.
Next, nearest.
Nice, trilling.
Nick, to set the mark of folly on;

Night rule, frolic of the night.
Nighted, made dark as night.
Nin, shall not.
Nine men's morris, a game.
Noble, a coin.
Noblesa, nobleness.
Noble-touch, unalloyed metal.
Noddy, fool, a game at cards.
Noise, music.
Nonce, on purpose.
Non com, nonplus.
Nook-shotter, that which shoots into

Northern man, a clown.
Note, notice.
Nott-pated, round-headed.
Nourish, to nurse.
Nousle, to fondle as a nurse.
Novum, a game at dice.
Nowl, a head.
Nut-hook, a thief.

Odd-even, the interval between twelve

at night and one in the morning.
Od's pitikins, God me pity.
Oeliads, glances of the eye.
O's, circles, pockmarks.
Obligations, bonds.
Obsequious, funereal.
Observation, celebration.
Obstacie, obstinate,
Occurrents, incidents.
Occupation, mechanics.
O'er-raught, over reached.
O'ercrow, overcome.
O'erlooked, fascinated.
Of, through.
Offering, the assailant.
Oflice, service.
Oilices, culinary apartments
Of all loses, by all means.
Old, frequent.
Old age, ages past.
Once, sometine.
Oueyers, bankers.
Opal, a precious stone.
Operant, active.
Opinion, obstinacy, conceit
Opposite, advere
Opposition, combat.
Or e'er, belore.
Orbs, fairy circles.
Orchard, a gunlen,
Ordinance, rank.
Order, rr.casures.
Orgulous, haughty.
Oaprey, an eagle.
Ostent, ostentation, appearance.
Ostentation, appearance.
Överblow, to drive away.
Overscutchert, whipped at a cart's tail.
Overture, opening, discovery
Ounce, a tiger-cat.
Ouph, fairy
Ousel cock, the cock blackbird.
Out, full, complete.
Out vied, defcáted, a term at the game

of gleek.
Outward, not in the secret.
Owe, to possess, to own.
Oxlip, the great cowslip.

Pack, to bargain with.
Pack. an accomplice.
Packing, plotting, fraud.
Paddock, a toad.
Pagan, a dissolute person.
Pageant, A dumb shew,
Paici, punished.
Palabras, words.
Pale, dominions.
Pale, to encircle with a crown.
Pall, to wrap, to invest.
Palled, vapil.
Palmers, pilgrims.
Palmy, victorious.
Paly, pale.
Palier, to inggle, to cheat.
Pang, to afflict.
Paper, to commit to writing,
Parcel, part, to richon up.
Parcel, land, half-bawd.

Parcel-gilt, partially gllt.
Parish-top, a large top, formerly kept

in every village, to be whipped for

Parle, parley.
Parlous, perilous, shrewd.
Part, to depart.
Parted, endowed, shared.
Particular, private.
Partizan, a pike.
Parts, party:
Pash, to strike; a head,
Pashed, crushed.
Pass, to decide, assure, convey.
Pass on, to decide.
Passed, eininent.
Passing, surpassing.
Passion, suffering.
Passionate, grieving.
Passioning, being in a passion.
Passy Measure, a dance.
Paritor, an apparitor, or officer of the

bishop's court.
Pastry, the pastry room.
Patch, a fool.
Patched, in a fool's coat.
Path, to walk.
Pathetical, promise -breaker.
Patient, to soothe.
Patine, a dish used with the chalice in

administering the Eucharist.
Paucas, few.
Pavin, a dance.
Pay, to beat.
Peat, pet, darling.
Pedascule, a pedant.
Peer-out, to peep out.
Peerish, foolish.
Peize, to weigh, keep in sospense.
Pentbesilia, Amazon.
Pelting, paltry.
Pennons, small flagg.
Perdu, one of the forlorn hope.
Perdurable, lasting.
Perly, (Par Dieu) a Prench oath.
Perfect. certain; well informel.
Perfections, liver, bruin, and heart.
Periapts, charnis worn about the neck.
Perjure, a perjurer.
Person, parson.
Perspectires, spy-glasses.
Pervert, to avert.
P-stilence, poison,
Per follow, a companion
Pheere, companion,
Phinnomy, physiognomy.
Pheeze, io tease, to currycomb
Phill-horse, shall-horse.
Pick, to pitch.
Picka-xes, singers.
Picked, foppish.
Pickers, the hands.
Picking, insigniticant.
Pickt-hatch, a place noted for brothels.
Pick-thank, a parasite,
Piece, a contemptuous term for a wo-

Pied ninny, a fool.
Pieled, shuren.
Pigut, pitched, fixed.
Pilcher, the scabbard,
Piled, deprived of hair.
Pilled, pillaged,
Pin, a terorin archery.
Pin and web, disorder of the eye.
Pinfolit, a pound.
Pix, the box that contains the host
Place, a mansion.
Placket, a petticoat.
Plaguie, punish.
Plaiuly, openly.
Plaited, complicated.
Plantage, plantain
Planched, made of planks,
Plant, the foot,
Plates, silver money.
Platforms, schemes.
Plausive, gracious, applauded.
Pluerisy, plethory.
Pleached, folded.
Plot, portion.
Point, negative.
Point, hooks used to fasten up bree-

Point-de-vice, exactly
Points, tags to laces
Poize, weight.
Polack, a Polander
Polled, bareal
Pomander, a perfume ball.
Pomewater, in apple.
Poor john, sulted isl.
Popinjay, a parrot.
Popularity, intercourse with the rul

Porventinc, porcupine.
Pori, deportinent,
Pori, a falta

Portable, bearable,
Portance, behaviour.
Possess, to inform.
Potch, to push.
Potents, potentates.
Poulter, poulterer.
Pouncet box, a perfume box.
Power, an army.
Practise, stratagems.
Prank, to adorn.
Percept, a justice's warrant
Percisian, a puritan.
Preeches, flogged.
Prefer, to offer.
Pregnant, ready.
Prenominate, fore-named.
Prest, ready:
Pretend, to intend.
Prevent, to anticipate.
Pricket, a buck of the second year,
Prig, lo pilfer,
Prime, sprightliness of youth.
Primer, of more consequence.
Prinero, a game at cards.
Princox, a coxcomb.
Probal, probable.
Prodigions, portentous.
Protace, much good may it do you.
Profane, grossly talkative,
Progress, a royal journey of state,
Prognostication, almanack.
Project, to shape.
Prolixious, coy, delaying.
Proof, puberty.
Prompture, suggestion.
Prone, humble, also prompt.
Propagate, to advance, to improve.
Proper, handsome.
Proper. false, deceitful.
Propertied, possessed.
Properties, incidental necessaries to

Property, due performance.
Propose, to imagine, to converse.
Proposing, conversing.
Provand, provender.
Provost, steril or gaoler.
Prune, to plume.
Pugging, thievish,
Puke, a sort of russet colour,
Purchase, stolen goods.
Purchased, unjustly acquired.
Purl, to curl.
Purlieu, burder.
Pursuivants, heralds,
Hussel, a low weich.
Put tu know, forced to acknowledge
Putter-out, one who leuds moucy va

Putting-on, incitement.
Puttock, a hawk.

Quail, to sink, to faint, to be v

Quaint, fantastical, also gracelul.
Quaintly, skilfully.
Quaint mazes, a game.
Quaked, terrified.
Quality, confederates; condition.
Vuurrel, a quarreller.
Quarry, the game aller it is killed
Quart it'écu, the fourth of a Preeth

Quat, a scab.
gueasy, squeamishi.
Quell, to murder.
Quench, to grow cool.
Quern, a hand-mill.
Qucnt, pursuit.
Question, conversation.
Questrist, one who seeks another.
Quests, reports,
Quiddity, subtleties,
Quietus, discharge.
Quillets, law chicane
Quintain, a post set up for variva

Quips, scotts.
Quire, to play in concert
Quiver, nimble, active.
Quote, to observe.

R, dog's letter.
Rabato, a neck ornament.
Race,original disposition also flavour.
Rack, wreck.
Ruck, to exaggernte.
Rack, to harass by exactions.
Rack the flecting away of the clouds.
Racking, in rapist motion.
Rag, an opprobrious epithet.
Razged. rugged.
Rake, to cover.
Ram, rain,
Rampallion, a strumpet,
Runk, rate of pace.

Rak pidly grown.

Magtare, atit
Riscalpan der
But, frmuastrance, premature dis-

kas to desnur eagerly.
BX in glatted with prey.
Riis, itenly.

Rani gubed.
Wap alale.

.. a hat.
Yrasan, discogree.
Retrekantscal iostrument.
Recent 3 hora, a tuuc to call the

des back
Rrept, receptacle.
kreetse, real, apprehension.
Rude, a bunting teria.

can fur Reckicss. Careless. Hord, SC Neri, a kind of flute, Bee, to recover. fund the phrases, ale house talk. les plaque, the St. Antony's tire. met, coluared with sinoke. Just wheels Ku catate.

7, torrartve to. carlo

Pet, gorpomment.
Britt. Ice of salutation.
Bon, recompense.
Bite, capricious.

to procur.
boca, removal
Hestes journirs.
Tritto do ribe.
kr pptateuce.

14, n porters
Brwi, confutation.
in to fenst.
By:. boasting

Breve, to prisuse,
Blve, tu ne assured.
Riip, to 01450
fer your tice, respectful.
Butives respectfully.

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Savageness, wildness,

Sluggabed, sluggari.
Saw, tenor of a discourse,

Smirched, soiled.
Say, silk.

Sneapt, rebuke.
Say, a sample,

Sneaping, nipping.
Scaffoldage, the gallery of a theatre. Sneck-up. So lang yourself.
Scald, beggarly.

Snipe, a poltroon,
Scale, to disperse.

Snuff, anger.
Scaled, overreached.

Snuffs, dislikes.
Scaling, weighing.

Soil, spot, turpitude, reproach.
Scall, scab.

Solicit, courtship.
Scamble, to scramble.

Soliciting, information.
Scan, to examine nicely.

Solidares, a coin.
Scantling, proportion.

Sometimes, formerly.
Scarfed, decorated with flags.

Sooth, truth.
Scath. destruction

Sooth, sweetness.
Scathful, mischievous.

Sorel, a deer during his third year.
Sconce, the head.

Sort, to happen, to agree.
Scopce, a fortification.

Sort and suit, tigure and rank.
Scotch, to bru ise.

Sot, a fool.
Scrimers, fencers,

Soud, sweet.
Scrip, a writing, a list.

Soul-fearing, soul appaling..
Scroyles, scurvy fellows.

Sound, to publish.
Scrubbed, stunted.

Soused gurner, a gudgeon,
Sculls, shoals of fish.

Soul, to pull by the ears.
Scutched, whipped.

Suwle, to drag down.
Seat, to strengthen, or complete. Sowter, the name of a hound.
Seam, lard.

Spanielled, dogged.
Seamels, a bird.

Specialty, particular rights.
Sear, to stigmatize, to close.

Speculation, sight.
Season, to temper, to intis, to impress. Speculative, seeing.
Seat, throne.

Sped, the fate decided.
Sect, a cutting in gardening.

Speed, event.
Seel, to close up.

Sperr, to shut up, defend by bars,
Sceling, blinding.

Spill, to destroy.
Seeming, seemly.

Spotted, wicked.
Seen, versed, practised.

Sprag, apt to learn, alert.
Seld, seldom.

Sprighted, haunted.
Semblably, resemblingly.

Sprights, spints.
Seniory, seniority.

Springbalt, a disease of horses.
Sennet, a tourish on cornets.

Spurs, the greater roots of trees.
Sense, sensual desires.

Square, to quarrel.
Septentrion, the north.

Squarer, a quarreller.
Sequestration, separation.

Squash. an immature peascod.
Sere, or sear, dry.

Squiney, to look asquint.
Serpigo, a tetter.

Squire, a rule, or square.
Serve, to fultil.

Stage, to place conspicuously,
Setebos, a demon.

Stale, a decoy for birds.
Set of wit, a term at tennis.

Stannyel, a hawk, or stallion.
Sessa, be quiet.

Star, a sear.
Several, separated,

Stark, stil,
Several, or severell, a field set apart Sturred, destined.
for corn and grass,

Statists, statesmen.
Sewer, the placer of the dishes.

Statue, a portrait.
Shame, modesty.

Stay, a hinderer, a supporter.
Shard horne, bürpe on scaly wings. Sticking place, the stop in a machine.
Shards, beetle's Wings,

Sticklers, arbitrators, judges, part-
Shards, broken pots or tiles.

sans, umpires. Shark up, to pick up.

Stigmatic, marked with deformity.
Sharen liercoles, Samson.

Stigmatical, stigmatised.
Sheen, shining, gay.

Stilly, gladly, lowly.
Sheer, transparent.

Stinied, stopped.
Shent, to scold, rebuke

Stith, an anvil.
Sherris, sherry.

Stitbied, forged at the furnace.
Shive, a slice.

Stithy, a smith's shop.
Shog, to go ofl.

Stoccata, a stab.
Shotten. projected.

Stock, a stocking.
Shotten herring, a herring that has Stomach, pride.

Stone-bow, a cross bow.
Shoulder-clapper, a bailiff.

Storer, thatch.
Shoughs, shocks, a species of dog. Struin, descent, lineage.
Shove-groat, a game.

Strain, difficulty, doubt.
Shovel boards, shilings nised at the Strajt, narrow, avaricious,
game of shovel board.

Strange, shy.
Shrewd, shrewish.

Stratagem, great or dreadful event.
Shrift, auricular confession.

Strawy, straying.
Shrive, to call to confession.

Striker, a horrower.
Side, purpose.

Stuck or Stock, a term in fencing.
Side-sleeves, long sleeves


, baggage, substance or essence. Siege, a stool.

Stuted, suficiency, ample abilities.
Sieve, a common voider.

Subscription, obrdicuce.
Sightless, unsightly.

Success, succession.
Sights, the perforated parts of a helmet. Sufticiency, abilities.
Sinew, strergth.

Suggest, to tempt.
Single, weak.

Suzgestion, temptation.
Sink a pace, ciBque pace, a dance. Suited, dressed.
Sir, the title of a parsin,

Sumpter, a horse that carries necessa.
Sister, to imitate or re-echo.

ries on a journey.
Sithence, thence.

Superfluous, over clothed.
Sizes, allowances of victuals.

Supposed, counterfeit
Skain's-mates, kin's-mates.

Sur-reined, over ridden.
Skill, reason.

Suspire, to breathe.
Skills not, is of no importance.

Surcease, an end.
Skinker, a tapster.

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R1) lit.
Bit forut Ty
Ry tricke, abusiveness

1 whispered.

la crustry dance.
Bwb bering.
Radare, a circle.
Pins Carousal.

Bush, many

Hard breast.

the folding of the tops of boots. to be nuisy

rushing RIId, sed with offals.

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Secarson, the name of a beal. Srl, cursed coal, worshipping.

Swart, dark brown.
Skirr, to scour.

Swashing, bullying.
Slave, to treat with indignity.

Swath, grass cut at one stroke.
Sleave, the knotty part of silk.

Sway, weight.
Sledded, carried on a sledge.

Sweeting, an apple.
Sleided, untwisted.

Sweltered, weltered.
Slights, tricks,

Swinge-bucklers, riotous fellows.
Shp, counterfeit coin.

Swounded, swooned.
Slips, a contrivance in leather, to start Swoop, the descent of a bird of prey.
two dogs at the same time.

Sliver, to slice.

Table, the palm of the band.
Slops, loose breeches.

Table, a picture.
Slough, the skin which the serpent an Tables, tablets, memorandum books.
nually throws ott.

Tabourine, a small drum.
Slower, more serious.

Take, to strike with discase, to blast.
Slubber, to do carelessly, to obscure. Take-in, to conquer

bell, the bill announcing the preach of the host. Sento de34, rave appearance. CP SR, to smk down. Sak, a beliet


S. Domingo. bids colour.

dies, lesk vious. Deze, slan.

Take-up, to contradic

Qatarbed, beardless, unshaven. Wannion, vengeance.
Talent, talon.
Unbnted, not blunted.

Ward, posture of deference.
Tall, courageous.
Cubitted, unbridled.

Ward, guardianship.
Tallow-keech, tub of tallow.
Unbolt, to explain.

Warden, a pear.
Tame, ineffectual.
Unbolted, coarse.

Warn, sumroon.
Tame-snake, a poltroon.

Unbonetted, without dignities. Wasselscandle.candleased at festivals
Tarre, to excite, provoke.
Unbookish, unlearned.

Wassels, rustic revelry.
Tartar, Tartaras.
Unbreathed, unpractised.

Watch, a watch-light
Task, to keep busied with scruples. Uncape, to dig out, a term in fox bunt. Water-work, water-colours.
Tassel Gentle, or Tercel Gentle, a spe- ing

Wax, to grow.
cies of hawk.
Uncharged, unattacked.

Waxen, increase.
Tasked, taxed.
Unclew, to unwind.

Wasen, soft. yielding
Taurus, sides and heart in medical Uncoined, unrefined, unadorned.

Wanton, a feeble or effeminate man astrology,

Unconfirmed, unpractised in wordly Wappened, decayed, diseased. Tawdry, necklaces worn by country craft.

Warder, a sentinel. girls. Uncurrent, irregular.

Warp,to change from the natural state
Tawney coat, the dress of an apparitor. Undercraft, to wear beneath the crest. Wee, very little.
Taxation, censure, satire.
Under-skinker, a tapster.

Weeds, clothing.
Tear a cat, to bluster.
Understand, stand tinder.

Ween, to imagine.
Teen, grief, trouble.

Undertaker, the defender of another's Weigh, to value or esteem. Temperance, temperature.


Weird, propbetic.
Tender, to regard with affection. Underwrite, to subscribe, to obey. Welkin, the sky.
Tent, to take up residence, to search.

Welkin-eye, blue eye.
Tercel, the male hawk.
Unexpressive, inexpressible.

Well-a near! lack-a-day!
Terms, the phraseology of couns. Unfair, to deprive of beauty,

Well liking, plump. Tested, attested, brought to the test. Ungenitured, without gemials.

Wend, to go. Testerned, gratified with a tester, or Unhaired, youthful.

Westward hoe, the name of a play sixpence. Unhappy, unlucky, mischievous.

acted in Shakspeare's time. Tetchy, touchy, peevish.

Unhouscd, free from domestic cares. Wether, used for a rain. Tether, a string by which any animal is Unhouselled, without baving the sacra

Wear, the fashion. fastened.


Whelked, varied

with protuberances, Tharborough, a constable. Union, a species of pearl.

Whe'r, whether,
Theorick, theory.
Unlived, lifeless.

Where, whereas.
Thewes, muscuiár strength.
Unlustrous, without lustre.

Whiffler, au officer in processions. Thick, pleached, thickly interwoven. Unmanued, a terın in fauconry.

Whiles, until Thill, the shalts of a cart. l'nmastered, licentious.

Whindst, moulds
Thin helm, thin covering of hair. Unowed, unowned.

Whip, the crack, the best.
Thrasonical, boasting.
C'npregnant, not quickened.

Whipstock, the carter's whip.
Thread, to pass.
Unproper, common.

Whirring, hurrymg. Three-man-beetle, an implement for U nyvalitied, unmanned,

Whist, being silent. driving piles.

L'nquestionable, averse to conversation. White, the white mark in the target. Three pile, rich velvet. Unready, undrest.

White death, the green sickness. Thrift, prosperity, economy. Unrespective, inconsiderate.

Whiting-time, bleaching time. Thrum, the extremity of a weaver's Unrough, beardless.

Whitsters, liden bleachery. warp.

Unsisting, unresisting, unseeling. Whittle, a pocket knife. Tbrummed, made of coarse woollen. Insmirched, undefiled.

Whooping, measure and reckoning.
Tib, a strumpet.
Unsquared, unadapted.

Wide, remote from.
Tickle, ticklish.
Unstanched, incontinent.

Wilderness, wildness.
Tickle brain, a strong drink.
Untempering, not softening.

Wall, wilfulness.
Tilly-vally, pooh!
Untented, not probed, virulent.

Wimple, a hood or veil.
Tilth, tillage.
l'htraded, not in common use.

Winchester goose, a strumpet. Timeless, untimely. Untrimmed, undrest.

Winking gates, gates bastiny closed Tire, to fasten. Upspring, a dance.

from fear of danger. Tire, to be idly employed on.

Winnowed, examined. Tired, adorned.


Winter - ground, to protect against Tire-valiant, a head-dress.

Vail, to bow, to sink, to condescend to winter. Tirra-lirra, the song of the lark.


Wis, to know.
Toged, habited.
Vailing, lowering.

Wise woman, a witch, a fortune-teller.
Tokened, spotted.
Vain, vanity.

Wish, to recommend.
Topless, supreme.
Vain, lying,

Wit, to know.
Touches, features.
Valance, fringed with a beard.

Witch, to bewitch.
Toward, in readiness.
Vanity, illusion.

Withy, judicious, cunning.
Toys, whims, rumours.

Vantage, opportunity, advantage. Wits, senses.
Toze, to unravel.
Vant brace, armour for the arm.

Wittol, knowing, conscious of.
Trade, established custom.
Varlet, a servant.

Wittol, a conteuted cuckold
Trail, scent left by game.
Vast, waste, dreary.

Woe, to be sorry.
Traitress, a term of endearment. Vaunt, the avant, the fore-part. Woman, to affect deeply.
Trammel, to catch.
Vaward, the fore part.

Woman tired, henpecked.
Tranect, a ferry or sluice.
Velure, velvet.

Wondered, able to perform wonders
Translate, to transform.
Venetian, admittance.

Wood, crazy, frantic
Trash, to check.
Vent, rumour.

Wooden thing, awkward business,
Traversed, across.
Ventiges, holes of a flute.

World to sce, wonderful.
Tray trip, a game at drafts.
Verbal, verbose.

Woociman, an attendant on the foresier.
Treachers, traitors.
Verify, to bear witness.

Woolward, wearing wool.
Trenched, carved.
Venew, a bout (in fencing.)

Work, fortification.
Trick, peculiarity of feature.
Vengeance, mischief.

Workings, thoughts.
Trick, to dress out.
Veneys, hits.

Worm, a serpent.
Tricksy, adroit.
Veronese, a ship from Verona.

Worth, wealth
Trigon, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius in Versing, writing verses.

Worship, dignity. the Zodiac. Very, immediate.

Wreak, to revenge; resentment, Trip, to defeat.

Via, a cant phrase of exultation. Wrest, an instrument for taning te Triple, one of three. Vice, the fool of the old moralities.

Triumphs, revels.
Vice, grasp.

Wrested, obtained by force.
Trojan, cant term for thief.
Vie, to brag.

Wretch, a term of foudness.
Trol iny-dames, the game of nine holes. Viewless, invisible.

Writ, writing. Troll, to sing trippingly.

Villain, a worthless fellow, a servant. Write, to pronounce confidently.
Trossers, trousers.
Vild, vile.

Writhled, wrinkled.
Trot, a term of contempt.
Violenteth, rageth.

Wry, to deviate
Trow, to imagine.
Virginal, a kind of spinnet.

Wrong, hurt.
Truly good, or turlupin, a gipsy. Virtue, valour

Wroth, misfortune.
Trundle-tail, a dog.
Virtuous, healthy.

Wrought, agitated.
Trusted, thrusted.
Virtuous, well-bred.

Wrung, pressed, strained.
Try conclusions, try experiments. Vixen, or Fixen, a female fox.
Tub fast, the sweating process in the Vizament, advisement.

venereal disease.
Vox, tone or voice.

Yare, nimble, handy. Tucket, or tucket sonnuance, a flou- Vulgar, common.

Yarely, Limhly, adroitly. rish on a trumpet. Vulgarly, commonly.

Yearn, to griere or vex. Turre, to whisper.

Yeild, to inform of

W. Turlygood, or Turlupin, a gipsy.

Yellowness, jealousy. Twangling jack, a scurvy musician. Waft, to beckon.

Yeoman, a bailiff's follower.
Twicken-bottle, a wickered bottle. Wage, to comber.

Yerk, to kick
Twigging, wickered.
Wages, is equal to.

Yesty, foaming, frothy.
Tything, a district.

Waist, that part of a ship between the Young, early
quarter deck and the forecastle.

Waist, the middle.
Umber, a dusky coloured earth. Walk, 'a district in a forest.

Zany, a buffoon.

Zealous, pious. Unaneled, without extreme unction Wanned, pale.

Zed, a term of contempt. Unavoided, unavoidable

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The Tempest and The Midsummer Night's drawn from it, that Shakpeare's story is someDream are the noblest efforts of that sublime where to be found in an Italian novel, at least and amazing imagination peculiar to Shakspeare, that the story preceded Shakspeare. Mr. Colwhich soars above the bounds of nature, without lins had searched this subject with no less fideBorsaking sense ; or, more properly, carries na- lity than judgment and industry; but his metare along with him beyond her established mory failing in his last calamitous indisposition, limits Fletcher seeins particularly to have ad- he probably gave me the name of one novel for mired these two plays, and bath wrote two in another. I remember he added a circumstance Imitation of them, The Sea Voyage, and The which may lead to a discovery,—that the prinFaithful Shepherdess. But when he presumes cipal character of the romance, answering to to break a lance with Shakspeare, and write in Shakspeare's Prospero, was a chemical necroemulation of him, as he does in The False One, mancer, who had bound a spirit like Ariel to which is the rival of Antony and Cleopatra, he obey his call, and perform his services. Taken is not so successful. After him, Sir John Suck- at large, the magical part of The Tempest is ling and Milton catched the brightest fire of founded on that sort of philosophy which was their imagination from these two plays; which practised by John Dee and his associates, and shines fantastically indeed in The Goblins, but has been called the Rosicrucian. The name noch more nobly and serenely in The Mask at Ariel came from the Talmudistick mysteries Indlow Castle. WARBURTON.

with which the learned Jews had infected this No one has hitherto been lucky enough to science. T. WARTON. liscover the romance on which Shakspeare may It was one of our author's last works. In be supposed to have founded this play, the beau- 1598, he played a part in the original Every ties of which could not secure it from the cri- Man in his Humour. Two of the characters keisin of Ben Jonson, whose malignity appears are Prospero and Stephano. Here Ben Jonson o have been more than equal to his wit. In taught him the pronunciation of the latter word, he induction to Bartholomew Fair, he says : wbich is always right in The Tempest : "If there be never a servant monster in the "Is not this Stephano, my drunken butler ?" air, who can help it, be says, nor a nest of an

And always wrong in his earlier play, The Merliques? He is loth to make nature afraid in

chant of Venice, which had been on the stage bis plays, like those that beget Tales, Tempests,

at least two or three years before its publication lod such like drolleries.” STEEVENS.

in 1600 : I was informed by the late Mr. Collins of Chichester, that Shakpeare's Tempest, for which

“My friend Stephano, signify, I pray yon,” &c. 10 origin is yet assigned, was formed on a ro- -So little did Mr. Capeil know of his author, nance called Aurelio and Isabella, printed in when he idly supposed his school literature talian, Spanish, French, and English, in 1588, might perhaps have been lost by the dissipalat though this information has not proved true tion of youth, or the busy scene of public life a examination, an useful conclusion may be FARMER.

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